Fun Lost Facts About Whos Killing Who

I came across this list of everyone on the islalnd who has up until now killed someone. If you see anything missing feel free to add them in the comments.

Sun – Colleen
Michael – Ana Lucia, Libby
Sawyer – Tree Frog, Other, Edward Mars, Man he thought was Sawyer
Ana Lucia – Goodwin, Shannon, Other, Jason
Charlie – Ethan
Kate – Her Father, Other
Eko – Two Others, 2 drug dealers in flashback, Man in Nigeria
Desmond – Kelvin
Locke – Boar, Boone
Ethan – Scott/Steve
Hurley – People affected by numbers. Grandfather/Priest
Sayid – People he tortured/killed in military
Danielle – Her crew
Walt – A bird
Arzt – Himself
Goodwin – Nathan

28 thoughts on “Fun Lost Facts About Whos Killing Who”

  1. Jack was responsible for the death of shannons father due to the fact that he chose to save his future wife when in the ER in season 1.

  2. i disagree with this as the majority of the above where killed when they were already on the island so how cn that be the reason thy were there. eg. michael was already on the island before he killed ana lucia and libby.

  3. True, but its still an interesting point that just about everyone has killed someone or something. I still believe that somehow someway this will play into the plot of the overall story

  4. good call, she did also shoot the guy early in season 1. I think he raped her or something, I cant really remember. I know she shot a guy though.

  5. Ok Walt should not be on the list because a bird is not a person. But, Your theory still might hold up considering that Walt was not flawed. They took him and some others because they were not flawed.

  6. my only comment is that even though the losties have killed, the ones on your list didn’t all kill *before* they were on the island. At least so far as we know.

  7. Ah yes thats right..he was the one carrying the dynamite when they were getting it from the black rock ship and it blew up right?

  8. oh and if were talking about before they were on the island nikki poisoned that old director guy

  9. It was actually paulo that poisoned the food, but nikki was in on it. Im not so sure that paulo and nikki will be dead.. I dont know how they would get out of the grave they were burried in without sufficating but you never know with this show.

  10. Hurley walked onto a pier of some kind with 23 people on it and it collapsed killing some. The pier was only supposed to hold about 10 I think but he still blames himself for the deaths.

  11. hey darling,
    sick website<3 im the most amazing lost fan in the world! i loveee the artz killed himslef haha….. wat season is this updated to? email me if ya feel like it if not i could care less haha

    <3 fucking amazing, sexy

  12. oh and btw i have a legite one locke killed naome for the helicopter in the 4th seaon and i think he killed his dad in the 3rd seaon

  13. i keep thinkin of some ….charlie killed himslef (cries and slits wrists) in the 3rd seaon fanaialy……and just a question are u a guy or girl…..and if ur a guy, are you hot? if u dont no how to awnser that ask a friend

    thanks <3 sexy

  14. Ben killed his father and was partly responsable for killing the darma people and his daughter. And Sayid killed 2 of Bens people that were watching Hurley.

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