Will the Island Bring Locke Back to Life?

I for one hope that by bringing Locke’s body back to the island he will NOT magically jump out of the coffin and start playing backgammon again. However, I’ve started watching Lost again from the beginning just to see if I pick up on anything that I’ve missed or forgotten.

In part 2 of the pilot Claire mentions that she has not felt the baby (Aaron) move since yesterday (the day of the crash). Baby’s normally kick and move and all that good stuff, but Aaron is either being lazy and sleeping for 24 straight hours or he died in the crash.

Later on in that same episode Jin is making some fish and he wants other people to try it first to make sure its not poisonous. Hurley declines, but Jin is able to talk Claire into trying it. Not 2 seconds after she puts it in her mouth and swallows, she instantly feels Aaron start kicking. Could it be that the fish she ate which came from the island brought Aaron back to life?

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  1. Good point you bring up. I was not thinking of the fish though.. I thought did the island by itself bring the pregnancy back to life, or as you sy AAron back to life. You never know it could be the fish, but I do think it makes me feel like there will be a Locke resurection..

  2. That is a good point, I’ve been watching the episodes over again because my husband never seen it, he got into Lost this past season, so she watch season 1 thru 3 and he enjoyed it, that that is a good one about the fish with claire.

  3. scott –

    I heard that they released like 10, 1-2 minute unseen clips? My cousin said he found them on youtube.com but i cant seem to find anything other than some stuff thats clearly not new. he said they were from all the seasons and some are pretty helpful….

    any idea what he’s talking about?


  4. yes they were first released to verizon customers i think but ended up being on youtube…..i could be very late to this party cuz im not sure when they came out. I just heard about them. so i was wondering.

    shehzad – know where i can find them or what i have to put into youtube to get to them?


  5. thanks.

    just watched them. didnt really get the importance of some of them but some were cool. who was that old lady with juliette and what was in that envelope? what do they know about walt that we dont?

  6. The old lady is Amelia….

    The theory is the writters threw the lady as an omage to Amelia AirHeart… She was also in the first episode of season 3 when Juliette was hosting the book reading party…That mobisode scene is before the party.

  7. I have a number of Locke feeligs….

    1) Ben actually killed him.

    2) He’s not really dead….

    3) He will return to the island to be resurrected

    4) It’s not really Locke (the writters moved an Island…anything is possible now)

    5)…I will think of more as they come…lol.

  8. Yeah Ian, as far as the Rousseau and the black rock theroy, we (the viewers) definitley got hosed.

    I couldve swore that about a year or so ago, the writers or producers confirmed that we were going to get an episode with Rousseau’s backstory. Im 100% positive they said that.

    I remember reading about it in the same article that said the others had a submarine, and that they were going to do an episode with backstory on Nikki and Paulo. So this was sometime before the middle of season 3.

    …and both of those other things came to fruition, so where the hell is the Rousseau story. Fuck!!!

  9. i think island can bring back to life or heal people if they are dead or injured off the island. if they are dead/injured on island, island is helpless or something like that. i’m now watching LOST from beginning too.
    p.s. were anybody of you play lost expierience game. if were I think we should think about Hanso Foundation and Dharma stations and so on.
    p.p.s. did you know that in mission impossible 3 credits there is special thanks for Hanso foundation (check tis: http://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/Image:On_Screen.jpg) and on cloverfield opening titles there is Dharma logo (check this: http://www.lostpedia.com/images/thumb/6/60/Cloverfield_-_Dharma_Logo.jpg/800px-Cloverfield_-_Dharma_Logo.jpg)
    p.p.s sorry for my bad english and (maybe) spam to lostpedia but i think it is very useful website for lost fans

  10. My feeling on this is that the island somehow no longer needed Locke and allowed him to die. Similar to Michael, who was not allowed to kill himself – but then he was told “You can go now” before the freighter exploded.

  11. Jin did not want people to try the fish to see if it was poisonous…he was trying to feed people

  12. Not that it really makes a difference either way, I disagree.

    Sun tried to pick the fish up to presumably eat it, but Jin smacked her hand away. Then he went to give it to Hurley and got mad when he wouldn’t eat it and then moved on to Claire.

    I think he was making sure it wasn’t going to hurt him or Sun before they ate it.

  13. I don’t know. Wasn’t Jin the son of a fisherman? He should have known what was okay to eat and what wasn’t.
    I think he was trying to establish his place in the group. Even though he didn’t speak the language he could provide food, therefore exhibiting his skills.
    This was “old” Jin. I don’t think his main goal was to protect
    Sun the way “new” Jin does. Slapping her hand away is what you would do to a child, I think he was demonstrating his dominance over her.

  14. You’re right though, it doesn’t really make a difference now. Just fun to debate about while on hiatus.

  15. messeis….

    I have to agree with everything you have stated about Jin…

    And yes….it is fun.

    (has anyone else seen the clip of the “smoke monster” exploding the airplane engine in the very first episode… I thought it was just an internet computer generation when I first saw it…..But I slowed up my DVD player and saw the same thing…wow… check it out…


  16. The island demanded that Locke leave the to bring back his friends who had left. The island often requires sacrifices, and this time it was Locke. Of course the Island knew that this would result in his death, but that was the required catalyst to bring everyone back together and in search of the island.

  17. I have been watching Season 1…(again…geez)…. It has come to my attention a possible over looked theory…. This theory came to me while watching the episode where Boone experienced the killing of his sister Sharon…. It then popped into my head…how many times have we seen people on the island have conversations with someone that they thought was real either with a person in a dream or some shape shifting anomaly that takes on the form of people…or whatever you want to call it. (EXAMPLES: Mr. Echo and his brother…or with Anna Lucia… or Locke and Walt…. or Sawyer and Locke with his “father” (say what you want I just don’t think that was actually Locke’s father)…. Or how about Jack and his father….Do I need to go on here….I think you may get the point)

    Eitherway….. for now I am leaning towards that individual in the coffin as being the shape shifting anomaly… at least for now….

  18. Nobody has looked at the importance of the name of Jeremy Bentham that Locke has choosen for himself. Well I googled him and got this about his main theory as a socialist philospher “This means that we ought to judge any action we take, by its utility – in such that we should consider whether it will be useful in bringing about ‘the greatest happiness, of the greatest number of people’ and what the consequences of any action will be. He said that human beings must work out their own morality. He considered that we should base our views on rational evidence and rejected belief in a god. Before he died, he said that he wished his body to be used for medical research.”

    So maybe Locke had to kill himself in order to bring safety to the island or to the Oceanic 6, or to unite them and bring them back fro the safety of the island.

    The point about himan beings most work out there own morality also plays important in all alot of Losts plot points and general ethics of the show i.e Michael sacrificing himself for penance of killing two people on the island and being forgiven “you can go now” – Maybe all the individuals are being kept alive until they have paid there peneance and solved there own morality issues.

  19. Alex-
    The discussion of the real Jeremy Bentham took place on another posting.

    What’s interesting is Locke has been set up as “The Man of Faith”. But yet, the writters reference J.B. who discussesthe rejection of God.

  20. Every one keeps going back for the answers. Maybe it’s right there in the season finale. Wasn’t the Orchid station for cloning and or time shifting bunnies? Locke could have shifted back in time from some future point. And now it gets tricky but stay with the logic, if there is any. If he time shifted backwards then in the future when they go to the island he’s still alive because he hasn’t time shifted back yet. Therefore Locke can still be alive, but they don’t have to bring him back from the dead.

  21. how do we know michael and jin are really dead? i mean if jacks father can appear on the boat maybe he could take people with him and so took michael back to the island. and im not satisfied jin is dead, his death was a little boring and sun never buried a body so maybe we’ll find him back on the island when we return in season 5. does anyone know if the actors that play these characters are definately not returning in season 5 flashbacks or otherwise? and will we get flashforwards in the new season seeing as were almost up to date?

  22. There is no way that Jin is dead. I’ve seen enough “tv” people jump off of exploding boats without a scratch to know that. As for Michael, that ones still up in the air. I think that ripple that happened when the island moved was a “wake”. Everything in the water in that ripple moved with the island. And when the island moved it created that purple haze like when the station imploded. When that happened three people should have died, Locke, Eko and for sure Desmond. None of them did. I’m sure they wouldn’t have shown that last bit with Jack’s dad on the boat for nothing. I’m sure Micheal will be back, just don’t know if he’ll be alive or walking dead.
    As for flashbacks and flash forwards, they have no meaning anymore. It’s all relative to when the episode is taking place. They are just flashes now. Each episode takes place in two time periods relative to the person featured. If the episode takes place on the island then Locke can have a flash forward/back now. The same holds true for the people off island. It all depends which part of the episode you consider to be the present lol. We know that the 6 have to return to the island, when they get there that will be the present, until then, the story can not stay rooted to the island any longer. Unless every episode jumps 3 months or so island time. Because when they return to the island it will be years after they left. Remember in 4 seasons they have not even been on the island for a full year. Now in one season they have to go through 3 or 4 years. This season will be a drastic change in story for Lost, just hope they don’t F it up. because its going to be really jumping around in time. The island used to be our “constant” and now they are going to take that away from us, don’t know how thats going to pan out. But I’m with Locke on this one, have faith and everything will work out lol.

  23. Of course we have to wonder if the island moved at all. When Ben turned the wheel, perhaps all he did was turn the bubble that surrounds the island, so to speak. If there is only a very narrow slit in that bubble where you can get to and from the island through, then maybe he just made the slit move. The island didn’t go anywhere, he just moved the door. Then again the whole island could have been moved half way around the world.

  24. I don’t believe the island actually moved, physically. I think it moved forward in time to about when the show would end, like in the spring of 2010. And time on the island would continue to pass as it has, about one day per episode. All of the “flashbacks” with the people off the island would take place at various points in time between the time the island disappeared to the time the island reappeared. And they won’t be able to find the island until they reach 2010, because it won’t exist until then. And they would be able to bring Walt back with them at his real age, and have him in flashbacks.

  25. good theory Deborah. I really like it and it easily fits and gives solution to problem writers facign regardign walt

  26. Yes when I learned that John was the one in the coffin and Ben told Jack that he must take John back to the island as well, I assumed that was because it would bring him back to life. I’m puzzled how he ended up dead any way. Why couldn’t the island protect him even back in the mainland. Remember Michael, he tried everything to kill himself and nothing would work. First he tried to kill himself in the car and that didn’t work. Then the old guy from the island told him he couldn’t kill himself with the gun to go ahead and try. Sure enough Michael tried but he couldn’t get the gun to fire on him. So why would the island let Locke die. It wouldn’t let him die on the island before. Ben left John for dead but that didn’t work.

    Jack also was going to kill himself but go interupted. Maybe the island was stopping him as well.

    I for one will be happy to see John back alive. I can’t imagine Lost without him.

  27. I’m not sure the island just moved in time. Widmore knows too much about the island and Ben told him he would never find it. If it only moves in time then Widmore would probably know this. But you could be absolutely right, and yes if it moved into the proper time then the time line in the show would self correct itself. We’ll have to wait and see how long Locke has been visiting people. As for Locke dying, maybe he had to. Or maybe he’s faking it somehow. Locke dying is the only way to convince the rest that they don’t have a choice. They are now being tracked down and killed, if they want to live they have to go back. And I assume when Ben said they all have to go back, he really meant ALL of them. Aaron, Walt, Desmond..everybody.

  28. ive read every comment on here and they all amazing but mostly wrong, has anyone seen the new lost season 5 sneak peak on sl-lost.com, its amazing and clerely shows that the island did move and moved back in time to when the dharma folk were about, please go and watch it if you havnt seen it yet, and you will be amazed, after watching myself i can see how season 5 will be and maybe even a finaly for season 6, the dharma want the folks on the island who are present from 30 years of making that dharma vidoe to carry on the experiments that the dharma folk were doing so they could go back in time and safe all the dharma folk who ben killed, so really season 5 is gonna be amazing and the pruducers no exactly what there doing, season 5 will be great, am sure we will see what happpend to lock how he died ect, we should see him visting walt and the other losties of the island, god i cant wait i really really cant 🙂

  29. Peter MC,

    I saw the video you are talking about, and it definitley screwed with my head a little bit. Dr. Marvin Candle is being given all this current inforamtion by Daniel Faraday, and there is a baby crying in the background, whcih could be MIles

  30. Sorry my last post was cut short…..

    anyway. If it was actually 30 years in the past, the crying baby could quite possibly be Miles. Seeing as how he has some sort of connection to the island and see spirits and all that shit. Farady is the obvious time travel guy, so him going back to the Dharma days to warn them of an impending doom seems feasible too. The chaos at the end of the scene is most likely the island moving from a previous “wheel turn”. Which could possibly have been turned by Widmore. since there is the theory that he was on the island before and turned the wheel forcing him to Not be able to return

  31. Crippla,

    am glad you seen the video, very interesting right ? it could mean so many thing but for sure that baby is miles with out a doubt. and your other points made a lot of sense to, am really looking forward to season 5 and also maybe widmore did in fact move the wheel once before ? hmmm so many things to think about with such a little video lol. am sure they will give us a little promo of the first episode witch is called “because you left” before the end of November cos there did last year Ive have to go now but ill check back later to see if anyone has read me comment


  32. I can’t find anywhere to submit a thread or story to the author of the site nor do I see a place to contact.

    This story is on the front page of Wired.com today 9/22/08 and while it’s not totally relevant to LOST, the story does share some similarities with the current story line.



    Sept. 22, 1791: Faraday Enters a World He Will Change

    1791: Michael Faraday is born. In his 76 years on the planet, the chemist-physicist will make fundamental contributions to our understanding of electricity and magnetism, advise governments and establish lasting institutions of scientific education.

    Faraday came from a working-class family and had to go to work after rudimentary schooling in reading, writing and arithmetic. But genius won out.

    Faraday became a bookbinder’s apprentice in his teens and continued his education by reading the books he was binding. An article on electricity in the Encyclopedia Britannica inspired him to buy some equipment and conduct some experiments himself.

    Faraday joined London’s City Philosophical Society in 1810 to hear the lectures there and participate in scientific discussions. Then, in 1812, a client of the bookbindery gave the earnest young man tickets to hear a series of lectures by pioneering chemist Humphry Davy at the Royal Institution.

    Thirsty for knowledge, Faraday took copious notes. He organized them, added illustrations and bound them into a book. Faraday secured an interview with Davy, presented him with the bound copy and asked to be hired as a lab assistant.

    Davy was impressed but had nothing open at the moment. True to his word, however, he did hire Faraday the next year … at about $10 a week (the rough equivalent of $135 in today’s money).

    A few years later, Davy asked his assistant to follow up on the work of Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted, who had just discovered that an electrical current would deflect the needle of a magnetic compass. Faraday theorized that magnets created force fields, and he designed an experiment that significantly one-upped Oersted in 1821.

    Faraday suspended a wire above a magnet. When he passed a current through the wire (whose bottom end hung in a dish of conductive mercury), the wire rotated around the magnet, following lines of magnetic force. It was a prototype for the electric motor, using electricity to create motion. It just needed to be scaled up.

    The discovery was a sensation — perhaps a little too much of one. Davy, a scientific rock star of his day, was envious. He accused Faraday of stealing the idea from him and tried to block the young man’s election to the Royal Society. Davy backed off but never withdrew the charges. Faraday became a Fellow of the Royal Society and lab director at the Royal Institution in 1825.

    Faraday decided to tread gingerly and shied away from electrical experimentation. He worked instead on analytical chemistry and the compression of gases, discovering benzene in 1825.

    Davy died in 1829, perhaps from the after-effects of his frequent inhalation of nitrous oxide and other gases, including carbon monoxide. That gave Faraday free rein to resume his work on electricity.

    He discovered electromagnetic induction in 1831. Reversing his effect of using a magnet and electricity to create motion, he used a magnet and motion to generate electricity. No messy, voltaic cells needed, it was the progenitor of steam, hydro and diesel generators.

    Faraday plumbed the mysteries of electrochemistry in the 1830s, coining such words as electrode and ion, and establishing the laws of electrolysis.

    But wait, there’s more.

    In 1845, he suspended a heavy piece of glass between the poles of an electromagnet, watching the glass twist into alignment with the magnetic field. Other materials produced the same result, which Faraday named diamagnetism, the propensity of a nonmagnetic substance to create an opposing field in the presence of externally applied magnetism.

    He also discovered the magneto-optical effect, also called the Faraday effect, that very same year: A magnetic field can rotate polarized light.

    All this work — integrating magnetism, electricity, chemistry and light — eventuated in Faraday firmly establishing the field theory of electromagnetism, a foundation of modern physics.

    Remembering his own education through public lectures, Faraday founded the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures on scientific topics. They’ve gone on since 1825, interrupted only during World War II. They’ve been on television since 1966 and are now supplemented by interactive online features.

    Faraday also served as a science adviser to British governments for more than three decades. He worked fervently for the electrification of lighthouses.

    Faraday’s name is honored in the scientific world not only by the Faraday effect and the Faraday cage apparatus, but by two electrical units of measure and a physical constant. The farad is the humongous unit of capacitance, equal to one coulomb per volt. Because the unit is so huge, you usually see capacitance measured in micro-, nano- or picofarads.

    The faraday is a unit of electric charge that can electrolytically deposit one mole of an element or univalent ion. It’s equal to Avogadro’s number multiplied by the charge of a single electron, or approximately 96.4853 kilocoulombs or 26.8015 ampere hours, and is also known as Faraday’s constant.

    Source: Royal Institution, others

  33. I think its entirely possible that Locke was bitten by a Medusa spider and has been plotting with Ben on how to get everyone back to the island. Cant wait for Matthew Abbaddon to reveal himself again as he is one of the most intriguing characters on the show, Hope season 5 wont be lame

  34. I kinda thought that the final episode of the 4th season would be more convincing but it got on my nerves more than ever. My boyfriend paid like 25$ to get all 4 seasons but now we are dying to see the next…
    So addictive…

  35. What really is a matter of question is how did Locke end up dead! I mean what happened? Who or what killed him and why? How did he left the island? Too many questions right?
    If you ask me, i don’t believe that the island has the ability to bring people back to life, but still, if the so called “pin theory” is true (according to the theory the islands is like a pin that puts together many parallel universes within spacetime) it is possible that through spacetime travel, Locke gets back to life.

    And one question: Has anyone heard about the rumour-theory according to which Dharma is not only an institution but also a live female character that ended up on the island as a castaway in the early 20th century? The rumor goes evem further claiming that this Woman managed to survive and when she finally returned to “Civilazation” it was late 70’s! Because of the powers of the Island she never grew old and she actually became the “reason” for the Foundation of the Dharma Initiative and she became the first Subject to experimentations . I was discussing this with some of my friends and it seems too false! What do you say?

  36. SFJ…

    I am not familiar with the woman theory. Do you recommend anywhere else to read up on that theory???

  37. All four seasons for $25…..how is this possible let me know so I can get them for that price. They are like $40-60 everywhere in the US.
    Never heard of that woman /pin theory’s

    In post 39 there is a lot going on…most of which I can’t understand….but I did notice the name of Danish scientist “Hans Christian Oersted” who was for lack of a better word an enemy to Faraday. The name is interesting for a few reasons.

    First his first and last name Hans Oersted….a play possibly on the HansO Foundation….First name last initial.

    Second is obvious, his middle name is Christian….jacks fathers name.

    something to ponder….series starts back up again in Jan/February I think…

    see you guys then

    Need a new link….the Locke back to life thing is OLD…To OLD

  38. Jason…

    Unfortunatelly, I haven’t be able to find a reliable source on that theory, that’s why i seeked here for answers. What i know on this is that this Theory is widely spread in Greece among the Lost Fans! What’s more is that some of the supporters of this “outcome” say that Jacks is actually originated from the island or that there is history between him and the island! Their proof to this is that on the very first episode of season 1 when the plane crashes Jack comes out of the Jungle while the passengers who were seeting near him came out of the sea being wet!

    It may be just Fan theories of what lies beneath! Who knows?

  39. True Jason, but i don’t think Jack’s connections with the island would be much as opposed to John Lockes, seeming as he wanted to get off it as soon as he ended up there, as well as theres no real signs of him remembering anything about the island, whereas John needed a change and the crash better suited him. Besides, Jack did wake up right next to a bunch of seats and other stuff – maybe his seat ripped off earlier during the crash and therefore he ended up about 50 metres into the jungle.

  40. no worries scott I know we are all waiting. Any reliable footage of season 5 come out. Everything I see on youtube seems to be fans stuff from prior seasons.


  41. Geoffrey,

    Well, if there is no history beetween Jack and the Island, what is the part of Jack’s father Christian? To what i believe is that Christian has been on the Island. I sure can’t figure why but he’s been there before! Just think:
    Christian was an Alchoolic doctor struggling to maintane his career achievments, he seemed to manage this for a while
    but afterwards there he goes again with the drinking part!…
    So, how did Jack ended up in his flashforwards?
    And if all this proves to be true…
    1. What was Christian doing on the Island?
    2. Why and how did he left?
    3. We know that there is allready a child out of marriage for Christian (that is Clair) so why not another one? (meaning Jack)
    4. Ok… there seems to be a problem with childbirths on the island according to Juliet…but whas this always the case? What if this “malfaction” let say is actually the so called incident? And if so, where there any other children born on the island before (for example let’s say Charlotte?)

  42. sfj…

    Very interesting…. (not sold on it though)…but I do understand how one can rationalize for themselves that theory. Yes Adam i agree…. Locke thing OLD…lol. Scott please oh please start another topic of discussion…

    Oh Adam…. I got the Season 3 for $25 last year…lol. Fortunately it was at a used bookstore… Got lucky on that one. I can’t imagine a brand new season whatever edition going for $25… I would like to know where too.

    Oh yeah…. I almost forgot EXCELLENT perpective on the HansO name thing….

  43. interesting someone mentioned about charlotte’s birthplace. I watched last ep.of season 4 again and when she tells Daniel that she wont be going back, she tells him “would it made sense if i told you i never found the place where i was born?” (or stg like that)… it is posssible that she was born in the island. and, depending of the circumstances, it is possible, just like Aaron was born in the island. Then she left !

    i think season 4 is really weird, even a bit stupid from time to time… i thought it was kind of lame that the island was moved!

    I dotn think Jin is dead either, he could have easily outlived the explosion. However, problem is that the island disappeared so where could he have gone… eventually he must have drowned… or PEnny’s boat found him just after the O6 departure… we’ll see!

  44. Jin is alive.

    The producers love to have those happy little reunion moments with their characters. Jin and Sun’s will be a big one. Especially with the baby and everything. Maybe Jin will buy her a stuffed panda.

  45. Ive been watching season 1 too and

    Theres an episode where at the begining jack helps Boone from drowning bcos he was helping another surviver from drowning. As Jack finds out who is out in the ocean he asks charlie who is in the water and charlie ses the persons name then charlie says “i wud go and help myself but i cant swim” then u fast forward to season3 and he mentions hw hes a gud swimmer and he shud go to underwater hatch

  46. Good pick up.

    He obviously lied to Jack when he told him he was a champion swimmer. However, when he swam down into the station, that was no easy feat. Shit I proably couldnt have held my breath that long, apparently the whole “can Charlie swim or cant he?” thing really mindfucked the writers.

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