The Substitute Sneak Peek – Episode 6.04

OK, so the previous episode, “What Kate Does” was certainly lame in my opinion and most everyone elses. Lets put it behind us and trust Damon and Carlton know what they’re doing. Here’s the first clip of next week’s episode entitled The Substitute.

Locke’s back at the box company..for a little while anyway.

Also, Damon doesn’t like it when you bad mouth Lost.

159 thoughts on “The Substitute Sneak Peek – Episode 6.04”

  1. Totallylost I feel that since AAron was born on the island he is part of the island and therefore he may be the next “leader” or referee so to speak. I can’t really explain it but that’s my thought.

  2. Hello lost fan!
    i got to say i always read your comments is interesting to see what other people think about lost… also i always whant to comment but im soo lazy.. i just suscribed soo ill try to comment with u guys every episode… well this last episodees 🙁 …
    im mad because i thought they were going to give us answer right awayy… because lets face it they are like a millian questionss…
    jacob or smokey? hows goog or bad?
    claire that thing of her being infectedd…
    the plain landind at LAX… i think that that is going to happen at the end they all are going home as if nothing happend…

  3. guyss i just subscribed!! my pict should be theree.. i dont understand this thing
    can anybody explain…
    how do u log in to this site??

  4. This was a good episode once again! ..damn kate eps..-hope she´ll be killed out soon. This woman rans after Jack & Sawyer from the f?*!ing beginning of this show, now she is after sawyer again, pls stop annoying -b i t c h-

    However, you guys are fast, you talked about nearly everything what was noteworthy for this ep.. I can only come up with MiB & Sawyer´s walk through the jungle, what was very interesting. I thought before MiB´s home is on the island at the temple, but now we know it´s not, it´s off island. I read some people are thinking MiB may be the good one and not jacob; but i believe Richards words and he said that MiB will kill everyone, so he is the villain!!

    So MiB is trapped on this island, alright but i don´t get it how the WAR will start, i mean if MiB is recruiting people as Ilana said and when he have his army he´ll just storm the temple and fight against the temple peasants!?!?

    The cave scene was very insightful, seeing the meaing of the oceanic 6, six people six numbers, without the ones which are already dead. good stuff….and this was def Jacobs cave, MiB just know it.

    The part where we saw through the eyes of smokey how he is floating throught the jungle was really COOL!!

    I am assuming Ilana is jacobs daughter, she knows just too much about everything and especially jacob!! Although it´s somehow weird to believe about Jacob running around and banging the girls!

    Janeth912…you don´t need to log in on this page, you just have to put you name down under and leave a reply. For the picture visit, should work but i don´t tried it yet.

  5. Oh i forgot.., CANDIDATES?? That´s why everything is about. Our Losties are the candidates for taking over Jacobs job or become a temple leader or just an other leader as john was!! So that´s each ones purpose on the island, to be in charge of somebody or something! The island has to be protected from the outside world otherwise it would be exploit from outsiders. Plausible.

  6. Loved the episode, the comment made on this forum are always almost as entertaining as the show, and i am now living from Lost to Lost with a lot of reading and thinking in between, most of the ideas you all come up with are what makes lost lost…but the best from this episode has to be Bens speech at the funeral…”He was a good man and I’m sorry I murdered him!” I think the candidates are going to side with white and wage war against black…Jacob vs MIB or whaterver?

  7. From all those names written on the cave ceiling, we can conclude that Jacob has been bringing people to the island over and over again, first the ships and now the planes, trying to find candidates to protect the island …

    What i really dont understand is why Desmond doesnt appear more in this show!!
    He is by far the most interesting character of all and his episodes are the best!Is there any problem with the actor, maybe?
    Last season he almost didnt show up and so far just a glimpse of him…
    He is much more interesting than most of the other ones, specially Lapidus, Miles,Kate, Sun, Jin,Sayd, Juliet,Jack…
    Faraday was so cool too, as someone mentioned before…

  8. I kept thinking Walt was going to show up in the school when Locke was teaching but it didn’t happen.

    I think Eloise could be a good guy. Jacob wanted the people back to the island (good guy), the temple guy wants them there so he can protect them (good guy), Richard protected her in last years finale and called her a leader (good guy), now that Richard is afraid of the “Bad Locke” I think he is a good guy for sure and Eloise sent them back to the island so I think she is good or trying to help.

    In last years finale she does have an awkward interaction with Penny who is not her kid but is fathered by her former husband/lover/boyfriend Whidmore. She might not like her because of that.

    I hope we get more on Whidmore because he seems to be an interesting character now that the war is seemingly beginning and he predicted that. He also was a Locke supporter before Locke became Bad Locke when he told him all that info in the hospital when Locke hurt his leg coming back.

    Ben has never been a good guy in my opinion and I don’t think he is now. He is a manipulator and liar. I don’t think that has changed now. I think he is just laying in the weeds and waiting for his time to attack. I think it will be interesting when he gets to the temple to see what happens since he has been there and has sent a lot of people there to be protected.

    I am over my Kate episode rant and I think we are moving in the right direction. I don’t hate Evangeline Lilly cause I think she is a bitch but like someone else said Kate is a hard to root for character. Switching between Sawyer and Jack is a skank move and it has happened so often it’s an annoyance now. She is not a person I would like in real life so it’s tough for me to root for her as a character. She sux….literally.

  9. Jonathan –

    Thats what i was saying in a earlier post. Jacob has def been bringing people here for a while. Maybe when they dont end up being protectors they become others? The progress could be that they find someone who serves an
    “Island purpose”. Like the asian guy in the temple and richard. they each are obviously there for a reason and fill some kind of need for Jacob.

    I think it is odd that both Sawyer and Bad Locke saw the kid. Does that mean that Sawyer is turning to the dark side??

  10. i totally agree with all of you…

    kate sucks! where is Waaalt? where the hell is the best and most interesting character _Desmond_? Is Sawyer turning bad or is he just naiv or is he helping us the viewers to get answers!?!? Is Jacob selecting people for hundreds of years again and again and never found one who is taking over his damn boring job?? Is Ben a total loser or is he just waiting for the right moment to come back into the game again? Is Eloise Hawking good or bad or just another bitch on the show? Is Widmore really good or does he wants to take over the whole island for his own -HE COULD-!!?? Was Faraday adopted??

    i´m just joking guys so don´t take this to serious..

  11. I just remembered something. Do someone else noticed that when bad locke was talking to Sawyer in the cave about jacob. Sawyer asked him who wrote this on the wall and bad locke answered, “IT was called Jacob”!!! He doesn´t said him so i am assuming jacob is as MiB, but not human!!

    if i heard it wrong please correct me, i just watched it once..

  12. Hey guys Everyone has spoken about why kate was not part of the numbers but did anyone notice that those numbers are “HURLEY’S UNLUCKY/LUCKY” numbers







    No more place for Kate!!!! I think these are the main candidates and Bad Locke has to kill these remaining people or persuade them to ignore their destiny to protect the island. What do you guys think…..this is my first ever lost observation……..

  13. Janeth912…Welcome

    Adam… stop making me laugh!!!! In regards to Maggie… I was glad they killed her off.. I hope they do it again!

  14. I said this before and will say it again… MIB and Jacob.

    Neither one good or bad… and neither one NOT good and NOT bad. Both are manipulors and users and judgers for their own agenda.

    Last scene of Lost… Jack fixes Locke. The End

    richard7769… i was thinking the book may have a list of names….

  15. @ Adam

    I was just pointing out that no one is reviewing the history of the numbers such as the reason they are on the hatch….. maybe kate’s number is 108… point being either kate is unimportant and will be killed off or she is VERY IMPORTANT in the way the plot turns out

  16. Adam- “Switching between Sawyer and Jack is a skank move” I am howling. Thanks for the laugh. Poor Kate.

  17. Jason- the book was from the first mate on the black rock maybe it described how they got there?

    Maybe Kate is the queen of the universe? Just kidding.

    I still think it’s MIB bringing people to the island to help Jim escape not Jacob. Just because MIB says it’s so doesn’t make it so.

    Totallylost Adam, Jonathan, what animal best describes you?

  18. I think I would be a eagle soaring over the mountains.

    I also didn’t mean to exclude anyone what animal would describe you guys?

  19. if you consider the smoke monster an animal i’d be that.

    Nigel –

    I didn’t mean for that comment to be an attack. I’m just saying the numbers were obvious in that scene. kate’s number being 108 is interesting. I think it would be a good desmond number. after next weeks episode the featured characters are going to be sawyer, ben, richard (can’t wait for that) and jin/sun. i guess everyone’s going to get a flash sideways while things work out on the island.

    the writers said there wouldn’t be anymore flash forwards or flash backs. while that is true the flash sideways is to similar to say they aren’t doing that. kind of dick around to say that we wouldn’t get them. kinda fugazi on their part.

    id be any animal that sleeps a lot, i guess a cat. odd question tho. are you a therapist? is your next question what song best describes me or how does that make you feel?


  20. Richard7769- I guess I would be a leopard. Basically I hide in the shadows in perfect camouflage, to stalk and out-think my prey before I go in for the kill. Every woman for herself is my motto!!!!

    That is probably what I will do to the writers if they blow off Walt and Desmond this season!!!!!

  21. I had some other thoughts about Sawyer.

    First, didn’t the little kid he and MIB saw in the jungle look a lot like the kid who played young sawyer in last years finale??

    Second, at first I really thought that Sawyer picked option 3 because he really wanted to get off the island. Now that I am thinking about it again, I think that MIB lying to him about seeing the kid, Richards warning, and seeing MIB crossing out Locke’s name as he was dead, Sawyer immediately knew that MIB was totally no good, and decided to find some purpose by starting the process of conning him to get info to help the others. So yes, there is a new con going on here, and MIB is going to be the victim. Also, I am not buying the fact that Sawyer “was meant to be alone” No, if he could get another crack at Kate, I think he would take it, and if he thought for one minute she was in danger, he would go after her.

  22. TL
    Totally agree that I think that Sawyer is trying to con MIB. I think he is can see through the smoke ha.
    I also think that it is going to get him crossed off the wall so to speak. seems like MIB can see your thoughts when he is in the Smoke form, then again maybe MIB’s vision is “clouded” as he feels like he is closer to going home.

    Oh and I would be a Polar Bear so that I could turn that damn wheel and explain how a polar bear got in the dessert haha.

  23. I was thinking about it and I think that the candidates are probably all there for there specific traits.

    4-Locke – Faith

    8-Hurley – Innocence or kindness

    15-Sawyer – Being able to see a person as they really are

    16-Sayeed – (I don’t know) Kid killing torture (as Sawyer put it) or maybe justice

    23-Jack – Science

    42-Jin/Sun – Love

    If all of these traits (and/or characters) could work together then maybe that is the goal and would constitute the end.
    Kind of corny I know

  24. Jones – that is a bit corny, but Lost is no stranger to the corn…

    Kate not being a number is pretty weird. Unless of course Jacob has already decided that she should be the “Bride of Future Jacob”…

    By the way, anyone care to bet that women can conceive and give birth on the island now the water in the pool is dark and Jacob is a pile of ash?

  25. The craziest theory ever —-

    I will post this a few times so people can get a chance of seeing it because i think it is so interesting that it has to be considered….why the hell not right. It involves some reading but if many of you are like me you will enjoy if nothing else the connections of some 282 TV shows in the past 25 years. It’s actually quite interesting.

    We all know that Lost has a lot of elements that appear in it that also appeared in the show Alias. Drive shaft and Oceanic airlines in particular.

    I don’t know if any of you have heard of the Tommy Westphall Universe? It’s a theory that many TV shows both past and present are all in the mind of Tommy Westphall. Tommy was a character in the show St. Elsewhere and the final scene is a panning out shot that shows Tommy looking at a snow globe that had the hospital in which St. Elsewhere takes place in it. Tommy is autistic and it is believed by the ending of the show it is assumed that the entire show is a figment of his imagination.

    Homocide: Life on the street also has many connections to St. Elsewhere. These 2 shows are the basis for the theory and the Law and Order franchise plays a huge role also.

    Here is a link that will get you started from but you may want to start by reading a bit about St. Elsewhere, The Bob Newhart show, Newhart, Law and Order shows and Homocide: Life on The Street.

    If you take the time to read about a lot of these shows the better you will understand my insane almost impossible theory. You could spend a whole night looking at all of the different crossovers.

    Anyway my theory about the last image of the show could be that we pan off the island in a wide shot only to pan outside of a snow globe and Tommy Westphal is looking into a snow globe of an island. Meaning that this entire show takes place in the mind of an autistic boy. The hypothesis of many hard core TV followers is that over 280 shows have taken place in this boys mind in the past 20 + years.

    All you hardcore fans should take a look and some time to look at this.

    Richard, Jones, Jonathan, Karen, Tot-Lost, Jason and CPL. Take some time to look at this. Even if you dont like the theory I think as fans of this show and prob others on this list I think you will find it very interesting if nothing else. i’d love to know what you think about the Tommy Westphal Theory not only in regard to this show but overall. It is so f-ing interesting!!

  26. If you read nothing else I write on this website please read my last post….i think it is very interesting and would love to think what the regulars to the site think about it.

  27. Adam, i have to confess that i was quite surprised to read that coming from you, once you usually dont seem very found of this kind of fantastic theories…but i really liked to know that you are!!

    It was very fun reading about it…and following your footsteps, i found this arguments that contradict it:

    Anyway, if Lost ends up being just a dream, it was worth dreaming it!

  28. I’ve read the contradictions to the hypothesis also and I choose not to believe in them. Mostly because the current writers and JJ abrams seem to be more likely to not believe them and I think they would love to be a part of this TV theory. I think it would be awesome if the end panned out into a snow globe. But I will only like it if it is directly tied to the Tommy Westphall Theory. I’m a huge TV fan. I love old school TV a bit more than today’s shows even though I’m only 30. So if they came right out at the end and said it was part of this overall TV theory i would think it was awesome. Most people will hate it.

    Here is a link to read all the connections and how each show connects. Take the time to read it. Lost appears on page 4. Another Mathew Fox show, Party of Five, also appears on the list which is interesting.

    Jonathan –

    I love all the crazy theories out there I love talking about them. I just don’t want it to end in a fashion that is so out there that I can’t comprehend it. If I sit there the day it ends and say What the fuck just happened, I’ll be disappointed. I want to understand how it all ends and how it all connects with everything i’ve watched the past 6 seasons.

  29. The contradiction was written by a psychologist and he uses psychobable to contradict it. His contradictions are based on textbooks and encyclopedia’s and not the free thinking fictional universe that is TV.

  30. Adam– Since this is coming from you, I will give it a shot. While I do not want to date myself, St Elsewhere was one of my all time favorite shows, and I totally remember Tommy. I was blown away when I saw the snow globe, and it worked.

    So, because it is you putting it out there and the fact that I know the underlying theory, I will read the above and tell you what I think.

  31. Adam i personally prefer your theorie than the contradiction arguments, i just brought them up for fun.

    Interesting to remember than in the series Flashforward the character played by Dominic Monahan ( Charlie from Lost) brings up the Schrödinger’s Cat theory, wich many people say could relate also to Lost.

    Check it out-from Lostpedia:

    Schrodinger’s Cat and Alternative Universes According to Erwin Schrödinger, “…the consequences of a ‘random’ event can lead to both outcomes simultaneously – until, that is, the event is ‘observed’ and the true outcome becomes reality.” This is known as the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum mechanics and implies that the cat remains both alive and dead (to the universe outside the box) until the box is opened.

    Put in LOST terms, the lost people are both on the island (plane crashed) and off the island (plane never crashed) (to the viewer (outside the box)), until someone is able to peer inside and actually see what happened…in other words, one of the lost people is going to have to “open the box” (aka, find a way to see what actually happened) in order to reveal the true reality of the effect of the bomb.

    Therefore, the rest of the season will be showing us, the viewer, both POSSIBLE outcomes of what happened when the bomb went off (off the island vs. on the island) At some point someone (maybe Desmond) will have the ability to ‘peer inside the box’ and figure out which reality actually happened as a result of the bomb.

  32. Jonathan –

    Add flash forward to the list of linked shows. Since flash forwards played a part in lost it wouldn’t surprise me to see some cross over with FF the show…which i also have been following but not as serious as lost….so i didnt research that theory you mentioned, but it makes perfect sense in regards to both shows.

  33. OK…. I know Desmond said they were all in a damn snow globe. In the context of the show… funny.

    If this Westphall theory is true I will be F^#King pissed! One…Because I hated St. Elsewhere. On Sunday nights at that time in my young life I would of much rather been watchin James Bond movies being broadcast on T.V. then being forces to watch St. Elsewhere by my sisters. I hated that damn show! And to think this show….LOST connected to St. Elsewhere… I don’t find funny in fact I am offended by the Arrogance of the theory. How dare they! To fit Star Trek, Fantasy Island, the Jefferson’s, Wild Wild West…. I haven’t even mentioned Welcome Back Kotter, or Barney Miller….all of this “A LIST” shows in the History of television! Shit… They even try to connect I Love Lucy…WTF! Don’t get me wrong Homicide was a good show….BUT FOR ONE AND A HALF DAMN SEASONS! This theory really disturbs me. Again I don’t find it funny. Next thing you know… They will say..(who ever “They” are)…This theory, The Westphal St. Elsewhere couldn’t even come close to the Bob Newheart Show divided by zero will equal….this theory The Westphal St. Elsewhere couldn’t even come close to Bob Newheart Show.

    I mean seriously we are talking about St. Elsewhere. Tell you what… take the this interview by Sixers guard Allen Iverson and replace the word “practice” with “St. Elsewhere”.

  34. Adam i just readed your theory although is very interesting i dont think this is going to happen in this show… and if u are righttt i think ill be desapointed because i expected something more than this…

    about kate not having a number is really weird because although i totally hatee herr she seems to have a big part in the show… I MEANN KATE PLEASEE DECIDEE JACK O SAWYERRR???

    also about jin i dont know if u guys also thought about the fact that this guy had soo many bad accident and he always survived… like the time the raft caught fire and when the boat exploted.. and that moment i thought that jin is very butt veryy lucky and speciall..

    and when sawyer and smokey when into the cave i thought maybe that was jacob cave because of the way smokey throw a rock in the ocean but when he erased lockes name i thoughtt maybee that hiss cavee and he is just telling lies to sawyer to have him on his team… and do you guys remember when smokey said to ben that he just wants to go homee maybee he wants to get out of the island but jacobs team dont want him to get off the island BEACAUSE NOBADYY CAN GET OFF THAT ISLANDD ! I mean every time they said thet wanted to leave the others tell them that they not supposed to leave !
    what about the stewardess what she is doing with the others?? like she is part of them from a long time??
    and whyy charlie wanted to kill himselfff???

    sorryy my englishhh iss so badddd ! im from venezuela soo sometimes i cant express myself gooddd !

    PS. just wanted to say that the caracter played by locke he being smokey noww iss veryyy veryy goddddddd !!! is scaryy i loveee thatt jejejeje

  35. I’ve also noticed in Flash Forward that there is a Oceanic Airlines billboard advertisement in one of the first episodes.

    Seems totally possible that this would be something the writers would be interested in doing. A show about connections that connects to other shows.

  36. That’s all i’m saying Jones. The writers Damon and Carlton are def into this kind of thing and JJ Abrams has already proven he loves this kind of thing with Slush-o being in Alias and Lost. Also the Oceanic airlines references in both shows and driveshaft….Charlie’s band. Charlie is also in FF a show I like that already has connections to lost.

    I’m not saying this theory is mine, it certainly isn’t. It’s been out there for a while. I’m just saying if you connect it with Lost and the fact they said an Image will be the final thing we see when the show ends, it’s possible. Plus all the other connections. I just put my twist on the theory in regards to the finale of Lost. Shows want a big ending to their show. Every big time show wants an amazing ending. Unfortunately Seinfeld and Soprano’s both sucked.

    Newhart’s ending was ranked as the number 1 show ending of all time. And it was pretty awesome. When you put a comedy against drama’s and suspenseful shows and it ranks 1 in terms of ending than that’s pretty cool.

  37. Sorry to keep posting but since coming across this thing this morning my mind is spinning. When FF first aired I thought it was somehow a continuation of Lost or a part of it somehow. I dont think so anymore but it just wouldn’t shock me to find out that when everyone passes out for a minute and a half in FF that it as something to do with the island. Maybe the time jumps they have or the spinning of the wheel. who knows.

  38. Funny, or slight of hand like connection I think is fun to catch. For example when Abrams made Star Trek they had an R2D2 floating in space in a heap of trash. Or Abrams monster in Clover Field had the same noises as Smokie in Lost. Or the Apollo bar being in Heroes….Or many of Tarantinos films make fun connections….. I consider these inside Hollywood pranks in paying omage. Many of these union folks obviously work on each others projects. I don’t see it much different then glueing a coworkers items on thier desk to the top of the desk, or putting a cathup packet under the toilet seat at the job. Or…. just those fun Hollywood pranks. Dont get me wrong Damon and Carlton suck me in with their wittyness and tongue and cheek humor, aaaaannnnddd clever writting, aaaannnnddd knowledge of the T.V. junkie book reading Lost blogger like myself who enjoys string theory solving for “X” creating sculptures aaaaannnddd if he was an animal he would be a dolphin off island shark on island…


    All I am saying little subtlties here and there are fun. But…If they make this whole season WAIT WHOLE SHOW around some looser on some looser show…. I will be upset

  39. Nigel post 121, please dont make me laugh! Kate is not important, she’s kind of a loser! and i think this is a hint that she will soon be killed off. honestly i dont know what she brings to the show anymore

  40. “Who ARE you?

    It’s a valid question that Sawyer asks. Sawyer may not know who NotLocke is, but he sure as hell knows who he is not. He knows the man standing before him is not John Locke and he knows this because the real John Locke was always afraid, even when he was pretending otherwise. “But you ain’t scared,” he shrewdly comments. Even drunk, Sawyer knows what’s what. You can’t con a con, right? Score one for Sawyer. Although, in light of the fact that NotLocke was a bit taken aback by the sight of creepy Peter Pan earlier, this assessment may not be entirely true.”

    Good 2 part recap on this past week’s ep here:

  41. Adam – My wife said the same thing about the black-outs connecting to the flashes in LOST and I thought she was out of her mind. After everything you said, it does seem so ridiculous now.

    What if Claire finds out that Kate took Aaron and she gets pissed and kills her? That would be great!

  42. Adam- I just went through the 2 links, and I am blown away. I see why your head has been spinning!!!!!!!I never could have imagined such connections. I especially love the Morley cigarette connections, as I was a huge X-files fan!!!!

    It would not surprise me in the least if the final shot was as you theorize, or something close to it. It would in many ways be consistent with the brilliant but very twisted minds of the Lost writers.

    Will that happen is any one’s guess. I don’t think that will totally piss me off, as what other logical reason could there be for this island. That would be brilliant if it was all a mind-based fantasy. The bottom line is that this show is so twisted that anything is possible.

    As long as I get some damn answers at the end, I guess I don’t care if it was real or fantasy!!!!!

  43. Flash forward takes place 2009 2010

    Lost 04 and 07….

    They better not change the name of the show to Flash Back to make a connection to Lost.

  44. Jason I do agree that I don’t really think there is to much to it, as you said the people are employed on different shows and things we experience influence the decisions we make every day. Really I think that is all there is to it, either way there are still a lot of questions to be answered in between now and the end, I don’t think I will ever be completely happy with any ending but I do hope they do it justice (which I am sure they will).

  45. Maybe it wont be in the mind of an autistic kid but all in the mind of Theresa, I think her name was, the woman who Daniel tested his experiments on at Oxford Uni. Her mind has to be somewhere.

  46. I cant belive im sayn this but Lost is just ok these days, not addictive like usual!!!

    Locke is pretty much on the same path as before, but with such a positive attitude. Even laughing at himself while being covered with water on his own front lawn. He’s getting married too and is alot happier in his life. Is this because his dad is coming to the wedding? Does this mean he’s a better person and didnt steal his sons kidney, nor push him out of a building??? If this is so, how does Locke end up the way he is and is it simply just fate and what is meant to be!!!
    I believe the 2 timelines will join up by the end and all will be explained…
    I think Kate not having a number was a little weird, ud think the oceanic 6 would all hv one. But i do believe Kate did make her choice, it was Sawyer. Thats y she cried at the end of the dock (last ep) because she realised that he truely loved Juliet and she had lost him forever!!!
    Well after this season started I posted a coule of times that maybe we hv it backwards and good and evil is not what it seems. This ep seemed to comfirm that a little more, maybe Jacob is not a nice as we thought, why does he want someone to replace him? Is he really the bad one that wants off the island for good and needs someone to take his place?
    Now mr smokey was once a human, who and when would hv been my first question, then how did he become what he is? Did Jacob do this to him? (and thats y he wanted him dead) Was Jacob trapped in the hut (with the ash round it)or was it smokey? Richard and Ben seemed to think it was Jacob, maybe it was and maybe he was trapped there for a reason (thus writting “help me”) to get someone to help him escape!!! I want more answers…and they better be good ones lol!!!

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