The Theory Behind Abc’s ‘Lost’

This is one of the best theories I’ve ever seen about ABC’s Lost. It’s a long read but well worth it.

here is a quick summarization for the lazy, but i encourage you to read it all:
The Island is the plan for the end of the world and the plane crash never actually happened. Instead the plan was captured by this magnetic field, brought to the island and everyone was cryogenically frozen (cue austin powers) and the crash was staged..

Meet Hans Oersted:

Hans O. discovered electromagnetism in 1820.

In 1999 the ‘Oersted’ satellite was launched with the purpose of charting Earth’s magnetic field. The findings led scientists to believe that there might be a polar reversal imminent, the effects of which could be cataclysmic: if Earth were to lose its magnetosphere, it would be vulnerable to massive radiation from the space/sun. The satellite also revealed an anomaly in the magnetic field under South Africa; it is pointing the opposite direction from the rest of the Earth’s field and has been growing for hundreds of years. Please Google this info. A similar idea was also used in the film ‘The Core’.

Meet Hannes Alfvn:His contribution to science – mainly in the field of electromagnetism – revolutionized how scientists view the universe, winning a Nobel Prize on the way. He spoke English, German, French, Russian, and some Spanish and Chinese; and studied oriental philosophy and religion. He spent time in the Fiji Islands. He was fascinated by the “green flash” – a phenomenon that sometimes occurs at sunset. By no coincidence (Green Lantern and Flash comic):

He also wrote fiction: The Great Computer: A Vision (1968) telling the story of computers taking over the world. Google “Hannes Alfvn”.

Alfvn plus Hans O. equals Alvar Hanso.

The above outlines the reason for – and a means to control – the island…

Scientists, fearing the cataclysmic events of a polar reversal, prepared an environment for the survival of the human race. They either directly or indirectly engineered the kind of people who would make up a community fit for survival and propagation of a new world. In the main, this means characters without father/mother figures; and/or characters with skills for survival: a doctor, an engineer, a survivalist, a mercenary; and characters of sufficiently varied genetic background: african, caucasian, asian, etc. to ensure a healthy gene pool for generations.

Then on an island which already had a massive natural source of electromagnetism, they constructed an artificial magnetosphere, alluded to in Walt’s/Hurley’s comic:

to repel the deadly cosmic rays that Earth’s magnetosphere used to repel. The hope was that the community could thrive, grow and, eventually, repopulate/recover the world.

The Dharma Initiative under Alvar Hanso (if both of these thing exist in the Lost reality – much of the Orientation film is red herrings for the ‘survivors’) used a technology based on remote viewing and electromagnetism to power this magnetosphere and to influence the lives of the future island candidates. As stated in another of my posts: every strange (and a lot of mundane) occurrences in Lost can be attributed to electromagnetism as wielded by the collective consciousness on the island (see “Enlightenment Theory”). When all the candidates were in place, i.e. on the plane, the collective consciousness knocked everyone out, brought it down, cryogenically preserved them, dismantled the plane (placing enough debris in the ocean to ensure an “everybody dead” verdict); years later, some plane debris was placed on the beach with the passengers and the scene was set to give the illusion that they had JUST crashed. Then the collective consciousness woke them up.

The joke/password about the snowmen is an allusion to being cryogenically frozen.

The collective consciousness is that group of scientists that became so totally absorbed into remote viewing and electromagnetism that they now operate on frequencies of electromagnetism (covering everything from light to sound) only. They can read minds as well as manipulate iron and other conductive material. Claire wondered why there was not one comb or hairbrush on the entire plane; the reason: the slight electrostatic charges that hair brushing creates is interference for the collective consciousness.

Much of the Orientation film and what Desmond says is false and purely to ensure that our heroes press those bloody buttons every 108 minutes. The purpose is threefold: to provide a focus for the community – a reason to go on and something ‘meaningful’ that goes beyond rational decision-making; secondly, to protect the hatch/power-supply/scientists behind the concrete; and, thirdly, to download the information from the Oersted satellite as it orbits the Earth every 108 minutes (please Google this) to get the latest on the magnetic poles.

The collective consciousness messed with this bird’s navigation (based on magnetism – birds have magnetite in their beaks).

Sayid tells Jack that either the compass is wrong or North has moved. In fact, North has moved.

Walt seems to become a knife-throwing expert. He isn’t. The metal knife was guided by the collective consciousness in an attempt to bring him closer to Locke, who is the island’s most faithful servant.

The presence of this ship is an indication that this island has always been known as a source of great magnetic power (the word “magnet” comes from “Magnesia” the land where the first black rock with powers of attraction was found). The location of this ship is an indication of the island’s volcanic past – pushing the island higher – the ship is now inland. (Lava cools to form basalt; at the point basalt solidifies it takes on the same magnetic field as the surrounding location, thus providing information of the magnetic field’s past.)

BF Skinner’s dubious theories form the basis for the methods used by collective consciousness to socially engineer this ‘utopia’. They are the voices in the trees, they are the visions, they are the black fog (metal in a magnetic field), the monster (mechanical, but designed to embody each survivor’s personal fear). They use every psychological trick in his books to manipulate the survivors into forming a stable long-lasting community ON the island; and their means to this end are extensive.

The two images above are an explicit example of how the influence of the Dharma’s collective consciousness has pervaded in the survivors’ lives: notice the octagonal ceiling in both shots; and the metal balls in the second scene.

The opening shot of most episodes – the eye – establishes that this episodes main character will perceive what the collective consciousness wishes to show them. In this episode, Boone has an epiphanies vision courtesy of the collective consciousness and is later murdered with a falling plane!

Locke can walk now. Locke has no feeling in his legs. Locke’s ability to walk is based on the collective consciousness’ will. It makes him obedient. This level of obedience may be required of all the survivors eventually. His legs move because the collective consciousness allows those tiny electronic impulses from his brain via the spine to get through to muscles in his legs.

To summarize: our heroes never actually crashed; they are the future of mankind – the survivors of a cataclysmic polar event of which they are unaware; they are on the island to survive, procreate and repopulate the Earth. They are unaware of this plan which is sustained by a sophisticated collective consciousness and a group of scientists using electromagnetic power, and psychological techniques of reward and punishment.

More Notes
Some attempts at answers:

The polar bears are on the island because they think it’s the North Pole. And so does Sayid’s compass. Their appearance in the Orientation film is to throw the ‘survivors’ off the scent – as though the bears have been deliberately placed there and have simply escaped – no. But the collective consciousness can still use them – like it used boars.

Other occurrences of the polar bear – comic, cuddly toy – leads me to: we don’t know yet to what extent the ‘survivors’ have been socially engineered. It is possible that Hurley was so influenced by the scientists that he subconsciously sought out a comic with a polar bear and those other themes in it. Michael could have been told that Walt likes polar bears by his mum – or it could just be a coincidence/writer’s joke.

As for Walt’s knife throwing – yes he could have special powers – we don’t yet know how socially engineered these people are… Desmond does call Jack “brother”! But I don’t think Locke has special powers:

[Locke predicts the weather to a minute]
Neither does he need a compass anymore. These are electromagnetic phenomena – the conductivity of the air increases just before precipitation – you can smell rain. His power is a gift from the island…but can be taken back at any time.

Which leads us to: why did the island kill Boone? After freeing him from love of his step sister and making him loyal, the island murders him – why? Possible answer: because Locke, at that time, is the main prize for the island; in his dream he was shown Boone dead – but he still proceeded with the excursion to the plane! The island was testing him and setting him apart from everyone else. By the time they got to the plane, Locke was unable to walk, thus preventing him from climbing to the plane – thus forcing Boone to do it. This was all the collective consciousness’ plan.

…it was Locke that ultimately convinced the group to press the buttons – even Jack.

We haven’t met all the survivors yet – even in the main group. Maybe if there are any missing genetic groups, they are in there. Naveen Andrews is English! [ALERT: politically dangerous ground mixing nationality with ethnic origin – I’m stopping here!!!]

Did Kate remember the crash? Did Boone see his sister dead? Did Jack see his dead father? These people are like those lotto balls bouncing around – but the order of the numbers has already been determined… (apologies for metaphor).

My guess is that there are two groups of Others: one of scientists still on board with the project (boat), and another of scientists who have gone native (those in rags and no metal or sound). The gone-native group (including Ethan) steals babies; they see the project as insidious and rebel against it; they take babies so that the babies can grow up free – without the collective consciousness in their minds. The other group (boat) took Walt in order to keep people on the island – Michael won’t be building a raft again.

Google: B.F. Skinner’s novel “Walden Two” in which he describes a group of friends visiting a Skinner-type ‘utopian’ community. The friends react in different ways to the community’s ideology; these reactions outline the viewpoints of the two groups of Others.

Some other points which back up Andrew’s theory:
– the significance of the Dharma Initiative shark: according to Wikipedia ‘The shark has the greatest electricity sensitivity known in all animals.’
– one of the early workers on cryopreservation was Sir James Lovelock, who proposed the Gaia theory. Again, quote Wikipedia: Gaia theory is a class of scientific models of the geo-biosphere in which life as a whole fosters and maintains suitable conditions for itself by helping to create an environment on Earth suitable for its continuity. That tallies nicely with your ideas above – also as a nice ‘coincidence’ it was named Gaia theory following a suggestion by his chum William Golding, of ‘Lord of the Flies’ fame!
– I’m guessing the polar bears were brought there for monitoring i.e. to compare this artificially generated pole to their usual habitat

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  1. This is to the "" who wrote the comment above…
    Oh my God Dude, have another beer! Can you say ANGER MANAGEMENT?
    True fans have done their homework…Have you not gone onto the ABC websites to gather clues? Oceanic AIR, MegaLotto, Hanso Foundation, Rachel Blake? Get with the times! I understand that people learn at different speeds, but you are a NEANDERTHAL! That is a great theory, and well researched. I am certain that you complain about politics, but just don’t find time to vote! Take responsibility. Do your homework. Ask questions. Or I guess you can fall into your usual pattern of slammin a 40 ounce, wearing a wife beater shirt and making it on time for your shift at Mickey Dees!

  2. Charlzero, what you had posted was word for word what this page said. It has been removed, though I did leave your URL you listed.

  3. actually i didn’t write this thoerie this was done by a genius named andrew smith. try to search in google for "lost andrew smith theory" is somewhere on the numbers website 481516………viewtopic2.php?t=3377. there is part 2 of his thoery and this is even beter this guy has hard facts it even explained everything, you will never ever believe who alvar hanso is……….. well any idea…….. its is LOCK
    well yes i didn’t believe it but when i read everything. i relised that this guy was right. this is for all who don’t believe that this man is telling the throw should visite the site. so far all his calculations has come true he has been writing theory before season 2 started. any people love his theory. the others can’t wait for part 3 of his theory. anyway here are the links. part 1 (add http://www.)

    part 2 (add http://www.)

    Check the comic he made neat ha genuis work.

  4. one more thing he even evented the thoery above sinds this one was posted in june 2006 and his one was posted in november 2005. see where i’m going with this. if you don’t believe me check it out for yourself

  5. good theory. alot of people throughout these messages u can tell are die hard fans who have theyre opinions and i respect them seem as thou so many hours go into watchin lost,going over the plots and ideas and then having to wait to get the answers u want to hear but then again as for the ones who just write in to say its bullshite-id like to see you come up with a better theory, yeh it might sound a bit farfeched but the lost creators have thrown that many plots and stories into the show i think its a good theory and what more can any one acspect from this show. well ill just have to wait and see how it ends but if they dont use the theory im sure theylle dissapoint alot more viewers with theyre idea of what lost is about than if they used yours

  6. Another Intresting Thoerie found
    The Purgatory Theorie found at

    Definition of Purgatory

    "A state or place of purification after death; according to the Roman Catholic creed, a place, or a state believed to exist after death, in which the souls of persons are purified by expiating such offenses committed in this life as do not merit eternal damnation, or in which they fully satisfy the justice of God for sins that have been forgiven. After this purgation from the impurities of sin, the souls are believed to be received into heaven.

    * Survivors each have some major problem they’re trying to work out

    * Each time a character works out their problem, they die ("leave purgatory")
    o Boone comes to terms with loving Shannon.
    o Leslie Arzt gets over being a social outcast.
    o Shannon comes to terms with loving Sayid.
    o Ana-Lucia comes to terms with her murderous tendencies.
    + Charlie might be screwed now because he threw the heroin into the ocean…AND…the ominous Vincent brought him to the heroin. Finally, he did inject himself with the vaccine…

    * "Innocent" people are taken by The Others
    o Mr. Eko was innocent, but then killed two Others. He has "saved" Sawyer, so in theory, he has only 1 life left to save before he’ll die.
    o (Suggestion: I don’t think Mr. Eko was "a good man", he used to be drug dealer/smuggler, he killed at least two men…)
    o But now he may possibly be dead after possibly saving Charlie?? That would make a second life saved

    * The author of the manuscript Bad Twin, Gary Troup, appears to be a deliberate anagram of Purgatory
    o Perhaps purgatory is indeed a theme in the show, though not an actual location; the writers explained that they are not physically in purgatory, but perhaps the idea of redemption and karma is something each character encounters while on the island. So far there are strong themes of faith vs logic, destiny vs free will, good vs. evil, karma, and redemption. Clearly, this show is dealing with the spiritual, despite the debunked puragtory theory.


    * The show starts with an airplane crash which normally nobody would survive. Maybe all the survivors died and are now in some sort of purgatory, limbo or an other place between earth and the hereafter. The ones killed in the crash went directly to the afterlife.
    o In Tabula Rasa, Kate approaches Jack on the beach and wants to tell him what she did. He says to her, "It doesn’t matter what we did before this, before the plane crashed. (dramatic pause) Three days ago, we all died. We all deserve a second chance." (referring to the real-life | Tabula Rasa concept, the episode’s namesake
    o If you aren’t familiar with the Purgatory theory, this wouldn’t make much sense when you hear it; however, this seems to be a blaringly obvious revelation by the shows’ producers, regardless of what they tell us, because it is early enough into the show that no one would notice it, and it seems way to allusional to be just a side comment.
    o Sayid says to Ana Lucia, upon her asking him to take revenge on her in Collision, "What good what it do to kill you when we’re both already dead?"
    o Christian tells Sawyer in a bar in Sydney, "We’re in Australia. We’re as close to Hell as we can get without getting burned."
    * There are numerous references to "a previous life" and "the next life" throughout the show.
    o Michael tells Jack that "In a previous life, I was an artist."
    o The inscription Nadia writes on the picture she gives Sayid says "I will see you again in the next life, if not this one."
    o Desmond has said many times to Jack, "See you in the next life, brother" (at the stadium, when running from the hatch, before triggering the fail-safe, etc.)
    * They all seem to have done something that leaves them with a feeling of guilt, or have unsolved problems.
    o Once they confess to these things, they are "taken" or die. If they die in purgatory their souls can rest.
    + Example of that is the death of Shannon. She died after somebody believes in her, Sayid, and that was the thing she had needed to confess before her pass to the afterlife.
    * People who are known to be dead appear on the island (and in dreams).
    * Children/Babies are taken because they have no sins yet.
    * Eko tells Charlie that his dreams may mean something, and that Aaron should be baptized because he is in danger. Baptizing plays an important role in limbo and purgatory because of the cleansing (remission) of sins.
    * While talking to Locke Henry Gale says: "God doesn’t know how long we’ve been here. He can’t see this island any better than the rest of the world can."
    * Henry Gale talks about the people on the island as good or bad persons, being good or bad is very important while in purgatory.
    * In the episode SOS, Bernard tries to make a big SOS sign. One of the given meanings of SOS is Save Our Souls.
    * The author of the manuscript and published book Bad Twin, Gary Troup, appears to be a deliberate anagram of Purgatory.
    o In Bad Twin, there are numerous references to Purgatory, talking about how it is the second chance and destinies balance on a knife edge (see Chapter 15, 16 particularly).
    * Survivors seem to miraculously heal from earthly diseases. Locke can walk again, Rose healed form cancer and maybe Dr. Marvin Candle regained his arm on the island.
    * The black smoke forms a tunnel in front of someone, Eko and Locke became very calm facing it, looking inside one (Eko) sees flashes of major events of his own life and Locke refers to what he saw as beautiful. All these properties (tunnel, calming, life review, experiencing beauty) are mentioned in near-death experiences, the biggest difference is that the smoke is black in contrast to a tunnel of light. The tunnel of black smoke could be a gateway out of purgatory into heaven (like the tunnel of light is believed to lead from earth to heaven).
    * When Eko asks Yemi in his dream for forgiveness he says: Your work being done in this place is important Eko, it is more important than anything! and what is done is done.


    * This theory is almost certainly wrong now that we have seen The Listening Station, hard evidence that the outside world is still there.
    * This theory was expressly debunked by head writer Damon Lindelof in a New York Times interview published on May 25, 2006. Noting the fact that the finale of Season 2 shows the outside world in the present (as opposed to a flashback) for the first time, Lindelof added: "People who believe that they’re in purgatory or that they’re subjects of an experiment are going to start reassessing those theories based on the fact that we are literally showing you the outside world."
    * The purgatory theory has been debunked by one of the creators of the show (J.J. Abrams).
    o But wouldnt they also debunk a theory if it were right, not to spoil the show? Maybe they are not exactly in purgatory but are somehow between places)
    + The theory was debunked in Entertainment Weekly with the sentence "These people have hearts, and when those hearts stop beating, they die."
    * Not all survivors have issues we know about, also people die/disappear that are clearly not innocent.
    * Not from all people who die it is clear what they came to terms with or why they could leave the purgatory (e.g. Nathan and the Marshall).
    o Its said that Leslie Arzt died after getting over being a social outcast but first of all this problem is not serious enough to get him in purgatory and second of all the process of getting over it is no more than realizing and admitting it to Hurley.
    * It does not explain the numbers. (unless the numbers are simply a problem of Hurley which he is confronted with on the island)
    * If the island is a place that should decide your fate in the afterlife based on your earthly sins then why Aaron gets born here? (In the case of original sin he should have died after being baptized.)
    * If Richard Malkin is really a psychic and wants to protect Aaron then why did he put Claire on flight 815 (knowing that it would crash and all passengers would die)?
    o It’s possible that Malkin actually wanted to destroy Aaron. Perhaps he knew that Claire would somehow be responsible for his death, so he encouraged her to keep him: when that didn’t work, he put her on a doomed flight

  7. I got through most of the comments, but not all… some info…

    I’ve heard there will be SEVEN seasons. That has already been predetermined. Or so I’ve heard.

    I think Jack has something to do with it… Hanso Foundation, etc.. In the episode where Sawyer and Jack are playing cards… Sawyer asks Jack where he learned to play… Jack tells him Thailand. Sawyer asks him what he was doing in Thailand which Jack refuses to answer. What was he doing there? Was he training to work with the Hanso Foundation?

    I totally agree with the mental institution theory, however, believe that Jack has more play in it than mentioned in one of the previous theories. He is a doctor afterall and gets really agitated when other survivors try to control things, could this be because he knows why they are there and doesn’t want them to over run him.

    Desmonds wife was supposed to marry someone but then called it off, could this be the Korean man that taught Sun English… he was supposed to marry an American woman but it fell through.

    Anyone notice that when Sayid was helping the American army the other man, not Kelvin, but the other American solider in charge was Kate’s dad.

    Maybe they are linked through people that care for them, that all believe they have horrible emotion problems, and this island is a pyschological attempt to help "cure" them… ie, people who care about them actually sent them there.

    The frozen thing is a little far fetched but could be mirroring the girl that Eko had to survey for the miracle… she is pronouned dead, but was really just frozen. Also weird… the father of that girl was the pyschic that Claire and Hurley both went to.

    Anyone else hear the rumor that Claire is the long lost daughter of Jack’s father?

    The purgatory idea is really good too, but I think it’s more of an idea that all of them have been through so many things and have some many emotion problems they "feel dead". Which exemplifies why they were sent here.

    Additionally the magnetic theory also plays into all of this… magnetitism is proven as a "healer" or a place of miracles, which would be a reason why it would be a prime place to put all these people. The "others" could be another group of patients or just a test of survival for the survivors.

    Anyway, seems like everything everyone has been saying could kind of tie together and I won’t continue because I’m just basically saying everything everyone else has been saying but tying them all together. I’m too into this show. HAHAHAHA. I’ve never been so into a show. Anyway, SEASON THREE! Wahoo.



  10. Lets see, A lot of fish, lots of boar, 2 polar bears, and one horse,( won’t even menchen the craziness of the last two)……. but only ONE CHICKEN to eat on the whole island, where did it come from?????? Are chickens even indiginous to islands in the Pacific?????????

  11. i have a small theory, quite possible; the water they are drinking from the spring could contain some type of drug, making them hallucinate.

  12. Hi there,

    as mentioned before,

    108 is the sum of 4+8+15+16+23+42, the numbers that seem to appear everywhere.

    and as mentioned before, the result of those numbers multiplied is 7418880.

    Did anyone notice the last few minutes of the s2 finale, those 2 chess playing scientists that detect the electromagnetic anomaly ?
    On the Computer appears a number which is 7418880.

    >/ 7418880

    funny insnt it ? =)

    and by the way,
    in one of the Podcasts – i think it was Damon who pointed something out, that in the very first episode of season 1 (the pilot) in the very first minutes something could be seen that probably no one noticed. Anyone knows what he meant ?

  13. "and by the way,
    in one of the Podcasts – i think it was Damon who pointed something out, that in the very first episode of season 1 (the pilot) in the very first minutes something could be seen that probably no one noticed. Anyone knows what he meant ?"

    This could be reffering to Jacks eye – both season open with a shot of Jacks eye (first left second right iirc).

    Read one theory that it isn’t his pupil dilating but the black smoke retreating from above him – am at work so haven’t been able to check this.

    BTW – just read the whole lot in one go – my head hurts 🙁

  14. just read the whole thing through i cant wait for the third series i want answers fast its doing my head in. think evans theory is facinating but a lot of people wouldnt get this and i think it would be too hard for a lot of people to understand. definately think the others are people put on the island to see how they could survive the reason they think walt is so special is because he is black (no offense intended to anyone)and he can start a new race on the island in a few years they want the children to bring them up there way so they would think this is the normal way of living (a bit like the film village)its just baffaling me why they are all linked in some kind of way because there is no way that plane was brought down purposely because dez had been there 3 years and had no conntact so how would he know the exact time and date to not press the button so the plane would crash down. i could sit here for hours typing about this bet we all could. can just see the show ending and we all being tottally pissed off. also think script writers sit and check peoples therories so that not one of us gets it right….

  15. also why does everyone keep saying’when sawyer shoots at zeek does the bullet rebound??? if i remeber rightly there are loads of the others surrounding them when he lifts his hand to fire one of them shoots him he doesnt even fire a bullet himself he just gets shot.

  16. also the look between jack and kate at the end is basically because they now know. there is a way out and they could be rescued after all. they probably had doubts thereselves of ever being saved

  17. ive read this and dont understand it one bit i mean its a tv show it has no bloody theorys sum stupid people gettin paid millions went on google got a load of crap put a few dudes in rags a few hatches an a ship in it and made a kick ass tv show ok

  18. i checked out the symbols on the clock and got s.u.i.a.l which would also be see u in another lifetime???? but a few people have put it as c.u.i.a.l this is also an anagram of lucia. ana lucia maybe???? any thoughts on this??

  19. Jesus Christ who the hell would spend sooooo much time trying to make a theory to lost ITS A TV SHOW sure its awesome and everyone wants to know why they are there blah balh blah But you dont have to spend Hours Watching every episode and try to make an exact THEOry to it…… The show is just made up as they go along……

  20. Well guys i’ve read all this and man you ‘re good, you ‘re really good !!! How about those who ‘re writing the show ‘re just loosing us ’cause that’s what they ‘re payed for, and again were ‘re just like Loke and Eko now pushing the button !!! Every theories that we can come up with is canceled by another one (exept for "the big line), nothing make sense, it’s just seems like their priority is surprising us what ever it’s take to do it !!!
    exemle: there is a magnetic problem on the island and that’s why the plane crashed, so what about the plane wich brought the DARHMA food ? why did’nt it crashed ? The thing is that you can think and think again and guess what ? While you’re using your energie and your inteligence to think about the lost theorie you just don’t use it to think about what’s really going out around you, in your country, in the world… And probably those who ‘re writing Lost should come here and get any ideas ’cause there really good !!
    I love tv shows, and i watch a lot of them but "entertainment" that’s all it is !!!
    So let’s see season 3 and have fun, and sorry for my english !!!

  21. by the way, how comes that no one tried to use Desmond boat to get the hell out of there ? I mean for some peoples who crashed on a stange island they don’t seems to really want to live !!! So you see, non sense and suprises !!!

  22. Have you guys thought more about the monster? I reckon that there has to be more than only 2 (Polar bear, Black Smoke) In Pilot the monster kills the pilot and if you watch in slow-mo you see that it is actually an arm pulling him out. Maybe there are 3 organisations with thier own monster. The monster in exodus pulled Locke down the hole to save him? And all the people on the list have had encounters with "weird" things. Kate’s Horse, Sawyers boar, Hurleys imaginary friend and Jacks dad. These could be malfunctions of the conciousness thing. Also when Locke sees the monster he says "It was beautiful." At the Black Rock he is scared. The monster could have been a giant and the smoke is it’s soul. I have seen a picture from the set wich show sun and jin looking at a huge skeleton hand. Perhaps the giant is the island. When Locke is telling Boone that he druged him his eyes were black. And also when Libby is helping Hurley throw the food off her eyes are black too, perhaps the monster can take the form of Survivors which is why he was ‘up-loading’ Ekos past incase people ask questions. That the self distruct thing killed the monster. If you listen close at the end you hear something screaming. The Things at the end of the timer are hieroglyhics spelling ’cause to die.’
    I got some of this stuff from wikipedia: LOSTpedia.

  23. i disagree totally with that theory…i think that aliens took control of the plane and flew it to the planet stenchtrench..they have all been cloned and are being trained by the ‘others’ to seek world domination and wreak choas on the human population by curling one out on their victims forehead…does anyone agree?

  24. Why does the charakter looks like Jack? I mean , ok he is not jack…but i think this must have any background story…!I think it is very important for the further story. The producers want to say something with this

  25. First I thought they were all DEAD! How awesome it would be if people didn’t know they were actually dead…but I thought, that idea is just too far fetched.

    So, I think, at least right now, is that the island is a time warp. Like Bermuda’s Triangle but somewhere else. This is the speculation where no one can rescue or find them. Cause they are stuck in the different time frame. Time elapses on that island. This is why people see strange stuff like polar bears, dinasours, future monsters,,,
    Locke can walk cause he’s in different dimension. This is just my speculation and there are still a butt load of stuff needs to be answered but I have no clue about it. But I just love the idea that either they are stuck in the alternate unverse – a time travel or they are in between stage after death before they leave for the next life.

    See you in next life brother…

    wow, this show gives me creeps. All different elements in the show is just so brilliant. The best TV show ever! It keeps me guessing over and over again. Imagination is limitless!

  26. I was watching the 1st episode again, and the pilot tells them that they lost radio contact 6 hours into their flight, and after that they decided to turn around and head for fiji, which caused them to be approx 1000 miles off course. thats why the rescue party are looking in the wrong place. so taking into account the speed that their type of plane flies at(mph)(times that by 6 hours) and their direction of travel, then plot a course from that point 1000 miles in the direction of fiji, it would be possible to get a reasonably accurate pinpoint of where they crashed! i also wondered if it was anywhere near the bermuda triangle?

  27. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but anyway:
    It’s clear that there is intended to be some previous connections between characters, but in a lot of cases I think people may be thinking a little too much.
    sorry to be so boring but has it occurred to anyone that some of the actors may have been used for multiple roles just to save the expense of hiring different actors…?

  28. really like the theories guys! i like to read it in to all this as much as the next person, but you must remeber that it is television! why did jack wake up in the jungle and not the beach? so we, the audience, could feel disorientated, just as jack did. and the when he arrives at the beach we get a shock, as the sight of the wreckage literally takes our breath away. its called dramatic suspense. i would love to think theres some radical theory to why he’s in the jungle, but i dont think there is. there are many other instances in the program that are just there for our dramatic veiwing pleasure. keep up the theories tho, some of them have answered loadsa questions for me! cheers

  29. To the person that was trying to translate the Hieroglyphics, what you are saying Is wrong because you are using Egyptian Hieroglyphics.Don’t get me wrong you might be right but It would translate something that makes no sense, but If we were to use ancient Hieroglyphics It would say Otherworld or Underworld.

  30. What about the episode in season one wher Locke, Jack, Kate and Charlie go into the jungle to the caves. Jack finds a skeleton wich has in one of it’s pockets a dark marble and a light one. I also noticed that In claires dream about her baby being dead, she sees Locke and he has one White eye and one black. And in Pilot part 2 Locke is playing a game in wich there are 2 sides, light and dark. Also there is (Don’t get me wrong) Bernard and Rose love each other wich is another connection between black and white. maybe the marbles control 2 different monsters? Also what about the white tennis shoe? Perhaps it was Walts.

  31. Also look at the footage of the Turbine explosion in "Pilot" very slowly and carefully and you will see something wierd flying off it Just before it blows up.

  32. I like this, but now that the finale has come and gone, what wbout the sailor man’s love getting a phone call from two scientists in a cold area…life isn’t gone on the rest of the world…sorry

  33. Howdy all. Great discussions.

    Here’s a little nitnoid I haven’t seen examined: Locke’s name is John. The doctor is Jack, a form of John.

    No big deal, right? Two common names. But with so many coincidences on this island, I wonder how much can be made of that similarity.

  34. Lost reminds us of so many works of literature. Crusoe. Lord of the Flies. etc.

    Just thinking… in Crusoe, you start out thinking it’s an adventure tale. Poor guy is shipwrecked, what will he do? How will he survive? But there’s a huge ship full of goodies there to sustain him. Survival isn’t the issue. DeFoe uses the novel as a way of looking at the philosophies of (the historical) John Locke. Putting Crusoe on an island was just a device.

    For this reason, I come down on the "Lost is just a thought experiment" side of the mystery.

    Smells like carrots.

  35. Id just like to say that if this theory was true it would be horrible it would take away the whole mystery of the island and put it down to plain science which is just so not what lost is about.
    and also does anyone notice that 8 15 is in the numbers which is their flight number.
    Maybe the men in the icy place at the end of series 2 are dharma workers?
    and i really liked the point made earlier about all the numbers adding up to 108 what are the chances of that it cant be coincidence surely.
    and also if like the main theory on this page says that the people on the plane were knocked out or sumthing and the plane was brought down how come the survivors have flashbacks of the plane breaking in half and crashing?

  36. If the outcome of LOST turns out to be something upon the lines of science or something totally implausable i think i can speak for a lot of people in saying i would be soooooooooo dissapointed!! i want the outcome to be more realistic and unthaught of!

  37. Hey has anyone noticed that the count of the survivors (which is 42) is also the same as the last number in the string of numbers that need to be entered into the computer. 42 is also the answer to life, the universe and everything( maybe this is based on hithiker’s guide to the galaxy). I don’t have a clue if this fits in at all, just had to get it off my chest

  38. absolutely brilliant theory there!! id say youve got it down to a tee!! some pointers tho!!!

    the plane actually breaks up in mid air and this is viewed by the others in season 3

    they let michael go at the end of season 2!! (could be letting him go to the new world tho!!)

    also there was something when the tail section survivors found a bunker there was a picture of a god or something?? well apparently this god in his time was renowned for putting people on an island and leaving them there

    and the best one is that lost stands fo land of scientific testing!!

  39. Ok the plane did actually crash because you see it in series three, and i think that we can also now be sure that the others are natives.
    there are some good points, but it’s a little obscure.

  40. skinner was a phsycologist who did experiments with mice – making them push buttons every 2 hours regularly. he observed the long term effects of doing this. he discovered that in the long term, the mice got cancer and other illnesses from the stress. it seems to me that the button was there not only to regulate the magnetic field and help the sattelite transmit, but also to test if the “survivors” were worthy (this coincides with the “repopulate the earth” theory). this could also explain the “pearl” station (the ? on the map)- it was built to see if the same thing (stress related illnesses) would happen in humans and to see if the “survivors” were tough enough mentally.

  41. no, you see the plane break up over the island!!! they cant hav been frozen!!! but they could have been purposely led onto the island (kates dad led
    desmond away from the station so the plane would be pulled in) and then tested. but, making theories is pointless as the lost producers have admitted that even they dont know where the story is going to go!!!!

    1. one cannot google the experience of reading the books (Walker Percy, Flannery O’Conner, Doestoevsky,etc that the writers were steeped in –meaning they read these works and –as as many great writers before them, including James Joyce Ulysses, used the best writing that came before them to inform LOST– might you be able to connect Penelope and Desmond to this. If you can, well you must have valid reasons for your complaint (Also, the writers are not making it all up as they go along -they’ve always had an end point, GOOGLE this). i’ve seen far too many posts and comments on the street from people question titles rather than meaning of books. if you are one who has read the books, i apologize. If not, seriously, do your homework before such pat claims. modern quantum explains the time travel = read Oxford University press THE END OF TIME before making claims that the writers don’t know what they’re doing. if you’ve investigated the science behind show — well again, you must have a specific reason/empirical data to back up complaint.

  42. firstly… i was kinda disappointed with the end of series 2. why was charlie so happy? why didnt he tell of lock and mr. eko still being at the swan station? maybe he fought they escaped? but since they didnt show up at camp doncha think he would have gone back to check they were okay? the selfish b*****d! and secondly, caleb, the whole 42 hitchhiker’s/lost tie thing? genious!!!

  43. mr smith was right about his thoeory afterall desmond traveled back to the real world and everything was unbalanced meaning that what they do on that eiland affects the real world. somehow i’ve got a feeling that penny’s dad is behind all this. he has been collecting uniek scientists.
    we also know now that the french lady’s husband was henry so if rossau is telling the truth that means that henry didnt come to the eiland by choice and that guy lock and the others saw in the other hatch could be just desmonds future because he looks a bit like desmonds. desmonds is still not telling us everything

  44. have you theorist ever thought that the writers of the show check out this blog for futrue show ideas? i enjoyed reading all the theories

  45. i just want to know lol. i cant wait. it has to be original and these writers are amazing so they could be throwing us off the scent. .. however, it is difficult to believe that only one person in the entire world could think of such a complex idea without another person somewhere thinking the same thing.. in possible variations.
    we need some riddler experts to view the show

  46. All memories/Flashbacks are fabricated, notice objects that were present in the episode turning up in the flashbacks. What each character is remembering is directly effecting their response and actions. Whay someone or something is doing this I don’t know.

  47. richard has not aged since ben was a child. why would ben be leader? is he the only one who can see/hear him. is lock supposed to be jacobs saviour coz he hears him say help me but ben does not. jacob seems to be a prisoner in the old shack and the ring of grey matter around the shack could be to trap him there or it could be gunpowder. not sure if hes physically or astrally there

  48. by the way thanks to the original poster for the real world links. ties up with alot of other stuff in the real world version of lost (us)

  49. in the third season, locke’s dad pushes locke out of a window.
    in the first season, hurley is talking to one of his employees, about the numbers being cursed, his employee says that there’s no such thing as curses and a man falls pass the other side of the window behind them, that is locke.

  50. on the last episode of the third season.
    charlie has flashbacks of the five best moments of his life.
    in one of them, there’s a woman who tells him that he’s a hero. that woman is sayid’s old girlfriend who sayid has been looking for, Nardia

  51. yeah, if you look closly. locke when he’s falling and the man falling, are both wearing the same clothes!

  52. in the first season. jack see’s his dead father, and when he looks in the coffin where his dad is supposed to be, he’s not there.
    then in the third season. ecko see his dead brother yemmi, and when he looks in the plane where he’s supposed to be, he’s gone.
    so jack and ecko see someone who’s dead, then the dead person isn’t where his final resting place was.

  53. I have a theory…


    Like Pirandello’s Six Characters In Search Of An Author, or PKD’s Man in a High Castle…

    LOST is a play/story/idea of Ben who is the Writer who created all the characters, and their backstories. He is the one surrounded by books, making notes, talking into a hand recorder. He is the writer having created a great story with powerful characters, only the characters have grown past him and want to escape his fiction, to escape the island.

    And in doing so he punishes them with lost lives off the island.

    It is an old idea in Twlight Zone/PKD/Pirandello land but it has a refreshing new feeling and is very well executed.

  54. I would like to say this theory is the best i have heard yet and makes a lot of sense,well written and put together and glad its not gone down the purgatory route.

  55. this theory holds pretty good for the first 2 seasons or so. now with all of the flash forwards i dont know if i can say that the world is actually messed up due to the change of the earths magnetic field. everything appears to be fine in the real world when the oceanic 6 return. guess we’ll just have to keep watching.

  56. koogs i agree with you. the third season contradicts some of these things (nice attempt anyway!). The bears are studied by the Others, they must have been brought there… Then the Others are one group only. They live and work together…

    Hoerver, i do think that the electromagnetic theory explains a large number of unexplained things in lost thus far…. locke’s ability to re-walk, compass, hatch button… but the cryogenic theory i dont buy… :/

  57. we still have yet to learn more about the people that convinced ben to kill off the darma initiative with them. they haven’t been around since he left their camp to meet up at the radio tower at the end of last season.

  58. An idea went right through my mind, which could give a nice template for writers to expand their imagination, without limits. I’ve searched through this forum and others and i’ve seen that only one more person had the same idea (spice girl)..
    Is everyone familiar with the movie eXistenZ? Jude Law starring.
    If you are not, i suggest you see it and reply if there could be a possibility of the writers combining eXistenZ, and The Game as a template, and afterwards expanding all the drama story..
    Everyone participating in the Lost game gave their personal information in order to play the Lost game, and inside the game, everyone is loyal to his role… I could imagine Ben and Windmore as the administrators or the team leaders, the original inhabitans as the bots or tech support and of course, when the island moved, the only thing that moved was the scene of the game.. all the characters are present, as also all the crazy stuff (numbers, hurley can see dead people, and the Island still puts obstacles in order the Game to continue as a plot)
    The Island is the game, not as land.


  59. Regarding the references to Utopia, has anyone noticed that Thomas More’s book Utopia was published in 1516 (numbers).

    “Utopia is a name for an ideal community or society, taken from the title of a book written in 1516 by Sir Thomas More describing a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean, possessing a seemingly perfect socio-politico-legal system. The term has been used to describe both intentional communities that attempted to create an ideal society, and fictional societies portrayed in literature. “Utopia” is sometimes used pejoratively, in reference to an unrealistic ideal that is impossible to achieve, and has spawned other concepts, most prominently dystopia.” [Wikipedia]

    Maybe the Others are trying to live in their Utopia but they keep being interrupted by various groups who get in the way – 1800s Black Rock folk, 1954 US Army, 1970s Dharma, 2004 Losties etc. etc.

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