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  1. Thank you Scott!!! I wonder why the switch to Tuesday night? 6 weeks I can’t wait. I can live with my ex wife for six weeks to watch LOST!

  2. I can’t believe the last season is about to happen.
    anyone wanna guess the ending, or atleast how you wish it would end?

  3. I want it to end with Jack, Sawyer, Kate, realizing their potential for themselves. I would like Ben to finally get his so to speak. but most of all i want Sun to realize she is madly in love with me…….. sorry. I would like Sun to fulfill her happiness with her family.

    Peace, love, Ben and Jerry and so on…… no space aliens please i would jump off a bridge…..maybe.

  4. BigLostFan– I was so completely and totally bamboozled by the ending of last year, that I am just about done guessing.

    Having said that, I would like to see the island at peace, and away from those who seek to harvest or/and protect its powers. To do that I think that everyone has to be permanently banished from the island, with the exception of Bernard, Rose (maybe Adam and Eve) and Vincent who just want to live there.

    I know that sounds kind of sappy, but the Island has feelings too, and it seems to have been getting a raw deal over the years.

  5. Jason-I know you’re going through the past seasons, you forget about us? I would love to hear your thoughts on BigLostFan’s last question..

  6. i see the ending this way: with the bomb they will all go back to their past lives and somehow will run into each other even though they do not know each other anymore. Then somehow they will all end up in the plane and the very flight that crashed and the story will repeat. Of course it will end like that, it was their destiny!

  7. i think walt has something to do with the last season. maybe he can combat locke/esau with whatever is so special about him, which we never found out. Locke when he was off the island did not ask Walt back to the island. he never mentions it….probably on purpose. just a guess tho

    as long as the end is intriguing and unexpected i think i’ll be happy. If it ends at all like the Sopranos i’ll be really pissed.

  8. hey my guys!! how´re you all doing so?

    ohh…. i wish you all a happy christmas and a happy new year, to all of you guys!! I know it´s a few days after the big partys but i wasn´t for a long time here on my favourite lost site, so happy everthing once again to you all!!

    My mates what´s going on here, what´s new here!?!?

    I read some possibly endings what some of you guys wrote above…….and my guessing is that lost will continue at the LA airport in 2004 (when everything started), BUT i believe they all will already know each other, i mean otherwise it would be a totally new story – all the characters strangers again, PLEASE NOT!! I think that the bomb detonated and they will “wake up” at the LA airport in 04´ and…….either they won´t enter the plane or they will enter the plane again and start where they started once at the beginning of the show……WHATEVER, would be nonsense but who knows! How i said – LA airport – they´ll know all each other and they are all shocked being really here in the past again at the oceanic airport to get a new chance to make things different, so i bet they won´t enter the oceanic plane and go differnt ways BUT somehow there ways will bring them again together at least on the island again. !PECH!

    THE only think what makes me thinking weird is this fucking new “ESAU”!! Because of him maybe nothing will change and everything will stay how it is at the moment! Maybe ESAU changed everything because of killing Jacob and Locke is already dead SO that would mean the Other have not leader at the moment, right!? Please correct me if i forgot the new leader!

    MAYBE the detonating bomb was the normal way how it always was in the past, the 70´s in this case. Maybe that´s how the lost story had to go on, i mean like MILES said to jack..etc..before they attacked the Swan-Station during it was build in the 70´s, – Miles: “everything what happened now is was always happened, that would at least explain why Faraday died by the hands of his own mother – and Ms. Hawking seemlingly new that, so it could be that she deliberately let it happen because that´s the way it always had to happen!?!?

    Sorry for the long post guys but i had a few thoughts in my head the last months before Lost started again…………….AAANNNNDDDDD guys, today is the 6th january and in one month LOST SEASON 6 is STARTING!!! WOWOWOWOW – the time went so fast after the last season ended!!!

    I am so f**ing excited of the last sixth season, AND because they doesn´t showed till now not only one scene for the new season. TOO strange and that makes me and i bet you guys that excited like me!! By the way, did someone saw some new short videos or at least some pictures of the new sixth season??? Please guys, if someone know/saw something please put it in here to have a look! You have to know i am one of these guys who need some spoilers!! I NEED THAT so please guys, if someone know something let me know,


    CRIS aka C.P.L.

  9. ohhh…and ANA LUCIA – she was def the hottest lostie what played a character, till now!! Of course beside KATE -damn hot good looking sexy woman!!!! At least that´s my opinion!! I love bad girls like Ana Lucia, coz bad girls like her are the wildest beasts in bed -i mean the best sex- *lol*!!

  10. C.P.L!!!!! I am glad you are still around. I also hope that Lolo, Jones, Moohaha, Jonathan, Scoppie, and Wolowitz resurface as well.

    I don’t think that anyone knows anything. This is a well kept mystery. But, the first episode is not LAX but LA X. that space has to have some significance.

    Also, as a girl, my vote for hot remains Sawyer!!!! Whew. That guy is smokin.

  11. Adam……you got me!!!!! *nearly* – not just drunk, a “little” bit more….., -eh scho wissen- *lol*

    Richard…..okay daddy, but i can´t relax coz i haven´t my internet for a month (problems again), at least till the end of january or beginning of february and so i will maybe miss the first two eps. and then i have to stream it by the internet-cafe…but it´s just around the corner!

    T-lost…yes girl, i understand why Sawyer is your favourite, i mean he´s a bad mother**** and that fits perfectly to his character, and that´s also why i like him most from all the men in the show!!!!
    AND….i know it´s called LA_X and not LAX, i just wrote it wrong!!

  12. Hey folks. For us poor saps in the US, I just read that the upcoming annual state of the union address may preempt the lost premier. NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO.

    OK, calm donw. If so, it will be set for the 9th, so we may have to wait a little longer. Damn.

    C.P.L- I am laughing!!!!!!!

  13. Ooh, I love you guys… You make me laugh so much and I like how you LOVE Lost as much as I do! I haven’t been on this site for a long time so I’m a ‘Born Again Newbie’ to your theorising over the last season and the finale to come! It’s great to have a final season to speculate over (and to dare think what the ending will be!). So, in answer to your question, and what a great question “Biglostfan” – the premise of the show for me has always been about life choices, avenues, decisions and variables, etc. There are two key things – 1. Daniel F saying to Jack and Kate (s5), how he neglected to pay attention to the variables of human action changing the course of an otherwise fixed future and, 2. Jacob’s comment, also in s5, saying how everything that goes before is ‘just progress’. This suggests his acceptance of trying many times before perfecting something, whereas ‘Esau’ is more judgemental, assuming they’ll just ‘stuff it up’ anyway, and that’s it. I know this is going to sound really stupid but I’ve always thought that this is a virtual reality game, or test, that each of our characters have taken part in. It’s like they are all being tested on morality and judgement and certain characters have ‘expired or failed’ during the process. Not wanting to have a ‘Pamela wakes from her dream in Dallas’ scenario, but I think it might end up being a Dharma experiment of some kind, when all said and done. Any takers?

  14. Ellen….you´re might be not that wrong how it sounds first!! It really could be that the DI is still watching them. Maybe they are still somehow connected to the island. I mean for me it was always a little bit to strange how many station the DI had/have on and off the island!! I bet there are existing more station which we are not konwn yet! Now i remember the hidden map painted by Kelvin in the Swan-Station – there was a big question mark in the middle of the map and we still don´t know what´s there, right!?!?

    What do you guys think that could be??


  15. CPL –

    I think there was a hatch beneth a question mark in the ground where the plane fell and Boone died. It could be that, or possibly the smoke monsters castle deal that we saw last season.

    But then again I could be wrong and it could be something completely different.

  16. would anyone think that the scenes we saw with Sayid working for Ben and those weird scenes of the O6 out in the real life were actually flashforwards of what happens after the bomb was released? just a theory here.

  17. Hey Totallylost,

    you know I’ll be back on full time once we start the season.

    Looking forward to getting back on here and reading everyones ideas and posting some of my own

    Too bad its our last season.

  18. CPL,

    There was a hatch under the question mark. It had allsorts of CCTV monitors in it. series 1 or 2 I think.
    This is when we first saw patchy (russian guy) on the TV monitor.

  19. Scott & Blacky564…

    Are you sure that the question mark is the little station under the earth at the broken Heroin Plane from Afrika, from Mr. Eko´s home country!? Honestly i don´t believe that because this station was -ok with a lot of monitors- but are you sure that this was the station where Mr. Patchy (the russian) was in?? I don´t think that, i think the question mark is somewher other! Maybe it´s the temples (cerberus home) and The Others home when they are in danger!?! Or it´s either Esau´s home or Jacob´s home -but i don´t think that too because jacob home´s shoe statue is at the beach and the question mark seems to be directly in the middle of the island. However it´s something significant i think and it´s undiscovered till now (i think)!

    Karen….your theory about everything what happened outside the island were flashforwards seems to be probably not really right!! Because even if the bomb detonated then they wouldn´t know each other, right!? And the things what happened off the island belonged together cause it was after they left the island and they all knew each other and no one of them wanted to go back, remember when locke tried to convince every one of the 06 to go back, but no one wanted to do that!
    I hope you understand what i mean!?!?

  20. CPL – yahh but maybe they were brainwashed to believing that they had lived that life at one point and had to rebuilt pieces. anyway, as u say, not very plausible!

  21. Hi Everybody;

    Just finished watching Seasons 1-5 over again and boy it is amazing how much you miss on the first go through. What is also funny, is that by seasons 3-4, I thought I had everything all figured out, but by the time I finished season 5, I was…well…LOST.

    One really interesting thing I noticed that I have not heard anyone else mention has to do with the return flight to the island. When Ben went to kill Locke he left without a mark on his face. Yet when he got on flight 316 he had bruises, cuts and scrapes all over. If you look at the scene where Ben meets Locke for the first time after killing him, the cuts and scrapes on his face are identical, yet newer than the marks on his face when he gets on flight 316. I think Ben only got Jack, Kate, Hurley on the first go and crash (where he got the marks), then had to go back and get the rest. Eloise Hawking specifically said that not bringing everybody back would have unpredictable consequences. I think on the first trip Ben, Jack, Kate and Hurley landed in 1977. Ben went back and tried it again on the exact same flight, date and time. This is why on the flight that we see, Jack, Kate and Hurley disappear just before the crash, but everybody else remains.

    Way out there, but I think the story around Ben is, his mother died in child birth. Because of the way his father rejected him, he wanted his mother back. He killed the Dharma people and let the Others in. Previously the lists of wanted people may have come from Jacob, but when Ben took over, he wanted to do research on pregnant women. This is why he wanted Clair, Sun and Kate (when it was thought she was pregnant). He also placed people who could be easily manipulated on his list to join, mate and get pregnant for even more subjects. He hired Juliette the fertility specialist. The knowledge learned prior to being banished may have been why Witmore manufactured pregnancy tests. In the end Ben’s plan was, knowing the time displacement properties of the island, figure out how to save his mother from dying giving birth to him and then go back and doing it. This departure from following Jacob’s plan and lists may have been why Ben never saw or hears Jacob even though he was the leader of the Others.

    Wanna get way out there? Initially I thought the numbers being broadcast from the radio tower may have been a beacon showing where the island was. I later dismissed this and came up with an even more screwed up idea, which I can kinda support. Although most of Lost takes place on the initial beach and in 1977, I believe the core year is 1954 when the soldiers first appeared with Jughead. Now hear me out. If you take the year 1954 as the center and add or subtract from the date the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 and total 108 here is what you get…

    -108 1846 assuming Black Rock left port 1845 it may have taken several months, almost a year from England to island
    -42 1912 ?
    -23 1931 ?
    -16 1938 ?
    -15 1939 ?
    -8 1946 ?
    -4 1950 ?
    0 1954 Soldiers brought Jughead
    +4 1958
    +8 1962
    +15 1969
    +16 1970 Dharma arrives on island
    +23 1977 Incident
    +42 1996 8 years before 815 where Desmond kept jumping to and where he spoke to Faraday (perhaps critical event).
    +108 2062 Natural time for Jacob, Black Shirt and perhaps Richard (some how explaining agelessness)

    So basically what I am saying is the numbers could be time jump points, properties that the anomaly adheres to. I came up with this idea while watching season 5, and am not going to watch season 1-5 again to try and fill in the question mark dates with potentially crucial dates that align. In 2062 humanity implodes on itself due to greed, corruption, etc. Jacob, Black Shirt and perhaps Richard are sent back to save humanity, controlling events via the island. Perhaps using the island as an aquarium to test a small human population interactions. They may have endured many intervals between 1846 and 2062 always with negative outcomes. Eventually Black Shirt becomes jaded with humanity but Jacob still has faith.

    One more prediction, I do not believe Charlie, Lilly, Clair, etc actually come back to life as the creators would have us believe. I think the eyes at the start of season 6 are Jacks once again just after the crash of 815 and at least the start of the season will be a retelling of Season 1-5 without flashbacks or flash forwards, but filling in details of things we did not see that explain everything and perhaps with alterations due to Jughead going off.

  22. John Casey– You are either brilliant, you are smoking crack, or you work for the show. That is quite a theory.

    I cannot even comment on the numbers theory as that would permanently twist my mind. But, the theory about Ben and the return flight (or in your case “flights”) is quite interesting. I will have to go back and look at the bruises again, but that is possibly a brilliantly plausible theory as to why some went back in time and others did not. That one has totally stumped me. And, given how there are so many unbelievable twists and turns in this show (like dead is dead), I would not put it past the writers to do something like this. But, you did not mention the beating Ben took from Desmond. I guess we all assumed that it happened right before he got on the flight, but maybe not. Maybe we have been assuming that everything Ben did to get everyone to the island happened on a single linear time frame. I’ll need a little more time to digest this one.

  23. I am not brilliant and I do not work for the show so…

    I think I am odd, everybody is trying to figure out who the smoke monster and Man in Black is.

    I want to understand how the rocket payload sent from the freighter to the island took 31:25 longer than it was supposed to. The first flight back to the freighter from the island took about a days more than in should of. Then the doctor with the slit throat shows up on the island a day before he left.

    Perhaps objects moving towards the island arrive before they’ve left usually as in the case of the doctor, but the faster they travel, they can overcome this and even be delayed as in the rocket. Objects of a moderate speed moving from the island to a space beyond the islands effect are delayed. You can’t say that the island is behind or ahead of normal time because the radio transmissions between the island and the freighter appear to be in real time.

    What I’d like to see is what happens to a fast and slow moving object moving from the island to the freighter for comparison. Perhaps the creators of Lost can humor me, delay the answers everybody has been waiting for, and in S06E1, bring the freighter back from the dead (hey if they can do it for people) and have Faraday launch a rocket from the island to the freighter and see what happens. Then they can take an object that moves slow, put it in the water and push it towards the freighter. To be really scientific it should really be a lifeless body. Where can you find a dead body when you need one? Wait, dead Locke would do.

  24. John Casey,
    Not sure if I really agree with the theory but I do think it could have some possibility. Just to add a little fuel to the fire, Jack, Kate, Hurley all woke up on the island similar to the when they had the plane crash (although this time there was no plane around) all the rest landed on the airstrip that Ben had made (remember that Sawyer and Kate worked on it when they were held captive by the others in season 2).
    Also you should read “A Breif History of Time”, in that book it talks about time all being relative and that if you where traveling (say at the speed of light) you would experience time differental then if you were traveling slower. (I read the book and tried to understand it but I don’t have a lot of background in area so the above statment is the safest way that I can say it without telling you something wrong lol)

  25. John Casey – I went back to test your first theory in post 33. I think you might be right, but not because of the bruises on Ben, but because of some real strange stuff in Episode 5×06 titled “316.” I think there were TWO (2) DIFFERENT EVENTS MADE TO LOOK LIKE ONE CONTINUOUS EVENT.

    There are only 8 people in first class: Kate, Ben, Sun, Jack, Hurley, Illana, Sayid and Ceasar. Not a large group. Note the following:

    1. Kate and Sun never speak to each other. Why not when they had been at the hotel in LA together, Kate left Aaron with her when she went to see the lawyer, and they had seen each other at the marina when she pulled a gun on Ben. Yet still, neither acknowledge each other???? WTF???

    2. Hurley and Sun never speak and they are sitting right across the aisle from each other. Why not? They were buddies as Hurley even went to Korea to see Jin Yeon and Sun at Jin’s grave. And, they probably have not seen each other since then as Hurley has been at Santa Rosa. Yet still, they are across the aisle from each other on a plane going back to the island and they NEVER speak to each other or acknowledge each other. WTF????

    3. Jack and Sun never speak to each other. Why not when they had been to the lighthouse together and there was an earlier scene in the episode where they spoke at the airport while in the security line. WTF????

    4. Jack goes to sit with Kate on the plane and he says it’s pretty crazy with “Hurley and Sayid” on the same plane. Well, what about Sun??? She is sitting right next to him (or so we think). Why leave her out? WTF???

    So why the lack of interaction??? Maybe there were 2 flights. First those at the lighthouse went- Ben, Jack and Sun, along with Lapidus, Ceasar, Illana and John’s body. They ended up in the present because it was the correct window Ellie talked about at the lighthouse, and Jack somehow mysteriously ended up back in LA where he was needed to get the 3 who originally said “there is no way in hell I am going back.” But this time when they went over the island the correct “window” had already passed, so they ended up in 1977.

    I know crazy. Maybe I am the one smoking crack.

  26. John Casey- Here are 2 more strange things. In “316” there were two scenes of jack waking up in the jungle. One at the beginning, and one at the end. I always assumed they were the same, but when you look at them closely, they are slightly different. Starting from when Jack jumps in the water and saves Hurley which is the same in both scenes:

    1. Scene 1: Jack sees Kate, goes to her and while she is still LAYING DOWN, here is a exact quote of that dialogue:


    Now, go the second scene at the end of the episode. Jack saves Hurley, sees Kate, goes to her and says:



    Next, at the end of -5×05-This Place is Death.” After Ben, Sun and Jack went to the lighthouse where they met up with Desmond. When they walk into the lighthouse. Ben says “Hello Eloise.” Eloise is facing the candles, she finishes the one she is lighting, puts the match out, turns and says “Hello Benjamin.” “I thought I said all of them.”

    Now, go the 5×06- “316.” In the beginning is the same scene. However, this time Eloise is putting the match out when the door opens. She turns and walks towards them as they are coming in. Eloise says: ”I thought I said all of them” The “Hello Eloise and “hello Benjamin” from 5×05 is now gone. So Clearly 2 different scenes, and I doubt that was a mistake. WHY????????????????????????/ WTF??

    If you don’t believe me go back and look at both scenes and you can see for yourself, but look closely as it is not glaring.

  27. Thanks for the comments guys…

    You know it’s funny, up until a couple weeks ago this was just another series I enjoyed that had ended for the season and I was waiting for it to come back so I could find out what happened, but I never gave it another thought. Then I saw the Lost Supper Picture…well…that started it. In the past two weeks I watched seasons 1-5 over again in it’s entirety and several key episodes several times. Yes I have a full time job… but does anybody know any good divorce lawyers…just kidding.

    Here is an interesting thought. After seeing Faraday’s experiment with his mouse, where he flashes the mouse with that light to send the mouse an hour into the future and then it ran the newly created maze perfectly, I thought perhaps the island and/or the Losties were not physically time traveling, but their conscience was. Remember every time they jumped there was a bright light emitted by the island. I basically all but abandoned that idea for the following.

    Ok Dharma tries to determine how to control the time travel properties of the island. During these experiments it is determined that altering the past is impossible, hence the saying and belief “What has happened, happened”. Ben kicks, Whitmore and Hawking off the island. They want to come back. They have a son, Faraday, and Hawking who raises him pushes him to abandon all other efforts/distractions and become a brilliant physicist so he can simply find the island. During Faraday’s attempts to crack time travel he accidentally (vegetable Whitmore takes care of) finds out how to move the conscience through time. Time travel in this fashion does not have the limitation of not being able to change the past as we saw when Faraday knocked on the Swan door in the past and told Desmond to seek out his mother and all of a sudden years later on his boat Desmond gets a new memory to seek out Hawking.

    Perhaps in a past that we did not see, Whitmore and Hawking were in control of the Others and were banished, by Ben a native of the island, in this time line. Back on the main land using their son Faraday’s research, Whitmore and Hawking altered the past, created a financial empire using their knowledge of the future and had a hand in creating the Dharma Initiative to get a foothold on the island again (supported by the fact that Hawking controls the LampPost used to track the island for the supply drops). They may have also changed the past so that Ben was born off the island, this round through time.

    Now as Hawking said to Desmond, time course corrects. This was further supported by Charlie’s numerous brushes with death that Desmond stopped up until Charlie’s actual death. Because Ben was on the island before, his mother died, thus leading him to comming to Dharma and the island thus course correcting. Because Dharma was not supposed to be there, Ben killed all the Dharma people thus course correcting. Because Whitmore and Hawking had been kicked off before, Ben kicked them off again.

    It is obvious that the Losties were intentionally brought to the island because they are key to either Ben or Whitmore maintaining the island in this upcoming battle that a few in other boards have eluded to. So I believe either one or both of the following occurred…

    Whitmore in a second attempt to gain control of the island altered the courses of the Losties to get them to Australia and then on flight 815 back home and altered Desmond’s course to go to the island and not press the button thus bringing 815 down onto the island.

    The island or time course correcting altered the course of the Losties lives to bring them to the island via 815. This would then mean that the Losties had actually lived on the island before, perhaps in 1977.

    Both of the above may be true. Whitmore may have engineered some of them to come to support his agenda and time or the island may have altered the lives of the rest to course correct. This could lead to the battle.

    Time course correcting would be an excellent and plausible explanation for Hurley. Time course correcting caused Dharma to erect the tower transmitting the numbers which the guy in Australia who shot himself heard, told Hurley’s friend in the asylum, which caused Hurley to play them, time knew the numbers were due on that date in the lottery and he won. Time then caused all the accidents leading Hurley to Australia to the source of the numbers and onto 815. This would also be a plausible explanation why the numbers seemingly show up everywhere, time can do what it wants to course correct.

    Oh crap, it is 6AM. I got some more interesting ideas a brewing, but I gotta think them through.

  28. Shucks. I screwed up post 38. Here is the second conversation Jack had with Kate right after he rescued Hurley from the water:


  29. Just in case there are people out there who don’t watch movies, and so no one wets themselves for no reason, the trailer up top with the plane crashing through the cars at the end is BS. The scene with the plane crashing through the cars is from the movie Knowing 2009 with Nicholas Cage. Oddly enough a movie with mysterious numbers….hmmmm…

  30. John Casey. Again, another interesting theory about time course correcting, whether via time or via the messed up and disfunctional Widmore’s. I actually had to read it twice to digest.

    I’ll think I’ll change my crack-smoking comment above to using LSD. You are crazy!!! Possibly brilliant, but definitely crazy!!!!! I think you have Lost fever (like I do!!!)

    Can’t wait to read what hazy stuff you have next!!!!

  31. I was about to post an incredibly smart and credible theory about past seasons and the up coming season 6 that would have been hard for anyone to deny. Then… I starting reading all the other comments….

    You have all messed me up for life!!

    Shame on you all!

    FANtastic blog you guys got going on here. Nice theories and great enthusiasm for the godly return of Lost!

    Wish you all the best!

  32. Well that was messed up. I am more confused now than before I watched the start of season 6. The only thing I guess we can determine now is that Richard was a slave on the Black Rock. Perhaps MIB and Jacob too. I bet Jacob comes back as Sayed.

    And what about Sawyer? Juliette just dies. I am sure he got wind they were taking Sayed to the temple to SAVE him. You guys go on, I am just gonna bury the bitch. WTF.

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