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The Valenzetti Equation is a fictional book by Gary Troup is a book that speaks of a mathematical equation that can predict the apocalypse, and the end of the world. One theory that I came across about the numbers that continue to show up in Lost is that they are the result of the Valenzetti Equation equalling 4 8 15 16 23 42.

The theory looks at the numbers in a different way then just a string of numbers adding up to 108 like some other theories people are using to try and figure out their meaning. This one uses the set of numbers as a date and time which if Valenzetti’s equation is correct would be the end of the world.

The date would be April 8, 2015 at 16:23:42, or 4/8/2015 at 4:23 and 42 seconds. This thoery can be backed up with a little bit of information from the show such as when the blast doors came down on Locke’s leg he saw a map, which included a phrase “low relevence to Valenzetti related research activity.

Also, the man the Hurley got the numbers from in the insitution. Some how that man knew the numbers, and possibly knew what they meant which is why he went insane. Knowing how the world was going to end could lead a man to insanity.

The numbers are obviously a sign of bad luck, as seen with all that has been happening to people around Hurley after he used them in the lottery and won. There is certainly evil about the numbers, and what could be much worse than the world coming to an end?

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  1. It has recently been brought to my attention that Kelvins original partner in the hatch was named Radzinski. Was that Hurley’s friends name in the mental institution that knew the numbers? That would be a logical explination of how that man knew the numbers.

    If it is the same man, that leaves the question of how did he get off the island?

  2. He didn’t because Desmond killed Him. But on another episode before he went to the island he appears as a General or something like that and he arrested Sayid.

  3. No, Desmond killed Kelvin.

    Kelvin joined the Dharma Initiative after leaving the military – sick of giving people orders he didn’t agree with. This is why Kelvin is seen in the episode telling Sayid to torture is former commanding officer during the Gulf War.

    I’m not sure if Kelvin’s former partner was ‘Radzinski’ but it wasn’t the same person Hurley was in a mental institution with. His name was Leonard.

    Somebody mentioned in a reply to another theory that Kelvin is the same person/actor as Hurley’s doctor within the mental institute. As far as I’m aware this is not true.

  4. The question I have is when Kelvin was in the CIA — the Sayid episodes…didn’t he have a picture of Kate? Was that season 1 or 2? I want to watch it again.

  5. it was a picture of the woman he had to torutre i think, as for the numbers,the reason that guy got them was he and his buddie was posted on a lissening post,when they heard them numbers being transmitied one night,he remebered the numbers and used them to win a compotion,after that loads of bad things happened,his friend died had a car acident (which he wasnt hurt ect) so it sent him crazy, hence why he repeats the numbers and how hurly got them, not because he was or has been on the island,though why the numbers where being transmited is a good question? what u think?

  6. Sayid is in a helicopter with a bunch of military dudes and one of them is staring intently at a photograph. He asks sayid "Do you have a wife?" Sayid replies "No". Then the camera zooms in on the guy’s photo – it appears to be a picture of Kate.
    (It is NOT Kelvin/Calvin who is holding this photo)

  7. Hey,
    Just something i noticed. If you add up the numbers 4+8+15+16+23+42 it would equal 108. 108 is the minutes they get before the next time the sequence needs to be pressed.

  8. Not sure why the numbers where being transmitted but it wasn’t only Leonard and his friend who picked up the transmition. Russo also said that they picked up the transmition and decided to investigate, and ended up crashing on the island.

  9. Well, if you notice in an episode, don’t remember which one, Kate goes to any army thing to see her dad… The man in the copter asks Sayid "Do you have any kids?" not "Do you have a wife." And yes, it was a picture of Kate, and it was her dad.

  10. When the army guy shows the photo they are in an army truck, not a choper. He asks Sayid if he has any family, and a picture of Kate is shown. This man should probably be Kate’s father. In one of the 1st season episodes Kate mentions her father was in ther army. Somehow all the characters in Lost are connected. When Locke was checking a house, and his father was in the white car waiting for him, the woman he was talking to was the woman Sayid is/was looking for, Nadya.

  11. The numbers explanation is a bit silly. Scientifically or logically 8 April would never be written 4/8/2015. I noticed the same thing when Desmond and Locke had the printout from the Pearl station, that showed the "System Failure" as 09222004, meaning 22 September 2004. In computer programming, the date would be written 20040922 (Year-month-day), and in conventional use 22092004 (day-month-year), but never 09222004 — it doesn’t make any sense to go from month, then to day, then back to year. So 4 8 15, if it is a date, would be 4 August, not 8 April.

  12. In the US all dates are written as MM/DD/YYYY therefore the date could be april… in any case does the month really matter?

  13. I haven’t watched all episodes, but IMO the entire TV-series LOST was only commercially designed to make people (somewhat) addicted to watch more and more TV commercials in between. And I bet a million of rotten water melons that the series will be cancelled or finished before/ without that all those so-called secrets will be ever revealed.

    The entire obfuscating concept resembles the “bonus ladder” jackpot mechanism on German electronic entertainment gambling machines (e.g. Rotamint), those give you the illusion of possibility to win more by inserting even more coins. These gambling machines also throw around with plenty of meaningless displayed numbers and icons those genuinely do not affect at all the chance of winning money. I think the entire tapeworm-like tangled story is just a bad hoax to make people watch more TV ads.

    Hoewever the number 108 has a holy meaning in various religions including Buddhism. E.g. as well the “rosary” pray chain of Christianity as the very similar Buddhistian “Mala” are made from 108 beads. And “42” in famous as the answer of the computer “Deep Thought” on “the great question” in “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

    Apropos computers – I studied software engineering (including electronics) and doubt also that a 1970th computer like the one in that cave could work non-stop without any maintainance until now. (I know well how much maintainance already the tape drive in my VCR needs – I cleaned and adjusted it dozens of times to keep it working.)


    I CYBERYOGI Christian Oliver(=CO=) Windler I
    I (teachmaster of LOGOLOGIE – the first cyberage-religion!) I
    I ! I

  14. There is a new film coming out called ‘The Number 23’. I saw this and immediately thought of lost.. hmmm.. stokes chin 😀

  15. The date thing would work because on some websites and application forms they ask for the month then day of month then year.

  16. When Naomi said they had already found the plane with all the bodies inside does this mean that it was set up?

  17. Yeah I thought that it might be the ‘other’ making the crash of 815 look like an accident but they wouldn’t have the means to do it. Definitely has to be Dharma, and they must not want anyone discovering the island before they get there again.

  18. when sayid is with one eyed guy in the satelite place there is a poster on the wall and cyclops guy says its of nadia an athlete and then it might just be me but sayid looks kinda suprised like its the nadia he saved.

  19. 1,800 : he refers to Nadya Komanetchi the famous rumanian athlete but just to mention the name Nadya must have tilted Sayid – i believe it is done on purpose, but its not the same Nadya, that is for sure.

    Now I have a question: Desmond and someone else (i think its Locke) are once in the hatch in season 2 and the person with Desmond (lets says its Locke) asks him what happened to KElvin. Then Desmond points out a stain of blood in the roof and tells Locke “this is Kelvin” or stg like that. Well that is not true because we later know that Desmond accidentally killed Kelvin by smashing his head on the rock, therefore it is not accurate that the stain of blood was Kelvin’s. Who would that be then ?

  20. CYBERYOGI : you are not consistent! The computer doesnt need maintenance because it is on an electromagnetic field! It doesnt make sense you saying this because Locke also recovered the ability to walk and other mysterious things happen in the island so…. you should see beyond normality 😉

  21. other than the reoccurence of the numbers we are not given any real insight as too what they mean. its is besides the stupid black smoke one of the more annoying/frusturating aspects of the show

  22. OK so 4 comes from 2004 and 8 15 from oceanic flight 815, then what about 16 23 42 ? it just doesn’t make sense

  23. the four is from 2004, 8 15 is the flight number, the russo spent 16 years on the island before flight 815 showed up, there was a 23,000 dollar reward out for kate. the numbers, as well as possibly predicting the end of the world, are significant to how they all arrived on the island

  24. how dose no one realize that the numbers are the longitude and latitude of the island…thats why it was being brodcasted from the radio tower and its just obvious after the last episode!

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