Get ‘Lost Diaries’ via Cellphone

Get ready for Hurley the filmmaker in The Lost Diaries, a new series of mobile-phone episodes, or “mobisodes.”

In a preview shown to more than 4,000 Lost fans Saturday at Comic-Con, Hurley (Jorge Garcia) finds a video camera, which he uses to record events on the island. Plans are for 13 two-minute mobisodes on Verizon this fall, but the early going has been slow. “It has been hard to get it off the ground, because we don’t want them to be … lame,” executive producer Damon Lindelof told a filled ballroom.

The video clips, including previews of extras in the upcoming Lost Season 2 DVD, were accompanied by Season 3 tidbits from Garcia, Lindelof and three other Lost representatives: Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) and executive producers Carlton Cuse and Bryan Burk.

Here’s a little of what to look for in the upcoming season (premiering Oct. 4), which will be split into two parts to eliminate breaks in continuity caused by reruns:

” The first six episodes, before a 13-week break, “will look a little like a miniseries,” Cuse said. Lindelof added a tease: “Something happens midway through the year that will fry everybody’s brain.”

” J.J. Abrams, who created Lost with Lindelof, will be more hands-on this season, co-writing the premiere  titled “A Tale of Two Cities”  and “hopefully” directing the first episode after the break, Cuse said.

” Kate (Evangeline Lilly) will get romantically involved. “Within the first six episodes, she’ll be officially making her selection,” Lindelof said.

” Desmond (Emmy nominee Henry Ian Cusick), the man in the hatch, will be back.

” The show will reveal more about the identity and history of The Others.

” There will be more adventure elements, which should please Locke and the actor who plays him, Terry O’Quinn, after a season largely spent typing on the hatch computer. “Terry said, ‘I want a knife in my hand again,'” said Lindelof, who replied: “You’ll get your knife back.”

” The writers will get back to the off-island world, introduced in May by Desmond’s girlfriend. “We’re laying the seeds for a whole new element,” Cuse said.

” A staged questioner said she was “Rachel Blake,” a character in The Lost Experience, the show’s online companion. She alerted fans to website

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