Top 10 Lost Questions

As the finale for Lost Season 2 approaches, more people are blogging about it then ever before. I found on a list of Lost questions and have added to them and reposted them here. The finale is supposed to be bigger and better then the first season and shocker, leave us hanging until Lost Season 3

LOSTs big questions:

1. Walt.

Where is he?
Why does he seem to be so important to The Others?
Was that him on the computer?
Can he really manifest things?
Whats up with that soaking wet in the jungle talking backwords stuff?
2. Hanso.

What was that map in the hatch?
Whats with that training video?
What are the Dharma logos all about?
We know the hatches all have different logos, but what is with the logo on the tail of the shark?
Was the foundation behind that food that fell from the sky?
Whats with the powerful magnet?
3. Ethan.

Crazy doctor or Crazy martial arts badass?
What happened to that underground facility where they were keeping Claire?
Is Danielles daughter still alive?
Why they hell was she down there in the first place?
4. Desmond.

He ran away from the hatch. Where the hell is he? What is he doing?

5. Black Rock.

6. Healing / Harming.

Locke can walk, Rose doesnt have cancer anymore, Libby isnt crazy anymore, Sun is pregnant.
Charlie is going crazy, Hurley is seeing things.
Is there a disease?
7. The Numbers.

These things are everywhere. This is one that better come to a satisfying conclusion.
8. Henry.Is he really an other?
Who was the real Henry?
Did he really not press the button?
What happens if you dont press the button?
Is Henry Gale the big man on campus. (my prediction is it comes out he is one of the leaders of the Others
9. The Monsters.

The chain-link monster thing, The Black Fog, The Shark&
10. Michael.

Is he brainwashed?
Is he an Other?
Did he make a deal with the Others?

This is a running total so add yours to the list….

16 thoughts on “Top 10 Lost Questions”

  1. The only thing I wish would happen in the next season of the show Lost, is that the footage of the whole season gets "LOST."
    Do people still watch this show? Probably the same group of people that think Chick-fil-a tastes good.
    Don’t you people know you are missing the Chappelle Show and South Park?

  2. If you don’t like lost, why do you visit this site?

    HITLER didn’t watch lost, you don’t wanna be like Hitler do you?

  3. Al (Hitler) Scillitani said…

    "Don’t you people know you are missing the Chappelle Show and South Park?"

    Doesn’t he/she realise that south park hasn’t had a major plot change in about 7 Seasons.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d happily watch the program, but there are limits to how many time’s Kenny can be killed and reincarnated, and to how many time Cartman can say F*%k and Bugger!!

    Evan: You serious about another 5 Seasons!? How? Can there really be that much more to the island? NICE!

  4. If you have a DVR you cannot possibly miss any South Park, Chapelle Show , or Lost. Even though I prefer Lost as one of the best TV shows out there, we all sit on our behinds and watch our favorite shows, whether we hate them or not, we still have that one factor in common.

  5. whoever comes on this site to tell people not to watch lost is a sad prick who needs to wake up, stop watching all that other shit and sort it out. If you dont like it you must not be cleaver enough or have the brain power to understand it and therefor should watch something more, there level like the tweeneys.You cock sucking twats get a life and next time log on to http://www.tweeneys .com

  6. Well said!
    I’m hooked, I know its not real everyday life, but i live that already, this is a welcome escape and one i’m gonna miss heaps until October? Why so damn long if they already have enough material for another 5 seasons? Torture to the fans, not good.
    I just hope during the break Kate makes up her mind who she wants and goes for it before Jack and Sawyer get it on together instead…

  7. i will watch south park when there absolutly nothing else on – which is quite a stretch to say i have sky+.

    but to prefer to watch it over lost?
    this guy/girl is compleatly under developed mantally and cannot "get" lost! – you stick to your low grade humor mate.

    lost is the very best tv since the first season of 24. another show that probably bypassed the dim-wit

  8. Where is Sayid at the end???

    My guess…he took an oar and conked Jin on the head with it: and he’s making out with Sun.

    That was his whole "plan" from the start!!!

  9. lol anon, id make out with sun given half a chance, but no, Sayid is at the others "camp" wich is a fake, a decoy, and michael is lading his "friends" to be captured by the others so he can escape at a baring of 23* on the boat…

  10. who said soutpark hasnt had a major plot change in 7 years? mr garrison had a sex change and chef turned into a pedo. i think they count as major plot changes.

  11. the logo on the shark means nothing. it was a joke by the special effects team and the logo was not meant to have been seen by viewers

  12. In the episode (season 2) where hurly is dreaming he is in the food store eating all the food, at one point he is gulping milk stright from the carton. On the side of the milk carton there is a "MISSING" ad, the boy in the picture looks suspiciously like walt. i noticed that cunt hitler hasent said much in response to his comments. what a fuckin clowan shoe

  13. This series kicks ass, but it should have been compressed into a season and a half, I have fast forwarded through so much tiresome crap, and have fallen asleep a few times watching this show. I like the concept but am getting tired of it at the same time. The Pearl hatch was a letdown, I assumed that there was someone monitoring them so no surprise there. I am so glad I am almost done watching season 2 so that I can put this bs behind me for another year. I wish I would have rented instead of buying it, because then I wouldn’t have felt compelled to finish the series.


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