The Shape of Things to Come | Sneak Peeks

Kate and Jack have an unbearable conversation about crackers. Then the dead body washes up to shore and saves us all from some of the worst dialogue ever

Code 14J seems like a bad thing. Anyone know what song Ben is playing?

The frieghter people are snipers when it comes to shooting extras, but are pretty poor shots when it comes to hitting Sawyer. RPG’s do quite a bit of damage to the house of one of the Losties.

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  1. Now I guess it’s official it was Claire’s house like Hugo said in another sneak peek/trailer..

    I think it’s weird though that they miss Sawyer all the time, but are able to shoot the other people at once. Perhaps they don’t want him dead, just want to make him scared?

  2. I’m not convinced that Claire was in the house. That would be a pretty big reveal for just a preview. I don’t think they would publicly give away a main character’s death in anything but the actual episode.

  3. i heard claire has a big story to play over the next comming seasons so i dont think she is dead!

  4. I don’t think that claire dies in this scene. Like Scott said I don’t think they would give that up in a preview. Speaking of Claire though I just had a thought(I haven’t seen it mentioned on here before but I’m sure it has been somewhere along the line) Do you think that Ben knows that Claire and Jack are half bother and sister? With all the info Ben has had on everyone thus far I would have to think that he knows and that he plays a big part in them finding out(assuming they do figure it out).

  5. the do found out but i dont think ben has anything to do with it, im thinkin jacks dad tells them, if youve seen the latest mobisode you can see christian talking to vincent so hes definatly not dead!!!!

  6. No way Claire died right there…..
    Interesting how Sawyer escapes those shots. He yells go inside like 40 times and these morons continue to run out….Too funny but I don’t think they are intentionally missing him to scare him. Trooper what is mobisode and can you post a link to that conversation??

    Think Ben is playing a Jay-z song…

  7. Here is the name of the piece Ben is playing.
    Prelude In C Sharp Minor Op.3 No.2

  8. Not sure if there is any relevance, but…..

    14J — Air Defense Tactical Operations Center Operator

    Major duties — The air defense tactical operations center operator supervises or serves as a member of a manual early warning network (MEWN) section, team, or platoon in operations and intelligence functions.

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