NBC to increase marketing tactics for Heroes

The 2nd half of Heroes Season 1 is set to return in early January 2007, and NBC is planning a huge marketing push to get even more people interested in the show.

The new promotions being set up by NBC includes a 10,000 tshirt give away to those in attendance for the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelpha Eagles game on Christmas day, and to the fans that manage to get on TV wearing the shirts will receive 100 dollars from NBC. Furthermore, a 13-minute “catch-up” episode, highlighting the characters, their powers and summarising the events of the first half of season 1, will be available to all Netflix’s subscribers.

“Fans are hungry for whatever they can get,” NBCU TV group’s chief marketing officer John Miller said, “but this one is for the people that have heard about it but not gotten into it.” So if your one of the people that have heard good things about the show but were’nt interest in trying to play catch up from the previous 11 episodes, this little 13-minute recap will be the perfect opportunity to get the gist of what is going on in time for the 2nd of half of the Heroes season to start up Janurary 22nd.

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