The Incident – Lost Season 5 Finale

4 Sneak Previews of the Lost Season 5 Finale The Incident.

Here is the edited version of the first preview from yesterday.

Locke isn’t going to kill Jacob…

Jack and Sayid try to sneak around in plain sight. Not one of their better plans..

Kate tries to convince Sawyer and Juliette to go back to the island.

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  1. Now that we know that Esau, and maybe Jacob can take other person´s place, what if some of the losties we’ve seen from the start is really that person anymore??? Thats crazy….
    Maybe Jack?

    1. correcting: ”.. is not really that person anymore???”

      There was a time Jack and Charlie and Kate were being chased by the smoke monster, Jack disapeared and came back quite strange later.

  2. Scott- I miss the numbers on the posts which makes it easier to respond to certain comments. Other than that it looks good.

  3. Jason, you just described the movie The Thing. LOL

    I loved that movie with Kurt Russell.

    1. Jonathan, not Jason.

      Scott, this faux pas reminds that being able to edit or delete posts would be a nice feature.

    2. Dick, i remember that film, its really great! I had to look up in the dictionary for faux pas. I’m, brazilian.Good expression!

  4. I’t was quite a shock when i saw it was not locke who told benjamin to kill jacob. so if jacob is dead, all the supernatural powers will be gone, e.g richard alpert’s infinitive life wil be finished.
    i’m eagerly waiting to see what exactly that black smoke is and where it has come from, or the statue, who built it? who destroyed it?

  5. Scott, i got a little confused with the replies, because , even if they are new, they appear under the original comment, so before the earlier posts, so i almost missed them, thinking they were old posts that i ‘ve already read.
    Maybe if the replies have a different color, or something like that, i dont know, but the way they are, and with no numbers on the posts, i find it easy to miss them. I hope you understand what i mean.

  6. is there a way to read what people commented on specific posts. for instance i hit reply to your question scott but i do not see my response….how do i view what people have to say on certain posts

  7. never mind i get it now. if there were numbers to each post it would be easier to follow. there doesnt need to be a number to the replies just the original post. that would be perfect.

  8. Well i do say i like the duplicate comment detection… so i couldn’t post my comments regarding the new set up twice.

  9. If you remember how Lost begins and there are white letters and a black background, at the end of this episode there are now black letters and a white background. I heard this is the change between good and evil after Jacob’s “death.”

  10. Hey all, been away from the site for a while, I dig the new look, but i agree about the post numbers, but I believe Scott said he is looking into it.

    Some interesting theories above, but I feel I have to toally agree with what Adam said about this whole “shape-shifting” “body switching” concept. It is very weak and it takes away from the what makes the show great. Hopefully it is that only this Esau character that can do it with dead bodies that are on the island and ONLY bodies on the island.

    I think it would be stupid if Esau and Jacob had this ability because it would just get way too confusing for the audience and everything we have seen so far would be in question.

    I think it will only end up being the MIB being able to incorporate the dead who are unburied on the island.

    MIB being the smoke monster theory is good too, but I hope they are actually seperate entities. Smoke Monster is a fucking juggernaut!!

    They should give Smoke monster his own spin-off show after the season 6 finale.

    It could be called “Smoke Monster: Fucking shit up on a regular basis and killing pilots and shit” or something along those lines.

    It would have to play on cable of course

  11. Also, JS – thats an awesome theory about the black and white “LOST” title card.

    I think you may be dead on with that. Season 6 is gonna be crazy as all hell.

  12. so I have been rewatching some of the past episodes too and have been noticing things I’d forgotten.

    Like the episode when Sayid and Locke took Mikhail hostage and Locke pushed him through the sonic fence, well right before that happened Mikahil ( the eye patch guy) told Kate and Sayid they were not on Jacobs list because they were not good people or something to that effect and also he said to Locke, well Lockes a different story the John Locke that I knew was alot more and then dumb Kate said something and distracted them. why he make that comment about knowing John Locke , Humh!!

  13. Oh something else too.

    remember when Claire went to the physic dude Richard I think, and he told her that she had to raise her baby because the baby is evil, and he said her good nature is the only thing that could save the baby from its destiny, I had totally forgotten that that baby was suppose to be evil, and did anyone else forget that Claires mum was in a coma until Claire landed on the island, did anyone remember them showing us her waking up? I only remember seeing her talking to Jack at his dad’s funeral. I wonder if the Claires mum that we saw Kate give AARon to was really her, It could be concievible that the bad twin ( Esau, MIB) faked being her so he could get his hands on baby Aaron and raise him to do his evil bidding.

    1. Nice one BLF, I agree and think you’re onto a key point there – wasn’t it Jack’s dad who told Claire that her mum was never expected to wake up? What if Aaron was nabbed and taken back in time, to then eventually become “Esau” or even Jacob? Would be a great way of tying him back into the story for the final season.

  14. wow….i totally forgot all of that. do the writers really think most of us remembering that without re-watching??? good look on that.

  15. Aaron was the brother of Moses, but he was also responsible for the building of the Golden Calf that was worshipped as a false idol. Maybe the giant Egyptian statue is symbolic of the golden calf. I also think this season will have baby Aaron as a central character.

    Moses was forty days in the mount, and the people began to wonder what had become of him.

    So they asked Aaron to make them some images which they might worship, and that might guide them out of the wilderness. Aaron knew there was only one God, yet he did as the people desired.

    He bade them bring their golden ornaments to him; and then he melted them, shaped the metal into the form of a calf (one of the false gods of the Egyptians), built an altar before it, on which the people might lay their offerings, and told them that was their god that had brought them out of the land of Egypt.

    The next day the people offered sacrifice to this calf, just as the heathen, who did not know God, worshiped their idols, or false gods.

    But God saw this; and He was so displeased at their wickedness that He would have destroyed them all, had not Moses interceded for them. Then Moses came down from the mount to the camp, and asked Aaron how it was that he and the people had committed so great a sin.

    Aaron tried to excuse himself by laying the blame on the unruly Israelites. But there was no excuse for him. And after Moses had burned the calf, he ground it to a powder, and threw it into the water that supplied the camp.

    God also, though he had granted Moses’ prayer, commanded that great numbers of the people should be put to death for their sin.

    1. hey DS, thanks for that, but tell me what is the link between Esau, Aaron and Jacob? is there any?

  16. Karen if I remember correctly, Esau and Jacob were twins and constantly fought eachother in the womb and after birth and I believe that Esau and Jacob were desendents of Aaron.
    and also again if I remember correctly, I believe it was written that God favored Aaron, Isacc and Jacob above all others.

    1. BLF, you have it backwards. Aaron was a descendant of Jacob. Jacob is Aaron’s Great Great Grandfather. Here is the tree as I followed it:

      Jacob – twin brother of Esau
      Levi – would be Christian’s father Ray
      Kohath – would be Christian
      Amram/Jochebed – Claire
      Aaron/Moses – Aaron

      Amram, the father of Moses, Aaron and Miriam, whose wife Jochebed was “his father’s sister”.

  17. Dick, you are right!

    ya know what I think was interesting, wasn’t (correct me if I’m wrong) but didn’t Jacob’s wife get preggers with Benjamin after Jacob was already dead, like he was resurected just for her to get insemeniated so he could a son with Racheal, Am I right Dick S.?

    if so wouldn’t it be a hoot if Ben’s mom actually had like a affair with Jacob and got preggers with Ben and that’s trulely the reason why his dad hated little Ben.

    I don’t know I could possibly have the resurection thing confused with someone else.

  18. Dick Sargent….Damn I LOVE THAT MOVIE TOO and it is full of quotes! MY FAVORITE….”Somebody got to the blood…All I know is I did not take that blood”.

  19. Biglostfan. WOW on the thought of Esau possibly impersonating Claire’s mom to get his hands on Aaron. That would truly blow my mind if that were to happen. And, you are right, we never saw her come out of the Coma, so just assumed that she came out of it.

    I am beginning to wonder if Esau has been impersonating others for a while. I already think he inhabited Abbadon and Widmore as part of encouraging John to get the others to come back to the island. But, who else???

    Too bad we need to wait 8 months to find out. This totally sucks, and I am still “Totallylost.”

  20. I have a strange thought. Way way back in the posts there was quite a bit of discussion on how many of the losties have or had daddy issues (Sun, Kate, Jack, Miles, Hurley, Walt (at least at first), etc.

    Well, what if Esau is really Jacob’s father, and because Jacob was “special”, the father is jealous and wanted to kill him. I know, crazy, but Esau does look substantially older than Jacob.

    Another thing, did jacob die by the fire or by the stabbing. Or, maybe he is not dead at all. Perhaps the healing properties on the island can keep him from dying.

    Why did Illana call richard Ricardo or was it Ricardos??? How come she did not know his name. Is there some significance to that???

    Last, when Locke went to see Walt (In the life and death of Jeremy Bentham), didn’t Walt say something about a dream of locke in a suit with people around him?? If my memory is correct, was walt possibly trying to tell John to look out?? Maybe this means that we will see walt again. He needs to take care of Vincent!!!!

  21. totallylost,
    ilana probably call Richard Ricardos because the others used to speak latin and Ricardos is Richard in latin. and that is also why Richard answered to ilana’s question in latin.

    i am confused about this esau impersonating people but it is totally plausible. that would explain strange reactions, stories… i just dont think it to be fair that all this time we haven’t known this and we have based our theories in nothing after all! so i hope that it better turn out good!

  22. There have always been mysterious things popping up on the island with no explanation. The horse, the polar bear, Christian, Ecko’s brother, Boone, Hurley’s friend, Walt, etc etc etc. This would actually give some explanation as to why. This is nothing knew, this has been going on for five seasons with no explanation. Spirits, Smokey, Esau/MIB, Others, Jacob, all of the above?

  23. Ecko was by far my favorite character to appear on Lost. The fact that they disbursed him so quick and easy with no explanation and no reason never sat well with me. I was always hoping he would return at some point.

    Aren’t we lucky to continually get Rose and what’s his name Buford? Why couldn’t Smokey have taken them out and let Ecko make return appearances. Guess no one is calling Rose and what’s his name Howard? to appear in any movies so we are stuck with them. What is his name? Rose and something. Bernard, maybe?

  24. Dick, the only reason why Eko left the show is that the actor who played it refused to live in Hawai any longer. He was invited to participate again and he refused, so as Libby.

  25. Hello There!!

    Long time no see!! I´m glad to be here again and it´s also nice to read your good comments yet again. You guys here are the only ones i can talk about lost, my friends are not that interested in lost..what a shame!

    Scott, Great Job, i really like the new design!!

    You guys have talked about every topic so i have not much to say about lost, only that it was an awesome end and that the last logo scene (white backround – black letters) was somehow suspicious.

    i´ll leave more…later..

  26. I had to watch the season for the second time before I could fully clear up my thoughts about this.

    Now, my guess is that Esau is some kind of ‘spirit’, and that he can impersonate bodies, but only from dead people who are lying on the island.
    I believe this because I believe that the ‘ghost’ Christian Shepperd is in fact Esau. (Remember that the body of Christian somehow dissappeared from the plane?).

    The helpers of Jacob (Ilana) explained in the season finale that someone else was using Jacob’s cabin – and Christian/Esau was using it, as we’ve witnessed. I don’t think it is coincidence that ever since Locke ‘resurrected’ from the dead, Christian Shepperd seems to be gone. Esau found his new body, the body he needed to get to Jacob.
    Furthermore, when Ben took Locke to see Jacob in season 4 (which was a set-up), things started to flying around and Locke heared a voice: ‘HELP ME’. That must be Esau, who needed Locke as we know now.

    Somehow, Esau isn’t capable of killing Jacob. He needed someone else to do it, and Ben was ultimately the best choice, because Esau knew he could persuate Ben into doing it.

    First, I thought that Esau is also the Smoke Monster, but that isn’t the case. Esau/Locke seemed really surprised when Ben told him the smoke monster orded him to do whatever Locke told him to do, so it seems unlikely that they are one and the same.

    It might be possible that Jacob is also the smoke monster, because we know now that smokey is some kind of protector of the Island. He can be summoned by the leader of the others when there is trouble going around and help is needed. Also – in the light of the bible-references – the smoke monster is screening people before it decides wheter to let the person live or not. Ekko didn’t regret his actions, which were evil, even though they came from a noble perspective. Smokey (Jacob?) decided to kill Ekko.

    Last thing: remember how upset Locke/Esau looked after he heard Jacob saying: “They are coming”?
    My guess is that Jacob referred to the Losties, who are coming back to his timeline, and are somehow a danger to Esau – when Jack & co discover that Locke isn’t Locke at all. Jacob maybe knew that Esau would found a loophole, and maybe, he planned everything (he planned much, that is for sure, after noticing that he showed up in the past of our Losties).

    Only one season (17 episodes?) left, and so many new questions are raised for being answered…
    Season 6 will be one hell of a ride.

    1. Great thoughts, I think you are in agreement with the majority of things said on the site thus far. It is nice when someone puts it all together though so that it is easier to look at the overall.
      Regarding the portion below
      “First, I thought that Esau is also the Smoke Monster, but that isn’t the case. Esau/Locke seemed really surprised when Ben told him the smoke monster ordered him to do whatever Locke told him to do, so it seems unlikely that they are one and the same. ”
      I am still of the thinking that MIB is Smokey so here is what I would like to add to that. I think this just alludes to MIB’s lack of respect for people. I think MIB was just proving to himself that man is weak and can be manipulated thus him saying to Ben so just because Smokey told you to do what ever Locke says that you are just going to go ahead and do it. Like the first conversation between Jacob and MIB on the beach, MIB doesn’t want the ship to come to the island since he thinks that all men do is fight and destroy.

  27. Esau taking bodies and impersonating them is one thing but how do you explain Walt appearing in the jungle after the others took him? he wasnt dead so Esau could not have had taken his body, unless he can impersonate living people.

    I am watching season 1 and it is SO great to start all over again now that you know so much !!

    1. Well, Karen, that is a good question.

      But I think we have to keep in mind the fact that the producers/writers of Lost didn’t plan the whole series straight forward.

      It was only somewhere in season 3 when they started to complete their story, so we shouldn’t expect clues in the first two seasons about the finale of this series. Don’t expect everything to be flawless neither; with a series this complex and multi-layered, some questions are bound to be left unanswered.

      I could be wrong of course. My arguments are mostly based on my feelings and therefore I wouldn’t base your opinion’s on mine, if I was you.
      I even expect myself to be wrong about this, not because I am just spitting things out without any back-up, but because the writers of Lost are so damn innovative that season 6 will probably surprising for all of us, no matter how good our theories are.

    2. Karen,
      When you are re-watching do you mind having a look for something in the episode ‘Raised by Another”, it is Claire centric and I think it was in season 1.
      There is a scene where I think Claire is having a dream and Locke is in it and she asks why is this happening to her (I think refereeing to Ethan attacking her)
      Would you be able to tell me that if when Locke looks up one eye is white and one is black?

      And Ravi I am sorry but I have to disagree with you on this one. The producers/writers have said that from the beginning that they knew how it was all going to end. Everything in between was not planned out hence you get an episode like “Expose” every now and then but I am looking for most things to be connected and answered. For instance the white vs. Black with Locke’s game pieces, his eyes (maybe), the stone’s in Adam and Eve’s pocket, and now Jacob vs. MIB.

      1. Hey Jones, sure. I should get to that episode soon.
        I have noticed that in season 1 almost every episode starts with someone waking up and the eye being focused (debut of the pilot with Jack). does this mean anything? eyes… eyes are the window to the soul. also maybe a symbol for something else? like someone watching them? something around “watch” ? could this have a link to Jacob and Esau being the gardiens of the island?
        i agree with you about the black/white. it is not an accident but all well planned. also rose and bernard! black and white, maybe adam and eve? very interesting

        1. hey Jones,
          i watched the episode and i confirm: Locke had one black eye and one white eye. This is clearly an allusion to the stones found with A&E in the caves.
          Also, can Locke tell the future ?? he goes to Boone “its going to rain in a minute” and 1 minute later, it happens!

          1. Thanks Karen,
            I think it’s 100% awesome that through all the analysing we do with this show we can still notice new connections when we go back and watch from the start.
            About predicting the rain, Juliet informs Kate “It’s going to rain. Don’t you think we should wait ’til morning?” before they encounter the smoke monster. (“Left Behind”), In “The Beginning of the End”, when it begins to rain, Locke looks confused, as though it had caught him by surprise.
            So I’m not sure if it is Locke knowing the future, it could be but at the very least it shows some sort of connection or understanding of the island.

  28. C.P.L. Welcome back. I missed you!!!! I look forward to you comments next season!!!!

  29. Totallylost….it´s nice talking to you again! Can i ask you a question: Where are you from??

    However! The season final was awesome and also the story between Jacob and Esau-how you guys call him. But it was also a little bit lame, it´s like they hadn´t much time anymore and so they created quickly a new character who is a f**king shape shifter and who looks like the opposite of jacob. That makes a totally new story. The good thing is that we have now many answered questions if we are assuming that he is the smoke monster or at least that he was the one manupulating all the time the losties with faked identities. I personally like the new man and i also believe that Esau has something to do with the upcoming war.

    This picture of Walt´s dog Vincent in the cabin led me to believe that walt has maybe a sort of special connection to his dog, that´s maybe why he said to Locke last time when they met off the island that he has alsways bad dreams from the island!? Could it be that he has visions of what vincent sees? I know that sounds BS but there was also a picture of vincent in the cabin, which is/was probably Jacob/Esau´s cottage!? Maybe that´s Walts special ability?

    Whatever, that was my first thought when i saw vincent´s picture in the cabin..

    1. hey CPL
      i didnt notice the doggy picture (christ, where was my mind to not notice that!) but is totally an interesting and i think very relevant thing to point out! your theory Walt/dog could be totally possible!

      now also, why doesn’t Michael die??? he tried to kill himself many times without succeeding… i guess this is neither Esau nor Jacob, it must be someother power. Ben set Michael free so normally those two didnt decide anything… any thoughts on that?

      1. i think michael couldn´t kill himself because the island still needed him at this point, his work wasn´t already done, how Ben & co said. Not only michael couldn´t kill himself even other people couldn´t do it, remember Keamy on the freighter when he was told by sayid that michael is a traitor, he put out his gun and shot at him but nothing happenend so he just kicked his ass! ..i also believe jacob & esau had nothing to do with that…, but who knows the two are like damn wanna be gods!!

  30. I just wanted to point something out about the shape shifting or whatever we want to call it, that I noticed and could come in to play later (but most likely is nothing).
    In the case of Locke & Yemi (and maybe more) there were bodies (Eko found Yemi’s body at the beach craft wreckage site and Locke was dumped out onto the sand in the final episode).
    In the case of Christian (and maybe others) there were no bodies found.
    And in other cases people like Walt were not dead and still appeared.
    I am on board with the “MIB can take other people’s forms but Jacob cannot” theory but if Jacob was able to take other forms then maybe that info holds the key to figuring out who is who. When the dead bodies are still present it is MIB and when the bodies cannot be found it is Jacob.
    Just a thought.

    1. Also, it appears MiB (or Jacob) can possess people. For example: Rousseau friends.

      1. I think they would be in the category of MIB since they were dragged under the Temple protection wall by Smokie. I.E. Dragging them under, presumably killing them and then being able to take there form. This could possibly could relate back to the whole having to burry the bodies thing such that smokie will not be able to use them.

        1. and would also mean MiB can be more than one person at a time… unless its still possessing rather than re-animating.

  31. I wouldn’t be surprised if this season starts with Jack waking up on Ocean Flight 815 landing safely in California.

  32. what if the island is actually supposed to be the garden of eden, and Jacob & MIB are angels sent there to stay to protect it, and all the other things happening are insignificant. Many stories told about angels are that some love humans and some do not because they think God loves humans more than them because God gave us free will. maybe these two guys are just bored and are finding ways to spend their time.

    WOW, I think I’ve watched Dogma too many times.

  33. C.P.L. I live in Denver, Colorado, but originally from California!!!!

    Jones- Good thought.

  34. very frankly i dont know what will be the central theme of season 6. i mean ok, if jack wakes up in the plane and the plane lands safely then it ends there. its some sort of ending more than the beginning of a season.

    this would also imply that JAck, sayid, kate, sawyer, etc never knew each other and that nothing never happened, there is no history behind them. And if jack approaches say Locke and tells him that this and this happened in the island, he of course wont believe him and react just as Dr Chang did when Faraday told him that they were from the future. nonsense!

    So what will season 6 be based on ?? my guess is Widmore. The Darma Initiative… i dont think that we will be seeing much action in the island.

    1. I assume this season will center on Aaron and maybe Walt interacting with Aaron, but my guess is Aaron will be the key player this season. The setting will be present day as if nothing had ever changed and the plane never crashed. Then strange things will happen and somehow a grown up Aaron will end up back on the island.

      My guess, that was MIB/Smokey posing as Claire telling Kate that Aaron cannot go back to the island.

  35. definitely the 6th season is based on the fighting between the wrong side and the other wrong side(they are both wrong in my book!!).
    widmore and his group and that woman who brought the john’s corpse to richard are these two sides. What do they wanna do? what do they mean by this “WRONG SIDE WILL WIN” pharase????

  36. all of’em are in a loop, i mean time loop. I think the movie will finish when jack opens his eyes in the middle of the forest in the island exactly like the first episode of season 1. all these stuff they are doing leads them to nothing

  37. I remember that the producers stated once about what the fifth and the sixth season will be (i think?)! I just remember they said that the fifth is about why they had to go back to the island and how; and the sixth is why they have to leave again..??..nonsense, i forget that! Does somebody remembers??

  38. C.P.L –

    I believe youre right about what the producers said season 5 and 6 were to be about. I think I read that exact same thing somewhere before.

    If the season opens with 815 landing in LA – I am, for the first time, going to be very skeptical about this show. Ive always been rather faithful, and taken shit with a grain of salt, but if thats the case, then the previous 5 seasons were basically all useless in determining the outcome of the show.

    Then again, the writers never cease to amaze us, so I suppose I should just keep the faith.

  39. Also – I dont remember who came up with the theory of season 6 beginning with a scene of the Black Rock, but I think thats a great idea.

    However, for those of us that frequent this site, I dont think any of us would be surprised if it was revealed that Richard was the captain of the Black Rock, but I hope that if this scene is shown, that it is someone else in that role. I have no idea who though. Maybe…….Jacks Grandfather?

  40. LOL Moohaha!!! I am still with you in holding out some hope that Jack’s grandpa has some role in this whole thing, other than giving jack a pair of shoes.

    And, like you, if the plane lands in LA as if nothing happened, I am done. But, I have to beleive that the writers would not do us over like that.

    Also, maybe Richard is the first mate on the ship and not the captain, and Jacob gave hin eternal life because he is a good guy. After all he did say that Jacob made him the way he is.

    I still cannot believe that we have to wait another 8 months to start winding this thing up. THis may drive me to drink!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having withdrawls already. I guess I can go back and re-watch the entire series to see if there are things I missed.

    C.P.L- Let me take a stab at some German and say: Wieder zurück begrüßen. Du wurdest verfehlt!!!! I hope that came out right!!!!

    1. hey Tlost,

      Actually it doesn´t come out that right, but you wrote it correctly, that´s notable!! Anyway it´s very sweet from you!! German is an awful language, it´s very difficult, i can tell you that because german isn´t my motherlanguage, so well done.

  41. hey guys this might be a spoiler for next season so skip it if ya don’t wanna know,

    but I read somewhere (and keep in mind that I have absoulty nothing to back this up) that season 6 begins with Jack waking up in a hotel room staring at himself in the bathrrom mirror and he sees behind him on the floor some unknown person laying there and he calls 911 and tells them he has no idea where he is. crazy if this is true.

    1. Not crazy at all. Sounds like the typical Lost beginning.

      I thought Season 5 should have began with the Jacob and MIB scene on the beach and in typical Lost fashion the final scene of the year would have come full circle from the first scene of the year. That was the most important scene in the entire 5 years of Lost.

      That would have really been a WOW moment. People would have gone nuts. Instead of just starting the final show with that scene. I think they made a big boo boo.

      1. I can see what you are saying but personally I disagree.
        I think if it was shown at the beginning then the rest of the season would have lost its lustre. Knowing about the Jacob MIB conflict would have makes a lot of the great scenes of this season seem insignificant now but at the time they were mind blowing.

        1. I disagree with your disagreement, LOL. This season was just Lost. It had no plot or theme. It needed some direction or purpose. It needed something to hold it all together, unfortunately that didn’t come until the last episode of the year.

          1. Agreed that after the O6 got back to the island there seemed to be a general loss of plot line and direction.
            However I still stand by my personal opinion that showing us the Jacob MIB scene to early would have totally undermined the rest of the season. The build up to the incident was necessary and I think that next season is going to be based on the impact of the incident (ie the war people keep talking about).
            The writers/producers use there creative licence to show us things in a certain order and then we have to sort it all out part of the overall fun of the show.

  42. Dick Sargent, I thought the same thing about that scene like the day after I watched it.


    I also read, I believe on Lostpedia, that the opening sequence of “the life and death of Jeremy Bentham” episode was supposed to be the opening scene of season 5. SO they are constanly changing the order that we are shown things.

    If anyone forgets, its the scene with Locke on the beach after the 316 crash, where Caeser asks him his name, and it is revealed to be Locke.

    So while that scene may actually exist, Biglostfan, they may very well change the order of it during the next season. Its too early to tell.

  43. well…. in these long discussions and given theories some little things are overlooked, like how the whispers come and where do they come form when the others appear or like christian. the monster and who created it? and an stupid thing i noticed i was watching the last episode of season 2 when saied sees the wrecked statue(the foot part), the remain of the statue a little beneath the knee but in the episode(the incidence) is a little above the ankle.(stupid ha?). and something i fiqured out is that jacob’s friend who was in locke’s body was in alex’s too because if that guy wanted ben to follow him he appeared in alex’s body to convince him to folllow him(in temple when alex disappeared he appeared). I think he can appear in whoever’s body he wants(maybe christian too). another question is that why jacob’s friend cannot kill jacob himself?

  44. My theory is they are twin brothers Jacob and Esau. Esau wanted to kill Jacob for stealing his birthright of the first born son. When Esau was marching on Jacob who was returning from hiding from Esau for a period of twenty years, Jacob was confronted by an angel sent from God and upon wrestling and pleading with the angel who I believe is Smokey God saw he was repentent. This is why I believe Smokey allows repentent people to live while killing those who are not repentent of their sins.

    Jacob repented while wrestling with the angel and was forgiven by God. Esau was then forbidden to kill Jacob by God, hence the you know how much I really want to kill you quote and why Esau cannot kill Jacob. This is why Esau impersonated Locke and convinced Ben to kill Jacob.

    I am also looking for a limp on Jacob because in the Bible Jacob’s hip was broken when wrestling with the angel and he was crippled from that moment on.

  45. I am totally with you guys, if the season starts with a new old beginning then most things what happened were just nonsense!! I hope jack won´t wake up safely in L.A. an also not in the jungle right after the 815 crash again!

    If the h-bomb really detonated then everybody on the upper side should be dead, more…the half island should be destroyed. So if the losties were send to 2007 again, what´s actually def. not possible, i mean how would that work, the islands timeline is since Locke corrected again and the time jumps are over!…. or are they just gonna be blown away into 2007….BS!!!
    The other more meaningful possibility is that everything starts were it ended, right after the detonation in 1978!

    Now i have question: Shouldn´t be the original Jacob in the 70´s like the losties. I think he was on the island when the wheel was turned by Ben & Locke and that would mean he should be also in the 70´s, but how we all saw Jacob waited for Esau/Locke in the statue in 2007….that makes no sense, except we´re assuming that “godfather Jacob” affects other Island Rules what´s the only possibility (Esau too)!?!

  46. I believe Jacob was killed present day by Ben and the bomb was detonated in the 1970s meaning that Jacob could never have been killed?

    If Ben was used by Esau/MIB/Smokey to kill Jacob present day, but was actually blown up on the island in the 1970s he would not have around present day to kill Jacob?

  47. Dick Sarge,

    If the the losties really changed/created a new future then i am assuming that it should affects Jacob too!? So maybe you´re right and because of the new past Jacob is still alive, but remember what Faraday said, that a person who travels in time can die where ever he is because for that person it´s his present time, indifferent if he is in the 70´/50´s or elsewhere! So Jacob should be dead but who knows maybe there are others rules applicable for him!?

  48. oh sorry….. . jacob didn´t travel in time as far as we know, but…. . i think you know what i mean – dead is dead!

  49. Hello all

    Hello all….I thought season 6 was going to be about why they had to go back????

  50. I also read that Terry O’quin was still going to be playing Locke….but as bad Locke…. in other words….dead is dead.

  51. I thought season 5 was just about why they had to go back. I mean even after an entire season no one knows why they had to go back. Maybe they are going to take a second shot at answering the same question as last season. LOL

  52. season 6 will be about why they were chosen. After all, they all sort of bumped into each other or had someone in common in their past lives. coincidence?
    im fed up of having to wait season 6, there is nothing much to talk about till that… hey scott what about posting a thread “Waiting for Season 6” or something like that? we’re going into many different subjects here.
    on a personal comment, its so windy here! im fed up with this wind tonight, my fences are going to fall ! geez…

  53. Karen….send that wind THIS WAY…

    Because I was stuck in the middle of the lake in my saiboat this weekend with no wind to get me back!!!! I got towed in by a jetski!

    Scott….. Or maybe another thread that just deals with a topic you throught out there…Like a topic of the week etc…etc….. example: Topic of week one: “Sawyer’s nicknames”… I know bad example but just a suggestion.

  54. yes agreed with Jason! good suggestion!
    sorry to hear about your sailboat… quite an anecdote though! 🙂

  55. A new thread would be nice, I find it is harder to navigate the new webpage format when there are a lot of posts.

  56. What are everyone’s thoughts on the paged comment technique i did. Right now it only shows the most recent 50 comments, and then the rest go to an another page that you get to by clicking “older comments”. I can change that back so all comments are displayed on one page if you’d like.

    I can also turn off the threaded comments option if your finding it to hard to keep up with whats new.

    Also – still working on getting the post numbers added back for you.

    Let me know..The site is for you guys so I wanna make sure you’re all happy with it.

    1. I do like the threaded comments option but with so many posts on so many different topics it does make it hard to not miss some comments. I am pretty new to this whole posting thing so if anyone has some suggestions on how they keep everything straight I would greatly appreciate it.
      The paged comments do help keep things organised.
      Scott, did you consider the agree disagree button for each comment?

  57. Hey Scott. I think it works well with older and new comments. Not a huge fan of the threaded comments though.

  58. Hey Scott,
    I personally like it, it must took you a lot of effort and time, all because you love us all! thanks 🙂
    listen, although i like it, i think that the number of the posts would be great. Also, the fact that one can reply to a thread is great but i always have to go back to the threads to see what people have replied and so it doesn’t make it very practical.

    I think it is better to keep the last 50 posts instead of having all 400 of them, you can still see them by going back. however Scott, can’t we create a new thread? someone had a good idea, like topics of the week. can’t we create threads?

    the agree/disagree button is a vvvv good idea!

  59. I think its a little harder now to keep track of all the most recent comments by not thaving them at the bottom of the page. Especially if you are away from the site for a few days. However, it may just be because this thread is so long at this point.

    Post # will def help I think. I know youre working on that too Scott.

    Thanks a lot for ensuring that those of us who care have a place to discuss the show on a daily basis. Your effort is much appreciated.

    Agree/Disagree button could be cool too.

  60. Back to speculating about the show, I dont think anyone has even mentioned this at all yet. So we have, potentially, our next mini-topic of discussion here……

    When Sun found Charlie’s “DS” driveshaft ring. I think this my be relevant to something that will happen in season 6. It defintiley wasnt just closure on the fact that Charlies ring wasnt left in the crib never to be found.

    Why would it end up with Sun? I think at some point in season 6, Sun will either A) encounter Claire and end up giving the ring to Claire. B) somehow encounter Charlies Spirit on the island and show it to him for some reason, or C) end up passing the ring along to Aaron when she gets back off the island.

    What do you guys got on this?

    1. I thought it was just to prove that was definitely their old campsite. Nothing more.

      1. It very well may have been just something simple. But maybe it was to lead to something more. I just re-watched the episode and thought it may have possibly had some further signifigance. Especially because we know that Sun now has the ring. Maybe she needs to bring it to the volcano on the island and cast it into the fire where it was made, so that Sauron will be destroyed and Middle Earth will live in peace. Who the fuck knows?!!!! This show is insane!

  61. ya know I was thinking that, what if we had like a past show of the week , like maybe starting from the pilot and knowing what we know now about the show it would be cool I think to go back and revisit some of these past shows and how they can relate to now. I have already starting watching some past episodes they have been showing them on sci fi channel during the day and I dvr them and watch them later, or since Scott already can post a clip preview I wonder if you can post the entire episode for those who can’t do what i’m doing, I’ m just thinking this would be a great way to keep us busy and still excited about the new and final season. just a thought.

  62. Right now Scott all I want to know is where are you at in that photo….an Alaskan cruise!!! lol.

    Biglostfan: great IDEA!!!

  63. ok since there is not really much going on, just wanted to point out how much i loved Ana lucia’s character! Im currently watching season 2 so thought i commented on that, for the souvenir 🙂

    Also i had a thought watching final episodes of season 1. So there is John and Jack having a little chat after john has seen the monster twice. First time he seemed inmarvelled by it and second, which was a much closer encounter, quite scared.

    He then has the chat with Jack about being a man of science and of faith (Jack/John) and Jack says he’s a man of science and not of faith and Locke tells him that he IS a man of faith but that he just doesn’t know it yet.

    couldn’t we maybe conclude that when Locke had the encounters with the monster he saw what was going to happen (well not all, but partly). And that in his 2nd encounter with the monster he saw scary things and that was the reason of his fear, what the future was reserving to the losties?

    Just an hypothesis i thought i’d mention

  64. We’ve got a serious problem to explain.
    We know that Michael while off the island couldn’t die, even when he tried to kill himself many times and others (e.g. the boat captain) try to kill him. We also know that when Ben visits Charles Widmore that Ben cannot kill Charles, or Charles cannot kill Ben for that matter. These people cannot die while off the island.

    So, here is the serious problem:
    How then was Ben able to kill Locke?!?

    And, is this in anyway related to Ben’s ability to kill Jacob?

  65. Ron,
    Locke was supposed to die! Remeber what C.Shepard said to him down under in the tunnel where the wheel is, he told him that he had to sacrifice his own life so that he can come back to the island after turning the wheel, that means that the island wanted him dead, it was necessery.

    I don´t believe that killing Locke has something common with killing Jacob!! Ben is just A f++ing icecold murderer, that´s all!!

    I think now we know all how much you loved Ana-Lucia! She was def. the hottest woman ever in the show, but i have to say that she was also kinda of arrogant, even when i like that by a women it wasn´t that good for the show!

    Good thought about what Locke probably saw in the smoke monster back in season 1, maybe your´re right and he really saw parts of the near future i.e. perhaps he saw that he is supposed to die?

    1. Yes, Christian Shepard tells Locke he has to die. But, Christian Shepard is actually Esau, who is deceiving Locke. And the fact is, Locke didn’t come back to the island, well alive anyway. It wasn’t the island that wanted Locke dead, it was Esau.

      So, I think the problem remains:
      How then was Ben able to kill Locke while off the island, where Michael, Ben and Charles are unable to die?

      1. so in that case, let’s put it like this. Esau can only take dead bodies ok, so he took Christian’s, passed himself as Jacob, told Locke he had to die so that he could take his body and since the others had already taken him as the leader, he could finally kill Jacob.

        So maybe Esau was not content about Michael leaving the island and he “punished” him with not being able to die, but for him, Locke was the solution to his problems and made him be able to die.

        Locke was an exception. I guess now i understand Mikhail not being able to die (although he finally did, but that hasn’t been confirmed). Its the same as Michale (hey funny coincidence, Michael/Mikhail)

        Ben and Charles have never tried to kill themselves or been at gunpoint or something… no?

  66. Yes, i thought the same about Esau, but i decided not to wrote it down! However, i think that Esau has or IS like Jacob an island power and/or because of that he is a part of the island and can let people die or not…..i believe!?!? I mean Esau is probably the island, or at least the black smoke monster! Hope you know what i mean! ..however it happened, i don´t know exactly why but there have to be a reason, who knows what??

  67. Ron- The reason why Ben could not kill Widmore is because either Widmore was Ben’s constant, or there is a special rule that governs whether “others” can kill “others.” This rule clearly kept Easu from directly killing Jacob.

    Now, while this rule may apply off island, I don’t think, as in the case of Widmore, that someone other than an “other” can kill him off island. I just think that Ben was specifically prevented from killing hin, but if Desmond put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, Ben would die. Same with Ben. Maybe Widmore could not kill him, but I am sure that someone else could if they outsmarted him.

    As for Michael, I don’t think that killing yourself is a violation of the rules, like killing an “other” Also, Michael needed to atone for his sins (killing Libby and Anna, scamming the others, etc), so the island would not let him die unitl he did completed his atonement.

    So, there does not seem to be any reason why Ben could not kill Locke, as Lock was not an “other.”

    I hope that made sense.

    1. this is getting complicated… i hadn’t thought about the constants and variables, etc… very mathematic all that 🙂

  68. Thanks Moohaha. Jack look hot in the picture in that link (remember, I am a girl!!). Right Karen??

    Also, interesting tidbits about next year. I think I am almost done speculating, as the writers have outsmarted many of us at each turn.

    1. haha! i thought Jack was pretty on the first seasons, his leadership gave him a lot of charisma. now i think he’s not attractive anymore – the only one that tops every other is Jim Lafleur !!!!

      i agree with you about stopping speculating. it is also fun and if u read past posts you can see that a lot of people speculated things that really happened! kinda guessing game.

      I personally dont really know what’s going to happen on season 6 but i am thinking its going to be really lame since all the action has already happened and the end of season 5 will lead to the non-happening of all the past events! so what’s that’s going to be about ??! we’ll see

  69. anyone have any thoughts on why they included the episode Expose in season 3? from the 5 seasons aired so far, i first thought this was the most pointless – introducing two characters Nikki and Paulo just to have them killed off (buried alive by Hugo!) in the same episode, very strange.

    very strange, unless they used it to distract us from a key scene halfway through… for those of you interested, watch from 20mins into this episode. Paulo sneaks into the Pearl hatch to hide the diamonds while the Nigerian plane is still hanging off the cliff. While he’s in there, Ben and Juliet walk in (while Paulo hides in the bathroom) and Ben asks “why is the hatch open?” and then I’m SURE he asks Juliet to “cover it up with the plane”. Now this is before the plane was on the ground…

    So was this episode suggesting Juliet somehow influenced the plane coming down with Boone in it?? I’m starting to think Juliet’s exact role in the show hasn’t been fully revealed yet…

    Another interesting statement from Locke in this episode “things don’t stay buried on this island” said to Paulo after he was caught burying the diamonds.

    The writers justified this episode, saying that Paulo and Nikki were unliked and just had to be killed off. But in fact I think they were slowly introduced only 2 episodes prior to wrap a random story to distract from a few key scenes. As Sawyer said a couple of times “who are these people?” which I think everyone was thinking at the time.

    Apologies for long post. Thought it needed to be thrown out there!

  70. Ok….we or almost we…. all think Esau is the changling…. So, with that being said, was Esau Ben’s mom?

  71. Jason….

    Damn, i never even thought about that. That is a great point. Im with you in saying that yes, Esau mustve been Bens mom.

    Esau was probably planning to use Ben against Jacob all that time while he was growing up on the island.

    Patient guy this Esau is

    1. its funny how now everyone calls him Esau ! we might discover his real name in season 6, maybe he’ll be called Julian or Alexis and we’ve been calling him Esau this whole time !!! 😀 sorry im tired…

  72. your´re totally right Karen, i am also wondering the hole time WHY everybody calls the man in black Esau – sorry i´m not that intelligent, but who the fuck is actually Esau in real history??? how and why you guys call him that way?? On the other hand another name for this guy is very dificult to find out, we know nothing about who or what he is or could be!

    Wow, it´s totally boring at the moment here on this site! Looks like nobody has any idea what topic we could talk about! I too! I was a little bit thinking in the last time how the show will be gonna end? But there you can only speculate – thousands of possibilities!!!

    But, i´m now remembering that a few days ago i saw an interview with matthew fox (jack). It was a little bit interesting because of the reason that he said that he already knows the last “image” of Lost – Carlton Cuse told him! He didn´t tell of course what the last image look a like but he was just saying that : ” there can´t be any future of lost” (his own words!!!!! HA!! What does he meant with that??

    1. HI CPL,
      I think ‘Esau’ is being called ‘Esau’ because in the Bible, Jacob and Esau are brothers. They have an extreme case of sibling rivalry and I think Esau is refered to as a ‘hairy man’ – which could fit with the guy in Lost. Although i don’t think that Lost is specifically about religion the writers have used so many allusions to many different religions it seems that Esau is an appropriate name until we know any better.

      You are right, it is quiet around here.

      But I have exciting news – am going to see Daniel Dae KIm in The King and I this weekend!

  73. I have a question now for you guys: Am I right when i´m saying that Sayid is DEAD!?!? I mean when i´m remembering right the last scene we saw him he was in the VW Van, shot, and shortly before he should die, how sayid said, that for him there isn´t any rescue possible!! Then Jack & Co left and went down to the swan for the final end! So i´m assuming either he is really dead (that´s bullshit, he was one of my favourites) Or because of the detonation they really changed the future and Sayid will be alive!?!?!

    What are you guys thinking???

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