Russo, The Others, Alex

i dont know if anyone has noticed this before but there is one ”other” who seems to think that they are bad! that is russo’s daughter,,, who sent claire back with her baby! why would she do that if they were all doing good.. i think they are collecting the children as they are easiest to turn,, as far as michael being different i think that is because he has been threatened a lot not to say anything and has been put under alot of strain… this would make him reluctant to show happiness for his dad when he see’s him 4 THE SECOND TIME. remember he showed enthusiasm when he saw his dad in the tent and that got him told off,,, although was that all an act?

From our Guest Poster – Curt

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  1. ya, good point curt. i think alot of his strange behavior might have more to do with covering the aging of that child actor. i was thinking the same thing in regards to why Walt is hunched over and covered in water whispering when he appears in the second season.

  2. Another thing is that (i dont no whether youve heard this before) but.. i think Henry gale(could be wrong) tells someone else(about walt) ”have you never saw walt in a place he shouldnt or even couldnt be!” the reason his step father wouldnt keep him was because he was wierd things smashed etc this implies that he was in trouble 2 be able to do so.. if like all u exaguraters are saying(soz if spelt wrong) it isnt the same walt it could be his impression as he is not only viewable to one person and fool them all… although when he appears he speaks backwards. when he appears to sharon and sahyid he says something like ”shh! there coming, there close,, warning them of anna lucia and the others with the gun( others meaning sawyer eko etc)

  3. Curt:

    The Other that asks Micheal about Walt apearing places was the black doctor lady that is in the camp near the fake dharma door. I commented about this above, but im not sure if anyone read it. it was before i set up an account. I’ll copy/paste it here because i felt it was signifigant too.

    One observation, of many, that i have made which i believe to be of great signifigance: when michele is captured and is being questioned by the black doctor-other, she asks michele if Walt has appeared in places that he isnt supposed to be. of course we know that walt appears to members of the crash party although he is only able to whisper and he seems to be trying to warn them. The black doctor seems to have been confounded by walts abilities. i think this is why michele was allowed to leave the island with walt. walt is able to comunicate telepathically with people outside of the island, and this is a great threat to the experiment or whatever. also i think michele was clearly comunicating with one of the others and not walt via the computer. this was a setup in order to get michele to do certain things that the others desired, the most important of which was that he take walt off of the island to safety.

    also, just remembered something i noticed in the last episode that i hadnt seen mentioned, although im sure others saw it: the others clearly have access to new technology, because the use tazers on jack, kate and the others when the capture them at the end of the second season.

  4. i have another thing about walt if walt can appear in places he shouldnt be he might have been the one who was caused the lock down on locke and henry as the others told him to thinking that henry would take this chance to escape

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