Street Gets His Cripple Freak On

You learn something new everyday. Last night i learned that people in wheel chairs be getting dey freak on.

While i’m having a difficult time believing that anyone couldn’t get it up for the lovely Lyla Garrity, it is inspiring to know people with disabilities are still getting some action from time to time.

As far as a recap goes:

-Matt Saracen’s Dad came back from Iraq. Acted like an asshole. Then tucked Grandma into bed. This may come across as cold-hearted, but i wish the producers would kill off that crazy old coot. This storyline bores me. I think they are setting up a senario in which Matt moves in with Coach Taylor and his family. Incidentaly, this may be the only way Matt every gets past second with Julie…because he is about as smooth as Eurkel.

-Landry read Of Mice and Men to Riggins. Riggins was thankful so he went and watched Landry’s shitty band play. It was heartwarming.

-Coach Taylor is in the running for the Texas QB coach position.

-This is just a general observation: Connie Britton who plays Coach Taylors wife, Tami, is hot.

Next week, In addition to the Easter egg hunt that NBC puts us through each week to find out which day the show airs, we will learn why Tyra is such a dirty, dirty whore.

One thought on “Street Gets His Cripple Freak On”

  1. ok the Matt Saracen thing with his dad in the parking lot was tugging on my emotional strings. I’m not a big fan of the Grandmas story either.

    So if Matt transfers to Oklahoma, and Coach Taylor goes to UT, the only thing left in the show will be Lyla trying to bag a quadriplegic and Riggins alcohol problems. Sounds like a good show to me!

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