Walt Speaking Backwards

for those of you who wondered about the “incoherent language” that Walt uses when Shannon sees him in the Jungle:

Walt speaks back to front English, and when it is “translated” it comes out as:
“Don’t push the button. The button’s bad”

Could be a sign of something ;/ i’m no good at all this conspiracy stuff 😉

11 thoughts on “Walt Speaking Backwards”

  1. are u sure that its backwards? cuz i tried reversing the audio in that scene, but i still got jibberish, did u actually reverse it?

  2. Ok you all ave too much time, but how come walt has gone now, with no explanation of why the others wanted him so bad. They could have taken sawyer aswell on the boat, but they only took walk. And what is the mind projection/polar bear and bird apparation thing about. Coz walt did make the polar bear yes? With his mind from the comic book?
    U no i think im speculating here

    Josh Holloway is FIT! And Charlie is the cuteset thing on two legs.. the peanut btter thing.. my heart melted xxxx

  3. i think that walt will be back. i don’t understand why the others wanted him so badly and then just let him sail of the island.

  4. wat happened 2 walt and his dad after they left the island????did they make it back 2 the real world or wat???and wat was wif the hole walt appearing from no where wif that blonde chick cse dat shit was pretty freaky

  5. I think the water was coming out of Walt’s mouth because Charlie was going to drown…Did Charlie push any buttons? Wait, didn’t he push a button after he typed in those numbers in that underwater place? I thought he did. That’s what Walt meant, maybe. e-mail me if you know.

  6. walts probably coming back. they might somehow bring him back. not so sure about michael though. i dont think they would have that walt thing with loche unless they were bringing him back.

  7. i reackon the island’s gonna pull em
    back or the others sent them in the
    wrong direction. i love the dog apart from when it goes and sees sun
    in her garden b4 charie grabs her coz vinecent acts really weird. love
    Jade xx

  8. in them missing peices it shows he has powers also they wanted walt because they cant have kids themselves so the only way to keep the tribe or wotev going is for them to get kids. if you watch all the scenes with walt most of them show that he has powers e.g when he touches locke he tells hem to not open the hatch even though he knew nothing about it

  9. do we see micheal and walt in season four or five again.. becos like where did they go.. if they had gone back home, wouldnt they then be coming to rescue the flight survivors.. i wana know where they went? are they safe? like cummon someones gta know..

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