Top 10 TV Nerds of All Time

Its been far to long since I blogged about my favorite sport. Tv Watching. So here you go, here are the top 10 nerds of TV history. Its a pretty good list, but I’m sure there are others that are worthy of this title. I was going to copy and paste the content on to this page but for some reason I felt a little guilty. So for some pretty funny reasons, and descriptions of each nerdlinger check out the original post on

Top 10 TV nerds of All time.

1. Professor Frink (The Simpsons)
2. Samuel “Screech” Powers (Saved by the Bell)
3. The Lone Gunmen (X-Files)
4. The whole cast of Head of the Class
5. Gilligan (Gilligan’s Island)
6. Marshal Flinkman (Alias)
7. Steve Urkel (Family Matters)
8. Paul Pfeiffer (The Wonder Years)
9. Wesley Crusher (Star Trek)
10. Gil Grissom (CSI)

Personally I find the list a little lacking. I mean come on wheres Mark from Step by Step, Both guys from Weird Science, Data from the Goonies. There are many more that would have been a better choice than whoever these start trek, alias, and X-files folks are.

Who else is missing, I’m pretty sure we can put this list to shame.