Lost Season 3 Episode 2 Spoiler Images

Several images have been leaked from the set of Lost Season 3 episode 3 entitled “Further Instructions”. Most of them seem to be surrounding Locke’s upcoming flashback which is reported to reveal how he injured his legs and ended up in the wheel chair.

It also looks as though Charlie has lost his hearing, at least temporarily since locke is having to write out things and draw pictures for him to communicate. Also, Desmond seems to be a little strange after the blast in the hatch because he is now wearing a tye dyed skirt.

We also see 2 new characters in Locke’s flashback of a young man and an older man. At first I thought the older man was the Other that wears the fake beard. But looking at it closer they are not the same person. Although that would have been quite the plot twist. The younger man could possibly be Lockes son that has not been mentioned before.

What are everyone’s thoughts on these 2 new characters and how their role will play out, as well as the other images?

Locke & Charlie
Locke Hunting
New Character
Locke & Charlie
Locke Drawing Picture
Locke building something
Charlie and Claire
New Character
Locke and Charlie building
Locke Flashback
Locke gets a traffic ticket
Desmond in a dress
Locke writing to Charlie
Locke writes to Charlie2
Locke and new character
Locke and young boy
Locke flashback

3 thoughts on “Lost Season 3 Episode 2 Spoiler Images”

  1. Hello everyone, great site, great theories.

    Just a thought. I know the Island is rather large but what if it is actually moveable? What if the electromagnetic generator represents some sort of drive system? Henry Gale tells Michael he would not be able to find the Island again…perhaps the fail safe key Desmond turned was actually the ignition and the Island is on the move albeit very slowly (Imperceptible to the inhabitants)and the reason Penelope’s contacts have a difficult time keeping track of it.

    Also I found another good definition of Dharma…."Sanskrit term for duty, virtue and law; ethical rules of conduct transmitted from one generation to the next. The three traditional enemies of Dharma are lust, greed and anger. In its occult application the term means the laws of nature that maintain order in the universe, uplifting the soul and providing for spiritual growth".

    To me it almost seems as if the Island is a type of Purgatory (Are they all already dead?)where the soul is purged of all sin so that it may transcend or move on. All of the characters are coming to terms with the most difficult times in their life. Physical afflictions are reversed on the island while afflictions of the soul and psyche are amplified.

    Or perhaps the theory that the Island was built as a reaction to WWII is the way to go. Someone built the place in the hopes of establishing a utopian society in the event of a nuclear holocaust. In order to weed out the bad seeds (and ensure a peace loving society)a monitoring system was set up whereby all the inhabitants were monitoring one another to watch for signs of bad traits (greed, anger, lust) that which may corrupt the society, repeat history and lead to their own self-destruction. This may be the reason the others claim to be weeding out the good from the bad and insisting that they themselves are "Good people". Thanks.

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