Dr. Linus Sneak Peeks – Episode 6.07

Heres this week’s sneak previews of Lost Episode 6.07 – Dr. Linus


“Dr. Linus” – Ben deals with the consequences of an uncovered lie, on “Lost,” TUESDAY, MARCH 9 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Lost” stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Terry O’Quinn as Locke and Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana.

Guest starring are Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Daniel Roebuck as Dr. Leslie Arzt, Jon Gries as Roger Linus, William Atherton as Principal Don Reynolds and Steve Boatright as officer.

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  1. TL Thanks about your re to my question 4. Hopefully we will see in comming episodes (but not a big thing (or is it a BUG in LOST?)).

    Thinking about the Candidates… I wonder who it will be.. to replace Jacob. Maybe someone who don’t have a “great life” in the off-island timeline?? I have no clue.

    Continuing my previous post with nr…

    11. About Sun Down.. Smokie started to kill AFTER the Sun was Down. Couldn’t he start before that? Has we ever seen him kill anyone in day light?

    12. Someone posted about that it is confirmed that MIB = Smokie. I didn’t understand how did that happen? Well.. I think it has to be like that.. but when/how was it confirmed?

    Thank you all for trying your best to answer my questions 😉

  2. Agree with Marco on post 100.

    About Nikki and Paula:

    (btw – their episode (in season 4?) was the most boring and worst episode in the whole LOST. It seemed have nothing to do with LOST. A very strange episode which looked totally unrelated to LOST. If I ever rewatch LOST, I will skip/jump over that ugly episode (well.. even the Sun has…))

    Now I forgot what to say about them! LOST! Time to sleep (and dream about what will happen in the next episode).

    Thank you all 4 your interesting posts! Imaginary time! LOL! My poor brain! LOST will kill me! After that maybe MIB can use my body!! But only if I die on the island! But I’m really on an island!! And I have problem to leave it too!!! Because of all the ice around it! Oh help me Jacob!!

  3. TheCandidate:

    The answer to 12. is, when watching the recap episode before the main episode, it read at the bottom that MIB was smokie, and we already know smokie is locke. I don’t remember the exact wording though.

  4. TheCandidate: I have to disagree with you about the Niki/Paulo episode, it was indeed a side-show and had little to do with the main plot of Lost, but it was a great little twist on the show. We saw the island, the Losties and the Others (remember when Paulo dropped in on Ben and Julia down the TV Hatch?) through the eyes of outsiders, extras if you like.

    Remember those guys in the red tops who beamed down onto a strange planet with Kirk, Spock and Bones in Star Trek and ended up dying in the first three minutes of the episode? That Niki/Paulo episode was dedicated to that type of character. It was cheeky, knowing and packed full of humour, and the way it was all tied together was perfect. If you’re going to write out two unpopular characters, why not do it in style?

  5. So I’ve been watching this past season again back to back and noticed a couple of things.

    If we look at the bigger picture here, we’ve got these two guys who are both protecting the island,in different ways.

    Jacob protects through the people by manipulating them into doing things and
    MiB/smokie protects the island by just killing everything. first identifing if they are a threat then killing them.
    Like dogan said everyone has a balance of good and evil and doesn’t want to tip the scale.
    Jacob signifies the good or White side of the scale and MIB/Smokie reprsents the bad or black side.
    if you kill someone your scale is tipped to the bad or black side of your own scale, which also puts you on one of the two sides.
    Jack, Hurley, Sun, miles, these guys havent killed anyone so they would be on Jacob’s side, where we hve seen them all gathered on the beach.
    Sayid, Claire, Kate, Sawyer, Jin. they have all killed people therefore they are on Flockes side.

    So with all that said, it leads me to believe that Jin and Sun are Adam and Eve from the cave, they found a black rock on one of the bodies and a white on the others. I’m afraid this will be some sort of Romeo and Juliett tragedy.

  6. Big….

    I agree we will discover Jin and Sun as Adam and Eve.

    On another note… feel the last line of the Lost will be the answer to the question…. What lies in the shadow of the….”

  7. ok..Jason…you made me believing Ben is actually good…..thinking about you´re theory including Ben makes really sense and yes if you´re right then Ben was supposed to be good as he proved it in this episode in real time (alternate timeline)!

    So far so good but we cannot forget the things already happened on the real island time (“imaginary time”) which is the original time line. Remember Faraday´s whatever happened, happened theory! In the alternate time line everyone of the characters lived their lifes different as in real island time, i.e. Ben is good, Sayid turned bad, as in the alternate time the things are going the same way, means the personalities of each character are shown which turns bad or good or even who will have to die.

    ((Do somebody thought of what happen if someone is dying in the alternate time line or on the island???? What happens then to the other person in the parallel time??))

    So after the detonation of the bomb and the creation of the alternate time, for me it shows us how every character will play out until the end, we now know they are meant to be candidates but we also know they can choose each side they think is going to be the right. The alternate time coul be here to show us how everyones personality would be without an island…………………………………BUT HEY……i am going nuts………it stays Lost!! and it stays a from writters made story so EVERYTHING could play out till the end!!!!!!!!!

    There is still to much open and yet not resolved to make conclusions, we can just speculate a bit and then have to wait until we see how everything is going really on…

  8. TheCandidate- Yes smokey has killed in the day. He whacked Echo in the day, and the oceanic pilot in day 1 on the island among others. But, maybe Jacob’s smokey only kills in the day, and MIB’s smokey only kills at night.

    Brooks-104- Are you sure you saw that as I did not, and I am one of the ones that thinks that MIB controls flocke/smokey, but is not the same as them.

    Marco- yes, I only saw 1 diamond as well. But, given that he knew there was 8 million worth, and he is clearly motivated by money, why stop at 1 when there are so much more in reach. Again, when did he have time to dig up that grave????

    Richard7669, Jones and Jason. Let’s assume that Widmore is slated take over for MIB. Why then all of the shenanigans with flocke promising Ben he could take over, sawyer, et al. Perhaps getting Widmore to the island is part of Jacob’s long con to eliminate the one person who wants that island more than anyone else. I mean Widmore is probably no good (remember hit man Keammy) and as such, I don’t recall Widmore even considering him as being a candidate for Jacob. So is Widmore submarine-ing to his death. Is Desmond on the Sub?? Or Ellie?


  9. I now remember recognizing John Locke talking to Ben once on the island as MiB, try him helping to escape to join his group – turn bad. and in the alternate time he was again trying to push Ben by supporting him to take over the principal´s job – here he wasn´t MiB he was just J Locke so it wasn´t a bad thing he wanted to do to Ben, he just wanted to be friendly.

    Talking about Locke/MiB i also remember the cabin scenes. I hardly believe MiB was trapped not just on the island he was kept in the cabin inside of the ash circle surrounding the cabin and as i remember right, there we first heard the “help me” voice and later on we saw inside the cabin Christian Shephard aka MiB, but what i don´t get is how he was kept inside there because the smoke monster was always making rounds in the jungle. Till Locke (i think was) broke unintentional the circle of ash by stepping over it…..so practical he let him MiB out …….how ironical

    Funny is that the cabin seemed to belonged to jacob as Ilana knew she could find him there….

  10. Post 111: i have a feeling that just buy holdin that one diamond he knew there were more. n remem they were burried alive so thats how he knew where they were.

  11. C.P.L.- I think it was Jonathan who raised those same questions about the Cabin, Jacob and smokey a while back. That is what got me thinking that maybe Jacob and MIB each have their own smokey that they control, and MIB’s smokey is currently using John as his non-smokey form, hence the name flocke. I know crazy, but something is up.

    Does anyone have any theory as to how Jacob was like a father to Illana. Was she on the island before? Did they meet off island like when he came to her in the hospital??

  12. TL- GREAT question I was getting ready to post. I had the same thoughts. It looked like Ilana knew Jacob when he saw her at the hospital and she never questioned him when he said he needed her.

    I did read Desmond will be back in two more episodes and the last episode before the 2 hour final will have none of the cast members and will be set probably around 50 a.d.

  13. There is a period of time on the island in wich we dont know what happened… from 2005 till early 2007.

    Remember when the losties were in the chopper in late 2004 and the island just vanished?

    Who stayed on the island from 2005 to early 2007? Richard and the others?Claire?

    Regarding Ilana, what if that scene when Jacob visited Ilana in a hospital was a flashforward and happens after what we are seeing?

    Anyway, we need to find out more about her.

    There is no acceptable excuse in the plot for Desmond’s vanishing. It can only be a legal issue or something concerning the actor…

    I mentioned this before, but i cant get rid of it..

    We assume that was the bomb that completely sank the island,right? And so created the alttimeline…

    If i remember well, in the moment of 1977 when Jack & co are in the Swan site to detonate the bomb, Ben is still a boy and was with the Others in the temple to be healed , while his father Roger has just shot Sayid in Dharmaville.

    Even if Ben joined his father ultra fast , in the small window of time between Roger shooting Sayid and the bomb being detonated, they would still need to race to the sub , which I’m almost sure had already left the island after Dr.Pierre Chang ordered the evacuation. Ben and his father should have died in the explosion on the island…

    So how the hell Ben and his father are in the LA X timeline if its quite unlikely that they left the island before the explosion?

    It wasnt the bomb who sank the island? What else?

    Were they touched by Jacob and couldnt die somehow?

    Jason, please use your bright time/space theorie to help me on this , im confused..

  14. Jonathan- wasn’t there an accident when building the swan? Then the only thing our guys did was recreate what had already happened. Just like sayid shooting Ben had happened that’s why he was Ben to begin with. The only thing the explosion did was bring the remaining Losties to the future where they belonged.

  15. Hey folks. First, Karen–are you still around??????

    A few observations. First, I am guessing that the reason why we have not seen Sawyer is because he went ahead to the hydra. Conveniently, Kate is on her way, so a reunion of sorts is coming. Richard7769- Sawyer is to me what Sun is to you!!!!

    In thinking about Jacob touching the losties, unlike Richard who got long life from Jacob’s touch, what if the touch implants a specific mission or purpose for them, and until it is fulfilled they will not die. That seems to have been the case for Michael for sure, and maybe Locke if Jacob knew MIB would have smokey use dead locke’s body to get Ben to kill him, and that was the plan all along.

    Last, Lapidus. Well, we know why he was not flying the Oceanic plane, but no clue as to his purpose. Time for him to go.

  16. One more thing. Illana ordered Ben to dig a grave. I don’t know about you but if someone murdered the person who was “the closest thing to a father” to me, I would not care if they were buried. I would blast them, and let the carrion and sand flies get him. But nnnnnnnnooooooo. She wastes time having him dig a grave. WTF???

    Now at first I thought this was a continuation of the whole “burial so you do not get cloned or impersonated” deal, but Illana said that whoever cloned locke is stuck. So, why bury Ben?? A convenient plot line so that the whole jungle-pour out your heart- scene could take place?? or something else.

  17. LOST is strange and I’m allways confused.. One thing here about what Jacob could do as alive and now as dead:

    Dead first: As dead he knows a bit (or maybe a lot) what is going to happen. For example he knew that Flocke was going to the temple. And he also knows that “someone is coming”…

    Hey! That’s not so bad for a DEAD “man” (ok, I have of course no clue WHAT Jacob really is..), is it?

    Alive: As alive he didn’t (?) see what was coming before he was killed. But before he died he “warned” Flocke with the words “They are coming!” (And Flocke looked surprised over that info from Jacob, as he had failed to see it himself).

    OK! It follows that it is CLEAR that Jacob of course knew that Flocke, Ben and Richard & Others was marching to the statue. And he (as stated from Ben) Didn’t even care about stopping Ben from killing him… WHY???

    And what did he really mean by saying “They are coming!”?
    First, back then I thought he was thinking about Ilana’s people. But now it’s clear Jacob didn’t mean Ilana. Maybe he ment Widmore? But why warning MiB?

    Totallylost RE 111. Thanks for enlighten me! Though I disagree about all theories of TWO smokies. I believe there is only one, the Black Smokie (= Flocke/MiB). If there really was a White Smokie too, then I believe it doesn’t kill.. because Jacob doesn’t. So I see no point in having one more Smokie (except making me even more confused.. LOL)

    I also am confused about ideas of MiB/Smokie is protecting the island.. Flocke said to Sawyer that the island didn’t need any protection, and he would live it. And he said the same to the people in the temple (You are all free. You can leave the island with me (But WHY did he have to kill the people who choosed to stay in the temple???).

    I don’t get it!

    Scoppie RE 106. Thanks for your explanation. Many good points there from you, but I still disagree a bit here with you (Niki & Paulo). About “doing it in style”, my english is too bad for that. About Star Trek. I love the old/original version of that serie, but I can’t remember the scene you described.

  18. TL- thanks for correcting me, you have to know i don´t read always all the post here, just when i have time for all..

    Jonathan- good point about what happened in the 70´s in the alternate time line. I was also wondering if Ben was shot and brought to the temple again, probably not. It seems family Linus got on the island and left it again shortly after they arrived, whatever the reason was. So in this timeline Sayid and the other losties were never on the island an also not in the 70´s, that means something other let the island sink, but what could that have been?? If the incident happened without the losties the island would not have sunk, everything would go on how it was before the island skipped through time. If the incident happened with our losties the result is what we have now, two timelines………oooohhh shit………i have no idea……..sorry i have to break up now….i am clueless

  19. CPL…. dont forget however…when they first landed on the island the first thing Charlie wrote on his hand was FATE… Which he could not escape if he chose to because he was going to be confronting his death.

    Jonathan- YOU HAVE TO BE RIGHT ABOUT THE JACAB AND MIB USING THE CLONE… I specifically remeber when LLana and Bram and the rest of the gang visited the cabin and when llana discovered Jacob gone her and Bram said to one another…. “Somebody else has it”…. could this be the cloning capability???

  20. Total…. I agree I feel this is Jacobs long con and no doubt Widmore is trying to take over the island… everything seems to support that

  21. One theory out there is that Ben will take over as Jacob and Locke will take over as MIB… On the DVD season 5 special features there is a joking (or not) suggestion of this.

  22. TIME LINE…. I dont feel the bomb going off then created an alternate time line…… I FEEL DESMOND NOT PRESSING THE BUTTON CREATED AN ATLERNATE TIME LINE… AND THIS LINE IS CALLED “IMAGINARY TIME”……. Remember now, this season started with Jack looking out the window of the airplane….

    When you watch the pilot…the first scene we see is Jack on the forrest floor… but really the bigging of the timeline for the show is during the first “flashback” and what do you know… THE FIRST FLASH BACK IS JACK LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW OF THE AIRPLANE…. THIS IS REALLY THE BEGINING OF THE WHOLE SHOW…. Sometimes we forget this…

    So now that we remember this Juliet setting off the bomb, though can be argued as creating another timeline… it would be more appropiate to say she erased the…”imaginary timeline” Desmond created to create..a new “imaginary timeline”


  24. I am confused about something. People are implying that Jacob touched Michael at some point. When did this happen?

  25. Roni- I don’t think we saw Jacob touch Michael, but he tried to kill himself by driving his car into a barrier, and with a gun that jammed. Mr Friendly (who could really have been Jacob impersonating Him for all we know) said to him something to the effect that the Island is not done with you, you can’t kill yourself (don’t remember exactly). And, just before the freighter exploded, Christian appeared to him and said “you can go now” and then poof, Michael is done for. So that holds with the theory that when you have a purpose you cannot die or kill yourself until it is fulfilled.

    Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

  26. CPL…. just for YOU!!! found IT… in responce to your POST #111…. Faraday switched up his whatever happened happened… This is also the deleted scene that is on the DVD set…. The Faraday scene you need to watch is the second one…




  27. jonathan- I believe that the Losties did what they did and it helped for them to always do what they have done. I believe Sayid always shot Ben and that’s why he is who he is. I believe our guys set off the bomb and that was the incidence.

    I also believe by them doing that, the island put it right (correct) back into the correct timeline in which they belong.

    The line I’m more confused with is when Charlie left the plane after Jack saved him. When he looked at him and said that he was supposed to die. I believe there is something to that. Also Ilana’s past may have a lot of what is going on if Jacob has touched her or helped raise her how old is she? Could she be raised from the island?

    Widmore is going to be in cahoots with MIB I can promise you that. He will make a play for the island I believe he will eventually try to destroy the island because he can’t have it.

  28. Hallo LOST experts!

    Can someone explain to me WHY Jacob wanted to have candidates?

    I mean, did he know he was going to be killed or??

    He looked pretty safe in the scene on the beach (together with MiB, season 6).

    It seems to me he has been on the island for hundred of years and SUDDENLY he wants candidates, someone who can replace him!?

    (I hope you understand my ugly english and don’t feel lost..)

    Please explain someone…

  29. The candidate, it seems Jacob and MIB are in a sort of dispute for many hundreds years, and Jacob is the one that brings people to the island .

    In the lighthouse there were hundreds of names, from people he has brought before, so maybe he has been analysing candidates for a long time.

    They seem to be stuck in a kind of a time loop, where things keep repeating, with slight changes .

    MIB thinks that the result of these loops is always the same, while Jacob thinks that they still didnt reach the proper ending, and what happens in every loop is a progress towards this ending.

    At least thats what i understood of their famous conversation, wich follows:

    JACOB: I take it you’re here because of the ship.

    MAN IN BLACK: I am. How did they find the Island?

    JACOB: You’ll have to ask them when they get here.

    MAN IN BLACK: I don’t have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren’t you?

    JACOB: You are wrong.

    MAN IN BLACK: Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.

    JACOB: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.

    MAN IN BLACK: Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?

    JACOB: Yes.

    MAN IN BLACK: One of these days, sooner or later… I’m going to find a loophole, my friend.

    JACOB: Well, when you do, I’ll be right here.

  30. Ilana said something like the monster (Smokie) is stuck in Flocke’s body.

    1. That means we are not going to see Christian Shephard more? Here I am assuming that FakeChristian = Smokie (or was). I’m probably wrong?

    2. WHY stuck in Flocke? Because Jacob was killed?

    3. And WHO was taking ALEX body in the scene that she was telling Ben to do everything Locke tell him to do? We know it was Flocke.. but he was supposed to be stuck in THAT body.. I don’t understand!

    4. I disagree with those people (probably not so many) who says that Smokie (or MIB) was ALL the dead people we have seen. The exception imo is all the dead people that Hurley have seen (Jacob, Charlie, Mr Eko, Libby and many more). Because this is Hurley’s gift/power.


  31. Thanks jonathan! Your explanation seems very good/likely:

    “..it seems Jacob and MIB are in a sort of dispute for many hundreds years, and Jacob is the one that brings people to the island .

    In the lighthouse there were hundreds of names, from people he has brought before, so maybe he has been analysing candidates for a long time.

    They seem to be stuck in a kind of a time loop, where things keep repeating, with slight changes .

    MIB thinks that the result of these loops is always the same, while Jacob thinks that they still didnt reach the proper ending, and what happens in every loop is a progress towards this ending.”

    I have (of course) more questions… (Obviously I did miss the fact that there were many more names in the light house).

    But – still – I wonder about the same question.. So it isn’t completly answered yet but you jonathan seems clearly to be on the right track!

  32. Candidate, MIB/Smokie has taken the form of Yemi, Alex and Locke.

    About Christian Sheppard, he is definetely connected to MIB/SMOkie, but i am not sure if he is MIB himself.

    This link between them is hinted when Christian visited Jack’s office off the island and the smoke detector in the lobby started beeping…

    But if MIB is stuck on the island, how could he be Christian off the island?

    Maybe Christian is something like Sayid or Claire…he was just ”claimed” by Smokie.

    Perhaps thats why Claire told Jin that she was on the island with her ”friend” and her father, so she clearly could distinguish between her father and her “friend,” implying they were two different entities.

  33. Candidate…we dont know why MIB is stuck in Locke’s form…to be discovered…

    Christian was also the one that told Locke he had to sacrifice for the island…he could know Locke’s body would be needed by MIB..

  34. One thing we didnt mention about MIB/SMOKIE is the new power he showed in last episode.

    We knew so far that he can take the form of smokie, can take the form of dead people and cannot be killed by weapons .

    We found out that he can also manipulate objects with his mind, because he mentaly opened Ben’s foot chain …

  35. Jonathan- Wow- You’ve got this stuff down to a science. I on the other hand remain totally lost!!! I did not even make the connection to the smoke alarm beeping in Jack’s office and Christian appearing.

    I know that Scott has not posted the previews of the next episode, but I saw some screen shots, and I think we get to see Sawyer off island story. Yeeeee Haaaaaa!!! That is my guy!!!

  36. jonathan, good answers/explanations again from you!

    Yes, we don’t know why MIB is stuck in Flocke. And it seems we don’t know what “stuck” here means, because clearly Flocke can change form to Alex (and of course to Smokie).

    “…when Christian visited Jack’s office off the island and the smoke detector in the lobby started beeping..” I remember this but completly missed why it started beeping! Very good explanation!

    “Christian was also the one that told Locke he had to sacrifice for the island…he could know Locke’s body would be needed by MIB..”

    I agree with the last part above. About the first part, my memory says it was Richard Alpert who told Locke “you have to die”. Later, Locke told Richard something like “I was told I have to die” and Richard replied “Thats why they call it a sacrifice”.

    I believe that MIB was FChristian too. I think Claire hasn’t seen her “father” and her “friend” at the same time.. and never will.

    Another “solution” is that FCristian really is Christian! Maybe MIB could bring him back to life and then gave him the “infection”… That could explain why his body wasn’t left in the coffin..

    Well, Sayid was dead and MIB gave him the life again (but with the “infection” I guess). WHY didn’t MIB only give Locke the infection? Maybe it was too late? Maybe Locke had been dead for too long? And MIB couldn’t infect him off the island?

  37. I guess maybe Kate, Jin and Sawyer are in danger to be “infected” now because they are with Flocke?

    An observation from the last episode (7). Flocke told Ben that he was looking for him at the temple first. So this means he can’t know where every person is on the island. But as Smokie he can search the island very fast, I think.

    Jacob, on the other hand.. He knew that “They are coming” (and Flocke did NOT). He also know that someone is coming to the island (and he possess that “power” as DEAD!).

    I still don’t get the circumstances about how Jacob bringed the losties to the island. He had to know that Desmond would fail to press the button, hadn’t he?

    LOST is way too complicated for me.. But I’m lost (STUCK!) in it!

  38. Candidate,actually in 2007 it was the MIB/Flocke who told Richard to tell Locke ( who was time travelling and suddenly appeared) that he should bring back everyone who had left the Island and that in order to do that, he would have to die.

    And ”Christian encouraged Locke to turn the frozen wheel, and confirmed Richard’s statement that Locke would die in his attempt to convince the Oceanic Six to return to the Island, calling it a “sacrifice”- lostpedia.

  39. “I guess you find your loophole.” Jacob said.

    But what did this REALLY mean?

    Ok, I remember the scene at the beach and the conversation (see jonathan’s post 141).

    But still I’m not clear about this…

    Thinking again hard… I guess the loopehole has to mean the way for MIB to manage to come in to the statue, where Jacob was?? But in the beach scene we was lead to think that Jacob & MIB at least sometime meet each other!?

    No.. the loopehole has to mean something else. Probably something with overtaking Locke’s body? But why should Locke’s body be so special for MIB?

    No again! The loopehole has to mean the way to kill Jacob! Yes! Yes! YEEEESSSSS! My poor brain isn’t totally dead yet!

    Of course you all knew this long before.. But it’s no competition.


    Ok, this is just TV… And LOST is great (even if I lose my mind..).

  40. Mr. Candidate, we could go on with this all night, but i promise its my last post of the day…

    I guess maybe the principle of the loophole is using a player from the other side, by their free will, to do your bidding.

    So Ben was the loophole, since he was on Jacob’s side, and was used by Lockeness to kill Jacob…

    Maybe Jacob wanted Ben to have a reaction of his own and make his choice with free will, kind of what Miles told Ben regarding Jacob’s last toughts…

  41. jonathan. I rewatched the part of the episode (5 in season 5) when FChristian talked with Locke. And it was Locke who told Christian that “Richard said that I have to die” and FChristian called it a sacrifice.

    But still it’s probably clear that FChristian already knew it. It’s clear he is on the same side as MIB, but exactly how remains to be told in later episodes.

    I guess Jack is going to be confronted to his fake father. Maybe FChristian will try to have Jack over to the dark side.. Will Jack see right through it?

    Still one million questions…

  42. jonathan. About the loophole. Yes! Agree. That was my conclusion (after a loooooong thinking). Agree with the rest of your post.

    You are now “allowed” to stop posting (and have some hours of sleep) but tomorrow I have one zillion more questions four you! LOL 😉

    (And I will try to change my name to something that suits me better, for example NotAGoodCandidate. I think I’m on MIB’s side..)

  43. Jonathan and Canidate….

    Dont for get in Season 1 when we are first introduced to Locke’s back story…. In his flashback at the office he is typing on the calculater and we here the Smoke Monster’s rattle noise….!!!! SHIT WHAT A FORSHADOWING… THESE WRITTERS ARE SO INVESTED IN DETAIL…

    Something else I was thinking about in regards to season 1 and the relationship to MIB. On a number of occasions he took a for to lead people to death… The two he was not successful with was Hurley and Jack! He tried to lead Jack off the cliff!!! And…Hurley off a cliff!!! Locke saved Jack, Libby saved Hurley!

  44. Richard7769- I looked at it. WHAT AM I MISSING?? HELP- i am totally lost!!!! I was looking for sawyer but did not see him.

  45. Hey Jason- re post 157 about MIB possibly leading Jack and Hurley to their death without doing it directly. Clearly the “rules” were in play from day 1 (unbeknown to us), whether it was the rule that candidates could not die until their purpose was fulfilled, or that MIB could not kill them directly (as the creepy little boy this season said to flocke).

    I can’t believe that I am saying this but this is all starting to come together.

    Adam-Where are you???

  46. Totallylost- the second thread should take you to a Sawyer clip. If I didn’t mess it up.

  47. Total… It is coming together… Damon and Carlton… did say in an interview a couple of years ago that it would. The reason why they said they would wait until the final episodes is people would just loose interest in the show and would say to themselves…Oh that’s it.That is the only reason why for this or that…

    Eitherway… It really does seem to be coming together but like Richard said they have got to have some WTF moments left. What I admire is the the discovery of brillance behind the writting and the letting us know that they reeeeaaalllly have been thinking in detail the direction of the show (from many angles) was going.

  48. One other observation about this weeks show I thought was a significant detail was when Jack and Hurley had lanterns as opposed to flashlights in the black rock. Earlier in the show Flocke asked for a flashlight…

    Remember when Ben told Lock in season three that Jacob did not like electric light…. I’m just saying…

  49. Hi to everyon, one thing:
    – John Locke is the only persin who “lost” 3 years of his life. I mean, that when he turned the wheel, he immediatley jumped from 2004 to 2007, while others have to
    live these years either in real time (Jack, Sun, Said…) or in the past (Soyer, Jin, Juliet, Miles…).
    But for Ben– we can say the same…

    Regarding Hawkings, Widmore … and Ben – all they were trying to put O6 togeter, knowing that it was the chance to find the island.
    But what was really strange – that Ilana also knew that finally they’ll be at the island…

  50. Jonathon post 152, I like how you called Flocke, Lockeness BC he is the Lockeness Monster… First time I’ve seen that, have I missed people referring to him as that?

    Jason Post158. I’d like to hear more on why you think MIB just wants to die (go home). To me this doesn’t makes sense because why wouldn’t Jacob just let him die. I guess what the real question is, what is the relationship between Jacob and MIB and why Jacob won’t let MIB leave the island. Why doesn’t Jacob just let MIB leave so he doesn’t get in the way and impeded ‘progress’ of Jacob and his candidates?
    Side note:Didn’t MIB say he was in love once… or was it he was human once “not much different than you” when talking to Sawyer (or something to that effect).

    Jason Post163: Jacob not liking electric light. we now know that whoever was in the Cabin was not Jacob and was using it for ‘sometime’ as Ilana said. So it is likely that whoever didn’t like electric light was actually MIB (Remember the Sonic Fence incident with smokie)?

    When Jacob is on the ‘main land’ he is by electricity all the time… ie hospital when visiting Ilana, the store with little Kate.

    The healing effects of the island stopped working for Ben. I think this is because unbeknown to Ben and the others they started taking orders from the Cabin person (MIB) and he was loosing favor with Jacob. Why else would they start attacking flight 815 peoples and the candidates (earlier in the show)…

    Widmore is taking the sub to the same place MIB is taking his group of people. What this means… I haven’t a clue. I bet Widmore has no clue Locke is now the Lockeness Monster. He couldn’t since Flocke can’t communicate/get off the island…unless there is a mole in the others group (a possessed person, seriously who broke the ash circle around the cabin?).

    How did Widmore know where the island is?? Well all the Oceanic 6 got on one plane and then that plane disappeared at point X… he is a man of many resources… I find this the easiest and simplest explanation.

  51. Scott post 165: I do not think that Ben and others were listening to the Cabin person not knowing who is who – because I think it was Rechard’s job to monitor it – and Ben was in good relations with Richard, and as far as Richard knew everythig and where Jacob is, I think, if Ben was mistaken, Richard def let him know.

  52. Richard7769- I must be getting senile. I was looking at the video’s from Scott, and not the link. Now wonder why I saw Ben and his Elba island speech, and not Sawyer. Duhhh. Yes, I Sawyer in the correct link, and yes that makes me happy. Are we on the same page now?????

    Also, the next episode is Sawyer centered, so I will be real happy. I even saw some interesting screen shots.

  53. BTW, regarding the way the island could be found:
    – in S5 we were shown the LampPost with the huge balancer, which marks the possible island locations in the space-time (may be because it is balancer and it could detect the changes in the universe…). Then it is needed to find a jet that flys through that possible location and then simple monitor its route.

    It was also shown, that Widmore sponsored the Faraday’s
    researches regarding time&space nature and he actually
    got some poitive results – which means that Widmore has some understanding on what is what…

    So now he is again on the island, and even does not care about what is going on it, and what peoples are doing there, who they are and etc…

  54. Scott…Post 165….

    I feel that MIB just wants to die based on ruling out factors. It is suggested that he can leave the island in another body form, so off island isn’t home. He made it too the temple so that rules that out as being home. It has been suggested strongly that MIB wants to leave the island and has been there a very long time…. If these is the case then death seems to be the only answer. In last weeks episode, death seemed to be suggested with Richard just wanting to die… We saw that MIB can be stabbed, shot at by a gun and MIB still can’t die in those matters, even with Jacob being dead… So, again for me this rules out the only real possible answer death…. If not that then some how go back to a time when He(IT) was a person before being Smokie(MIB)Flocke. I would be funny if all he wanted to do is be in the polar bear cages….

    Scott….When Jacob was first introduced in the cabin (ala Ben and Locke) the ash was not broken. Now even though Ben was playing the man behind the curtain… What or who is suggested as Jacob freaked out with the flashlight… Again…at this time the ash was not broken…. I don’t recall any electric light being flashed in jacob’s face off island…I will have to watch again to see if so. I do recall Jacob visiting Llana however I recall quite a bit of natural light coming through some windows and at the hospital with Jack… I will rewatch to check

    When Hurley saw the cabin a man was sitting in the rocking chair…then an eye freaked out Hurley when he ran away. This suggested two people in the cabin later we find out Clair and Christian are in there…(Cabin Fever) The interesting thing is in this episode… We see no ash ring. But later discover the ash ring was broken in the episode 2 seasons later with Llana and Bram. Therefore letting us(me) know that MIB was not in the cabin when Ben and Locke went to visit Jacob the first time.

  55. This is a reply to an earlier post regarding Hurley refferring to Richard as a vampire/cybord.

    Back in 1977 when Hurley, Sawyer and co first entered Dharma barracks, Richard came in to talk to the Dharma squad regarding the death of their people(When Sawyer asked Richard if they had hidden the bomb!).

    This is when Hurley will have seen Mr Alpert and his eyeliner!!

  56. just been watchin season 5 deleted scenes!!

    in the scene “one of bens people” when Christian uses an axe to break down the door to 1 of the Dharma houses, he takes the flashlight off lapidus before entering the house!!

    If it were smokie, wouldn’t he not like the flashlight??

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