Brent’s Top 10 Hottest TV Moms

Scott, Evan and I have decided to each post our top 10 lists of hot television Moms. Feel free to tell Scott and Evan how wrong they are at your convenience. Scott and Evan wouldn’t know a hot TV MILF if one was sitting on their sofa. Behold the list to beat all lists:
cast of Silver Spoons
10. Marge Simpson – voice of Julie Kavner – The Simpsons: I know it’s a cartoon, but Marge has a nice body. Don’t judge me.

9. Cheryl – Courtney Thorne-Smith – According to Jim: Just typing the name of this horrendous show makes me feel dirty. The kind of dirty you can’t wash off. Regardless of how awful this program is and that the only people that enjoy it are brain-dead, mouth breathers, i first fell in love with Courtney in the short-lived sitcom Day by Day and will continue to consider her hot no matter how crappy her career decisions continue to be.

8. Abby Bradford – Betty Buckley – Eight is Enough: Doesn’t get enough credit for walking in to a marriage where she would be the step mom to 8 kids. Throw in the fact that Ralph Macchio was always hanging out and that she had to deal with Buddy Lembeck and this is a lady who never got the credit she deserved.

7. Maggie Malone Seaver – Joanna Kerns – Growing Pains: It was hard to stomach her using her maiden name on broadcasts, but if Jason, Mike, Carol, Ben and to a lesser extent Chrissy and Leonardo Dicaprio were cool with it…who am i to judge?

6. Clair Huxtable – Phylicia Rashad – The Cosby Show: Remember the one where she busted Theo and Cockroach for making fun of some fat chick and getting kicked off the track team? I’ve loved her ever since.

5. Rebecca ‘Becky’ Donaldson Katsopolis – Lori Loughlin – Full House; I truly despise this show, but she once “danced” on a BMX bike for the movie Rad. This gets her hot ass a pass.

4. Carol Brady – Florence Henderson – The Brady Bunch: the original hot TV mom. Florence was only a couple of years older than Barry Williams, so it’s no surprise that the allegedly got bizay. For some reason, i think that’s kind of hot.

3. Jamie Pressly – Joy Turner – My Name is Earl: A new-comer to TV MILFdom. I suspect that she may go down in history as the hottest white trash chick of all time. Sorry Roseanne.

2. Meridith Baxter – Elyse Keaton – Family Ties: she was an unapologetic hippy and a world-class architect. I think you could bmake an agrument that in the early days of Family Ties she was hotter than Mallory…you’d be wrong, but you could make an argument.

1. Erin Gray – Kate Summers Stratton – Silver Spoons: I am fully aware that she was only Ricky’s step-mother, but come on…Col. Wilma Deering?

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