Lyla Garrity Slam Page

Friday Night Lights episode tonight basically surrounded Lyla Gherty and her struggles as being labeled the school ho-bag.  I don’t think Winne Cooper would have ever done anything like that but of course Kevin Arnold doesn’t have game like Tim Riggins.       One of the 18 subplots of this episode was Qb1’s struggles to get coaches approval to date his daughter along with the constant Smash Williams steroid scandal that would make Barry Bonds proud.  Smash is popping pills like they are Flintstone vitamins but yet no one seems to notice.  Only minor changes of course, a 40 time that would make Reggie Bush proud, chronic nose bleeds, but just wait till his new little honey find out his cock  is the size of a jellybean.  I can see the disappointment now.

Lyla quits and comes back to the cheer squad and then recognizes her inner slut by saying “yep the whore with the web page” and then goes into the competition like the season veteran she is.

The interesting thing about this show is that Steve Logan, former coach of the ECU pirates, says this is not too far off of how towns are in the west in regards to high school football.   I find that pretty wild, considering when I was in high school in NC the football team’s superstar took a backseat to the Golf team’s superstar (me)!