Jodie Sweetin – Pants off Dance off!

Ah little Stefanie Tanner, the middle child that no one loved from the hit series Full House. She had to compete with the likes of the older and wiser DJ, and the cuteness of Michelle. In all honesty she had no chance at being liked the most. Unfortunetly, this lead to the downward spiral of a meth addiction for Jodie Sweeten, but she has cleaned up her act and is set to appear in her own show called Pants off Dance off on Fuse TV.

Pants off Dance off is not only a stupid name, but it sounds like it will be a stupid show as well. The contestants, called “Pancers”, on the show will dance to their favorite songs and well..take their pants off (along with all other clothes). Other contestants will be there to discourage them, though im not sure why. The dancers will be competing for prizes and all will recieve at least 200 dollars for their appearance on the show. The dancers will only go down to their underwear on TV, but on the official Pants off Dance off website they go all the way nude (but pixeled out).

The show will air on Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern time. I have a feeling this show will be cancelled faster than Daybreak was. On the brightside, Jodie is now hot and recently divorced, so shes back on the market. Maybe Joey Gladstone will finally be able to get a date..

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