The Woman and Son Jack Rescued from the Burning Car were….

Rachel CarlsonRachel Carlson also known as Juliet’s sister and her son. Its not apparent whether Jack knows this or not but if you look closely at the pictures you can see a resemblance. It also makes sense since Juliet’s sister had a baby boy, although we don’t know the time frame I think its pretty safe to say that they are connected. Everytime they show Jack saving someone’s life off the island it has been someone we eventually see connected to him…
juliet’s nephew

10 thoughts on “The Woman and Son Jack Rescued from the Burning Car were….”

  1. But her name is Rachel and the woman in the hospital was called by another name and surname.

  2. also jack say’s in the season 3 finale “get my father down here, and we’ll see who’s more drunk” but his dad is already dead. so if anyone can explain please do

  3. Well, Jack was pretty drugged up. And chances are he had been drinking before hand. Jack’s father is and has been dead. It’s ironic of him to say this because his father was a heavy alcoholic and he’s now finding himself following the same path.

  4. He also did say to “get him down here,” maybe referring to his father being in heaven or something like that.

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