CBS’s Jericho Set to Return Feb. 21

CBS JerichoAfter a long 10-week break, CBS’s hit drama Jericho is set to return on Feburary 21 at 8pm eastern. If your unfamiliar with Jericho, the show is set in Jericho, Kansas during a time when some sort of nuclear attack as been unleased across the United States. The town has survived and has absolutlely no contact with anyone outside of their small Mayberry like town. The show is alot like lost in that it has many plot turns, but this show actually answers the questions it presents rather than leaving you hanging for months and months with nothing but more questions to try and remember.

If your interested in getting up to speed on the show, CBS will air a special recap episode on Feburary 14th which will be a quick summary of all of the events thus far in Jerhico. Following this special episode, Jericho will run for 11 straight episodes with no repeats. According to excutive producer Carol Barbee:

“By the end of the season, you will know where Jake’s been for the last five years, you will know what Hawkins’ involvement is with the bombings and who is behind the bombings,” executive producer Carol Barbee promised critics here Thursday.”

If your like me, by the time Feburary rolls around you will be tired of watching the American Idol rejects and looking for something new to watch, Jericho is a great one to get sucked into.