What Kate Does Sneak Peeks – Episode 6.03

Here are 2 short sneak peeks of next week’s episode – What Kate Does.

Kate in the cab leaving the airport with Claire:

Jack and Sayid in the Temple:

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  1. Does this mean Kate will finally have a good an intersting episode…. Her last good one was the first one…Tabula Rasa.

  2. I assumed the second was a duplicate of KATES!!!

    I sure hope this is a sign of Jack finally stepping his game up…. I am getting tired of the looser role. It was good and needed for a while. He needed some damn humility… but hasn’t he learned his lesson yet…???

  3. The season opener was simply masterful. The acting was also top notch…. Jack’s face as he looked into the mirror… wow… spoke so many words to the die hard lost fans… the possibilities!!

    Also, I’m interested in seeing how the jack/locke relationship will pan out in the new timeline. If the writers pull this thing off in May, this will go down as one of, if not the best TV Dramas of all time…. and perhaps the last great one as network TV will prolly phase out soon…

  4. I think that the two story lines will def intersect. The reason why is that time off the island is much faster than it is on the island. Since on the island it is 2007 and off the island it is 2004 (based on the plane landing safely). So at some point they will come together.

  5. I think I’m more interested in this season because of the format going back to the same as season one. It’s very challenging to keep up.

    I like scoopies thought on good maybe being evil. The whole perception vs reality.

  6. Karen… I am not sure why… Are you living in a sliding door universe:-)

    Kate…from my understanding they went back and got the actor who was the original pilot that got jocked in the first Pilot episode. Of which…is on Heroes as well. I forgot the actors name but him and Damon I guess are good friends.

  7. the actor’s name is john hawkes. he was on deadwood and east bound and down, both are HBO shows. his name on lost is supposedly Lennon…..which has been said to be a play on john lennon. they have similar looks for sure.

    i haven’t looked yet but i heard there are mini episodes on youtube…..anyone check them out yet?

  8. Adam- I did they are okay, some were about 8 minutes long. There was a techno dance that was funny.

  9. Jason, I may have to disagree with you on this one. I could almost see except for when Desmond forgot the numbers and that’s what opened the gate for flight 815. I don’t see that being something Jacob would do.

    But I don’t know I didn’t see Locke being dead either. I hope all of you are okay. We are getting hammered again by snow. Another weekend indoors….. wonder what I’ll do. Oh yeah that’s right! I recorded the the premiere. See you guys in three hours.

  10. Jason- Where did Desmond being Jacob come from??? I am howling this very moment.

    If that comes true, for sure I will have my confirmation that you are the love child of one of the writers!!!!

  11. I saw the suggestion that Desmond is Jacob. My friend and I think Sayid might be Jacob. The reason being that Locke died and the man in black took over his body. Maybe that is why Jacob had them all bring Sayid to the temple – not to save Sayid, but to give Jacob a body to inhabit. However the question remains how did Jacob know that he was going to be killed?

  12. Anne Richardson- Re post 16. The only problem is that MIB is not inhabiting Locke’s body, because Locke is laying in the sand. So somehow Locke has been re-created or permanently doubled. So what is happening with Sayid seems to be something different since we saw his lifeless body come back. Who really knows with Lost.

    Way back when there was some discussion on this site that only people who have NOT been buried on the island could be impersonated for certain purposes. So that is why Yemmi, Christian, Horrace (he was in the pit but technically not burred) and Alex could be doubled. The only exception is Walt who appeared to Shannon, Sayid and Locke even though still alive, but remember that Walt is “special.” So given that Sayid’s body came back to life, and we clearly know that Dead is Dead, something else is up. Time will tell.

  13. Something else is up, yup yup, and I reckon it’s that thar pool in the temple. I’m very surprised this has barely been mentioned in discussions here, seeing as it may be right at the heart of the Lost mystery.

    I think it’s safe to speculate that it is none other than the fabled Fountain Of Eternal Youth, and as well as healing people like young Benjy Linus I think it’s safe to say that certain characters have been taking the odd dip now and then to maintain their complection – obviously Richard, possibly Jacob, and perhaps certain Others such as I Don’t Like The Way English Tastes and Dennis Hopper In Apocalypse Now.

    If it IS the Fountain Of Eternal Youth, that would explain why Whitmore’s so intent on finding the island – to bathe in it. It would explain why sickness and paralysis are’t really an issue on the island, as its waters might permeate throughout. And of course, it would explain why the temple is so heavily guarded and hasn’t been seen until Season 6 – it’s the McGuffin!

    But something IS up, as the Others noticed when they brought Sayid in – The water is no longer clear, and they don’t know why. Is it because Jacob’s now dead? Did he have some sort of connection to the pool? And is it this pollution that has allowed Sayid to resurrect, because from the look on Dennis Hopper’s face in the final seconds of the ep – Dead should definitely stay Dead.

    Answers on a postcard.

  14. The only thing I am riding on now is Desmond was on the plan then disappeared??? Rose and Bernard just “happened to be asleep??” Where was Desmond when everyone was getting off the plane? Also Desmond reached out to shake Jack’s hand… He touched him. Dont forget…the rules don’t apply to him… What those rules are.. I have no idea. But they have said it enough times that now no one asks what rules.

    Got to tell ya…people dogged me about Smokie being Locke… Don’t count Des out. Sayid just seems to be the easy answer…at least for now.

  15. Can’t wait for the next episode! but too bad it will be in morning time in Thailand and I have to work….then have to wait for the weekend to download the file to watch…I am sad now 🙁

  16. Scoppie- You made some great points above, and I agree that it is important. But I am not sure if that is the main thing driving interest in the island. The fact that women could not bear children, Ben got cancer, and Jack had an appendicitis leads me to believe that the water alone is not the key thing, although Jin getting un-sterile, Rose being healed, and John getting his legs back have to mean something.

    And, yes, Whitmore and Elosie definitely could use a few dips if it was the fountain of youth!!

    By the way, the Dennis Hopper comment- I am howling!!!! That is just too much, but spot on.

  17. Here was something that just woke me up thinking about it. MIB could have gotten off the island with Locke by being Christian when Locke turned the wheel.

    I don’t know how Jacob got to go around. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

    Scoppie good call on the dark water. If I wake up to anymore awakenings I’ll post.

    Good night.

  18. Hi, regarding waterpools: – as far as I remember, there was a little one inside Ben’s house in the village (I think it was shown in s5). And this one was somehow tied with the smoke-monster. And also there was a hidden path from the Temple to the Other’s village.I do not know if all this has some meaning, but that pool was shown.

  19. Did anyone notice that when Sun and Jin were at customs that the agent called her Ms. Paik??? That is her maiden name so did that mean that they were not yet married or something else.

    Also, does it seem like there are 2 factions of others???? We have the temple ones who are barefoot and look like they are from a hippie commune, and then you have the barracks others who wear regular clothes, live in houses, read books, etc . . . I think they are the ones who MIB/John brought to the statute. They look like experienced hikers with backpacks and supplies. Why the differences???

    Maybe one factions follows Jacob and the other MIB.

  20. I hope the following episode is a good one. Till now Kate centric episodes were always one of the worst. On the other side is Kate in the moment in a lot of troubles, one more time on the run from the law.

    I am also very curious to see more from desmond. Hope they´ll show us what he is doing after the safe landing in LA.

  21. Tyler – I know what you mean about Kate. I reckon a lot of the audience has a hate/Kate relationship with her. After five years I still can’t decide where I stand. She’s still the least trust-worthy Lostie, and she’s always shifting from being boringly one-note (I’m on the run and NOBODY’S getting in my way!!!) to surprisingly complex (I love two men but in different ways and I want to bring up a baby that’s not mine). It’s the ocassional unpredictable spontaneity of Kate that keeps me interested in her…

    Plus she’s as fit as a butcher’s dog.

  22. Did someone notice the scene when jack & co were talking to the temple-leader for the name check up. When Jin said his name this japanese guy looked very surprised at him, like he knew something about him. It could be that someone from Jin or Sun´s family had already somehting to do with the island, no i bet they have!!

    By the way when this stuardess chik came out of the temple i was not surprised at all. I´ve already thought about this.

  23. i had questions about the stewardess thing to. dont think it means much other than to let us know she is still around. I had forgot all about the 2 kids who went missing also, so they are back too. Don’t think it means much….at least not from what we’ve seen.

    Ben def knows about the temple he sent them all there. But what about the other…others? They have to be there too right? I think we will come to find Ben is as manipulative as ever and still has a plan for this. he’s to smart of a character to not have a plan. to make him now it to this blithering idiot with no clue is wrong.

  24. i agree that maybe Sayid could now be Jacob. Or Esau… because he died. But jacob seems more plausible. think about it. Jacob tells hurley that he needs to take sayid to the template. Sayid is dead and resuscitates. Jacob was killed by MIB in the person of Locke. Therefore, Sayid is now JAcob

    Why thinking Desmond could be Jacob ? huh huh

  25. CPL, post 29 : the ninja looked surprised because he is oriental and Jin is too. Its like if you are american and were surrounded by asians and suddenly you find an american you’d be kinda happy. like, you can communicate. i think that’s it.

  26. karen- not all asians speak the same language. the ninja guy was not speaking Korean, which is what Jin speaks. just clarifying… 🙂

  27. Got his from my sister in Canada…does anyone have any info?

    I had a terrible thought last night when I was on the CTV website which is the channel they broadcast LOST on in Canada. They have scheduled Lost on for tonight at 9pm which is right but as of next week for 2 -3 weeks at the same time slot the Winter Olympics is scheduled. Does that mean the rest of the world gets to see LOST and we in Canada don’t?

  28. Okay so tonight we find out that Kate is Hurley.She takes the cab goes on an eating binge and Hurley gets a straightener joins Jenny Craig and is the next spokesperson. “Hi I’m Hurley one of the Oceanic 6 I used to have to buy 4 airline seats until I went to Jenny….”

    Just kidding, I’m excited about tonight. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

  29. Richard7669- Thanks for the link. What I find most interesting is their statements about who is good and who is evil, and that Jacob and MIB would be making their case for that during the year. That certainly lends some credence to Scoppie’s argument that Jacob may be bad and MIB may be good.

    Let’s just say that the obvious candidate for good is mild mannered Jacob, while “do you know how bad I want to kill you” MIB is bad. But one thing we have learned from Lost is that things are NEVER that clear and the show is utterly unpredictable. So maybe each has a measure of good and bad instead of it being “black” and “white”

    Well, I’ll be huddled up with a cold beer at 9pm tonight. Until then my fellow losties . . .

  30. One more thing.

    In season 2 the Kate centric episode was called “what Kate did” and this one is called “what Kate does” Why the play on the words of “did” and “does.” I think the writers are trying to tell us something here, and of course they would never come right out and say it.

    I also remember the Comic Con “America’s Most Wanted” skit where Kate was accused of blowing up a building (not a house) with someone who worked with her stepdad inside. Maybe that has some play here.

    Also, when the Samurai asked to speak to Jack privately I wonder what he was going to tell him before Sayid arose from the dead. Perhaps it was to give him a mission and this is Jack’s chance to stop being a wet blanket, redeem himself and turn into a real leader.

  31. to Digz, i hope you will be able to get to see Lost..i am from canada too but i do get abc on satellite TV (bell expressvu) from the US, i wish you luck

  32. Spoiler…Spoiler….Spoiler….

    Richard……. Claire!!!! Didn’t you mean to say…. Ethan!!!

    This episode frustrated me…. It wasn’t bad…. It just frustrated me.

    I like the insight that possibly Smokie infiltrates people more like a virus and plays off of the living to guide them towards being infected….Atleast this is what I got from it…..

    I also found it interesting that it reminded me of the episode where Locke was told to kill his “father”. Jack asked to kill Sayid.

    We see, ( well…atleast for now because the writters could be just playing the audience that Jacob is good but really unknown to us he is really bad,) that Sayid is definately not Jacob…Again I am only saying this because with these writters you never know… However, with the discussions last week that peopled wrote that Sayid’s body is or was taken over by Jacob…Atleast for now… seems not to be the case…Unless…again Jacob is actually bad.

    Eitherway…. if Jacob is not bad which I feel is a stronger arguement….I stand by my statement… Desmond has Jacob all up in him.

  33. I can’t give any spoilers cause nothing happened in this episode. I thought it was terrible. Only thing of real substance was that claire is not a good guy and so that makes christian not a good guy…which makes sense. Other than that it was cheezy and far fetched. Kate driving around all over the place as a fugitive is ridiculous. She goes back to pick claire up and then hangs out at the hospital??? stupid!!

    Then it is kate running after Sawyer for the other half of the episode and accomplishes nothing. again stupid!

    If the temple people are helping why don’t they tell anyone whats going on. 3 episodes in and it’s really annoying.

    They bill this as no more questions only answers and that’s total BS. They give you nothing. I’m glad this is the last season because it is frustrating to follow this show. We still wont get answers to the last episode and i just have a feeling we still wont get anything. I feel like we are headed to a real shitty finale.

    this episode sucked. i’m tired of waiting for something to get answered and to happen.

    there’s my rant.

  34. Thank you Adam… I concur…

    I was too chicken to say it…. LOL.




  35. richard –

    just watched that clip you posted. def interesting. more interesting than the hour i just spent with this trash episode.

  36. jason –

    anyone who liked that episode didn’t watch the same episode i just did. there was only 2 highlights and 50 minutes of bullshit. its the last season and i dont feel like we are progressing towards something.


    claire is “infected”

    i think the losties have ideas like they are forgetting things. Kate seemed to react to the name aaron like she knew something or like she had deja vu. the link richard posted has a clip from mathew fox that i think proves that.

  37. Adam and Jason. I am with you 2 in a way. The whole Kate thing was nonsense. I don’t know about you but if I got jacked, if the person came back to give me my stuff there is no way in hell that I would go with them. HELL NO!!!!!!!!! But, I digress. Let’s see. The only thing I got out of all the lousy Kate stuff is that Ethan’s last name is no longer Rom but is Goodspeed. Hmmm. That would make him Horrace’s brother.

    Next, the temple. I concur that it is frustrating not to get direct answers, but when has that ever happened?? Is is reasonable for them to spill the beans so early in the season? I think not. I think they are setting this up for something great later on. I think I owe the writers the benefit of the doubt at the point.

    Now, several things.
    1. At the end when they said that Sayid would be consumed I immediately though of Danielle and how her crew got sick. So I agree with Jason that Sayid is not inhabited by anyone but poisoned by some bad force on the island.

    2. How is it that the temple folk found Sawyer and Miles in the jungle, but seemed unsure that they could find sawyer a second time. Have they not lived on that island for a long time. That did not add up for me.

    43. The best words of the show- Hurley asking Sayid if he was a Zombie. I love it!!!

    Well, that is all until I get a second look.

  38. One more thing, and this comments is directed to my fellow female blogger’s, and especially to Karen.

    POOR SAWYER. You hate to see a guy that good looking in such distress. I say bravo Sawyer for bringing a tear to my eye. I almost went under when he said “some people are meant to be alone” So sad. Well done you good looking sweet little darling.

    OK, I am done!!!!

  39. All right- last thing.

    What exactly is it that “kate does”? Was it taking Claire around town and to the hospital, thereby becoming her BFF?? Was it becoming the world’s worst criminal?? Was it tracking Sawyer??? Or was it something else I missed. WTF???

    Sigh . . Also, I just remembered that in season 5 we learned that Ethan is Horrace’s son.

  40. Wow, i will never take a look into this site before i not watched the new episode!! Even if i already thought this will be typicall Kate boring episode. However, i´m gonna watch it tonight and i am still excited….somehow.

    Thinking about the two parallel universes, maybe the writters meant not two different ways or to intersect at some point, maybe it´s a beginning and an end! So the losties being in the temple is the current place and the landing in LA could be near to the end. Probably Juliet meant it will work but not immediatelly more in the course of this season.
    Well, we´ll see it´s just a thought but it makes at least more sense than everything other. It have to be significant for the show, because i can´t imagine it´s just a possible part of the shows content – whatever this should be after 5 weirdos seasons.

    What is the lost story actually about. When i thing between the first season and now it seems the content is just a minor matter. Hopefully it doesn´t get too ridiculous to the end, i would be so…..don´t even want to think about that.

  41. T-lost….well done, i´ve totally forget there was a “what kate did” episode once! It should be more behind that..

    by the way i´m getting more and more totally lost on this show..

  42. This episode really wasn’t as bad as Adam and Jason make it out to be…. although everyone is totally entitled to their own opinion, what do you expect?? It’s Lost… I have a feeling the 2nd half of this season is going to be incredibly epic, chock full of answers.

    When it was revealed that the “evilness” is a sort of “infection”.. a ton of things became clear. The MIB/smoke monster isn’t just one man… it could be more… it may have been infecting people for hundreds of years! The actual MIB we saw sitting with Jacob could’ve been just another regular dude that was killed on the island and that smokey “infected” as one of its own. They are protecting Jack, kate, Hurley and Sawyer from getting infected, b/c they are very important to the Island. Why?? Thats a theory I have that is too long to type… (i.e. they are really re-incarnated ‘god type’ spirits from long ago on the island that ‘jacob’ has been trying to get back to their rightful place, but the evilness has been trying to stop b/c he wants in on the temple…”they come, they destroy, always ends the same”….”it only ends once, everything else is just progress”(i.e. them finally reclaiming their place in the island)… think about it…a core group of our losties has been to this island before many times, but it has always ended the same…one of those times may have been on the black rock…and now its happening again with flight 815 and it will finally end this time… mark my words)
    Okay im done… sorry

  43. Didn’t I hear the temple others say that Frenchwoman had been dead for years? Near the booby trap with Kate, etc.

    she died when Ben’s daughter (Alex, Frenchwomans daughter) was killed by terrorists..

    Isn’t that in the future from the 1970’s pit? Are they in 2000’s again (on the island?)

    I’m confused

  44. i dont know i feel like there are still more questions than answers. now we need answers to all the new questions.

    I love the show and i’ll watch every episode and try to figure it out, but that episode was really boring. Ethan is horaces son…we already new that tho so it wasn’t surprising to hear his name is goodspeed.

    totallylost –

    aren’t you tired of getting setup for things?? in every promo they show they said no more questions and finally answers. there should be an addendum that says small insignificant answers.

  45. Ross…

    Thank you…. That was what I was trying to say…

    However everyone…as the link Richard put up… don’t assume Jacob is Good.

  46. Hi everyone! Long time no see. I am happy to be back here!
    How can i start?

    Well, i liked this so called flash sideways .I guess that the stories are happening simultaneously, altough on the island is 2007 and off the island is 2004.
    In Claire’s ultrasound its dated 10/22/2004.

    I mean, i guess this new 2004 story is not what would happen if…it is really happening, but with changes comparing to the original 2004 we’ve seen before.

    It could be all part of the loophole thats going on the island for ages.

    What if this changes are just the progress of the loop Jacob had talked about?

    The Man in Black has found his hole on the loop…with Locke…Did he say he wants to go home because he wants to escape this loop? Where is his home? I hope not in outer space…that would be too silly…

    What will Jacob do?

    That list that was inside the wooden thing Hurley gave the japanese guy….wasnt the list of the people that we’ve seen Jacob making contact sometime in their lives? The ones he touched? What for? He probably knew he would die and needed them for something…

    Since they arrived on the island for the first time, the Black Rock is strangely on the middle of the island. In this loop context, can it mean that the island had already been submersed before, over and over and over?

    About Juliet, was is the magnetism of the swan site that made her see that ”it worked”? Like Desmond’s abilities after being exposed to the swan energy?

    Thanks for the pacience of reading all that.

  47. Hey Jonathan– Glad you are back and good insights above. Also good catch on the date of Clair’s ultrasound, as at least we really know what year it is in the real world.

    Adam- yes I am a little tired of getting set-up. But I am determined to trust the writers to give us a good ride this last season, just as they have given us a great ride all along. If not, I will hate them forever for using us.

    Ross- I like your theory. Very interesting.

    Rockbaker- The Losties met Danielle in 2004 and she died around 108 days later when the Oceanic 6 came home. So when the gang came back on Aljira Air it was 2007 so yes, Danielle had been dead for around 3 years. Just enough time for Claire to turn wild in the jungle.

  48. By the way, did anyone notice that the ring Sawyer had for Juliette looked remarkably like the ring Desmond bought for Penny in Eloise’s store?? Or was that my imagination??

  49. I believe that Desmond is Jesus Christ, I believe that the others are the angels on the good side. The one’s that were sent to save Jacob were right on time, regardless of when Ben supposedly killed him. Locke is Satan, he’s decieving Ben, but now that Ben knows he’s truly dead, it’s almost like saying wtf is going on here?

  50. Noooooooo! i havent watched yet, still downloading…all these comments…stay away stay away I’ve scrolled right down to the bottom without reading…I wont, i won’t, i won’t!

  51. Adam, Jason- I totally agree this episode SUCKED the big one. I got more out of the replay of hour 2 of LAX when Miles was looking at Sayid and Hurley asked him whats going on, he looks at Sayid and says nothing, nothing at all. Like he can’t read him even though he’s dead. Totally missed that one.

    Totallylost- post 51 cracked me up. Thank you.

    I was happy to see Claire but they totally went around the circle to bring her back. The pill with Jack was lame and the torture of Sayid was crap. Why the hell did he look so surprised someone would torture anyone. Hello he used to do it for a can of tuna.

    I really hoping that next weeks will pick up speed.It looks to be more Locke and Sawyer.

    I really hope they don’t f’ this up.

    jonathan really good to hear from you. Welcome back.

  52. Another thing….. Mark my words… WALT will return this season and it will be important… whether its in his body or someone else’s (coffin locke maybe?!)… Walt will return. I have enough faith that these writers will not just dismiss a topic that they spent their season 1 finale’ and 75% of season 2 exploring in depth. No way they sweep him under the rug….. right??

  53. From Lostpedia:
    ‘John Locke later visited Walt outside Fieldcroft School. Walt informed Locke that he had been having dreams of him back on the Island wearing a suit, surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him.’

    Locke wearing a suit? Does he mean the suit Locke is wearing now, as a dead man on the beach??? Are we going to see Locke resurrected soon in his funeral suit? and will walt be there to see it? Has walt already been flashing sideways??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

    Okay, im getting ahead of myself and obsessing and i will stop until next week.

  54. Jason- I am still waiting for an explanation as to why you think Desmond is Jacob. You can’t just throw a bomb like that out there and leave us hanging!!!!!

    Speak up brutha!!!!

  55. Ross- I have to agree with you about Walt. He has to be a part of closing out this story.

    If they sweep him under the rug, I am done. That would be so unfair if we never find out why he was special. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that one.

  56. Yesterday i watched the new episode and i have to say it was as expected a typicall bad kate episode! But it was not that bad i thought before. It was good to get some answers but honestly they weren´t very original, i mean an evil “infection”, yeah sure, what else. Five fucking season we had to wait to hear it was an infection, come on they could give us this answer much much earlier. Also the bullshit Ethan Goodspeed scene, total unnecessarily! The biggest crap was Kate´s story, wouldn´t be kate so beautifull she would be a really bad actor, it´s annoying to see to much of her.

    Can someone tell me where are the infected people living? There have to be a lot of them spread all over the island and as seen by claire they are evil but also alive!?

    Another thing…., did someone notice that in the parallel universe where the island is immeresed, on the island the barracks are arleady built! So that would mean the island didn´t sink in the 70´s, but rather in 90´s or even later! That would also mean it wasn´t the h-bomb wich let the island sink, right!?!?

  57. C.P.L my friend, i guess that what we see under the water is Dharmaville…the place where dharma folks lived…

    The original oceanic 815 flight landed in 09/22/2004, and this new one one month later…does it mean anything?

    About Claire, she is the new Rosseau…looks crazy, lost her baby, has a gun , makes traps..

  58. hey jonathan….good to hear from you again, welcome back man!!!!

    Sorry i was mistaken, i saw the new eps only for once till now, probably i overlooked that this was dharmaville.

    The reason i came up with this was because i read something what Carlton & Damon said and they meant that there are differences between the original oceanic flight in ´04 and the new one in the parallel world. There are everywhere small things what changed and some of them will have a significance to the story!!
    So it really could be that the landing of the oceanic flight one month later as the original means something!

    About claire, hilarious, you wrote exactly what i thought!!!

  59. They paraded Claire around that whole episode, was it suppose to be that much of a surprise to see her at the end…?

  60. I havnt seen this ep yet cause im an Aussie n we suck cause we are abit behind you guys…lol I havnt read any of your posts on this ep yet cause id like to wait to watch it first or il just get more confused.
    I have posted something on the first 2 ep’s though, my posts will always be a little late, but you might find them interesting, so have a look, let me know what you think??

  61. Renee- That sucks that there is a delay in seeing Lost in Australia. Below is a cut and past of a post from Scott regarding lost.

    For those that aren’t in the US, I saw this site today that should let you watch Lost online regardless of what country your in. Give it a shot and let us know if it works for you.


    Maybe this will work for you. The only other site I know of that let’s you watch Lost from outside the US is http://www.tvshack.com. But, I have not tried it from down under.

  62. Renee- It sucks having a delay in seeing lost so Scott who set up this site posted the following in another post for viewers outside the US

    For those that aren’t in the US, I saw this site today that should let you watch Lost online regardless of what country your in. Give it a shot and let us know if it works for you.


    Maybe that will work for you.

  63. Renee…..i am from europe and here they are showing now only just the fifth season!!! The new sixth season will be shown not until next year!!!! So i have to get it somehow via internet to watch the new season (as i always do)……

    *torrent link removed*

    there are hundreds of such sites, you just have to search a little bit!

    for streaming visit: http://www.watchloststreaming.com

  64. Well it wasn’t the best episode but some interesting things…I can’t agree more with Jonathan…Claire totally reminded me of Danielle, wild hair, shooting, traps etc…so does that mean that Danialle was infected too? For me it was interesting seeing Ethan, I think we will see some more characters popping up…Was the dude that helped Kate out of her cuffs Tom “Friendly”?

  65. Thx heaps guys, but il just wait i like to watch it on my BIG screen…so il just hv to wait…lol…hard but il do it!!!
    Just my posts will always be a little late, but i think u might find them abit interestiing, there were a few things that I wrote down that I dont think mny ppl picked up on, so hv a look n let me know what you think!!! (on the first 2 eps)

  66. totallylost – Sawyer, AGREEEED ! its amazing how his character has turned from a big bully to a sensitive man, who was even going to ask juliet to marry him! snif…

  67. i just saw the episode yday so sorry for the delay! i wont go much into detail re the actual living zone in the temple or whatever it is since i find it utterly boring. What has me really intrigued is the life they are having if the plane hadn’t crashed. As i said before in another thread, I think there are loads of discrepancies (i.e. desmond on the plane, Hurley being the luckiest guy, etc). Now in this episode, we have a huge discrepancy (or mistery) being of course Ethan as a doctor (!!!) i mean what was that ?? why is he there??

    But what amazed me is the way lives interconnect no matter what (a bit like Final Destination, death wanting someone and in the end, getting to its objective no matter the situation/time). Claire crosses paths with Kate, Kate was there when Claire was going to give birth, same here…. Kate and Claire are connected and this in the island or out.

    Then i guess my only question in the actual timeline (temple) is: why giving sayid poisson and what darkness growing inside just as it happened to Jack’s sister, aka Claire ?? so those are my open questions i guess

  68. thinking about it, maybe i know. Claire died (i think) so MIB possessed her. Sayid died so same thing. BUT then why Jacob asked Hurley to save Sayid? simple, because Jacob being dead, his body was also taken by MIB and so that he could find another body-rent.

    Now that i think about it, when Harper appeared to Juliet, it was MIB in her body. that explains everyting

  69. np99: yes i know that, but he’s the same race, asian! that is why he looked surprised. i dont think there is any link other than that really

  70. Adam, Jason (posts 43 & 44) : THANK YOU! I have the feeling im the only one who finds Lost currently sucks here! i am glad too this is the last season, it started awesomely interesting and then it decayed like a rotten tooth! i will still watch all of the episodes because i will be with them till the end, but jesus, stupid stupid episodes. SENSELESS AND RIDICULOUS !!!!

  71. I think too many people are getting hung up on Sayid’s so-called ‘infection’ necessarily being bad/evil. That would all be relative to your perspective wouldn’t it……if the temple-losties are in fact on one side of a divide then all it really means is that the ‘infection’ represents something on the opposite side. It does not actually make it bad or good.

  72. I am also puzzled at why Ethan is in LA in October 2004 masquerading as a doctor, when we know he died on the island at about the same time, when he had been infiltrating our Losties. This can only mean that one or other of the Ethan’s is a time-travelling Ethan out to try and alter the course of events. My money would be on the LA Ethan being the time-traveller.

  73. i just watched episode The Cost of Living. It would seem that MIB took possesion of Yemi’s body, who appeared regularly to Eko. Then Eko says to Yemi “who are you??” and subsequently, Eko gets killed by the Black Smoke who we know is Esau. Now, this arises 2 questions. If the Black Smoke killed Eko why did it never take possesion of his body in the island ?? and also, how come Walt appeared to Shannon several times although he wasn’t dead ?

    nothing to do with this season though, but i thought i’d mention it

  74. Talking about things that have nothing to do with this season, but might be interesting:-
    I was rewatching season 2 and Locke and Eko discover the hatch where all the TV screens are for monitoring the experiments. They watch an orientation video with Pierre Chang/Candle/Halliwax and in it he has both arms and not a prosthetic arm – so it must have been filmed before the end of season 5, in 1977. But at the end of the video it gives the copyright as the Hanso corporation 1980.
    Interesting……….or just a continuity error?

  75. andy –

    by them blowing up the island it altered everything. so i think ethan can be off the island and a doctor. they blew up the island in 1977 and the women and children were evacuated. its just another way of showing that no matter what they do they still end up in the same situations in the reality where the plane lands. so ethan is still ending up as a doctor

  76. karen –

    there are a lot of things that i think when its all said and done aren’t going to get solved or have meant anything in the grand scheme of things. like eko or the balloon in the tree which we still dont know anything about.

  77. Hey guys finally seen it!!! Wasnt as good as thought it was going to be.
    So many things are changing and staying the same at the same time…Kate was so mean to Clair then after seeing the plush whale toy (that Kate buys for Aaron herself in original time line) she goes back for her. She shows more compasion and by the end of their interaction, they have a connection and Clair is almost on the road to keeping her baby. Which i think is just meant to be! I wonder if the date on Clairs ultrasound was the real date or her due date?
    Ethan goodspeed was a suprise, a doctor! Can we just assume by his name that Faradays plan worked to get all the women and children off the island by sub and Ethan has lived a good and happy life off the island.
    Im not too sure bout the temple ppl, what if we are looking at it wrong, good and evil, could we have it all backwards…most ppl are assuming black is bad, white is good! Im just not sure that this is the case! What has MIB done that we have seen that is that bad, also assuming Jacob doesnt have these same abilities and we really dont know who we are seeing!!! Or are the ppl trying to keep the evil out and let in only those that are truley good and have proven themselves. Jack and the gang were only let in (put on a list) after the second time line began, did they do something in that timeline that changed the orginal one in 2007. Did they prove themselves and earn their way in? Are we beginning to see new memories (from the second timeline) and the past reforming as they make different choices, go down a different path, that will still lead them all where they are today. on that damn island!!!
    Dogan truley believes what he is doing is right, i think (lol), his name is from the founder of Soto Zen Buddhist tradition and he was head of a monastery named “The Temple Of Eternal Peace”

  78. Every1s assuming that the date on Clairs ultrasound is todays date (1 month after the original crash). But she is 36 weeks pregnant, the flight date may have been the same and the date you seen was just her due date!!! Or i might not know what im talking bout lol!!!

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