3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Video Tour of the Lost Set in Hawaii”

  1. a few interesting things. They pretty much say the people that are shooting at alex, carl, and rousseau are the freighter people. Now we all had hinted it was them but this video just gives it away. “they are coming hard and fast” or something like that. so i think its weird they let that slip…although not a stretch to come up with it on our own. Secondly the actor who plays ben said ben hasnt lived his entire life on the island and travels frequently. Again we all had thought that when we saw the drawer filled with passports but they let us know he in fact comes and goes all the time. my question is how does juliet not know this….wouldnt she say ben travels to and from i just dont know how? im not sold on juliet as a good guy yet.

  2. I don’t think there is anything in these video’s that we are not suppose to see. For example in one of the trailers for the next episode it shows Kreamy (at least I thought it was him) holding alex hostage so we know it is the freighter people that have her. I think that this is just meant as a quick, cheap and easy way to keep fans interested in the series during the long layoff between episodes.

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