Lost Season 3 Ep. 21: Did You Notice…

In the Lost Season 3 Ep. “The Greatest Hits” did you notice….

…that the woman Charlie helped while she was getting mugged was Sayid’s lost love Nadia
…that the mugger was Charlie’s brother
…that the scene with Charlie in the rain, was the same scene Desmond had with Charlie singing on the street corner.
…that the girl pointing the gun at Charlie was Ben’s childhood friend

….anyone see anything else?

17 thoughts on “Lost Season 3 Ep. 21: Did You Notice…”

  1. That wasn’t Liam that mugged Nadia. Look at these two caps. http://gallery.lost-media.com/displayimage-1291-662.html


    The mugger’s sideburns go down to his jaw and Lian’s stop in the middle of his ear. Also Charlie look the mugger directly in the face (http://gallery.lost-media.com/displayimage-1291-661.html) so I’d think he’d recognize him even in that pouring rain.

    And I’m not sure where you’re getting that the blonde that holds the gun on Charlie is Annie (Ben’s friend when a child). The credits list those two as Bonnie and Greta.

  2. Yes, because sideburns are limited and do not ever grow. They zoomed in on charlies face when he looked at the mugger and he had a weird look on his face as if he recognized him.

  3. I don’t think it’s Annie.. Ben is now 40, Annie ins 25 and Richard 30 ? weird…

  4. I forgot to mention that the other woman in the hatch could be Cassidy, Sawyer ex-girlfriend who helped Kate.

  5. remember in the ben centric episode when ben first meets richard. Well how come ben is now older than richard but when they met ben was about 12 and richard 20?

  6. I didnt get a good luck at the other girl in the hatch. Does anyone have a screenshot? That would be super crazy if it was Sawyers ex-girlfriend.

  7. One of the projects is the extension of life, and Richard was a part of that experiment that is why he has not aged. If you want proof look up Joop the 150 year old orangatang.

  8. I noticied that the elderly lady that told Desmond to not to buy the engagement ring in his flashback is in a picture with the monk who ‘fired’ desmond from the monestary. When desmond goes to say goodbye to the monk, it shows a pic on his desk with the monk who is doing the firing and that lady.

    Also, it looked like the boy who lagged behind the group of people that were staring @ Jack when he was in the outside cage in the ‘others” camp seemed to be the same boy who waved at jack in the waiting room during the flash forward season finale.

    They like to put a lot of ‘linking’ stuff in the background 🙂 Seems everyone is connected.

  9. I’m sure Sawyers ex (the one that helped Kate) is in season 3. I’m sure shes in the background of the tent scene (where Lockes dad is tired to that tower thing) and she says something to locke – like “we’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”. Am sure Kates mum was Sabrina the teenage witches aunt?

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