A New Hero To Be Introduced – The Invisible Man

On the January 22nd episode of Herores, a new hero named Claude will be introduced who has the abilit to make himself invisible.

“Claude, an invisible man played by British actor Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who), appears January 22. He’s been living with his invisibility for many years and has come to grips with it, so he’ll give us a different view into this hero world, [Heroes creator Tim] Kring explains. He’s big, imposing and charismatic, and will become a mentor to Peter – albeit a tough, reluctant and stern one. He’ll help Peter learn to use and control his powers.”

What other types of heroes might there be out there still waiting to be introduced to the show. I for one hope there is a silver surfer, and maybe a guy with a skull for a head thats on fire and rides a motorcycle…wait thats a different show…