Is Lyla Garrity America’s New Winnie Cooper?

While suggesting that someone could ever displace the firm hold Winnifred had on America’s hearts as the quintisential girl next door may seem blasphemous, it is a question that must be asked.

While Minka Kelly’s character can never live up to the virginesque mold created by the lovely Danica McKellar, especially considering she gave up the nappy before her boyfriend pulled his first wheelchair wheelie, the similarities are astounding.

Both have long auburn hair and fantastic asses. Both dated guys with letterman jackets (I know Kevin’s was a Jets jacket, but it looked liek a letterman’s jacket). Both are cheerleaders. Hmm, maybe they don’t have that much in common…..

Anyway, the point remains that Lyla is the new generation’s Winnie. Giving a whole new crop of young men Umbro tents across this great land.