Season 3 and Episode 1 We Got Answers! And more Questions!

Well they finally answered a few questions tonight but a lot more were raised

Here are a few answers we got.

The Dharma people have sharks and dolphins in their aquarim thus explaining the Dharma logo on the shark from season 2.

Zeke also references the bears in the cage that Sawyer was in, so that can explain where the Polar bear from season 1 came in.

They are obviously in a Zoo / Aquarium.

Henry Gale’s name is really Ben.

The book from the book club is Carrie by Stephan King.

More Questions Raised
Who is Carl? (the kid in the cage)
How did Carl get on the Island and in the cage?
How did Carl get out of the cage?
Why was Jack’s dad talking through speaker?
Why are they keeping them prisoners in the Zoo/Aquarium?
How do they know everything about Jack? Or were they lying?
What do they plan on doing to them? “The Next Two weeks are going to be not be pleasant”
Why does henry obviously not like that chic Juliet!?
Is Zeke Gay? “Kate is not his type” he must be gay because she is smoking!

9 thoughts on “Season 3 and Episode 1 We Got Answers! And more Questions!”

  1. I think Carl was the kid working on the plumbing when the show started. He is one of the "Others". Kate and Jack had bandaids on maybe they were given truth serum so the Others know everything about them???

  2. Carl was in the background to the far left of "Henry", aka Ben, in the scene just before they looked up and saw the plane crashing. You have to have a widescreen TV to see it. So aparently Carl is one of the "others." But we still don’t know if Carl is in on the whole thing or if he doesn’t believe in the "others" cause and faught back.

    For Kate, I imagine she got pretty roughed up on the way to the Zoo from the beach. That would be the "next two weeks are not going to be pleasant" part. I’m still not sure why they seem to be torturing her and what information they wish to get out of her. Perhaps they don’t need anything from her, but from Sawyer. They might just be using her pain to get Sawyer to say something. That might explain why "Henry", aka Ben, was so interested that Kate asked about Sawyer before Jack. Plus, what is so significant about two weeks anyway? What does "Henry", aka Ben, have planned after that two weeks? Something is bound to happen after that two week marker. I’m expecting that to be the last cliff hanger before the Season 3 takes it’s break. I think we will find out what happens after that two weeks when it starts back up.

    P.S. Did anyone else think that there were an unusual amount of commercial breaks? Maybe I’m just so used to watching the DVD’s. I dunno.

  3. i want to know where you get to watch season 3 of lost. Do you watch iot online or do you watch it on digital TV? Please tell me its vital. I cant stand another night pondering about what happends in season 3.

  4. Did anybody else notice that Juliet put in the Talking Heads Speaking In Tongues album/CD, but when she hit play that wasn’t the music she/we heard?

    A significant clue, a production oversight, or an insignificant easter egg like the logo on the shark’s tail?

    My guess is the first. Thoughts?

  5. STE, you can watch LOST on Wednesdays at 9pm eastern US time, 8pm central US time, depending where you are at. It’s on the ABC channel. If you don’t have it, then you’ll need a computer. If you have a computer then go to and download iTunes. With that program you will be able to download the episodes about 3 or 4 days after they are aired. If you’re unfamiliar with iTunes, it’s the Apple music player (you don’t need an Apple computer, a PC will work fine) where you can download songs, movies, TV episodes, pretty much anything for a price. To find that section, look on the left side of the program window when iTunes is pulled up and you will see a button called Music Store. Click on that and you can search for LOST and it should pull up season 3. It’s pretty self explainatory so you’ll be fine. You will need a debt/credit card to put on there to pay for it. Each episode is 3 dollars I think. When you press the button to download it will ask you to create a username and password. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine. Hope this helps. Let me know if you got anymore questions.

  6. Mariani, I think that may be an easter egg that will be revealed as a bigger clue later. I can’t really come up with a good theory yet but I’ll work on it. Good eye to see that by the way. Plus did you see what book Juliet was holding? It was Carrie by Stephan King. I think that was Lost’s confirmation of the rumor that Stephan King wrote Bad Twin.

  7. I don’t think the Others need any information from Jack, Sawyer or Kate. I believe these are attempts to modify their behavior.

    Carl was a setup to convince Sawyer not to attempt to escape. The food contraption is there to occupy his tendancy to try and win.

    The breakfast for Kate was to show her there is a "good life". The threats are there as an added incentive to act how the Others need.

    Jack gets a soft sensitive woman who can "understand him" and "forgive" him. He’s been searching for this and will do anything for this.

    So the question remains "What do the others need of them?" Assimilation? Propoganda for the rest of the Lost?

    Clearly if the Others wanted the Lost to go away they could have destroyed them long ago.


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