Lost Adds New Female Character

Hot of the trails of the information Evan dug up about the addition of Rodrigo Santoro in Lost Season 3, new information has been found about a second new character to make a regular appearance in the show. Actress Elizabeth Mitchell (also in the tv show ER) has signed as a regular cast member in the upcoming season 3 of Lost.

*Potential Spoilers Following*

Not much information has been released about what type of role Elizabeth Mitchell will play on the island but what is known is that her name will be Juliet. Speculation is also there that she will play a love interest for Jack (Matthew Fox) which would break up the love triangle between Sawyer Jack and Kate.

Earlier in the week Damon Lindelof, one of the creators of Lost, said that there would be some type of resolution of the triangle and that Kate would make her decision on which man she wants. This would be the perfect solution of kate choosing Sawyer and Jack having Juliet. But then again, you know how the show goes; nothing you expect to happen ever does actually happen. So we will see on that one.

Where Juilet will come from is also a big question on my mind. Will she be an Other, another one of Roussous team members, another survivor of Oceanic flight 815, or just someone in one of Jacks flashbacks. In my opinion she will most likely be another survivor of the plane or one of Roussous team members. But you never know, she could be an Other, and wherever the Others have taken Jack he could meet her, throw the game at her and steal all the Others Womenzs. Probably not though.

With this announcement of the 2nd new character that leaves one more femaile to go, as the creators have stated that there will be 3 new faces appearing in Season 3 of Lost. If you have any further information on these new characters please leave the comments and let us all know.

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