Ab Aeterno Sneak Previews – Lost Ep. 6.09


“Ab Aeterno” – Richard Alpert faces a difficult choice, on “Lost,” TUESDAY, MARCH 23 (9:00-10:06 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Lost” stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Terry O’Quinn as Locke and Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana.

Guest starring are Mark Pellegrino as Jacob, Titus Welliver as man in black, Mirelly Taylor as Isabella, Steven Elder as Jonas Whitfield, Juan Carlos Cantu as Father Suarez, Jose Yenque as doctor, Izzy Diaz as Ignacio, Davo Coria as servant, Santiago Montone as prisoner and Sonya Masinovsky as Russian nurse.

“Ab Aeterno” was written by Melinda Hsu Taylor & Greggory Nations and directed by Tucker Gates.

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  1. Totallylost- I would be more of a Gin man and Thursday I was burping up pine trees LOL.

    Well I least I get a little Sun up on this episode. I am eager to learn about Richard Alpert.

    My thought on Flocke? He can’t cross water that’s why he and Ben came over on the boat to the Dharma barracks.

  2. I think I am looking forward to this episode more then the finale itself. Should be a lot of answers coming.

    Agreed that I don’t think that Smokie can go over water however I think that he is bound to the island by some other means rather then just the physically (i.e. I also don’t think he can just hop on a boat and leave. I think killing Jacob, mowing down everyone at the temple were the first steps. I sort of think that he may be the one that actually sinks the island to the bottom of the ocean, not the incident.

    Jason I thought you would like the fact that MIB was actually setting Ben up to get caught or murdered (“meet us at Hydra island”) by Widmore. Sort of lends to Ben being good (of course assuming MIB is bad which is also unclear lol).

  3. Ignacio? Father Suarez? Servant? I’m looking forward to Lost getting medieval on our asses…

    (Well, probably more Renaissance or Restoration but you know what I mean)

  4. I have a new theory about Richard, MIB and Jacob. Granted, it will probably be shot full of holes after this episode, but it is still fun to speculate. So here goes.

    Jacob is one of a long line of island protectors, and has been there for a while. I think that Richard and MIB came to the island on the black rock, and were touched by Jacob so that they could help him protect the island. They may even have been related, like father and son, uncle and nephew, or brothers. I mean they both have black hair (but not eyeliner!!!)

    Somewhere along the line MIB regretted his island role, rebelled, and Jacob banished or damned him to troll the island via smoke, while reliable Richard continued to lead and guide the “others” as dictated by Jacob. Jacob never told Richard exactly what he did to MIB (among other things), as Richard clearly has not seen him for some time, hence the “you” and surprised look at the statute after Ben killed Jacob.

    At some point Jacob brought Dharma to the island, many of whom could have been potential candidates, and to protect them from smokey while they worked, they put up the sonic fences, or stayed in the temple. I guess at some point smokey had become so evil and black hearted that protection was necessary. At some point the original Dharma group did not pan out (with the likes of Phil and Radzinsky I can totally understand why), so they were gassed by Ben so that some of the “others” from the temple took over Dharmaville under Jacob’s leadership through Richard (who, by the way, is not hampered by the sonic fences).

    So, to the extent that Jacob was away from the statute, like at the cabin, lighthouse, or temple, he used an ash ring to keep Smokey at bay. All the while Jacob was continuing to watch and test the hundreds of candidates referenced in the lighthouse.

    Now there are only 6 candidates left, and perhaps it is only when Jacob is dead, the temple is destroyed, and the candidates are gone, that Smokey’s thinks his curse will be lifted and he can destroy the island and leave. So Smokey has been working real hard to claim the last 6 but cannot kill them outright because of the rules. So far he has John (killed by Ben), Sayid (killed by Phil and now half-dead), and Claire (half-alive and crazy), and he has Sawyer and Jin within his grasp as they are with him. Kate is SOL.

    Jacob, however, was much smarter than Smokey, and has been putting things in place for a while to install his successor so that smokey does not win and the island continues. The above clip confirms that he needed Ilana to protect the 6 well before he was killed, so he know what was coming. It is also possible that Widmore is a part of Jacob’s plans (knowingly or unknowingly), and has brought the sonic pylons to trap smokey.

    Well, that’s all I’ve got, and I fully admit that there are A LOT of holes in this theory. But, something tells me that there is a big connection between MIB and Richard, and I guess we will find out soon.

    Happy losting folks!!!!

  5. Dear TL,

    The first hole for me is that MIB and Richard came on the black rock. Do u remember in season 5 when jacob and MIB were on the beach and they were looking at the black rock ? So, Richard only came on the black rock.

    As for the other things, they could be possible . .

  6. to TL post 5: my opininon is that Dharma peoples were MIB’s peoples, that is why they were fighting with Others who were Jacob’s peoples.
    Remember, that there was another smokies too (for instance the one that was used by Ben and which killed one of Keammy’s men).

    richard7769 post 2: what is your opinon about how MIB could bring himself to the Hydra island to look as a Locke ?
    As Christian at the canoe ?
    It was told by someone earlier, that others were not afraid of a MIB at Hydra. It is something that does not match.

  7. Acer-7- Yes, now I remember the ship MIB and Jacob were looking at. Memory loss I guess. No one said it was the Black Rock, but it probably was!!! Big hole no. 1 !!!!!!!!!!!! My alternate theory is that MIB and Jacob are descendants of Magnus Hanso or/and Alvar Hanso. Since Alvar Hanso started Dharma, MIB may be his descendant, while Jacob would be from Magnus. Or, they are both from one of them. Who know. Just another questions to be answered.

    Roman- About Mib/dharma vs. Jacob/others. It is possible that Dharma were MIB’s people. If we go back to 77, we know that the sonic pylons were already there. So maybe at that time it was just to keep out Jacob and his people, or perhaps Jacob’s Smokey. Once Ben gassed them, I guess the only reason for the sonic fence was to keep MIB out. But even after the Purge there appeared to be 2 factions of “others” — The temple/hippie/barefoot others, and those dressed like Richard Alpert and whom went to the statute. So I wonder why 2 factions.

  8. TL: as far as I remember, these two factions could always join each other (for example Ben’s peoples hide themself in the temple). May be Richard’s peoples served like a external guard for the temple peoples ? Or becouse the were several leader for several porposes they were surrounded with different peoples but the same boss – main Jacob.

    Regarding dharma and why they could not be Jacob’s: I think dharma was unaware of the temple (they even did not know that there were tonnels to dharmawille from the temple) and I think that the center of their researches
    was the temple itself:

  9. BTW: the picture http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070302133617/lostpedia/images/7/7f/Total4back.jpg reffers to the incendent in 1985 and not 1977 when bomb went off. It is also written there that “estimated travel time incompatible with 108. Do not attempt to survey”…

    crasy idea – but it seems that dharmaville jumped immediately from 1977 to 1985, and they did not understood what happened, how and why and called it incendent. Some of them has been killed/gassed by Ben, some was working and hide on the research stations. Or I’m missed something ?

  10. Roman- Yes, it is true that the 2 factions could come together as Ben sent Alex, Carl, Danielle and the rest of the others there when Keammy’s men were lurking about. I remember Ben saying “It is the only safe place left on the island.” And, Richard possibly overseeing others as external temple guards is possibly the best explanation I’ve heard for the 2 factions!!!! Well done.

    That is a crazy theory about the jumping from 77-85. But wasn’t one of the Dharma videos about pushing the button to avoid “another incident” made in 1980?? If true, however, can you imagine if you were Marvin Candle and suddenly you only had 1 arm, and did not know how that happened!!!!

  11. I think Widmore is working with Jacob because in the “Lighthouse” episode Jacob told Hurley someone was coming to the island and he needed Hurley’s help to guide him to it. After Jack destroyed the mirrors Jacob still said to Hurley ‘not to worry, they would find another way to get here’. I think Widmore was the person Jacob meant and he wants him on the island for some reason.

  12. nat (RE post 12).

    Good point there, about Widmore & Jacob. You may be right!

    Another thing. I can’t stop thinking about the six candidates left. The problem I have is that it seems so unlikely (well, at least for me) that anyone of them really want to replace Jacob!

    Of course, there are ten episodes left… So very much can still happen, and I guess will happen too!

    A QUESTION: Thinking about all the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. So they are related to each of the candidates. And they were also written at the hatch (and appear “everywhere” threw LOST).

    And we saw the number at the lighthouse. But there were much more numbers, and they were connected to other candidates. The thing that disturbs me is that why were only our candidates number written on the hatch?

    Ok, this in not one of the BIG questions… So it’s ok if I never have the answer.. just wondering.. can’t help it.. I’m a homo saphiens.. maybe that’s the reason?

  13. TL post 11: regarding your “…can you imagine if you were Marvin Candle and suddenly you only had 1 arm…”

    I think following this way we can explain the sudden Jack’s discovery of his appendix taken out (i.e. micro-incendent) – because it is very strange that Jack as a doctor even does not know what happend to him (I think that everyone perfectly well knows own body).
    So it means that these varios alternative timelines are really connected to each other and we could say that these
    are not timelines, but a classical parallel universes fiction writers like to write about…

    In our case time in these parallel universes is shifted against each other and actually it is not time travel, but jumping from one universe to other.

    In this case we could explain why Daniele did not remember Jin appearance, why island dissapears, why peoples could appear and then dissapear… and why Jacob&MIB could promise that it is possible to return the ones you lost… just go to the parallel universe…

    So in these universes the island located in different places, and it is possible that one universe can turn into another – they call it incendent.

    And Lighthouse – it is a way not looking back, but into a parallel, and our candidates – are some Constants among all this mess…

    Well, it is just theory, but it seems has some ground, and
    for me it would be pitty if writers go this classical way… hope that I’m wrong.

  14. yeh… and finally there should be the only single reality,
    while others are merged, collapsed, and stoped existing.

    And may be it is a war (or a progress?) for your own universe, which is stable, without bomb blusts, island dissapearance and etc.. and in which you are a winner.

  15. sorry for long posting (there is some kind of time for theories thanks to TL):
    … but taking the theory that different timelines are time shifted agains each other and actually there is not time travel, it seems that the island looks like a hub or a gate to other timeline.
    To get from one universe (timeline) to the island and back you should follow that certain azimuth (like 305). If you do it with different azimuth you can be splitted among realities (as it happend to Minkivsky and Desmond).

    One interesting thing – being on the island, you can communicate with different timelines via transmitters
    (so it is a quiestion what Ben showed to Jack and Juliet).

    It also seems that events on the island are always a bit ahead than in other timelines (that is why peoples on the island in S4 saw a dead doc with his throat cut, while his another reality was still alive at the freghter).

  16. Roman– very interesting and really good theory about parallel universes. I had forgotten that they made a big point of Jack’s appendix this year. That story line seemed to have served no purpose in season 4, but now it is important.

    Also, I never considered the possibility of the Island being a center point for communicating with different timelines. Brilliant. No wonder why so many people seem to be so interested in it.

    2 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Hey folks. I looked up Ab aeterno, which is a Latin phrase on Wikipedia, and here is what it said:

    Translation = “from the eternal”

    Notes = Literally, “from the everlasting” or “from eternity”. Thus, “from time immemorial”, “since the beginning of time” or “from an infinitely remote time in the past”. In theology, often indicates something, such as the universe, that was created outside of time.

    So, since we know that Richard came the island on the black rock and was made immortal by Jacob, he is not from everlasting. But, this phrase could refer to the island, and so in addition to getting his back story, perhaps some of the million outstanding island questions will finally be answered.

    I for one want to know about the electromagentism, why it is invisible to radar, and WTF is the flying donkey wheel.

    Also, MIB is in this episode so maybe we will get his name. I wonder if it is a biblical name, since this show has such undertones.

    ONE MORE DAY!!!!!

  18. The writers mentioned and gave a hint about the island, that is a 4 letter word. Could it be EDEN?

    Super amped

  19. Can someone help me understand this? I googled Alvar Hanso and clicked on the Lostpedia site. There was alot of stuff about him we havent learned from watching the show. Is this a guess (theory) or is the information true. I just dont understand how Lostpedia knows all this information about Alvar Hanso.

  20. I’ve been here but to be honest I have nothing left to hypothesize about. I’m just going to let the show finish out and take each episode as they come. There are so many crazy theories, ideas and assumptions to sift through to get to something that makes sense. I’m just preparing myself to be disappointed so I pay a little less attention to it. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve put out some things that are so far from possible that it makes me laugh at myself. The writers have jerked me/us around enough. I’m just kind of seeing where they finish this thing up and take it from there.

    I think my head will explode if I try to figure out who is working with who, who is good bad or indifferent, who is a jacob person and who isn’t, what this or that means, etc…I think I needed to take a step back and just let it play out for a few weeks.

    This episode for me is the one i’ve been most anticipating for the entire series. I hope that it meets the expectation I have.

  21. A four letter word?

    no A or E in it?

    electromagnitism of vast power underneath, that if unleashed would surely reak havoc?

    The world is like a champagne bottle… and our island is a CORK!



  23. JASON— I haven’t seen it yet. I am again in CA, so it is only 7:15!!! But you sound happy.

  24. i thought it was good. it def sets the table for what is going on. id like to watch some parts again just to see if i have it right.

    there is only 1 sun name down because they will split. 1 will be good and the other bad….just a guess

    and TL. Flocke is a bad guy….so I wanted to tell you I told you so.

  25. Jason- Holy CRAP what a F*******ing episode. I don’t have all night to go back and forth but here are my thoughts. This was a TRUE definition of what is going on but I am confused on one part I’ll get to that in a minute.

    This explained so much on MIB and Jacob and the statue….. I believe the smoke monster can take any form he feels as long as their dead. AKA Christian, Locke…. and I honestly believe Jacob is truly good but he did kick the shit out of Richard. I also believe we now know why Hurley is there not as a candidate but as a liaison for the dead to speak to the living.

    At the end for Isabella to say Richard must kill MIB spoke volumes…….

    Here is the part where I am confused…. In both when Dogan set Sayid to kill MIB he said that he couldn’t speak first, When MIB set Richard to kill Jacob he said he couldn’t speak first both said it wouldn’t work. Why then when Ben “Killed” Jacob, Jacob talked to him and it still worked???????? See my problem.



    That was great stuff. But, before I say anything, I must fall on my sword as promised:

    Adam– It somewhat pains me to say this, but you were right and I was wrong. MIB is the bad guy. Jacob is good, or at least not as bad as MIB.

    OK, I said it. New post below!!!!

  27. ********SPOILER ALERT******

    Now, what a story. At first I was a little pissed by the Richards pre-island story, but it really made what happened on the island all the more meaningful. Poor guy. I felt so sorry for him. What a miserable existence he had. I mean a corrupt doctor, a no good priest, and Magnus Hanso’s gang who buys the condemned and treats them so badly. I can see why he has been so distressed, thinking that Jacob lied to him at a critical turning point in his life. What good stuff.

    OK. A few things.

    1. Jacob and MIB have been in that island for a long while. It seems like MIB was banished there to keep evil from the world, and Jacob was put there to make sure he stayed. I have to go back and look but didn’t Danielle say to someone (maybe Jin) when speaking of the “blackness” that infected her team, that it would be bad if they left the island like that. I need to go back and look.

    2. We now know why Smokey flashes you, he is looking for info to use against you, and that is what he did to Richard- using the memory of his dead wife to manipulate him into thinking that Jacob took her, so he could him to kill Jacob. John and Echo were also flashed if I correctly recall. What a lowlife.

    3. In the scene with Hurley, Richard and Isabella, is it safe to assume that Hurley was seeing the dead, but no one was impersonating Isabella??? I get the feeling that Jacob is using Hurley as a medium to keep people on the path they are supposed to be on. Like getting jack to the light house and so on.

    4. The ship we saw at the end of season 4 was likely not the black rock as the seas were calm when they saw it, and the statute was intact. It was someone else, as it is fairly clear that Jacob and MIb have been on that island for a while, as Jacob confirmed.

  28. Richard7769- I like you am confused about Dogan telling Sayid to kill MIB/Flock without letting him speak, but for different reasons. I get MIB telling Richard to stab Jacob, as clearly MIB needs him dead before he could leave, and MIB knew Jacob was not immortal. I mean Jacob even confirmed that by saying something like “there will just be another” and I am assuming he meant a successor to guard the Island prison.

    But why would Dogan take what appears to be the same knife and tell Sayid to stab who we now know is MIB with the same warning MIB gave to Richard. WTF??????? Why?? Was Dogan acting on behalf of Jacob in trying to end MIB’s reign of terror?? I don’t think so, as I am assuming that MIB is “dead” so long as he stays on the island, and therefore, plunging a knife in him serves no purpose, as we clearly saw.

    Was Dogan perhaps working with MIB, and the plan was to get Sayid to stab him, and in return, Dogan got released from being trapped on the island?? I mean, what was to stop MIB from cutting a deal with Dogan like he did with Richard??

    Maybe when Sayid stabbed MIB (a.k.a. evil) he effectively “killed” himself, and could no longer be a candidate. I mean the man is literally the walking dead. Did Jacob somehow know this, which is why he got Jack and Hurley to leave the temple before all hell broke loose???? Something just does not add up. Too tired to figure it out know.

    One last thing—Richard is the key to stopping MIB. And, I think Richard wants revenge for MIB shamelessly using the memory of his precious wife for selfish purposes.

    GAME ON!!!!!!!!!

    Last thing, I swear:

    J-Locke- re post 24- You either guessed right about the 4 letter word for the island being “cork”, or you mugged/bribed/hypnotized someone who worked on the show and got that info. WTF??? Which one????

  29. What the HELL?? ..after so long time we finally got answers!!!!

    VERY GOOD episode, very insightfull as i expected and it didn´t disappoint me!!!!

    Only thing……Why the hell we didn´t get MiB´s real name!! It becomes annoying to call him the whole time somehow as we believe…

    However, damn good episode but calling this place Hell is kinda lame!! I think most of us thought already about the island being hell but now it´s confirmed. This brings me directly to Jacob…..don´t know but it seemed to me he is really playing games with people´s life to show MiB he is wrong. Jacob is the one bringing all this lost souls on the island, for hundred of years….and it´s a game….insider jokes between Jacob and MiB i.e. with their white/black small stones..etc….; ok it´s not A game it´s THE game; between good and evil, life and death…the devil…., but when there is a devil there also have to be sort of god, angels or whatever…..and when the island is hell where is heaven on earth?? ..i know these are uninteresting questions but i just asked myself..

    It was also lame to hear about Magnus Hanso but not to see him….

    …..and the black rock smashing the statue…, yeah sure….at least an explanation!!

    140 years are exactly the time richard is on the island…from 1867 to 2007 (island time)…but he is still looking good for such an old man…..don´t want to know how old are Jacob & MiB…

    more on later….

  30. I sooo need to watch that episode again. Very good and a lot of answers.


    So is MIB the devil? Right now my thinking is that he just represents evil and that devil is just our word for describing someone (or thing) like him.

    I think that killing Jacob or MIB has everything to do with the intensions behind it. Ben’s when he killed Jacob was one of hate and despair. At that moment Ben’s balance of good and evil was very lopsided to the evil side.

    Sayid when trying to kill MIB was when he was trying to prove that he was good after a life time of doing bad things and MIB claiming him I don’t think that his balance of good and evil could tip far enough to the good to defeat him.

    Which leads me to only one conclusion “a care bear stare down” lol. (hopefully most of you get this if not search it is youtube and you are sure to see what I am talking about).

    Jacob is all about letting people make there own decisions to prove MIB wrong, I am thinking that it is not until MIB is wrong that he could be killed.

  31. It looks like the “Tommy Westphall Universe” and religion references got the best of Adam, hope you come back around.

    On that note though this show is very frustrating at times and it seems like the more effort you put into trying to figure it out the more lost you become. Like Adam I gave up trying to figure out every detail a while ago and have found that it makes the show more enjoyable. Then come on here and talk about some of the bigger questions sometimes though my obsession is to much.

    Scott you are going to have to alter to the web page when this is all said and done to a Lost anonymous page so that we can all deal with our left over issues lol.

  32. Totallylost: it was just a guess in all seriousness… i was off about it being a ‘cork’ for the electromagnatism(although it still could be), the cork is for the evil.

    amazing episode.

  33. Great episode! Who misses the flashsideways?

    So much to think about…

    -CPL, We are not sure the island is hell and that they are dead. That’s what MIB told Richard.
    Jacob said the opposite. If they are all dead indeed , I dont think i like the way its going .

    – TL, good point about Smokie scanning Richard’s mind.

    – TL and Richard, i too wonder about those instructions MIB gave Richard regarding Jacob’s killing…And if he finally managed to kill Jacob, what keeps him on the island?

    – The last thing Hurley told Richard, that Isabella said they will go to hell if MIB leaves the island…it sounded more like Jacob’s speech.

    – If Taweret was destroyed by the Black Rock, the losties went way back in time in that time flash when they saw the back of the intact statue.

    – I wish i’ve seem more of Richard on the island, with the others and why exactly he visited and tested young Locke.

    – If Jacob had shared with the losties and with all the people he brought to the island the same information he did with Richard, wouldnt it make it easier for them to use their free will in the right way ?

    – If Jacob needs to keep MIB on the island and knows MIB cant kill him by himself, why he keeps bringing people to the island? Wouldnt it be more effective to just leave them there alone?

  34. Jonathan…you´re right, only MiB said the island is hell!! Jacob wouldn´t say it even if it´s true, i mean he should be the good guy so who tells his followers they are actually on hell´s gate and probably dead!! Also Charlotte´s sentence popped into my head, “this place is death”…….so i think the island isn´t far away from hell!!

    But i have to say i don´t like the idea of all being already dead, i would be very disappointed in the end!!!!

  35. Speaking of the Black Rock and Widmore…..It could be Widmore found the island with his logbook from the black rock, remember how he purchased the book from the auction in season 4. Probably the right course to the island is written in this logbook!! Magnus Hanso found once the island with the black rock….so it makes def sense!!!!

    What i don´t get is what was with the ship what showed up at the end of season 5 during Jacob & MiB were talking?? Who were the people on the ship and was it important to show us another ship before the black rock came????

  36. I think Hurley is going to be the Richard to whomever gets the position of Jacob. He will lead people in the right direction without the new Jacob having to do so.My prediction would be

    Jacob = Jake
    MIB = Locke
    Richard = Hurley

    I dont think that will happen because someones got to die, right?

    There will def be a side everyone takes good or evil. Next week we will find out which one of the Kwon’s is good or evil cause I think they split up or commit suicide leaving their kid to be the candidate ( theory only)

    There is an episode coming up after Hurleys flash sideways episode called the last recruit. i think things will really jump off from there!

  37. To answer one of your questions from post 37.

    Richard visited young Locke because of the object (can’t remember what it was) he gave him in the past. Richard put everything on the table and asked Locke if anyone of them meant anything to him. When Locke had no idea, Richard left.

    Richard had no reason to suspect that the group would be traveling through and around time, he was curious why someone would show up, hand him something, and say “you will know what to do with it when the time is right.”

    Answer to the free will question.

    It is not free will if you know your actions will effect your life’s course. If you already know, your actions would be effected, thus effecting your free will.

    I have watched the show since the beginning, and this is the first time I have been curious what other people have thought. I am in the opinion the just sitting back and watching the show is enjoyable, but, it is also exciting to have theories that you can pass on to others.

    Unfortunatly, this is an ABC prime time show, so we all know what the final outcome will be, Jack (ass) will somehow save the island after much personal debate on if he can or cannot. Nothing would please me more if he would come to grips that he will ultimatly do the right thing. His drama bores me, because we know he will do what is best for others, even if he does not really want to do it.

    Finally my opinions on the rest of the season.

    Widmore is there to capture the “evil.” What ever is in that room can do it. He will die trying.

    I know they said it, but I still don’t believe that the island is in fact hell, but if it is, can the other island be purgatory?

    If it is hell…then…

    Jacob is the gateway to heaven. He is a ladder. (I sure this has been already discussed)

    The show has been very enjoyable, this is how it will end.

    Richard will die. Don’t know how, but he will welcome it. His actions will somehow inspire…

    The Shephard will lead his people off the island or to heaven, somewhere. Thus the island will be left up for grabs…

    Sayid will become the new “evil.” And…

    Sawyer will become the new protector of the island. With Kate as his ambassendor to the people he will bring to the island. In return, Sawyer will save Clair and let her return to her son.(More on him later)

    Hurley will leave with Jack, but the Kwon’s story is still and may remain a mystery. When they get back together, they may become the new “couple” on the island. Their baby is who is coming to the island.

    Not sure what role Ben will play, I think he will betray someone, and eventully do what is best for him. Sawyer will be looking to use the sub, Ben will coax Sawyer to take him with him, Sawyer will go back for Kate, Ben will leave.

    That leaves Aaron. He he was born in hell, the devil will surly want him back.

    Movie will be realesed 2012, maybe on December 21.

  38. Theories on how and why everything is done is anyone’s guess. They story has been to good for too long to pinpoint the direction of the show, but as you see in my previous post, the outcome will be a little anti-dramitic.

    Since good will eventually prevail, the evil will be destroyed, but rise again in Sayid.

    This show has been great for us people who like to see every detail addressed. Sure their are some holes, but for a show to bring back something minute from past seasons, like an inhaler on the ground, or a pair of severd arms, really makes you thinks that the writters really took their time to develop every aspect of the show. Bravo.

  39. J-locke, you hit the nail with Cork!

    And there is really a paralell with the Hatch, for it was a ”cork” to prevent the leaking of electromagnetism, and it also involved replacements , to input the numbers.

    We’ve reached half the season and there is so much to know…probably in another life…

    We need a backstory for Jacob and MIB. I dont think this is his original form, as he said Jacob stole his humanity…

    So Magnus Hanso was on the Black Rock…how will Dharma fit in all these??

  40. Findmekate, the visit of Richard to Locke is quite more complicated than you wrote…its been discussed over and over …involves a drawing of Smokie on the wall and each of the specific items that Locke chose and why Richard left.

    Adam, i agree with your list and with the probable disappointing ending.

    CPL, that ship in the incident was not the Black Rock, it was before that, the statue was still standing…in the 1800’s Jacob was bringing people in ships to the island…

  41. Findmekate- re post 42– well done. I especially like the idea of Widmore possibly capturing the evil for some nefarious purposes, and poor dark Sayid becoming the new evil.

    I guess I am still wondering what the sideway’s story is all about.

    Jonathan- I agree- We need MIB and Jacob’s back story. I almost feel a little sorry for MIB as he has to lie, scam and connive to get what he wants.

    Also, I have to give mad props to Nestor Carbonall- He was brilliantly great yesterday– eyeliner and all!!!!

    I am also getting the sense that Jin and Sun are not going to have a good ending. At least Richard7769 will get a little much deserved “Sun” next week!!!!!

    Last, why did Jacob let Ben so easily stab him when he totally jacked Richard Alpert when he tried to stab him. WTF?????

  42. I agree with posters on other LOST sites, about the reasoning behind the “You have to kill him before he speaks” scenes.

    As MIB mentions to Richard at the end of this episode, “He (Jacob) can be very convincing.”

    I think that because Jacob and MIB are so manipulative with their words, and are trying to build up their own armies, it makes sense that you need to kill them before they have a chance to change your mind.

  43. Whidmore may want to capture the evil, not kill it. probably to exploit it somehow for some kind of monetary gain.

    Here is something I do need help on.

    Jacob is a good guy and Richard helps him. So Jacob must have brought Ben to the island for some reason. Whidmore was the guy before Ben so presumably Whidmore was brought also by Jacob. Does that make them so both good guys because they were brought by Jacob? I don’t remember Whidmore doing anything on the island or hearing about anything he did that would make him evil, so is he good?

  44. Adam, i remember Widmore ordering the killing of Rosseau and her baby Alex…whoever thinks of murdering a child is far from good…

    I am still not convinced that Jacob is the good guy, if there really is one…

  45. Here’s a thought when Richard asked for his wife back Jacob said he couldn’t do that. When Sayid asked for Nadia back Flocke said anything you want.
    When Richard asked Jacob for absolution Jacob said he couldn’t do that. When Flocke talked to Sawyer he said anything you want you can have.
    I believe Flocke lies and Jacob can’t or won’t.
    Could Ben have been tricked thinking he was reporting to Jacob but actually MIB. That could have been partof the loopole.

    TL- I’m out of the country next week. I won’t get my sun fix until next Friday. Figures.

  46. C.P.L.– Now that we have the title, it is time for me to start detoxing from lost, so I am not totallylost when it is over. Sigh . . . .

  47. Oooof. What a corker! Ha ha…

    So the island is the hell-mouth, something that’s been keeping Smokie/electromagnetism cooped up for centuries or more. I think the implosion of the hatch weakened Smokie’s prison somehow. When Smokie escapes, the world will become shrouded in darkness and “We all go to hell”. The Egyptians (or someone even earlier) had some sort of hand in its construction… but we still don’t know why time travel is involved. Is it just a defense mechanism to stop the wrong people finding it?

    There’s still so many questions, but the answers are coming thick and fast now. That is of course, IF we can trust Jacob – I still think things ain’t as clean-cut between him and He Who Must Not Be Named as everyone thinks.

    It seems to me that the events of Ab Aeterno document the first time the MIB tried to have Jacob killed. It was a crude way to control Richard and it didn’t work, but Jacob seemed genuinely surprised by his attempt, and by his intent to leave the island. One can only ask – what was MIB doing before this, and why did he suddenly become so desperate to escape? Did he just get sick of Jacob’s continual failed attempts at getting human beings to redeem themselves on the island – attempts which always ended in slaughter?

    Whatever it was, ever since 1867, MIB’s plans have become more elaborate and sophisticated, until we finally arrive with him tricking Ben into murdering Jacob. Why didn’t Jacob open a can of whoop-ass on Ben in the foot-statue like he did with Richard? I believe because he had known Ben for so long, and had invested so much time in him, and wanted to see if, as Miles said, he was wrong about him. I wouldn’t be surprised if the only person with the power to kill MIB is Ben, simply because he chose to kill Jacob, and can still have the power to change for the better.

    Yay, I’ve got my theory mojo back!

  48. Scoppie- Ok, a can of whoopass!!!! I am laughing. I have also wondered why Jacob practically ran into Ben’s knife. It just doesn’t make sense. But given that he asked Ilana’s help before that, he knew what was up.

    Also, I agree with you that Jacob was surprised that Richard tried to stab him, and very pissed, as after he jacked him, he angrily and aggressively dunked the poor guy in the water 3 times. Kind of a mean baptism I suppose.

    I was just thinking, wouldn’t that be wild if the writers conned us poor saps into thinking that Jacob was killed, when in fact, Jacob had someone impersonate him just to fool MIB. That would truly be the world’s biggest con!!!

  49. Richard7769- You raise a good point about Ben possibly being tricked into reporting to MIb instead of Jacob.

    Also, do we have confirmation of who said “help me” to John in the cabin? I am thinking it was MIB trying to get John on his side.

  50. Whidmore wanted to capture Ben, he didn’t pull the trigger on anybody.

    Jacob is the good guy I don’t even think you can argue otherwise. It’s totally obvious!!

    He puts temptation out there and lets people make the decision to act on it (adam & eve and the apple tree)
    Jacob = god??

    Jacob gives richard wine
    MIB gives him water

    Jacob dunks richard into the ocean 3 times…baptism??

  51. Adam, nothing is set in stone in Lost…because its too obvious is why it may have a twist…or not…maybe its too late for that…

    I guess the new Jacob will be Desmond.

    His appearence to Jack in the plane in the flashsideways was very similar to Jacob’s visits to the losties…and he touched Jack by shaking his hand…

  52. hey guys, i think i resolved the mystery about how Widmore found the island with his submarine! i mean i think my theory makes sense. I mentioned this already some posts earlier……….here i go again!!

    Some of you guys discussed about how Widmore found the island. I think Richard7769 pointed out that Widmore implanted maybe a sort of GPS chip in Lock´s leg or somewhere else, in the desert hopsital.

    MY THEORY is – that Widmore found the island with the help of his LOGbook from the Black Rock what he bought at the auction in season 4. As we saw in “Ab Aeterno” the Black Rock FOUND back then the island, so they (Magnus Hanso) had the right course direction as Faraday also mentioned this a lot of times (in Faraday´s case the course was “305”, i think!?). Ok 140 years earlier the course was probably another one, because the island is always changing his place, so the course is always a new different one!!
    Back to my theory – Wimdore has the LOG from the Black Rock. Magnus Hanso found the island once too and that means he had the right course, so i am assuming it should be written in the LOG from the Black Rock!! So Widmore got on this way his right course to find the island. Makes sense, right??

    There are probably some mistakes in my theory, so please guys Correct me if you find anything what´s wrong!!!!!

  53. Maybe MIB will have a replacement too…it could be Widmore..

    And perhaps the Alttimeline is the direct result of these new replacements chosen to succeed for Jacob and MIB.For some reason we will find out the island is underwater…

  54. Yeah exactly, i totally forgot!! The producers stated once that the last scene of Lost is just WATER. This leads me to LA X, where we saw at the beginning the island being under water. Soooo, could this mean this scene was probably already the last scene???? That´s why i started believing the Alternate Timeline is how i mentioned once sort of the end of Lost, i mean the alt time line is connected to the current real island time line and in the end they conflate together! Beginning(current time) – End(alternate time).

    The producers also stated once that the end of the show can be described by a four letter word without an E/O, i think!?

    I have NO IDEA what that could be, i think one of you guys here said it could be “EDEN” (think from “G” post#20 said this??)

    OH Yeah…..in the last podcast from Damon & Carlton they also said that DESMOND WILL be DEFINITELY come back, sooner as we expect….I really hope that!!!! they ain´t said what will be his purpose but i believe it´s def something important, as Demsond was always in this excellent show!!!!

    Next episode called “The Package” is about the KWON family……usually i was not always interested in this persons but i believe it´s time to get the “end” story of them! So i think it´s gonna be as intersting as important to the show!
    Guest stars are among others – Widmore of course, Keamy, Omar aaannnndddd MIKHAIL(the russian guy who seemed to can´t be kiilled, till the in the end as we know!!! but what could Mikhail do in this episode. What´s if HE is the one behind the Locked Door in Widmoré´s sub?? probably not but i can imagine it could be something explosive in it?? Who knows?? Widmore is a chiseler!!!!

  55. I just had my second look.

    1. When Hurley was communicating with Isabel at the beach, I had a flash back to when Jack went to see him in Santa Rosa. Hurley said “we never should have left”. That tells me that Hurley has been communicating with island folks for some time, and perhaps we will discover that soon. I think he is more important to this story than we think.

    2. I had a closer look at the broken statute. No way could an 1867 cheap wooden ship trash it. Maybe an aircraft carrier or the Red October, but not that. NFW!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Notice how Richard killed that quack doctor the same way Desmond killed Kelvin when Kelvin was trying to snatch Desmond’s boat? Lesson learned is that if you get pushed and fall, you are guaranteed to bash your brains in.

    4. MIB said 2 times that Jacob could be “very convincing.” That tells me that Jacob may have convinced MIB that he could help him or give him something, and MIB regretted what he got. Hence the drive to regain his humanity. So maybe he is not really evil personified, but just a desperate guy.

    5. MIB purposely let Richard suffer before he put the whammy on him. That was foul. And to shamelessly use the memory of His wife, whom he is carrying massive guilt because of her death, is totally shameless. I think Richard is becoming my Sawyer!!!! And, the poor guy was missing his wife even after 200 years. What a guy.

    6. Jacob said he wants people to help themselves and not have to be told what is right and wrong. Then he hired Richard to be the “intermediary” to help those he brought to the island. So, is it possible that Richard has appeared to others in another form to help the Losties??? My first thought was in the Pilot where Jack saw his dad. Perhaps Jacob knew he needed some healing from that flawed relationship when he brought him and the others to the island, and through Richard, Jacob was helping him?? I mean if it was MIB using Christians body, when did MIB have time to “Scan” jack before he knew what to use to manipulate him, like he “scanned” poor Richard??? I don’t recall Smokey “scanning jack,” including when the pilot was killed.

    Well, that is all for now. The ship is definitely steaming ahead. 10 more hours of Lost to go.

  56. Jacob is good
    MIB is bad

    Jonathan you willing to fall on your sword like TL if I’m right?

    I think this one is set in stone. Hurley’s flash sideways is coming up in a few weeks.

  57. Adam– while I have fallen on my sword as promised, if things pan put differently, I am fully expecting you to fall on yours!!!!!!

    Jonathan– Cool clip. Both those guys had bad hair days!!!!

    C.P.L. Thanks for the scoop of the next episode. I wonder if “the package” refers to the small box Jin had at LA x or what is in the locked door on Widmore’s freighter.

    WHERE IS DESMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Richard7769 & Totallylost Post 50 and 56- “Unknown to Ben he’s been reporting to ‘MIB'” I brought this up in a previous post, copy and pasted below
    Dr. Linus Post 6-09 #156
    “…The healing effects of the island stopped working for Ben. I think this is because unbeknown to Ben and the others they started taking orders from the Cabin person (MIB) and he was loosing favor with Jacob. Why else would they start attacking flight 815 peoples and the candidates (earlier in the show)…”

    C.P.L. Post 61. How Widmore found the island. The 1st and 2nd time.
    THE 2nd TIME: I still think it was as simple as: the Oceanic six were all on one plane and that plane magically disappeared at a single point. We know the island moved so it would not be in the same place as it was when the Black Rock arrived. Although the Black Rock Logbook may have held information of some value, it wasn’t for finding the islands current where abouts, the 2nd time Widmore found it. THE 1ST TIME he found it: Remember Widmore bought that logbook before the island moved and that’s most likely how the freighter found it.

  59. Regarding this non-scientific episode:
    …looks like there is also a chance for Richard to replace Jacob (if it has some meaning) – because he is immortal, and nobody else…
    Others (i.e. Candidates) – could be irrelevant.
    All this stuff between J & MIB very similar to a bet, and poor peoples have nothing to do there.

  60. I watched this episode, interesting to see that Richard Alpert was spanish, although his accent was more cuban or colombian somehow… anyway, interesting episode. Roman, post 72 – I do not think Richard could be a replacement for Jacob just bcos he’s immortal. I don’t even think he wants to! Plus, Jacob rendered RA inmortal why couldn’t he have done the same other guys…

  61. another thing. we have this belief that MIB is the bad guy and J the good one… i am starting to wonder if jacob is not really the bad one as in the opposite roles… MIB saved Richard, he is not that bad. I am starting to think that Jacob has some sort of evil in him.

  62. Adam…Post 53!!! Right on!! Not only that but after all that he received what???? “”everlasting life””… in a way..

    If these writters are going to follow the Biblical Jacob and Esau story…. then it could be that Jacob is doing all of this Make MIB good…….

  63. Karen- Welcome back. I am also thinking that I fell on my sword too soon regarding Jacob being good and MIB bad, as like you and Jonathan, I am not totally convinced that either are all good or all bad. I can only hope that Adam will fall on his if he is wrong!!!

  64. I have mantained this stance… neither are good or bad but have their agenda…..

    Regarding the locked door… What is Desmond is behind it?!

  65. Last one… sorry everyone… (Scott also sorry for the double post earlier…my laptop)

    Everyone… I just watched the sneak peek again…the one they show at the end of the show each week… any theories as to whose ship that is coming through the fog because it definately does not look like a sub. aaaaannnndd whose hand is that?

  66. I found something interesting in that last episode. When the blackrock is headed to the Island in the storm. Richard asks the other slave what does he see. He said “the devil. The island is guarded by the devil”….
    Something along those lines. Doesnt Jacob live under that “devil”/statue? and doesnt he guard/protect the island?
    Interesting to me considering MIB also called him the devil. I’m not really sure what to think of it yet.

  67. I have not posted here before, but I have a wild theory about Loophole. What if MIB took possession of Locke’s body at the time of the crash and has had possession ever since. At first there was quite a bit of Locke still present, very much like Sayid is now, but gradually Locke died out leaving MIB in charge.

    That is the reason that Locke could walk again as soon as he woke up on the island, and not because he had been miraculously cured. So when Ben shot ‘Locke’ he was never going to die, but there was enough of Locke’s consciousness to need the encouragement of Walt to not shoot himself andget up and out of the Dharma pit. I like this theory, but I don’t think it really stands up….

    What if also, MIB is actually the good guy and Jacob is the slightly dodgy sociopath who likes to play with the lives of people much like a sadistic child would pull the wings off flies – because he can – and he’s bored.

    Jacob is the one bringing all these people to the island, never asking them if they want to come, and then by his own admission, they all die. Jacob says he will not intervene, that they have to make decisions for themselves, but surely everyone needs some guidance at some point? Jacob just shuts himself away in what is left of his Devil statue and enjoys watching the chaos and tumult that he has created.

    On the other hand, MIB seems to offer choice. Admittedly, if things don’t go his way, he turns into Smokie and kills mercilessly in a sort of Jigsaw mind-set way, but after years of effective solitude he has every right to be more than a little crazy.

    MIB rescued Richard (eventually it has to be admitted) then he gave him food and water and hope – everything he needed. He said ‘he has her’ about Isabella, which whilst not the best news in the world, at least does mean she might still be alive even if being held by Jacob.

    When Dogen sent Sayid to kill MIB, MIB made sure he spoke before Sayid could act and then let Sayid stab him. When Richard went to kill Jacob, Jacob hid then pounced like a ninja and beat the c@*p out of him, when all he had to do was open his mouth and speak to Richard. He could easily have saved Richard a beating.

    I can’t really claim this theory as my own but I like it. I like the idea that Ben is still in control of what is going on, like he used to say, ‘I always have a plan’. Sadly I don’t think this is quite the case, although I thought there was a spark of the old Ben when he said ‘oh this should be interesting’ about Richard going off to find Locke and swap sides.

  68. Bring back Mr Eko! Yes, bring him back! And also Charlie, Julie, Libby, John Locke (the real!) and more.

    Interesting “wild idea” from you and I can agree with some parts in it, but this part…

    “What if also, MIB is actually the good guy..”

    I’ll never call him a good guy because what he did to the people at the temple (as the Black Smoke). Ok, he gave them a choice.. but what a choice! Live or die.

    There is ONE thing I’ve been thinking about.. Why did he tell Sawyer that he was Smokie and killed them all? Why didn’t he lie?

    He also told Richard the same truth, after saving him from the chains in Black Rock.

    Why? It seem MIB (=Flocke/Smokie) can’t be 100% bad. Then he shouldn’t have been so honestly. Following this idea of a truth speaking Flocke leads me to believe that EVERYTHING he says is true!

    But if EVERYTHING is true.. then who’s the Devil? MIB said it was Jacob..

    I can’t believe this. Jacob can’t be the Devil, can he? No I can’t believe it, but if Jacob isn’t the Devil.. then MIB lies sometimes and speaks the truth other times (at least when he said “I’m the Black Smoke”).

    I’m as LOST as ever.. Starting to think “what if LOST doesn’t exist?”.. LOST is too good to be true.. so it can’t exist! LOL!

  69. I also think that behind the locked door on the sub, Widmore has Penny – even though she is his daughter (who is her mother by the way??)she is the only thing that would force Desmond back to the Island, and he has to return as ‘the rules don’t apply to him’ which is important

  70. The show was based on the cartoon Dugeon and Dragons? If you do not remember, it tells the story of a group of people who die in a roller coaster and get stuck in hell? Anybody know?

  71. Brooks– Great point about Jacob living under the same statute that richard’s slave-mate ID’d as the devil.

    BringbackmrEcho- I have also wondered if John was possessed by smokey from day 1. The only thing that persuaded me otherwise was the fact that 2 times he came in contact with smokey. Once when he looked into Smokey’s eyes, and the second when smokey dragged him to a hole and just when he was about to go down (he wanted to, by the way) Jack threw a stick of dynamite into the hole and smokey let go. Otherwise, great theory!!!!!!

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