The Lighthouse Sneak Peeks – Ep 6.05

Previews of the upcoming episode entitled The Lighthouse.  Hopefully the title means we’ll find out more about Eloise and how that station came to be.

Claire can tie knots as well as Rousseau can.  She wants to know where Aaron is.

Jack and his mom are upset they can’t find his fathers will.  Jack just says no to alcohol.

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  1. Jacob was just trying to get them out of the temple cause Flocke is coming to dominate.

    Jack is to much of a pussy to be a bad guy.

  2. “Jack is to much of a pussy to be a bad guy.” Well said Adam, well said.

    I think it is a well known correlation to have white related to good and black related to evil. If FLocke was good why through away the white stone from the balance scale. To me that symbolizes him killing Jacob and temporarily conquering the good side. Unless someone (one of the candidates) takes his place then evil wins.

  3. Hi All !

    So do you think MIB and Jacob are competing for the candidates?!?

    thats why theres 2 lists of crossed out numbers/names,one list each to monitor.

    So Kate was number 51 which isn’t in the sequence we know so whats that all about !
    4=Locke, 8=Reyes, 15=Ford, 16=Jarrah, 23=Shephard, 42=Kwon

    108 Wallace – Maybe Jacob now hes dead !

    Also wonder where Richards gonna show up again, maybe he’ll bump into Kate !


  4. TheCandiate- re post 97 on Paul and his necklace that matched the large wooden and hollow Ankh that was in Hurley’s guitar case. We have not gotten a straight answer about that (or really anything else. We are hoping that the mass symbolism in the series will be explained.

    Re post 99 on the clothes fake and real locke were wearing. Real dead lock was wearing a spiffy suit with Jack’s daddy’s shoes, while fake locke (aka flocke) was wearing traditional island-hunters garb. So the clothes were not the same. Is that what you were asking??? Also, the debate about how smokey is and is not is ongoing!!!!

  5. I think that since the numbers add up to 108, that Jacob is looking for candidates with all the good traits of
    4=Locke, 8=Reyes, 15=Ford, 16=Jarrah, 23=Shephard, 42=Kwon. Any thoughts?

  6. Totallylost

    Thanks for you answer! I’m still lost, but I guess that’s the hole point 😉

    Still so many questions… The scene with F-Locke and “evil-claire” almost gave me a nightmare… Great!

  7. Dead isn’t dead (sayid) so maybe Christian is alive now and the ‘Help me’ heard the first time in the Cabin by Locke was really Christian because hes being held captive? This would also be why his body was not in the coffin. ehh long shot–probably not.

    Respone to this comment:
    Agreed, I read somewhere that originally Jack’s Character was suppose to die in the Pilot episode but ABC exec vetoed it. Just an interesting fact that I hadn’t seen on here before.

    THe article you got this from was from Entertainment Weekly. There is an article about Lost. Also in the article they talk about the two different time lines. I’d suggest reading it. But from what I gathered the writers couldn’t decide which way to take the show so they are doing both time lines in parallel and they will not intersect. The article says some LAX characters do have strange memories from the island time line.

  8. I’ve read through these posts and noone seems surprised that Jack has a son (or maybe I’ve missed this).

    So we’ve had 5 series of Lost and Jack has never mentioned his son and all of a sudden he appears.

    So has the past changed? I thought “whats done is done”!

    Also how could Jack have had his appendix out – I see someone suggested “course correction”. Could this be the same for Jack’s son.

    In post 95 Ken said that Jacob had touched Jack when he was a kid but I thought Jacob had just met Jack at the vending machine in the hospital and touched him then? Did he meet him when he was child?

    Its all very complicated!

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