What We learned in The Glass Ballerina

Quite a few peices of information shown in this episode prvovide details to many of the questions people have been asking for a while. Below is a complete round up of everything I noticed:

– The others have contact with the outside world
– Ben has been on the island his whole life
– Sun’s baby is most likely Jae’s (the english teacher)
– Juliette is high ranking within the Others group
– Kate is wearing Alex Roussous dress
– Alex is somehow connected to Carl
– Ben’s name is Benjamin Linus
– Ben will take Jack home as long as he cooperates
– Jin understands some english
– The losties have been on the island 69 days and the current date is November 29, 2004 – I wonder if they will have a christmas party? Secret Santas maybe??
– The writers of the show are boston red sox fans.

And now for the new questions that have been opened up:

– What does Ben want Jack to cooperate on.
– If Ben knows everything going on with the island how come he didnt know about Desmonds boat.
– is Colleen dead, if not what role will she play in the future
– Did Jae (english teacher) really kill himself, or did Sun do it, or maybe Sun’s father
– Is Suns baby really Jae’s?
– Ben says they are on the island for a reason and have contact with the outside world. Whats that reason, and how are they contacting the outside world.

Any others I’m missing here?

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  1. There is no way that Sun’s baby is Jae’s. If she has been on the island for 69 days as stated I believe her pregnancy would be showing by now. I could be wrong but I do think the island permitted Jin to knock her up 😉

  2. There was one thing that struck me as strange. If there is no way off the island, why is Ben so concerned that the Losties have a boat? Even Juliet said that the island would bring them around in circles. So why is he so concerned and desperate to take the boat from them?

    Plus I thought it was strange when Juliet said "The island would just take them in circles." Maybe it was just worded in a strange way, but it sounded like she was referring to the island as a living breathing thing or machine. Sounded like she was suggesting the island has a mind of it’s own in a way. But I don’t know, just a thought


  3. I don’t know where people are getting this ridiculous "Sun’s baby is Jae’s" idea. Firstly, many of the flashbacks are years and years before the present, and even if the scenes with Jae and Sun and her father, and the subsequent scenes with Jin and Sun’s father, and Jae’s suicide and funeral took place immediately before Sun and Jin left for Australia, they’ve been on the island for 69 days! That means if it were Jae’s, she’d be at least 80 or 90 days pregnant by now. Obviously Sun would have noticed missing her period sooner. Furthermore, she’s just now experiencing morning sickness, something that happens in the first few days/weeks of pregnancy, not in the second trimester.

  4. Concerning the boat, as Juliet says, they can’t use the boat to get off the island. But Ben says something to effect of "they could use it to find us"

  5. Greg, I don’t think it’s Jae’s baby at all but they actually might be able to pull it off that it is. Women can actually have their periods all the way until their 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy. Plus the morning sickness varies from woman to woman. Some have it throughout the entire pregnancy and some only experience it during their 1st, or 2nd trimester. Technically it’s possible for it to be Jae’s baby if Sun and Jae had sex right before she got on the plane but it’s a far fetched story. You would think Sun would be showing 69 days into her pregnancy with how small she is, ya know? I’m not disagreeing with your "Sun’s baby is Jae’s" theory, just saying it’s technically possible.

  6. It’s 69 days on the island PLUS X days in Australia PLUS the time for all the events in Korea (Sun’s father’s meeting with Jin, Jae’s suicide, Jae’s funeral). Even assuming all those events were all compressed together just prior to Sun and Jin’s departure, that still MINIMUM another 10 days. And nothing in the flashback suggests it did take place just prior to their departure — most of the flashbacks are weeks, months, years, even decades previously. Look at Jack’s ex’s accident — what was that, at least 3 years prior? Many of Locke’s flashbacks are decades earlier. Somehow some people are leaping to the conclusion that these events were the recent past.

  7. I have to say greg, you have a point. I didn’t put those factors into the time frame. I honestly don’t think the Lost creators will go there with the plot but I have seen crazier things on TV shows. But I’m confident it’s Jin’s baby, no doubt about it.

  8. i think that its sun and jin baby, couse
    the island can make things that are impossible come true. like locke, he was on a wheelchair and now he’s walking, and rose she had some kind of cancer(i dont remember what she have exactly) but she was diying. and now she dont have it anymore.

  9. Here go some unanswered questions:
    1) Who/ What is Jacob?
    2) What’s up with Claire and Jack? (Did you notice they’re brother and sister?)
    3) Everyone dies on this island, but Mikhail Bakunin, the Eyepatch Man, seems to be immortal. I wonder why…
    4) Ben was brought up by Dr. Richard Alpert. However, besides never growing old, he seems to be under Ben’s control. How come?
    5) On the last episode, whose funeral was it?

  10. i don’t think it’s jae’s baby coz people get healed on the island eg. lockes leg’s, roses cancer and stuff like that.

  11. why is Ben talking with an invisable or spirit that he took Locke to see and only ben could hear him? what did Locke want to see this invisable or spirit person or thing for?

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