Hidden Camera in meeting with Lost writers

Seems someone was able to sneak a camera into one of the meetings with the Lost writers as they were planning for Season 5 : )

24 thoughts on “Hidden Camera in meeting with Lost writers”

  1. This is just stupid imo 🙁 I really thought someone put a spy cam in there or something, I knew it wasn’t real when the camera was moving fastly.

  2. What I want answered is (in addition to Hurley remaining fat) why the women aren’t growing armpit hair and the men aren’t growing long beards?

  3. So true Lori xD
    I´m wondering that as well. Maybe the girls all had a laser treatment against armpit hair/botox put in their armpits 😮

  4. I think the reason that no one is having to shave is because of the supplies that were dropped in by parachute. If you remember Desmond had about anything he needed in his hideaway before Locke blew off the door and found him.

  5. `no one is having to shave` – if there were razors, they DID have to shave :p But I think you mean they are able to shave.

  6. hey guys, i am unable to see the movie, some problems with the browser, can someone post a link to download it from somewhere, thanks

  7. That was actually really funny. My friend was aming fun of the show saying that they probably do just this. I gotta show him this video.

  8. OK…OK….. What’s interesting is this is probably very close to what actually happens…except on a more intellectual basis.

  9. u actually thought this was real, i didnt see it yet and i know is fake, and u dont know about the hurley bird? what series are u watching?

  10. turmoil, don’t try to be smart, it’s possible I missed something in the series =S..

    If you know so well, why don’t you explain?

  11. In Season 1 or 2 or maybe both there was a big green bird that flew over head that made a loud screeching noise that sounded like HURRRRLEEEYYYYY.

  12. I don’t really hear the bird say Hurley, but I guess they did think it sounded like it xD

    I really can’t remember that scene, but then again, I’m not to blame imo, it’s been years :p

  13. Remember they are not consciously aware that anything is different. They gone on as if the day hasn’t changed, they know that its day, they know its night, but it’s still the same day to you and I. So we know nothing has changed, physically.

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