Lost is Solved

So the story behind “Lost” is now solved:

In 1975 the UN artificially constructed the island for use as a military base. It was later used as a test site for research involving mental health and accelerated learning.
The UN’s aim was to use advanced computer technology to solve the world’s energy crisis.

The plane crash never happened but the survivors’ have been brainwashed into believing that it did. The survivors of flight 815 are actually living in a virtual reality simulation and the ‘monster’ is in fact the result of a time travel experiment which went wrong.

There are two groups of Others. One group are the results of a human cloning experiment and the other are survivors of a ship wreck which occured several years ago.

The ‘incident’ mentioned in the orientation film refers to a series of killings which occured when several test subjects were driven mad after being administered an experimental mind expanding drug and pressing the button every 108 minutes is necessary as part of an ongoing time travel experiment.

The numbers are an encoded form of the formula which makes interdimensional travel possible.

Actually, that isn’t it. It was generated randomly. If you want your own “Lost” solution, visit the Lost Theory Generator for more possibilities. What is scary is how good these random theories are. How many of you believed the above theory before finding out it was random?

What theories did you generate? Post’em here!

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  1. this is a load of bollocks evan so stfu and go back to ur hillbilly wife and kids in texas

  2. if you read the whole post you would have gotten to the section that said it was randomly generated. Also Evan does not live in Texas nor does his wife who is not a hillbilly

  3. well I believe there is some truth in each of the stories and i think if you put several different vesions together you will get the true story i hvae no examples but yeah have a look again *with a bit more seriousness.

  4. The island was originally bought in 1971 by a consortium of American business men and used as an isolated test site for top secret developments in disease prevention and life extension.

    The ultimate aim of this endeavour was to develop satellite technology which could be used to control the population of the world.

    A telekinetic ‘attack’ caused the plane to crash on the island. The survivors of flight 815 are trapped in a time loop and the ‘monster’ is actually a pissed-off giraffe.

    The Others are working for the Hanso Foundation.

    The ‘incident’ mentioned in the orientation film was a huge radiation leak which killed most of those on the island at the time and the pressing of the hatch button is merely a method that the Hanso Foundation use to determine that there are still people alive on the island.

    The numbers represent a physical constant which is central to the physics of time travel.

  5. I don’t think this true mate.
    Its not a virtual Island.

    If this is the case of lost.
    Then lost will S**k big time.

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