Recon Sneak Peeks – Lost Ep. 6.08

Here’s this week’s sneak peaks of Lost episode 6.08 – Recon.

Rebecca Mader Guest Stars as Charlotte
Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Jim Galasso
Directed by Jack Bender

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  1. Hey Scott- as always, thanks for posting.

    SAWYER IS BACK!!! Can’t wait. Recon must an allusion to Sawyer continuing is long con ways in the parallel universe (Jason, I hope I have the universe thing right!!!!)

    Richard7769- Don’t worry, you will get your Sun centered episode very soon. Right now it is time for the ladies!!

    One more thing. We are almost 1/2 way through the season, and the writers did say that by then we would have a clear idea what is going on. So, we are getting closer.


  2. Total….

    This clip of Sawyer seems to suggest he is Con man again However he did say to her that she was not smart. Word has it that in the sliding world Sawyer is a cop…..

    1) He could be doing a sting…. or….. he actually has money. Maybe he is a bad cop too! Maybe the money is tied to Keamy???

    Eiterway he is sent on a mission on the island…. As you say…. it sure would be cool if the same is happening in the Sliding Time “Real Time”.


  4. – Scott not the one, Lockeness is indeed a great name wich i read somewhere online , its not my creation…

    – Well, Charlotte is back with Sideways Sawyer(check the credits)-by the way, isnt there a way not to show the name of the actor who will play a surprise appearence ? It was the same about Widmore last week –

    – In the 5th season, episode Follow the Leader ( in wich, after the death of Daniel in 1977, Jack and Sayid work with Eloise and Richard to follow through with Daniel’s plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb), Sun meets Richard in 2007,shows him the dharma picture and asks: “These people, Jack Shephard, Kate Austin, Hugo Reyes, they were here with my husband, Jin Kwon. Were you here, do you remember them?”

    Richard said: “Yes, I was here 30 years ago, and I do remember these people, I remember meeting them very clearly, because I WATCHED THEM ALL DIE.”

    So why Richard now did not seem surprised to meet Jack walking around in 2007? Isnt it strange?

    By the way, regarding Hurley, and as mentioned before, Hurley never met Richard in 1977, so he could not know Richard looked the same as 30 years ago…

    – As for why MIB is stuck in Locke’s body, i guess it can only somehow relate to the fact that Jacob is dead…

  5. Totallylost- I’m happy you get to see Sawyer more this week. It looks to be a good episode.

    Janathan- could Richard Alpert when he was talking about watching them die be describing the bomb that was blown up? From there he didn’t see them again until 2004 and they told him in 1977 they time traveled? I guess one could assume they died.

  6. Richard Alpert met Sayid and Kate in 2004, but it was before the losties time traveled to 1977, where he met Sawyer , Kate and Jack.

    Probably he was talking about the bomb indeed, but the last he met Jack before 2007 was in 1977, so he should be surprised to see Jack , once he thought Jack had died…

  7. Jonathan- here’s another thought if you can die at the hands of another why didn’t our Losties die when the bomb exploded? The only one that should be alive would be Juliete?

  8. Jonathan- Great reminder about what Richard said in follow the leader, that I watched them all die.

    As for Hurley seeing Richard, I bet it happened, but we will not see it until we get Richard’s back story. I just cannot believe that the writers would mess up on that point.

  9. Richard, i wish i had the answer for this…but assuming that the bomb did went off, created the alttimeline and sunk the island, maybe they didnt die because they were candidates and touched by Jacob, who needed them in 2007..Juliet was not touched i guess so she died……

    A doubt: if the bomb went off, and as Faraday said, 815 never crashed on the island, all those time travels they did never happened, so a huge chain of events would be different from 1954 on , wich was as far as they went…

    I keep thinking of the end of season 5 where the closing title appears as black text on a white background, in transition with the white flash…white = Jacob…

    TL, i do hope there is some explanation for Hurley/Richard previous meeting…

  10. Jonathan…Post 10….”Richard, i wish i had the answer for this…but assuming that the bomb did went off, created the alttimeline and sunk the island, maybe they didnt die because they were candidates and touched by Jacob, who needed them in 2007..Juliet was not touched i guess so she died……

    A doubt: if the bomb went off, and as Faraday said, 815 never crashed on the island, all those time travels they did never happened, so a huge chain of events would be different from 1954 on , wich was as far as they went…”

    Haaa haaaa see and you said I gave you headache…now take it a step further to Real Time-Imaginary Time-and Space Time… LOL 😉 Unless it would give you a head ache 🙁

  11. Jason, its mind breaking already as it is, if i mix those space/time stuff i’ll go mental.

    The more i think about it the more confused i get…


    The alttimeline off the island , wich is suposed to be the timeline where 815 never crashed, is the one that would be affected by all the consequences of the losties not having time traveled on the island….

    Or…all they did in their time travels still counts for this new timeline of 2004, so things just change from ’77 on?

    And the 2007 the losties found on the island is a 2007 affected by their actions during all the time travels…
    Remember they were on that picture of dharma/77 that Sun showed Richard…

    I’d better sleep now.

  12. This is a reply to an earlier post regarding Hurley refferring to Richard as a vampire/cybord.

    Back in 1977 when Hurley, Sawyer and co first entered Dharma barracks, Richard came in to talk to the Dharma squad regarding the death of their people(When Sawyer asked Richard if they had hidden the bomb!).

    This is when Hurley will have seen Mr Alpert and his eyeliner!!

    Also, just been watching season 5 deleted scenes!!

    in the scene “one of bens people” when Christian uses an axe to break down the door to 1 of the Dharma houses, he takes the flashlight off lapidus before entering the house!!

    If it were smokie, wouldn’t he not like the flashlight??

  13. Blacky, in the ocasion you mentioned, it was night time and Richard appeared in the grounds of the barracks in the dark holding a torch, waited in a bench and then Horace came to talk to him, followed by Sawyer.
    I dont think Hurley saw him at the time, and it was also too dark … anyway, good guessing….

  14. Didn’t Hurley come back with Jack and co on the flight 316. In the scene that Jonathan and Blacky 564 are referring too that is when they had flashed back, Hurley was not there.
    Either way it is totally possible that at some point during there stay that Sawyer told Hurley or about that night and the fact that he doesn’t seem to age.
    Blacky564 and Jason (I think you suggested it anyway)
    I have to watch those deleted scenes, sounds like some interesting stuff on there. I know I saw one in particular on the season 4 deleted scenes that I liked, it had to do with Ben and what happened after he turned the donkey wheel.

  15. Blacky564,….

    See my Post#170 in the “Dr. Linus Sneak Peak”….

    Smokie is not bothered by the flashlight… When in the cabin… at the time we witness whoever it was in the cabin being bothered by the flashlight…. at that time the ash ring was not broken… For me I assume that was Jacob, not Smokie(MIB)FChristian) in the chair….


    Here’s an interesting clip when we saw Claire with Christian in the cabin. I honestly believe MIB was Christian trying to get Locke to turn the wheel so he could escape and take over Locke’s body when he died. I also believe that with Claire saying she was with him proves MIB was Christian.

  17. Something i recognized…

    Sawyer has a lot of similarities with MiB!! i.e. He is the conman as MiB is too in a way. Sawyer was the chief of the security staff in Dharmaville (70´s), and now he is with MiB aka the Smoke Monster which is also known as the Security System for the Temple!!!!!!!!!!!!! strange!!

    MiB is always talking to the people in the same way, he always says “What if i ccould bring you to your dead ..whoever..”(sayid) know what i mean, and to all the others he is always saying nearly the same and that´s obviously he´s manipulative site how is trying to convince all of them and in the end he WILL kill everyone because i remember how MiB said once that he´s willingy to “bring”/”kill”(who knows) all the people away from this island. Because the island can get along itself by nature without any humans on it. So humans are useless here and so they should all leave the island and let it be just nature…´s not exactly what MiB said but i watched all the eps since new locke aka MIB showed up first time on the show. So he was saying the island needs no protector to Sawyer. He lied i think to Ben by telling him you can be in charge of that island…etc..etc…

    Sawyer also said some episodes before he will Kill Jack. Assuming Jack become the new Jacob and Sawyer the MiB, that would fit!! (but that are just my thoughts)

    Another thing i rec. was..

    Jacob told Hurley at the VW Van in the jungle when Sayid was lying shot down on the ground. Jacob appears as an hallucination to Hurley and when Hurley asked him how he died Jacob said, (exactly his words): “I was killed by an old friend who retired of my company”!!!!! …he meant MiB of course….., interesting!

    Ohh…and i don´t know why but i start beginning it´s a lot about the KWON´s in the end…..

    A last thing i have to add..

    Could it be the that the knife which gave Flocke to Ben to stab Jacob seemed to me being very similar to the one Dogen gave Sayid to kill Flocke!!! I don´t know maybe there are two different knifes what could be, but i thought i saw the same Knife again,…wwhhhhoooo knowwssss….

    Last thing i swear…

    Ben in the altenat time line is givin to his dad Roger an OXYGEN bottle…….remember Ben killed his father by gasify him, it was nearly the same scene just in two different scenarios, once he killed his dad, another time he is helping him with a smiliar bottle of oxygen(or whatever it was)…


  18. Jones, thanks for the reminder…
    the visit of Richard to the barracks that Blacky mentioned was in 1974 and Hurley wasnt there yet at that time, he time traveled straight to 1977 with the ajira flight…

    So, as i said, he never met Richard before 2007…

  19. Jason..THANKS for your link about the cut out scenes from season 5!!! Very Intersting…!!! ohh… this answer goes to you´re post #134 in the “Dr. Linus comments” topic!!!

    and yeah, would be cool to see Faraday being David(Jack´s anternate son) he´s piano teacher….

  20. Hi all. I am with Jones regarding the night Richard came to Dharmaville regarding the dead “others” It was Sawyer, Miles, Juliette, Jin, and Daniel (I think that is it), all of whom were subsequently integrated into Dharma pending the return 3 years later of jack, kate, Hurley (together) and sayid who ended up in the jungle at first. So Hurley for sure did not see Richard then. I still think we will see Hurley and Richard’s meeting when we get their back stories.

    C.P.L.- I love your posts as you are all over the place!!! Well done!!! Also, good call on the oxygen vs. gas with Roger Linus. I personally preferred him getting gassed for being so mean to poor Ben.

    Richard7769- Thanks for the link to the Cabin Fever scene. Yes, at first blush it seems that MIB was using Christian’s body. But for some reason that is too obvious. By the way, is this when Ben noticed that the ash ring was broken or was that another time??

  21. One more thing. Remember when John had that vision of Horrace babbling about the cabin and cutting down the tree, which eventually led John to the Dharma grave to get the piece of paper in Horrace’s pocket. Well, was that a dream, MIB, or Jacob?? Does anyone know.

  22. Total… I have no clue… I feel MIB though… In that same episode(Cabin Fever) there is no ring being seen…Hurley, Locke, and Ben just show up. Even earlier in that same episode when Hurley sees the cabin the ash ring is not present.

    The ring is first introduced when Ben takes only Locke…”Heeeellllppp Meeeeee” but the ring is not broken. The step over the ring…. We do not find out that the ring was broken until Bram and Llana. Which allows us to assume the ring was broken when christain and claire were there. Which one can then assess that it was Jacob actually in there the first time the cabin was introduced…. then MIB later on.

  23. Richard… I fully agree… but what about when Ben and Locke went to the cabin the first time? The ash ring was not broken…..

  24. I’m just thinking, maybe Hurley is a good candidate? For the moment I’m too tired and lost to remember the six (?) candidates.

    Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Kwon, Kate and ?

    I think Hurley stands out among the others, for at least two reasons.

    First. All the others has killed someone or at least pointed with a gun against someone.

    Jack tried to kill Locke (with a gun).
    Sun pointed with a gun against Ben.
    Sawyer, Jin and Kate has killed someone.

    But Hurley… He couldn even kill a treefrog (or what it was?)…

    Second. Hurley has a gift/power. He can see and talk to dead people…

    So this leads me to think that Hurley is the best candidate! If that is good or bad for Hurley? I have no idea!

    Well.. that’s just my thoughts.. I guess I’m more lost than ever! LOL!

    I’ll vote for you Hurley! You’re The Man! (Do I really believe this?? I’m afraid I’m dead lost..)

  25. Notagoodcandiate- you might be right about Hurley!!

    I also read somewhere else that Jin is the actual candidate and not Sun, as all candidates ended up in 1977 except Sun. I mean there has to be a reason why she did not flash back.

    Also, getting back the issue of Jacob touching people. Remember when Ben stabbed Jacob, there is no question that Jacob touched him at that moment. In fact, Jacob’s death roll into Ben could be called a grab, but a touch nonetheless. Perhaps this is why Ben is not ready to go yet.

    Richrd7769- Thanks for that clip. Although we do not actually see John break it, he was no looking down when he ran out. So, that is probably where it happened.

  26. NotAGoodCandidate…. Sun Killed an Other…(sorry Richard)

    Hurley ran over some people with a van….

    Richard…I don’t know where that mug went??? this happens to me for no reason at times. On another note…Hurley also wiped out in the dirt when we ran out the cabin.

    CPL…thank you…aaaannnd you just may be RIGHT!

  27. Jason- the famous “mug” is back!!!!

    And you are right about Sun and Hurley killing too, although it was a self-defense of self and others!!!

  28. jason RE post 30: “…Hurley ran over some people with a van……”

    Ooops! I remember now. Thanks!

    But still, as Totallylost pointed out:

    “…it was a self-defense of self and others!!!”

  29. today is “Recon” day..

    few days ago damon & carlton stated that this episode could have two meanings…

    once it could be about sawyer and MiB´s story how this plays out….and on the other side it could be about sawyer´s conman issue, so said “RE-CON”, getting recidivistic or stay a good stay….

    So we´ll see similar to Sayid´s episode if he´s getting a complete good guy or stay the conman he always was before..

    If i remember right Sawyer stories were always quite good!!
    I really like Sawyer (not the way TotallyLost do but
    he is a cool and funny character and now his time comes to show us what´s about the candidate Nr. 15 – FORD…!?!?

    what do you guys think about the upcoming episode????

  30. I think Sawyer is still hurting from the loss of Juliete and since Totallylost isn’t there I feel Kate will try to comfort Sawyer. With his hatred of the island and his hatred of Jack I believe he stays with MIB.

    I also believe there is good in Sawyer and maybe not in this episode but later we will see him switch sides. It may cost him his life but eventually he will do good.

  31. yeah…i also believe there is good in Sawyer, no i believe he is good!! even if he was/is a conman, he got redemption by the island, at least it seems to me so. I mean he was very very succesfull in being a leader (in his case chief of security in dharmaville) and he did a great job. He was respected by the people there and he became a good man by doing good things, so said secures/protects dharmaville people and it played out he is not only good at his job, he is also a good husband who treated his wife with respect and honest. It seemed dharmaville in the 70´s was just the perfect place for Sawyer and I also believe Sawyer + Juliette = perfect couple. They complementary theirselfes! Sorry TotallyLost….(may i ask you what´s your real first name?).

    So said, i don´t believe Kate & Sawyer are going to be together because his loss of Juliette; BUT i also think the two have now more together than ever before, also because Jack is history in her life and Sawyer is as man a “candidate” for her, as he always was, and they had passionatelly sex together (at least it seemed that way)….however, i don´t care……Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle is hopefully finally over. it was much enough about them in past seasons, now it´s just annoying…..

    Ilana is better than Kate (doesn´t applies by the look)!!!!

  32. I wanna go back to this whole, “Jacob is Good” thing. What has he ever done to show anyone that he is good? The guy is a prick and a manipulator. He strung Richard along for God knows how long. To the point where he wanted to kill himself. He did the same to Ben, which lead to Ben killing him because he was so distraught over all of his BS. And these are two guys who were supposed to be his closest allies. He talks in circles and leads people on way too much to think he is in any way good. And, he’s also a pervert. Watching Jack as a little boy. What’s that all about?
    Sorry for the rant. Can’t wait for tonight’s epidsode…

  33. Hey folks. I have to stick up for Sawyer and say that he is going along with MIB for now, but knows something is up as he pulled a gun on flocke when he pretended that he did not see the little kid. He knows a con man when he sees one.

    If you all may recall that Sawyer would not leave the island without Hurley when Keammy’s was around, he carried Claire’s baby through the jungle, and jumped out of the helicopter. What a guy. So, I do not think he will sacrifice them to get off the island. Or, is my judgment clouded by the fact that I think he is cute??

    C.P.L. (aka Chris)– my first name is Kim.

    KB-I agree with you. We have nothing concrete to prove that Jacob is good, but more to make us think that he might be shifty.

  34. I just had a thought. What in the world is Jack going to think when he sees flocke?? I mean no one seems to believe that flocke is John, so what about jack??

    After all, Locke was a big part of Jack’s off island downward spiral when he told him that Christian said hello, Jack was clearly so distraught over his death that he went to the funeral parlor before he tried to jump off the bridge, he picked up up his body from the deli, put daddy’s shoes on him, and put a note in his pocket which the Aljira air stewardess gave back to him. That is an awful lot of connection, so what happens when they meet??? Will he know it is not John because he is different, or because he knows John was truly dead?

    I am just musing while waiting for 9:00 p.m.

  35. totallylost…aka KIM……it´s nice to know your real name after such a long time chatting here with each other!!

    and you´re good….., i totally forgot about Sawyer that “he knows a con man when he sees one”!!!!!!GOOD POINT!!

    I also think Sawyer has already a plan to come along with MiB! He is the con man and he is not stupid. Locke was one of these idiots who were fooled all the time by other people, especially Ben!!! Sawyer is just too smart to be fooled by others!!

  36. notagoodcandidtae – surely the six candidates are Locke, Shepherd, Ford, “Kwon”, Jarrar and Reyes – no Austen. So, if Kate’s role is not to be one of the candidates, what is it?

  37. Further, can someone explain to me why the sideways world is thought to exist in 2007? If this the original 815 flight (that didn’t crash) then shouldn’t the sideways reality be taking place in 2004, when that plane originally took-off? Unless, of course, it’s been fling around the stratosphere for three years……just thinking out loud.

  38. Buzz – The sideways world is happening in 2004. And, I’m pretty sure someone said that Austin was on the wheel with all the other names at the Lighthouse.

  39. Hey all. I was thinking about the Recon title of this episode, and at first I was thinking that this was a retelling of sawyers “con” man lifestyle off island, especially given the clip. I also thought that in that clip, perhaps Sawyer was pulling that con as part of some undercover sting. I just do not know.

    But then I thought, Recon can be short for reconnaissance, which refers to gathering information. So, is this what my baby doll sawyer is doing in the flock camp at the hydra?? Could be. Or, perhaps flocke needs Sawyer to get something for him, perhaps from the candidates or somewhere else on the island (maybe the Black Rock) because the rules keep flocke form doing certain things.

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!11 I HAVE LOST FEVER.

  40. One last thing. I know, I am completely pathetic and have Sawyer on the brain. Richard7769-Don’t laugh because you have Sun on the brain!!!! (lol)

    We have have not had too much name calling from Sawyer this year. My favorites to date have been:

    1. Referring to Echo as Shaft (hilarious, but fitting!!)
    2 Calling Walt Shortround and Tatoo. Very fitting as well.
    3. Hurley – Snuffy, Grape Ape, Kong, Jabba, International House of Pancakes and Rerun (I had a list of all of them at one point)

    So what will he call Flock?? I’ve seen some refer to flock as frankenlock and sirsmokesalocke, but what will Sawyer call him. And, he could also have a name for Widmore and Jacob.

    Any guessers?

  41. Totallylost (Kim) how about him calling Locke Mr. Clean that was classic.

    So I just got finished watching the show I’ll post more tomorrow. It was a good episode and I really enjoyed it.

    Before the show I watched last weeks episode with the hints at the bottom and when Flocke showed up it did recognize him as being MIB, Smokie, and Flocke a trinity so to speak.

  42. I don’t normally heckle but… TL sorry you had to see Sawyer like that, that is with another women. I’m sure you didn’t mind the shirtless Sawyer.
    So let me get this straight (minor spoiler) ‘James’ is undercover, has sex with a suspect all while the room is bugged and probably under video surveillance? What type of organization is the LAPD running these days?

  43. …apparently they’re really putting it to the criminals.
    OK sorry a little inappropriate.

  44. You guys know it’s three sides to every story….. His side her side then the truth. Well we have MIB, Jacob, and now Widmore.

    Scott- money is tight in LA so they invested in a new video series how to screw the ones who screw you (lol).

  45. Richard7769- Mr. Clean—- That’s a good one. LOL

    Scott(not that one)- Thanks for the laugh. Yes, it was nice to see Sawyer shirtless twice, and even though he got a double dose of sugar, there is still some left for me!!!! And, he can bring me a sunflower and 6 pack of beer anytime, and I will not slam the door in his face!!!!

    Before I comment on this episode, as I was watching the replay of Dr. Linus with the comments, I realized a few things. First, Jacob asked for Illana’s help to protect the candidates well BEFORE he was killed. So, the question is why. Did Jacob know he was going to die?? Did he know MIB’s plan and set things up so that his plan will prevail?

    Second, assuming that Jacob knew all along what MIB was going to do, how come Illana did not know. I mean she clearly thinks that all hope is gone with Jacob dead, and she has no idea he is still spinning his web (through Hurley). So, like Richard Alpert, she is in the dark too. WTF??????????????????????????

    OK. Enough of that.


    It was a good episode without any major shockers. This is definitely a set-up episode for the coming “war” whatever that means.

    I will not overly gush over Sawyer, as most of you know that I have a thing for him. But, that guy can truly lie like no other. And, just as I suspected, he is not on anyone’s side but his own. Every man for himself. I like that.

    The fact that Widmore has brought sonic pylons tells me that maybe he considers both Jacob and Smokey his enemies, and his plan is to wipe out everyone and take the island for himself. Or, Widmore and Flocke have a deal that would free flocke and give Widmore the island, and they are playing Sawyer in the process.

    Who or what is in the locked cabinet. If it is Desmond, that will put me under. Given that Ellie said that the island was not done with him, and that Desmond said he would never go back, he would have to be dragged against his will. Also, the “rules” do not apply to him, so he could be valuable.

    Last, John Locke’s story about a “crazy mother.” My first thought is that somewhere in the bomb blast, time travel, the 2 times moving the flying donkey wheel, all the flashes, or whatever, Aaron grew up or somehow became the smoke monster. I know, far fetched, but seeing so much of Claire, and John telling his story, has me thinking real hard that they are dropping serious hints about Aaron.

    Hydra Island- Did Widmore et all really kill all of them? They did not look freshly killed. Maybe smokey killed them shortly after they landed. I mean, he can move around pretty easily.

    Last, I thought that the girl running at the end would be Anna Lucia-not Kate.

  47. One more thing. Why do Jin and Kate seem kind of non-shallant about the fact that the person in John’s body is not John. I mean they have some questions, but would any of you follow a dead man whose body was clearly being used by another?? WTF???

    Last, Sawyer watching Little House on the Prairie. AAAAwwwww. I hate to admit it but I am a closet freak of that show.

  48. Spoilers from me on this episode from this point on:

    Love the line by Sawyer when he was talking to the lady he chased on hydra island, she says something like “God help me” and he comes back with a “Trust me God has nothing to do with this”. Think this is a hint for us fans or just another one liner by the master. I vote for hint.

    If you follow the plan laid out by Flocke, when he told Ben that he would be waiting for him at the Hydra island then wouldn’t that mean that Flocke was setting Ben up to get captured by Widmore. And we all know what Widmore wants to do with Ben although do the rules that they talked about in the past still apply now that Jacob is dead?

  49. TL
    Regarding second point in post 53. The way I think about it is that it is sort of a test of faith in the end for Jacob. As he told Hurley in the Lighthouse “sometimes you can tell people what they have to do and with other people you have to let them figure out what it is they should do” badly pharaphrased I know but as I remember that was the whole point behind it anyway.
    By the way you are not a closet Little House fan anymore. I liked that scene to as it sort of shows how he is trying to live his alt. life.

  50. – In the original timeline Sawyer’s parents died when he was 8 years old.
    In the alttimeline they died when he was 9.

    – Sawyer uses ”La Fleur” as the code word to call the police. Can it be a hint that he was on the island in the alttimeline ? I guess nothing in Lost is random.

    – Sawyer was the only one visited by Jacob before 1977, when the bomb allegedely went off. I dont know if this means something, still trying to figure it out.

    – Pierre Chang is alive in alttimeline and works with Charlotte.

    – TL, when Jacob visited Ilana he was wearing gloves, and never touched her…

    – Something is really bothering for some time , regarding MIB/Locke. Here it goes.

    Locke left the island in 2004 when he turned the wheel. He died off the island in 2007, when his body returned in the Ajira flight.

    Claire stayed on the island in 2004, and lived there so far.

    She told Jin that during this time she was with her ”friend” and her father. We know her friend is Flocke.

    So now the question:

    During the three years that Claire stayed on the island (2004-2007) was MIB already using Locke’s form?

    If he was, why the hell did he need Locke’s body for??

    We assumed that MIB took Locke’s form after Ajira landed, in 2007, but Claire was clear when she said that she’s been all this time with her friend and her dad….

    Did MIB have another form before Locke’s body arrived?

    Please help me out guys!!!

  51. I was 50% wrong on MIB… my first theory is he just wants to die… my second is… he want to go back to what ever time period…maybe as a kid…. so the kid one is very possible. especially now since there is a mention of a mother…. does anyone else besides me think Jacob and MIB are brothers?

  52. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this or not but, so far only Kate’s and Claire side flash has not changed from their original destination.

    Kate is still running from the police. Claire is still in LA to deliver her baby, and give her up for adoption.

    Jack has a son.
    Hurley is a successful business man.
    Ben is a teacher.
    Sawyer is a cop.
    Siad love is married to his brother.

    Have not seen the Kwon side flash, but we know he was stuffed into a freezer.

    Something tells me that Kate’s and Clair’s side flash not changing has a bigger reason!

  53. Findmekate-Good observation about Kate and Clair’s side story seemingly being on their original course.

    Jonathan-re post 58. I think that MIB has been using different forms through smokey for sometime. Have you noticed that Claire is not calling flocke John or Locke (or I think that is true), but her friend, even though Kate, Jin and Sawyer are. So, I do not think he needed John’s form, but since John was well known to the losties and others, smokey could “hide in plain site” without arousing any suspicions, and could get the 06 to side with him. Even though he is exposed now, it is still a familiar form, and kate, jin, Sawyer and sayid are still following him (to a point).

    So, I do not think he used Locke’s form when Locke was off island, but did when Locke came back for the above reasons.

    Jason- I was thinking that MIB and Jacob are descendants of Magnus Hanso and/or Alvar Hanso, and are therefore more like cousins. Alvar was part of Dharma and Jacob seems to be the one OK with bringing people to the island.

  54. Another week another great Lost episode filled with great stuff, including:

    Sayid not even blinking when Claire tried to cut Kate’s throat. Really, really creepy.

    Claire’s doll. Even creepier.

    Charlie’s brother at the copshop – a great way to reference everyone’s favourite junkie bassist without forking out the cash to pay for a guest appearance from Dominic.

    Locke’s dad still causing Sawyer’s orphanhood in altworld. Well, we know Locke is still friends with him (unless of course he got himself a stepdad), so we can assume where that plotline is headed.

    Widmore still hasn’t actually set foot on the island…

    Flocke’s issues with his momma. Also the knife-hole in his t-shirt. Also the big pile of corpses we’re meant to think he made (though really, why would he? And when did he have time?)

    Sawyer suddenly having a submarine pilot’s license. Maybe he took lessons in Dharma?

    Some crap stuff:

    Jin completely vanishing.

    The Hydra island dock having IDENTICAL hillside scenery to the main island dock. Great set-location guys.

    Jimmy keeping his obsessive clip-book in his t-shirt draw, then getting angry when the hot babe he told could borrow a t-shirt finds it. Minor quibble, but I think that kind of thing is lazy writing.

    I’m all out of theories and tired. G’night.

  55. OK folks. I have been thinking. The one thing that stood out for me last night was Widmore bringing sonic fence posts to the island. This tells me several things. First, that he is not after Jacob, but after smokey whom he knows can be stopped by a sonic fence. He might even be helping Jacob for all we know. Second, whatever he has locked away in the sub is some kind of leverage to help him in his mission. Third, Widmore does not seem particularly concerned about his mission. He brought his gang (although they looked like a bunch of misfits), his equipment and is ready to do battle. But why on the hydra Island, and not the main island??

    Another thing I am rethinking is flock’e story about a crazy mother. At first, the only crazy mother I could think of was Claire. I mean, she is, as someone else said, “batshit” crazy. We have always focused on the daddy issues that almost everyone has, but there is only one other person I can think of who has had major mommy issues, and that is Daniel Faraday.

    Let’s see, on island his mother blasted him while still pregnant with him (that is crazy), and she even held him at gunpoint when she was younger at the jughead. Off island, he was seemingly tormented by her while sitting at the piano, she hated his girlfriend that she met at Daniel’s graduation, he was probably forced to build the lampost and the crazy gizmo inside, and who knows what else she did to him, such that when he saw the Oceanic flight on TV he was in bad shape. I would be crazy is she was my mother too.

    Is it possible that whoever is inhabiting flocke/smokey is the spirit of Daniel, or even Daniel, who somehow got tied to the island through all this time travel mess, which he studied at Oxford and messed up his girlfriend with, and he now just wants to be free?? Maybe this is why daddy Widmore has been trying so hard to find the island– to get his crazy little boy back or to put him out of his misery. Or, maybe Daniel exists in 3 different realities and just wants “to go home” and destroying the island is the way.

    Well, enough babbling.

    C.P.L, richard7769, Scoppie, Karen, Adam, KB, Biglostfan, et al, I’d like to hear your reviews of this episode.

  56. I am curious who Widmore is siding with. Ben and Widmore hate each other, obviously. Ben was basically working for Jacob. And now you have Widmore with this sonic fence to keep smokey away??? Seems to me Widmore isn’t siding with Jacob or MIB.

    I feel Widmore has his own agenda.

  57. Jonathan- from post 50 look at my post #26 and go to the link Claire talks about Christian the same way she talks about Locke. It is my belief that Christian was MIB the whole time until Locke’s body came to the island. He knew that everyone already knew Locke and would follow him or not question him. that’s how he was able to trick poor Ben.

  58. ey guys..

    just watched the new episode and i have to say it was a very insightfull episode as a little boring too!! but still very good..

    I loved seeing Sawyer as a cop in the alternate time line. Never expected that but very cool, and also with his “deputy” Miles again! Sooooo many similarities to the altenate time that i start more and more to believe the alternate time is like a “good dream of the characters lifes”…really still don´t know what it is about these two timelines!?!?

    I think widmore killed the people on the hydra island and i also think widmore is starting building up his defense by sonic fences (remembers me on dharmatimes). So he def. is protecting his place on the hydra, i think because MiB has a sort of problems on this island, maybe another island another rules?? and so that is why widmore is there. ok also because its a smaller island and its empty or was till he came!! But killing all the probably survivours of the ajira flight which didn´t left the island with Ilana & Co. Widmore being evil, yeah we know that at some point but we also know he said once to Locke aka benthem off the island that the others are HIS people and he protected the island with the others for decades! Protecting the island was what Jacob did and the others were his people, so said widmore too!! This should mean is a good guy who knew a war would come and he also knew (i think) it was about MiB……as Sawyer said to him about locke: “we both know this isn´t Locke anymore”.

    Sawyer has a good plan by trying to steal the submarine and let them battle their war between them out……if he thinks it´s that easy to hijack a submarine, then do it buddy!

    and hey……PLEASE kill Claire immediatelly out, i really started hating her by acting as an psychopatic disturbed chik………and her new look – jsut AWFUL!! and always these stupid commentars by her…..kill kill kill

    oh one last thing….

    hey is MiB a totally screwed idiot, i mean does he really believe to fly just away with the BROKEN ajira plain???? WTF?? I still believe he is lying to all those people which are with him to kill them in the end!!!

    ohh….and what was about these commentars by MiB about his mother???WTF?? and saying aaron has a sort of destiny like him, or did he mean he is aaron…f+++k no, but who knows what he meant with that. VERY STRANGE and seems to be very important later on…

    and kate running into sawyers arms after trying to escape from the police in the alternate time….., remember when they landed in LA sawyer saw her handcuffs but said nothing and that as a cop!?!?!

  59. How come no one has any theories about MIB PIMP SLAPPUNG the F*@K out of Claire…!!!LOL…. and Tossing HER!!! LOL….

    Jonathan thank you for my Brain Freeze update reminder!!! I do remeber!!! so much has happened since then.

  60. Jason- LOL on the pimp slapping….. you know he had to control his HO! Too funny, how about Flocke getting all sentimental on momma and he used to be loved….. BULLSHIT! He’s NOT gonna fool TL’s man… Sawyer is too cool for that.

    I’m calling it now Jacob wants to save the island, MIB wants to destroy the island and Widmore wants to control the island. I can bet you Widmore has figured a way to harness the energy of the island and sell it. The sonic towers he’ll try to trap MIB and the rest he figures he’ll kill including all the candidates.

  61. So I believe it was episode 2 where we saw Kate’s alternate reality. She actually ran into Sawyer in the elevator. Sawyer saw her handcuffs but was not concerned at all.

    If he is a cop in his alternate reality, why would he let her off the elevator after seeing that she was cuffed. That made absolutely no sense to me what-so-ever.

    There was something else too.. but I forget now.

  62. Jason- LOL re the “pimp slap.” By the way, I think that whole Claire rampage was totally set up or staged by flocke so that he could seem like a hero to Kate, and put the whammy on her with his sad mommy story. I will say that the look on Kate’s face when Claire held her hand, and the look on poor Sayid’s face during the scuffle were both priceless.

    C.P.L.- I am not sure if Widmore killed the hydra folks, as I think that smokey probably did. They looked beaten to death instead of shot full of holes.

    The reason why MY Sawyer did nothing to Kate when he saw her with the cuffs is that he was off duty, just like he was when he killed the wrong guy in Sydney. He is the kind of cop who is good on the clock only!!!!

  63. Pretty good episode. You guys have covered quite a bit. Now I just wish I could go into a coma until next week. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to an episode more than next weeks. Richard Alpert is a bad son-of-a-bitch, and I can’t wait to see his story.

  64. Jason- what’s your thoughts on Sawyer knocking back the red head and then kickin her to the curb because she open the wrong drawer. I’m not into red heads (because I’m one also too much fire puts out the flame) but she could eat crackers, soup and anchovy’s and I’m not telling her to hit the road.

  65. CPL and Ron, i think the reason Sawyer didnt stop Kate at the airport is because he didnt want anyone to know he was travelling to Australia, and they would find out if he did something there.

    That cheek Zoe told Sawyer that Widmore was expecting him…thats odd…And Widmore accepted Sawyer’s deal too easily…i had the impression that Whidmore and Flocke could be allies…and had previously arranged Sawyer’s visit to Hydra island…but the sonic fences dont fit to that…

    The outrigger canoes show up again…shootout mistery must be solved soon…

    About all those dead bodies, i didnt remember there were so many people on the Ajira plane…i also think Smokie got them…

    The most important of all for me is that if Sideways Sawyer was on the island ( hinted when he mentioned La Fleur) then the explosion of the bomb(if it went off) didnt work as Faraday predicted, and they all went to the island anyway….

  66. Jonathan- Yes I agree that Zoe’s statement to sawyer about Widmore waiting for him was odd. Maybe those 2 have a deal where Widmore frees Flock and in return he can can have the island. Apparently, killing Jacob was not enough to free smokey, so he needs some help. But the sonic posts are troubling.

    Any thoughts on who is locked behind the door in the sub?

  67. Jonathan- maybe the sonic posts are to trap flocke because Widmore and Jacob are working together to rid the island of Smokey’s evil, and in return for his help, widmore gets back on the island. Perhaps this was the plan all along.

  68. …the sonic fence build by widmore´s people has not only to mean that it should defense them from the black smoke, we know that this sonic fence could be also turned lower just to blank out unwanted guests!! So Widmore is def building up his own little army base on the hydra island. If he´d killed all those people on the hydra island (what i believe) that would be a little bit strange, i mean they weren´t really a danger for him so why did he kill them?

    I read above some people here are thinking smokey killed the people on hydra isl. I don´t believe that! Come on guys what are you thinking, he just turned into the black smoke and flowed over the ocean to another island??? I think that´s a little bit too far fetched!!!! So said why doesn´t he just fly away from the island to escape what everything is about for MiB! and why should MiB aka smokey kill these people on the hydra and then go back again and try to recruit just the people on the main island???? makes totally no sense to me, sorry, but i cannot believe MiB killed them, i also believe MiB isn´t that bad we are all assuming he is!
    Widmore´s people Killed the hydra guys and i think it´s been proofed by Zoe, who showed up exactly where the corpses lay. I think she was hiding there and spotting the place if other people are coming…..then capturing them…

    thinking of who can be in the cabin in the sub…?..?….good question……….i have no idea…….but if i had to say something i would tip on someone unkonwn for us!?!? _Desmond can´t be there! I believe that because desmond is penny´s husband which is wimdore´s daughter and he wouldn´t kidnapp and imprison him like a dog….even if widmore had always this f+++ing attitude against desmond……also isn´t desmond still lying wounded in the hospital??
    HOWEVER it also could be a sort of special weapon against smokey what widmore is hiding in there, whatever or whoever it is….

  69. TL, About Widmore/MIB, i remembered that Christian appeared to Michael in the freighter, and sort of oriented him about the explosion of that ship and told him he could go now…If MIB was in Widmore’s side, why Christian( who we assume is in MIB’s side) would want to detonate Widmore’s freighter?

    i think its not a person behind that door in the sub, but something else..i dont know what…

    About the sonar fence…is the sound it makes that hurts MIB in the smoke form…and Dogen said that Sayid couldnt let MIB speak first…sound again…interesting

    I wonder if the sonar fence can hurm MIB in Flocke’s form…

  70. I thought this was a great episode.
    I loved the fact that Sawyer is a cop and Miles is his partner. awesome!!!
    When Locke was telling Kate his sad mommy story,I immedietly thought that maybe he is Aaron all grown up.
    cause remember the fortureteller guy Claire saw in Aust. he said her baby was evil.
    what if the island not letting women have children, has something to do with the MIB guy not being born into a new body type of thing. and the loophole was that he got Claire to the island so he could be reborn.(kinda like a reincarnation thing) didn’t they say that no babies had been born on the island in a long time.
    What if whitmore is there just to make sure that Flocke does not leave the island.well I guess thats obvious.

    Also the first thing that popped in my head when Sawyer saw the locked door on the sub, that it was simalar to box that had anthony cooper in it.

  71. hey jonathan,
    maybe whitmore really did send the freighter people to the island to make sure real Locke would not die and would be the next leader and it was time to get Ben out of the way. and also he allowed the freighter to blow because no one was suppose to leave the island. I think he is still trying to protect the secret of the island and to keep MIB there so he can’t leave.
    I think Whitmore is a good guy.

  72. hey totallylost,
    thinking about mommy issues, remember John Locke had a crazy disturbed mother.
    Kate’s mom hated her for killing her jerk ass dad.
    As well as Fararday.
    never saw Jin’s mom.
    never saw Sayid’s mom.
    Claries mom was in a coma.
    Sawyers mom cheated on his dad. bad mom.
    it seems as if everyone had a problem with at least one of their parents.

  73. Jonathan- re post 80- Thanks for the reminder of the freighter. I guess I am still not clear if it was Jacob or MIB impersonating Christian, or both.

    Hey Biglostfan- Thanks for the reminder about the other mommy issues. When I compare Kate’s mom, Locke’s mom (whom we only saw a few times) and Faraday’s mom, Eloise comes out looking the worst, with Kate’s second for choosing a drunken loser over her own daughter.

    C.P.L.- you know what is interesting about Whidmore and possibly building an army. Where are the Keammy-type mercenaries?? I mean the guys with Widmore were a bunch of weasels in street clothes without Ak47’s, and what could Zoe do in a real fight??? It just does not seem like much of an army to me considering that Widmore has the money to hire real bad-ass mercenaries. I guess it remains to be seen.

    Adam- are you still with us???? WTF????

  74. BigLostFan……very GOOD POINT on the mother issues of some people!!!!!!!!! I Never thought about the mothers!!!!! Those are all very intersting events which weren´t considered by the producers…..but still very intersting..

    TL….you could be right! They really didn´t semm to be mercenaires, but what about the freighter people, charlotte, faraday, miles..etc.., they were send by Wimdore but not as Keamy & Co as mercenaires, so that´s why i believe they are a sort of his “army” team for the (however??) starting WAAARRRR!!!! know like people how old sayid…..killers, assassins or whatever….

    But as you said, it remains to be seen!!!!

    ..and finally the next episode is how i think one of the most importent ones, so said very reaviling!!! I mean i hope it at least!!! ….sooo long waited for a Richard centred episode, it will be the first time when how in the past everything started,… mr. ageless eyliner…..for me on of the most mysterious character of the whole lost story…………it´s to be seen, hope they don´t screw this up…!! ..i´m in cheerfull spirits..

  75. I think that there are Proton Packs inside the locked door of the sub, and Whidmore and his peeps are gonna go Ghostbusters on everyone’s ass!!

  76. Richard…. I felt bad for Sawyer…when Charlotte did that… seems he has not changed much in the sliding world. I am not into red heads either… my sister is one and she used to kick my ass all the time….lol. Dog gone Heatmiser.

    Richard…I have to confess your theory on MIB…Widmore….and Jacob has got to be spot ON!!! I AM SO ENVIOUS!!!!!!!! AND I HOPE I WILL BE THE FIRST TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU WERE(ARE) RIGHT!!! Now time to read the rest of the posts!!!

  77. I don’t think MIB can cross water. Why? not sure but notice the sonic pylons are being set up semi-circle with the water line at Widmore’s group’s back (or was this my imagination). And C.P.L. brings up a good point: if MiB just wants to leave then smoke it up and fly away.

    MiBs mommy issue convo with Kate: Just a little more manipulation?? ‘Kinda saying, see Kate I had a crazy mom too. we have more in common than you think…’

    How do we know Sawyer killed the Aussie-Cooper in the alt time line? or for that matter ran into Christian Shepard in Australia?

  78. Jason- LOL on your sister. I think smokie got off the island by way of the donkey wheel when Locke turned it. Or maybe he was the one who came to see Hurley (as Charlie) Kate (as Claire) Jack (as Christian) to get them to come back to the island to kill them because he knew Jacob touched them……….. Not bad for an Irishman with a severe hangover.

    WTF……… Adam don’t desert us now!!!!!!

  79. Richard7769- Did we have a little too much fun on St Patrick’s day??? Was it the stout, guinness, jagermeister, or something else?? (LOL)

    Scott(not that one)– Now that I think of it, you and C.P.L. are probably right that flocke/smokey cannot cross water, so it was Widmore’s gang that killed them (unless a stray polar bear was hiding somewhere on the island). Also, the hydra island had no sonic pylons that we could see when Kate, Sawyer and Jack were there, but the main island did, so theY likley had nothing to fear from smokey over there.

    I would still like to know how Widmore got to the island, and right now Richard7769’s GPS implanted in Locke’s broken leg theory seems to be the best explanation.

    I am going to take my second look now at the episode, and see what else I see.

    Not only is Adam MIA, but so is Karen. WHY?????????????

  80. TL: regarding the way Widmore could find out the island:
    – I do not think that it is a GPS or same kind of device, since we need a powerfill power source and antenna and so on to transmit the radio signal.
    The most probable explanation is because they – eloise, widmore,… predicted that something should happen to Ajira plane, (and even could predict the location and time via LampPost staion), it seemed that trackig of the plain flight and location of plane disapearence is the most simple way.

    Otherwize why they need LampPost ? – because, as it was explained by Eloise, this Dharma station could predict in some extent the island location in the space-time.

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