Trying Twitter Out Again

Decided to try this live update on this week’s episode again on I also added a little widget to the side bar on the right so you can follow along here if you’d like.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter you can do so at

17 thoughts on “Trying Twitter Out Again”

  1. scott –

    just signed up for twitter…..what the hell is it?? hahah I have no idea what the site is for? I thought it was to add a picture to our name….I think I’m wrong tho.

  2. Haha – Twitter is kind of like an instant messaging application except its online and people can follow your updates. Your suppose to just say what your doing and your friends are upated. Kind of stalkerish if you ask me, I decided to use it to have a bit of a live chat during the episodes if anyone was interested.

    To get an image next to your name you can sign up for an account at and make sure you use the same email address that you fill in when leaving a comment here.

  3. if anyones on twitter and wants me to add them to my list, leave your name here. Otherwise I dont usually add random people that happen to start following me.

  4. Is twitter the end of recaps in this site??? It is sad for us who dont see the episode till 3 or 4 days after its aired.

  5. thanks for the tip! I got myself registered at, let’s see if the picture thing works…

  6. Hey Duke – sorry your comment got picked up by the spam filter. No the recaps are not done. I was just really busy with work last week and didnt get an opportunity to do one for Something Nice Back Home. My appologies.

    The Cabin Fever recap will be up tonite!

  7. thanks Scott. i really love your recaps and it opens grounds for discussions in the comments section.

  8. Twitter is a pretty much failed experiment. I thought it might be an interesting way to communicate with each other as well as attract new people to the site at the same time.

    I probably wont continue using it for the site, but Google just announced a new product called Friend Connect that I may look into using when more info is available.

  9. What about msn? I think they have a friends folder, maybe we could have a lost review folder?

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