Lost Character Connections

We know everyone on Lost is connected in some way or another. But there are many many ways most of the characters are related and we are willing to bet that theres at least one on this list you didnt know about.

1. Hurley owns the box company that Locke works for

2. Locke inspects Nadia’s house when she arrives in the US (Nadia is the girl Sayid helped escape from torture).

3. Locke is the only person on the island to have heard of Driveshaft (Charlie’s band), and he owns both of their albums.

4. Locke’s mother, Emily, was in the same mental institute that Hurley and Libby were in.

5. Charlie Stayed in the same hotel as Hurley the night before flight 815 (no, not in the same room you weirdos)

6. Hurley saw the Driveshaft Album in the bargin bin and made a comment about how he hated English Rock.

7. Hurley is on the TV in the background being interviewed by the news about winning the lottery when Jin goes to “deliver a message” to a mans home.

8. The comic book Walt found after the crash orginally belonged to Hurley.

9. Shannon is in the ER room after her fathers accident at the same time Jack is saving Sarah (his wife).

10. Sawyer stops at a coffee shop and it happens to be the one Kate’s mother works at.

11. Sawyer is in the police station in Austrialia at the same time Boone is there to file a complaint against Shannons boyfriend.


14 thoughts on “Lost Character Connections”

  1. Locke was not the only person to have heard of Charlie’s band, DriveShaft. Hurley did as well — from the scene where he and his buddy/co-worker were in a music store joking about DriveShaft.

  2. Locke wasnt the only person that heard of driveshaft. Hurley in the music store where he made fun of it and kate in the first season she said that he looked very familiar and he sang “you are everybody” and she remebered and she said her freinds loved their band.

  3. also sawyer was drinking with jacks father whilst contemplating killing the guy who sold shrimp. Sawyer also realises this now but has not bothered to tell jack for some unknown reason. jacks father is also claire dad it has turned out

  4. anna lucia had meet jack fathers too in sdney. and locke and rose had meet at the airport.jack had meet with anna lucia in the bar too.sawyer had arelation with julia(one of the others).
    im not sure if i remember good but i think that sayid had meet kate’s fatherwhen they where in army
    i have seen till the last of season 2 so i dont know if there’s more connection that had been shown in season 3 couse i live in malta and i have to buy the dvds to see them

  5. Also, the US Commander who led sayid go free in Iraq was Kelvin, and Kelvin saved Desmond from shoreline when he got washed away to the beach.

  6. there are so many more connections then you have listed here, and kate has heard of drive shaft too. wikipedia has almost all of them

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