Poll: Who’s the good guy?

You asked for it, so here is our first LostReview.com user poll.  Who is the good guy on Lost?  Jacob, Flocke, Both, Neither, or one of our favorites from the comments, Adam!

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  1. Post 91 –Jason
    Also Jacob is giving Jack a choice in the Lighthouse episode to be the ‘shepard’ or be the sheep. He also gave Dogan a choice regarding his child’s life.

    I think Jacob manipulates freewill where as MIB is playing on weaknesses to push his agenda (die or join me, join me and get the love of your life, get your baby back, get off the island etc). OR die being the key for every option). The idea that people are good and are normally motivated to do the ‘right’ thing is what Jacob plays with.

    Destiny is a series of predetermined events.
    And fate is inevitable/unavoidable; destiny.
    As taken from dictionary.com
    So Destiny and fate are essential the same.
    As far as the parallel timelines goes, Fate plays a huge role. Regardless of how it happens the end seems to be the same for many of the characters (someone touched on this in a previous post).
    Charlie’s destiny was to die but in the end he CHOSE death rather than letting it just find him. This is interesting, was it really his destiny to die or was it free will to sacrifice himself for the greater good? And is that the same choice all the characters have? or are they really doomed to their fate.

  2. Fate and Destiny seem to be the same but they are just that one degree difference that makes them different. The only similarity is that in either the path seems to be predetermined… one by choice to that path… the other regaurdless of choice.




  4. Just some thoughts..

    Flocke can’t kill anyone (against the “rules”) but Smokie can.

    Claire can kill (we saw it) and Sayid clearly can kill.

    (I don’t know if should write Sayid or Fsayid, but here it is the SAME body which was clearly not the case with Flocke but seems to be with Christian (or Fchristian ?))

    What if Flocke and Smokie really aren’t the same!? Ok, Flocke was leading Ben to think they were but maybe he lied to Ben?

    Could it be like MiB = Flocke but NOT Smokie? Maybe Flocke only can “control” Smokie?

    One thing I’m sure about is that “Christian” are on the “dark” side. Before Christian died, he told his son (many times I guess) “You don’t have what it takes”.

    And now Jacob have told him (from Hugo) the opposite. So FChristian is on the other side of Jacob.

    But.. still I don’t know.. So confusing..

    ABOUT THE PLANE CRASCH: If the plane crasched because Desmond forget to press the button, how could Jacob know this to happen? I mean he touched some of the Losties before the crasch (except Hugo, that was after). It seems like he wanted them to the island but how could he know that Desmond failed to press the button JUST WHEN THE PLANE WAS IN THE AIR?


  5. After all, who do you think was trapped in that cabin Ben visited with Locke?

    Jacob like they said, or MIB?

    Why would be Jacob there? Why would he cry for help to Locke, who ended up in the side of his nemesis.

    Isnt MIB the one that said he was trapped for so long?

    The ash was to avoid MIB from leaving or to keep him out?

    Remember that when Ilana went to the cabin she told her crew that someone other than Jacob had been using the cabin and that they had to burn it.

    But if it was MIB in the cabin, how to explain the Smoke Monster appearences while he was trapped?

    Is it possible in the end to have more than one Smokie, something wich i never believed so far?

    Why the hell Ben could summon Smokie?

    Lost always gives me headaches.

  6. Jonathan. Good points re post 105. My head is spinning too, and has been since this show began. Why not have 2 different smokes- One controlled by Jacob, and the other by MIB. Perhaps the only way either can “appear” as someone else is through their respective smoke monster. That might answer the question of who was impersonating Christian when Flocke, Sun, Ben and Lapidus were all together at the old Dharma receiving station last season. Also, suppose that each one had several different smokies to do their bidding. I know, far fetched, but this is Lost after all.

    TheCandiate re post 103, While I think that Flocke is smokey, but MIB is not flocke/smokey, and only controls them, you are thinking that it is sort of the opposite: that MIB is flocke, but not smokey, and that maybe only flocke can control smokey. Very interesting, and certainly plausible. Either way, it suggests that smokey, flocke and MIB are not one single entity.

    Somebody get me a beer as my head is spinning.

  7. Jonathan–Good catch on Flocke telling Bram that he was free before he offed him in the statute. That statement coupled with the temple others getting out of dodge so quickly may suggest that they were there against their total will, but they made the best of it while there.

    But I will point out that the “others” outside the statute did not seem to see that they were free. I mean the temple folks set off the flair to tell the others that Jacob was dead, which they already knew because Illana when in there and Ben told her. So why go to the temple at that point?? In fact, they did not even follow flocke??? Yet the others so easily did??

    It is like there are 2 sects of “others” as has been mentioned by many before– The ones in the temple who are all hippied out and barefoot, and the ones who walk around in Abercrombe and Fitch outdoors clothes with sturdy trekking shoes. what gives??

  8. oh come on guys…., talking all the time about who is good or evil. That gets boring, sorry! Is MiB/Flocke the smoke monster – of course he is!! Why do some people are thinking here that Mib is two different person or whatever!? Sorry but thats crap, i mean it´s totally obviously Mib is Flocke and also is Smokey and all the dead people in past season what our losties got to see – MIB WAS THAT!! HE IS ONLY ONE PERSON/ THING!!!! Sorry guys i think youre going into unimportant conversations here…, but it´s also very amussing to read you thoughts, so keep it on!!

    Jacob should be the good guy but as a lot of you people already mentioned before, i am also led to believe he is not that good at all, it´s more his doing he´s way how he believes is the right, as MiB is doing!

    BUT….as Dogen mentioned by showing Sayid the scale of dark and white / good and evil, i cleary understand at his point that there is a black and a white side and JAcob is on the white and MiB on the right side! MiB massacred the temple others (ver BAD), however!

    Another thing are the words of MiB when he was standing in front of the tmeple, after he massacred everyone inside. He told then the poeple: “You all free now!! Very Significant words!! What annoys me are at the moment totally unnecessarily alternate timeline bullshit stories from every character. ok, maybe in further eps or at the end of the season there getting more signifcance but now it´s booooring stuff, in opposite to the island action stuff.

    By the way, The New Bad Locke is sooooo damn better than the old role what terry o´quinn had to play, honestly i didn´t like him in past season, ok not really much, but now I LOVE him acting the bad mother….r, he´s perfect and right now he is my favourite character. When im thinking of Jack the pussy, Kate the annoying b i t c h, ect..etc…! I would love to see more from desmond or at least sawyer, jin….etc…!!!

    Wow, here in europe its already sunday so only a few days to go till the new eps called “Dr. Linus” i think, so a Ben centric. I have a feeling, don´t know why but i think it won´t be that good, ohhhh.. i reallllyyy hope NOT!!!! Hope to see again the asshole Ben Linus, would be again a very enjoyable episode!

    and a good news for me. my pc is working again and so i can sit now at home again and write convenient here my thoughts/post!!

    so you guys will hear more from mee as in the last time…

    who cares, right

  9. C.P.L wrote:

    ”Wow, here in europe its already sunday…”

    Hey man, where are you???? On the island? SUNDAY????

    I’m still on friday…Glad you are back.

  10. Hi all,
    it is difficult to call Jacob good, since it seems that the part of the job he offered Dogan, was to kill anyone who finds the Temple – very good and kind manners indeed. So I think neither MIB nor Jacob cares about men’s life – for them peoples are only means for their goals….

  11. Jonathan……oh man, thanks for correcting, i wannted to say it´s satarday of course and not sunday!!! haha

    Maybe i have Island fever..

  12. … some common observation: why do these guys – MIB&Jacob needed conventional peoples for their affairs – only just they can not kill each other directly ??? – I that case they are both killers – i.e. bad guys. What is your opinion ?

  13. roman….right, MiB couldn´t kill Jacob by himself, so he needed an other person for doing this. We don´t know if for Jacob the same rule applies but MiB is def a killer and not only because he can turn into the smoke cloud, he is just bad or at least he is bad because he has no other opportunity! I mean i would have been pissed off too when somebody or something “banished/trapped” me on an undiscovered unique island in the middle of nowhere!!

    So as i understand this whole Jacob vs MiB stuff i am assuming that MiB was trapped because of Jacobs life. Now after his death MiB was no longer trapped, he was nearly free, till he killed the temple others and so he is now totally free. Dogan life was just for protecting the people inside the temple, so aslong he lived MiB couldn´t enter, whatever the reason was. Jacob protected nearly all the people on the island, or at least the others and temple others, without the losties which are now hunted i believe.

    Hey another question. What´s up now with the “normal” others. Who is their leader -Richard-? Not that i am interested to see what these peasant are doing in the jungle, but however would be interesting to see them once again….

  14. CPL:… for me it seems that DharmaInitiative was led by a MIB&Co – that is why they had some extra knowledge about the island, but from the scitific point of view, and that is why they knew that for example it is also possible to protect the area from the smokie form by the sonic fence and not only by an ash. And that is why they were at war with “others” – who are people of JACOB and faith (not science);

  15. C.P.L. Before Jonathan corrected you re the “it is Sunday here” in Europe comment, I was about to ask you who won the best picture award at the Oscars!!!! But, I guess we all knew that you meant Saturday (LOL).

    As for your analysis in post 116, that is great. I never considered the fact that Jacob might have arranged it for MIB to be stuck on the island through some scamming. That could go a long way of explaining why he asked Jacob if he knew how much he hated him. So now that the last thing that kept him on the island is gone (the temple and its guardian), he can go home.

    Roman- good question as to why Jacob and MIB need regular people to do their business. We’ll just add that to the list of 1000 questions and hope it gets answered!!!!

  16. roman…

    I really don’t want to open this up but must…. Why does God and the Devil need peoples affairs???

  17. Maybe Jacob needs MIB to be on the island because the MIB somehow keeps the island and island

  18. TL…..i am horrible forgetful, so sometimes i am mistaken things! but that´s funny tho..

    i am not from the US so i am not really interestet in the Oscars, but the winner is ??….Totallylost…; for being always the first conversationalist to everyone on this site, congrat. and keep it on girl..

  19. OK guys I start now with this topic too!!

    Religion, the bible, jesus…etc…———- LOST????

    i am not religious and i would be happy if the story goes “normal” on, otherwise i wouldn´t have any problems if not..

    religion gives films just always an unrealistic touch..

    END of this Topic!

  20. C.P.L. No, you are the real winner. And Adam too as he got 6 votes in Scot’s pole, so he is definitely good!!!!

  21. Jakob obviously wants Losties to be back on the island. Richard tells Locke that he need to die to bring them back and Christian helps Locke to get out from the island. Does this mean Christian and Richard are/were on the same side or just both wanted the Losties back for different reasons? If Jakob knew that Locke would die, why didn’t he anticipate the raise of MIB?

  22. Hey all,

    I know its been a while, but who the hell can tell who is good or bad. This show is confusing the hell out of me right now.

    Good to see you are all still on the site here. Im gonna try to be more involved from this point forward…..gotta read a lot of your past posts to get caught up though.


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