Lost Season 6 – January 2010

Lost season 6 is just a few short months away, and at the request of TotallyLost in the comments, here is a little something to hold you over until the new previews start coming out.

The official Lost Season 6 poster.  Good to see Mr Ecko on there…and of course Vincent!

lost season 6

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  1. Hey Scott!!! Thanks for the new post. I can’t wait for Lost to start. I’ve seen this poster before and I think the third from the right is Richard.

  2. From Left to Right,
    Faraday, Boone, Miles, Micheal, Anna, Ilana, Frank, Shannon, Des, Eko, Kate, Jack, Sawer, John, Ben, Sayid, Libby, Sun, Jin, Clare, Hurley, Juliet, Charlie, Richard, Bernard, Rose, Vincent.

    I think they are all right, let me know if not.

  3. FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell????????????? What is wrong with January???? This sucks. It better be worth the wait. So frustrating . . .

  4. cool…i thought it was January also….sons uh bitches. Can’t wait. Does anyone know if they will be replaying season 5 before 6 starts? I need a refresher.

  5. tuesday? was it on tuesday last year? why do they keep changing the day. I liked it on wednesdays.
    I don’t know if this will continue but they have been playing last season on G4 on tuesdays after Heroes. last one they played was Namaste.

  6. Last I checked, only that last 5 or so episodes of last season were on ABC.com. However, the whole series is posted on tvshack.net by a variety of hosts (vreel, megavideo, etc . . .)

  7. Wow man, I can’t wait for the new season! But What is it about boone, anna lusia michael and shannon, they are all there in the poster, I mean they are dead right?? are they coming back in this season or what?

  8. First of HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Second I believe we are going to see A LOT of the old people. I don’t know if it’s starting over again but that seems to be a theory. I like to think they let us believe they landed and then wake up in the crash but ICAN’t WAIT!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!

  9. hey Scott, its michael i think (answering to your very first question lol). i didnt read the other posts cos im scared of spoilers!
    anyways, Feb 2nd cool! cant wait ! i dont know what this season will be about though, i mean if they all start all over and dont know each other, whats the season going to be based on ?? maybe Faraday will play a role? though he’s kinda dead now…

  10. hey scott by the way, i just realized you came back to the initial layout ! you had a bad response to the new one you had come up with? uhh… if its any consolation, i liked it… though i like this one better 😉

  11. hey, been a while since i posted here…
    Does anyone else notice that Locke(or whoever he is now)
    is the only one with his back turned…creepy!!

  12. Guys, first off MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    Second if you could unwrap ANY lost package(ie: mathew fox’s shoes he wore in the first episode, or Terry O’Quinn’s knife ) What would be your special package under the tree?

    Mine would be Yunjin Kim anything would make me a happy boy.

  13. Speaking for memorabilia, I think mine would have to be the hatch cover, I grew up next to an abandoned military base so there was old bunkers and stuff like that all over the place.

  14. Mine would be a ticket to Hawaii…coupled with a guided week long tour of all the sets…. then because I was found to be such a nice guy I would then be asked to be an extra. (In a Darma suit!)

  15. Totallylost…you are welcome…

    The other day one of my students told me they went to Hawaii and did the tour about a year ago…. Me…so envious!

  16. I was also thinking the otherday…In my life NO other show has actually been such a strong part of my life… The Shield came close but not close enough. It’s strange to think a TV show could add to some of the best years of my life.

    Has anyone else been into another show like this before… and if so…what in the world did you do when it was all over.

  17. Jason, for me it was the X-files. I was crazy over that show, and it really had some crazy mindblowing stuff. But, the difference with the x-files is that it started to decline for about 3 years before it totally went away, whereas LOST has been for the most part stellar (the beginning of season 3 was my least favorite). So, this is unchartered territory for me. I guess I’ll just have to live off my DVD’s and drown myself in beer!!!!

  18. smallville is mine, thankfully its not over yet.
    but True Blood is quickly becoming my new one.

    but I must say that, growing up I looked forward to coming home everyday after school to watch Saved by the bell. after it was over I just watched the reruns, so I guess thats what we’ll be doing after lost is done and gone.
    Maybe they’ll make a movie like they did with x files.( even though the last one sucked)

  19. Totallylost I’m on the same page with you on the X-files and I had the same feelings about the last 3 years.

    Jason, I was a huge fan of 21 jump street and it went away fairly fast. I guess it depends on how it ends. The Soprano’s SUCKED how it went away but they may do a movie. X files went down hill when David backed away. so it needed to end.

    The only show I’ve gotten wrapped into beside LOST is Californication and the season ending was kind of lame too……. I’m getting depressed…… gotta go.

  20. So I was reading some earlier posts and found one that was quite enlighting,
    could it be possible that Ben and Locke are brothers?
    they both have a mom named Emily with blonde hair, Richard visted both of them when they were younger. maybe he had to choose between one of them, this would explain why Ben hates Locke so much.
    I don’t know maybe they are all related somehow.
    any comments or ideas on this?

  21. I would suggest watching a couple episodes of Dexter. Excellent show that keeps me guessing, well written and good use of sarcasim. Besides lost that is my number one. Flash forward is ok too for the fact that it is one of these shows that you have no idea what is going to happen (much like lost although not done so well).

    Lost has been on a different level for me though like just about everyone here. I don’t think you will be able to replace it so we just have to learn to live without the new episodes. Sad.

  22. hey Jones, i love Dexter too! Im watching season 4 already and find it very intresting and well done. I just hope it will not degrade just as it happened with lost – i mean season 4 starts a bit bizarrelly. dont want to spoil it for you thought. I still thnk its a great series

  23. Hey folks. To add to my pick of the X-files, I would also add seasons 1 and 2 (only) of 24. This show rocked the these 2 seasons, as the concept was new, Jack Bauer was crazy, and they did a great job weaving in different story lines.

    Jones and Karen– I agree with you about Dexter. Great show. I was not wild about the season 4 finale, but hey, no show is perfect.

    Well my fellow Losties. We are getting closer every day. Hang in there just a little while longer.

  24. richard7769…LOL.. too funny getting depressed!!!

    Totallylost….. 24 did rock those two season!!! I did like 5 though!

    Jones/Karen….!!!!! I JUST HEARD ABOUT DEXTER THIS WEEKEND SO IT’S FITTING YOU JUST MENTIONED IT!!! I think I will follow up on this one

    Kris…I did not watch Twin Peaks.

    I started watching the 4400 online then I discoved they never finished it! So i stopped watching after 4 episodes too bad because it looked good.

    BigLostFan….I agree…I feel Locke and Ben may be brothers.

  25. Twin peaks was good but it was canceled before a finale could be done.
    Lost is the only show I actually will go to a website/blog about to find out info so I guess Lost is def my show. I agree flash forward is interesting because you are always guessing but it hasn’t taken a clear direction yet.

    I’ve heard good things about Fringe but I stopped watching after a few episodes.

    Many shows I like growing up didn’t have continuing story lines they were independent shows but I loved growing pains, hogan family, family ties, etc…

    I hate reality shows but besides Lost, Top Chef is the only other show I make a point to watch.

  26. I’ve never really been into a show like I have Lost. Except maybe Jericho – which had a terrible ending. I also liked Day Break, but it was canceled before finishing.

    FYI – only 42 more days until Lost is back!

    Happy Holidays to all you guys 🙂

  27. SCOTT!!! Daybreak was good!!! Did you catch the last episodes online? ABC had posted them on there some years ago.

    Happy Holidays to you all too!!!

  28. You all have probably found this out by now, but you can watch Season 1-4 and the last 10 or so episode from Season 5 on Hulu.com.

  29. The Black Donnelly’s was a good show too but was cancelled in the first season.
    Fringe-is my favorite next to Lost. I’d highly recommend it.

  30. I just started watching Flash Forward and am liking it so far. I guess I’m just a sucker for shows where I have no idea whats going on. Only watched the first 2 episodes so far, but so far I’m diggin it.

  31. Jason – I heard they put them online, but I never got around to watch it. I have it saved on my Netflix, but its been so long now I’m gonna have to start over to remember what happened.

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