LaFleur – Episode 5.08

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Here are this week’s sneak previews of Lost episode 5×08 entitled LaFleur. Also, I’m heading down to South America for a 3 week vacation, so I wont be able to post any updates (OR EVEN WATCH LOST) during that time! I leave it up to you guys to keep the convo going as you always do.

Daniel confirms the flashes have stopped and where they are is where they are stuck.

The Losties watch the Others put a bag over a woman’s head (who do you think she is?), and Juliet saves Sawyer from being shot.

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  1. Never doubt the ring and the shoes, another could be Ben couldn’t go back because he turned the wheel so did Locke, Sun gave birth after conceiving on the island. That could be the million dollar answer.

  2. Yogi, Jones and Richard, thanks a lot, very cool posts.

    Two answers are better than only one.
    1st theory was they not travel in time because all they hold something from other people who still are in the island. Sun, the wedding ring’s from Jin and John the shoes from Christian Shepherd.
    (Sayid really disappeared but he landed in other main’s island part , Frank and Ben were not from Oceanic 6)

    2nd theory was Locke and Sun are very special. Sun conceive a baby in the island, and John is a new resurrected man as Christian is, a sacrificed.

    Both theories would be complementary. thanks for your smart thougts..

    To Jason, 393
    don’t worry.. humor is always the harder to catch in another languages..

  3. I still don´t know what´s about being buried on the island means!? Last days i watched some parts of old lost episodes and after the purge i.e. Ben said to Alpert to let his dead father in the van; after they purged the DI gang they threw them into this big grave, but not buried them! Maybe to never receive peace after death? Or could this mean, like someone wrote in an older post that maybe the dead, not buried people were taken by the smoke monster as “puppets”,…could be right?, also…does maybe someone knows if we ever saw appearances (by smokey, i guess) from dead people which were not buried on the island (without c.shepard who is i think an exception, or is he buried? Whyever); or wasn´t that ever a reason anyway. I know this question sounds stupid, but think about that only once!

  4. Sorry, i meant if we ever saw people which WERE BURIED on that island as an appearance to somebody!? And another correction: c.shepard isn´t buried too, so he “can” appears always again to people!

  5. C.P.L. good theory one problem Annalucia was buried and she showed up again in 5.01.

    Maybe on the island they can come back if they’re not buried……

  6. Hi all. I’ve just watched this episode again. Has anyone come up with a theory as to why Ethan’s last name is not Goodspeed? Also, where was He during the purge? I wonder if he was stolen by the others (perhaps for a breach of peace) or He went willingly to them like Ben did. If he went willingly, was he really a part of killing his dear old dad?

    I know there were a lot of comments about the picture taken of the losties, and how people would have seen it. Did we ever see the others or the Losties at the processing station throughout the 5 seasons? I thought that the processing station was near the sub, and the barracks were further inland, as it appears that you have to be driven there from the sub. So, isn’t it possible that the photo was truly there all along and just not seen by anyone? After all, the processing station was a lot more dilapidated than the abandoned hydra station. What is my pojnt? I don’t know.

    Radzinsky. Why his obession over Sayid being an other and seeing his plans for the swan station. Maybe they were warned not to build it and he ignored it?

    The Plane crash- Were the Dharma numbers being spoken on the radio when the they sent out a mayday? If so, how can that be as I thought all that stuff was turned off after Danielle et al stopped her transmission and the looking glass jamming was relased by Charlie.

    That’s all for now. 1 day to go!!!!!

  7. CPL, post 400. That’s not entirely correct. Horace was buried (well semi buried… well put into a hole but not covered with soil) and he appeared to Locke

  8. and yes also Libby and Anna Lucia. that really sucks that Anna Lucia was killed, that was the stupidest call from the writers !!

  9. Totallylost,
    Ethan Rom is an anagram of ‘other man’ which is in reference of him being an outsider or as we now know an ‘other’. I think at the time the writers were concerned with this and had not decided that his last name would eventually become Goodspeed. Probably the best explanation now would be he was just lying about his last name.

    Also, I think the swan is where the hydrogen bomb seen in ‘jughead’ was buried and that is why Radzinsky didnt want Sayid to see the plans. My reasoning for this is that electromagnetic radiation is part of what makes an h-bomb tick and that the bomb must be integral to the story otherwise what was the point in introducing it so late into the lost storyline as essentially, these two last seasons are wrapping up all the mysteries.

  10. CPL thank you for the sneak peaks! most interesting one is the third one, we kind of begin to understand why Sayid is then working with Ben, they established a complicity at that time… interesting

  11. Karen….first about the buried bodies; Horace, as i mentioned he was thrown into this mass grave from the others for the dead DI members, where Locke was shot into it by Ben, but they weren´t buried (also Horace) – and that was my point! However, your right about Libby & Annalucia, i thought that also before i posted my theory and i also remembered that they both showed up only OFF the island, never on the island as an appearance. (..Please correct me if i´m wrong!!)

    Next thing is about the Sayid centred next episode with the title “he´s our you”, as you can see in one of the trailers, Sawyer brought Sayid to this tent where this strange guy lives, he´s a torturer, the DI´s torturer! So finally i hope we will get good Sayid-Action, how i´m accustomed by him!! I also think ít will be really cool to see something about Sayids youth, as i saw the guest star list, we´ll see different time period of Sayids life, i think very interesting!

    Last think is about Radzinsky. He said to Sawyer/Jin after they captured Sayid and brought him into the flame that he´s maybe a spy, and saw the swan-mini-construction. That led me to think that the others maybe tried once to get infos about the DI, and at last to take over the hole DI (buildings). They did, and maybe they spied out the toxic gas station (the tempest?) and so they learned how to gas(purge) everybody of the DI!!! I mean Ben was a Workman – like his father, so i don´t think he was even allowed to enter the toxic gas station, and so to “spy” for the hostiles. Somehow, somebody found out to work with this station and we know what happened, it was too the first thing what Faraday & Charlotte did on the island after entering, switch off the gass station!!

  12. The pictures in the processing room from the losties in the seventies bothers me a little bit because why were there only pictures from the 70´s or did we don´t get to see more but there are pictures of every year from the new recruits? Because when i´m remembering right there was the incident in 85´ and the purge in 92´, so that should mean the DI existed a long time after the losties went back, OR were the pictures hanging there really the only ones, i mean from the 70´ because maybe the losties changed somehow something in the past and so the DI were only till the end of the 70´ on the island??..No! WHATEVER i don´t know and it´s not important, i think!

  13. C.P.L,
    About only seeing photo’s from the 70’s. C.Sheppard brought them into the room and probably brought him right to the correct period/place in the room so it is possible that there are more and we just don’t see them because they are in a different section or on a different wall. It could also be that the there are no more recent photo’s because of a change made in the past meant there was no DI past the 70’s (although I don’t think that this is correct it is very much a possibility).

    I think Ben was a workman but I also think part of his job was to make deliveries to the different stations making it possible to gain intel. If indeed the purge doesn’t happen until 92 any number of people could be the ones that tip the hostiles off regarding the tempest.

  14. yes Ben was a workman but he had also had contact with Alpert so i guess that this allowed him to have access to many other parts of the island.

    coming back to my post 415, forget it. they couldn’t have established an “alliance” or whatever in the past since the past is the future for sayid and ben since the episode of the economist happened in their past. ben being a kid again for sayid is the present/future. complicated geez ! hope you get my point

  15. Has anyone considered the fact the hostiles probally needed help with the purge,( do you really think Ben is the only one they needed to make this happen) I’m sure that some of the Dharma people other than Ben helped, Maybe like our losties. I bet they end up helping with the purge from the inside. and also if you see the wall Christian points out with the Dharma pictures on it, isn’t there more than just the amount that he was calling out.( like he said here’s 72,76,78, oh yeah here’s 77 ) there is a whole other row to the left with more pictures, so Its possible they were there for longer.

  16. Oh and has anyone looked at the Ten lost Tribes from the Bible? Guess who fathered these 10 tribes?—
    He had 12 children and split them into tribes to rein.
    guess what his last child was named?
    and Jacob had a son named Levi,
    Guess who is a decendant from him?
    Haven’t figured out how this relates but I def see some simularities there!

  17. well definitely ben got help from the others but do u really believe that the losties helped killed the DI ?? i dont think so! ok Sayid, Jack and kate are not very attached, but i think that SAwyer, Juliette, etc are already attached to the initiative and as Sawyer said, these people trust him and respect him. no way that ben got their help, they seem descent people, not like ben.
    just my thought on that matter

  18. interesting for sure….cant just be coincidence right? i dont think so. there is to much bible going on in this show tho.

    jason –

    i dont know how i missed those. think ben is going to have to kill young ben. before the show is over i think some people will die.
    juliet i think for sure
    and maybe sawyer.

    just hunches tho

  19. What about Ethan. He was just a kid when the purge happened, how did he get to be with the others? I did read somewhere, people from biblical times would somehow ( I don’t know) check childrens dna to find a particular Y chromeazone (no spellcheck, sorry) to see if they were decendants from a particular line like Abraham,Moses,Issac, and Jacob. So this could possibly be why they took the children, to find if they are “Special” meaning decendants from Jacob. they would find this because they would only allow those with the right genes to rein in their predacessors place to keep the kings or rulers of the same lineage of the same tribe. each tribe ruled its own section.

  20. C.P.L, the incident was not in 85′, it was before that.
    The swan orientation film wich refers it is dated 1980.
    So, the incident must have happened sometime close to 1980, in the end of 1979 or 1980.

    Jones, a question for you, considering your understanding that everything that is happening has happened before and there is only one timeline:

    How come Rosseau didnt remember Jin when they first met in 2004? I ask you this because nobody who shares your belief has a plausible explanation for that.

  21. adam!!! I agree…!!! I think he might end up killing them too that is if they don’t convert….

  22. Spaeaking of others helping during the purge….what about the russian One eye man???? He mentioned the purge to sayid….way back in season 3

  23. Jason- you are right that “Patchy” or Mikial mentioned the purge in season 3, but I need to go back to remember what he said about it. He was definatley shady, and does not die easily.

  24. Jonathan,
    They have never had a real scene together. Rousseau may have recognized Jin at some point and we just don’t know and she didn’t say anything. It’s possible that there either wasn’t enough interaction between them or Rousseau simply kept her mouth shut. They never spoke to each other, and I highly doubt Rousseau felt to be in a position to say “I know it sounds crazy, but I met you 16 years ago and you haven’t aged since”. There have only really been three times that they were in the same place, once in season 1,3,&4.
    Although it is a weak argument, it is a posibility.

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