Amazing Lost Plane Crash Video and Synchronized Events

This is a pretty awesome video of the Lost plane crash and all of the surrounding events. Someone spent a lot of time planning and piecing this thing together but it was well worth it.

You’ll see the Losties on the plane, Desmond and the Hatch and the others as the events unfold as if it was one episode and not 3 seasons.


3 thoughts on “Amazing Lost Plane Crash Video and Synchronized Events”

  1. great video, just exackly what everyone wanted but had to close their eyes and picture it all..pulling stuff from 3 seasons.
    this fits together seamlessly and is great. in fact, one gets more from this 5min clip than some of the 45min episodes of season3, none of those slow scenes either 🙂
    great work! can u morph all the other bits together aswell?So we can have an unofficial season 3a…

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