Cassidy is in the Looking Glass

Evan pointed out in the last post that the we may not have recognized the two girls in the Looking Glass hatch pointing guns at Charlie, but we have seen them before. We believe the blonde to be Anne, Bens childhood friend on the island, and the other to be Cassidy, Sawyers ex girlfriend/con. Cassidy was also connected to Kate when she helped her find her mom and confront her.

Take a look at the screenshot below and you can see pretty clearly that it was indeed Cassidy.

Will she and Sawyer and/or Kate ever come face to face?



6 thoughts on “Cassidy is in the Looking Glass”

  1. The actress from the LookingGlass episode is Lana Parrilla – she was in the short lived show “Windfall” on NBC last summer and she is not the actress who played Cassidy.

  2. it’s not the same person. I’d compare it to the end of season 2 when everyone thought the guy in the Ice Station was Jack.

  3. I recognized her when she appeared, but couldn’t place her. Discovered on IMDb that Lana Parrilla had a stint on “24”. I seem to recall her saying something like “Please please please, Miss Driscoll, I didn’t do anything wrong!” … Turns out she did, eh?

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