Friday Night Lights: Steriods and Thugs

Smash Williams is on roids and only his sister can tell.  QB1 Matt Serezan’s first date with Coach Taylor’s date was technically a bomb but she liked it, but I must say the actors in this show are a weee bit old but if I was sophomore and high school Coach Taylor’s daughter is a foxy piece of tail.  Riggins got his truck smashed in because he boinked Lila Gherety and everyone found out about it but its ok, he came through in the end with a clutch block that freed the roided up Smash to scamper into the end zone for the game winning TD versus the rival from the other side of the tracks.  The team, fans and coaches celebrated by jumping up and down but QB1 went to get him some of the coach’s daughter.  My DVR cut off so I was unable to see the previews for next week but I’d guess it would have something to do with QB1’s second date, Riggins and Lila either bumping uglies again or apologizing to just about everyone and more roid rage for Smash.  Oh yeah, don’t forget Dillion pulling out a close win in the end.  Hope I didn’t ruin it for you 🙂