What does the 4 Toe’d Statue Mean?

We know the hatch our survivors discovered has the codename Swan and that it is the third of six. Time to add a second hatch and call sign to those we know of. The hide-out the Tailies have inhabited featured a logo nearly identical to that of the Swan. While still bearing all the Dharma Initiative markings, instead of a swan, the logo is skewered by an arrow.

We have two logos for two hatches, but whats the connection? After constant requests for answers about the numbers, specifically whether they are co-ordinates for the islands location, the producers cryptically replied, Viewers should be looking to the sky for answers and not the ground. With that in mind, a very subtle clue has been dropped in the Swan hatch pantry. Every single item of food there bears the Dharma logo, except for one the Apollo chocolate bars. Now, this may take a moment, but bear with us. The theories of what might actually be taking place on the island just went mythical mythically Greek, to be exact.

Firstly, Apollo was the name used by the ancient Greeks to describe a cluster of stars seen in the northern hemisphere, made up of six constellations.

Cygnus The Swan
Sagita The Arrow
Orion The Hunter
Crater The Goblet
Corvus The Crow
Ophiuchus The Serpent Handler

The naming of the chocolate could be seen as just a sneaky way to inform viewers where the hatches got their codenames. But a bit of study into the Greek god Apollos story and the virtues he represented reveals a lot of themes running parallel with those of Lost! He was the god of disease (the sickness), healing (Lockes legs), medicine (Jack/Sun), shamanism (Locke/Mr. Eko), prophecy (Claires psychic/Walt), and finally wisdom and reason (the faith vs. science debate). He was the god of light, while his brother Dionysus represented darkness, the battle between black and white another key theme in the show. He rode a swan north each winter and was the patron defender of flocks and herds, not unlike our good Dr. Jack Shepard!

Finally, Apollo was born on a mythical island that he formed sacred bonds with.. It was not joined to the earth, but rather floated the seas surrounded by swans. Could Claires baby, Aaron, already known as a special child, have ties to the island established long before he was even conceived? Could the gods themselves have wanted this child on the island? And before any theories about Aaron being the new Messiah spring to mind, remember this the verb apollyo means to destroy
Once last thing for all you wonderful message board posters that have been asking for more clues about the numbers. Jump on Yahoo!7 search and look up Apollo, and then check out the The Messier Marathon. The Messier Marathon was developed by Charles Messier in 1774 to catalogue 110 objects in space so as to not confuse existing stars with comets. Our new friend, the Arrow logo? Its part of the Sagita constellation, the Archer, and the two major stars in that constellation are M8 and M23

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  1. wow, all that greek mythology stuff is rle interesting. Wot u said about the timer counting down and the hyroglifics relating to the stars is rle good. Also u said there may be two more hatches. i agree with you, however im going to even further and say that i think there are more then that on the island. ( no evidence, just a hunch) but i think ur idea is v.good and well thought out. thanks for sharing it with us, it all seems to fit in very well with the show.

    The four-toed stature however doesnt seem to fit into place anywhere and still has me stumped for ideas, any suggestions would be very welcome please.

  2. Nice Apollo information but you didn’t answer you initial question about the statue with the four toes?!!

  3. thats really cool information and thats really well thought out but I wouldnt narrow down my thoughts to only one idea just yet…

    also i think it deserves mention that the four toed statue was the biggest WTF moment so far for many people… (its just such a shock)

  4. wat the heck happened to the 4 toed statue?
    i clicked on this thingy to see wat the statue was !!!!!
    this is weird

  5. i have solved the four toed statue mystery, watch episode four again where it shows aaron on the island, he has FOUR TOES.

  6. yes season 4 episode 4, u will be amazed, make sure u use a high quality video because they have made that scene particularly blurry

  7. After being led upstairs out of his cell in the Season 4 epsiode “The Other Woman”, the combination Ben gave Locke was 36 15 28. Knowing how clues are hidden and given on this show, I decided to google those numbers as a latitude. The search revealed a Mapquest map (of all things) of the Greek island Rodhos…or Rhodes. Further research revealed that the B.C. inhabitants of this island erected a statue of Helios, identified as the god of light (I wonder if it scattered right back then). Some say Helios is the same person as another god type guy named Apollo……..yep, the same god guy who gave us that wonderful candy bar.

    The statue itself was known as the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. Legend has it standing 50-100+ feet tall. The statue was supposedly destroyed by an earthquake only 54 years after it was erected. It is said to have snapped at the knees and fell over on to the land. There were offers to pay to rebuild it, but the Oracle of Delphi (credited with giving prophecies inspired by Apollo) made the Rhodians afraid they had offended Helios, and they declined to rebuild it.

    There is more to the story including how its pieces may have been sold to a wealthy man centuries later. It’s a pretty interesting story and much of it seems like it might relate to the LOST universe.

    Also, there is a metaphor that goes along with the legend of the Colossus of Rhodes where the destruction of such a great and awesome statue (that drew travelers for over 800 years after it was destroyed) was evidence for the coming apocalypse.

  8. So if Aaron has 4 toes WHY THE HELL HAS NO ONE MENTIONED IT! You thiiiink someone might have noticed like, oh I don’t know, Claire? Or Jack? And it might have been mentioned?

    But where in season 4 episode 4 is said episode? I am curious now.

  9. i just watched that episode “Eggtown”, (season 4, ep 4) last night. Are you talking about that very last scene where Kate comes back home after her trial and goes into Aaron’s bedroom. Cause I didnt even notice his feet. But if thats it, I’ll look again.

  10. I just watched that episode and when Aaron is in a basket when Claire and Kate are hanging up clothes. You can get a clear view of Aaron’s left feet which is the same one that the statue. And you can clearly see that he got five toes just as everybody else. Sorry i really hoped that he would have four toes.

  11. a new theory being moved forward with quite speed is that the 4 toed statue is in honor of Sawyer.

    because of an impending toe infection that will have to be amputated (remember when he innocently stubbed his toe recently..? they are thinking this will keep bothering him in Season 5)

    the idea is that with the time jumps, they visit ancient times on the island (latin has its roots/value) and Sawyer is somehow honored by the ‘others’ for whatever happens there.

  12. i belive that the four toed statue is an ancient hatch.that has properties and yhe purpose similar to the swan hatch.

  13. In season 2 when Charlie takes Aaron in order to baptise him u can clearly see Aaron has 4 toes on his left foot. The statue is of cerberus. Guardian of hades.

  14. The four towed statue is the egyptian god Anubis who is the god of the dead that of passage through the underworld. I dont know where you people are coming up with all this greek stuff all the writing and the statue are egyptian.

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