oh Phuket! Lost Questions and Answers.

Why was Jack in Phuket Thailand? And why did he learn to play poker there?

The blue drawing that Locke saw on the back of the blast doors, looks like a map to me. If i had to guess Desmond (the guy in the hatch when the Losties came along) drew it. He seemed to have an intimate knowledge of the hatch and tunnels. But why on the back of the door that no one knows how to get down?Lost Map

How kickass is Sayid? I was hoping he was gonna dig up that grave. Rumor is Jack and Kate take ‘Henry Gale’ to offer him as a trade. I wonder what for? Micheal? Walt?

What’s up with the food drop?

Now that they found a balloon and a parachute, do they attempt to build another boat with a sail this time?

What was the music and voice Locke heard? I know it was a countdown but what triggered it?

Is Locke losing his faith in the island? He seems to be starting to question his judgement

What are your thoughts and comments?

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  1. I’m trying to figure out some stuff to do with the hatches n diff dharma places. When reuso(french chick) took the baby and clair found her, they fund the hatch that clair was taken to… What series and episode is this?

    Also I paused on, the invisible map on the blast doors, from what i can make of it, there are 7 hatches and the pearl, which makes 8. we know of:
    the swan(button pressing),
    the arrow(flim edits).
    the pearl(monitoring),
    the rectangle(the others hatch, i think the doors have been moved from somewhere else… but who knows)

    looking at the symbols of the ofther hatches i think i made out a scorpion and possibly a snake, but not to sure about the last one. anyone got any info about the hatches for me?

  2. here is a good theory on the Lockdown that happened

    Stage one:

    As food drop plane nears island, it sends a signal to the island alerting it of the approach.

    Stage Two:

    Automated hatch lockdown sequence begins. Announcement is made over the loudspeaker unit. "Everyone get to safety zone." Food is dropped onto the island.

    Stage Three:

    Scientists get into the safety zone, and hatch goes into Lockdown mode.

    Stage Four:

    A volunteer exits the hatch into the "quanteened" zone, and retrieves the food.

    Stage Five:

    Volunteer returns with food, and is deconed. Hatch exits lockdown mode.

    The lockdown protects the inhabitants from the "sickness" when the outer door is opened. The UV lights help keep the area sterile?

  3. Why was Jack in Thailand? Simple: underage hookers.

    I’m growing tired of watching an hour of television and only getting about 10 minutes of useful info.

    If Locke loses faith in the island, will he lose the ability to walk?

    Now Hurley done lost his mind and there’s mac and cheese for everyone…

  4. The scratched out one in the nw corner is the abandoned site the talies were in.

    The Staff is the medical center

    "Libby will be having a Flashback this season. Source: Matt Raggs, Writers Assistant on Lost"
    its on IMDB I still say BS she is a other.

    Man this show is probably already written all the way till the 4-5th seasons. Their gona drag out this gale crap for the rest of this one, their going to tell you who the others are slowly
    We wont even figure out where michael went till 3rd season.

    They dont realize that people arnt going to wait 3 years …(not including lotr) for the ending or some answers.

  5. have you did any of the translations of the latin from the pec version of that map?

    they really try to explain some stuff

    "nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum" Is probably the writer’s motto since they try to pack so much stuff in this

  6. there is a site, i didnt remember to copy the url that already did the translating. Most of them are red hearings.

    Cerberus= the security system

    Locke wont become an other but he has always been PRO island. The others are not PRO island so to speak. They are pro THEIR island.

    I found one post from somebody back in mid december…it outlined everything for past 3 months. Spot on. Even did some stuff for the future/season.

    Its got a few more suprises in the next few weeks left but season 3 and 4 are going to be the big ones

  7. Chances are he still isnt a "other." Hell Sawyer doesnt go by his real name and half of them are crooks.

    Plus every spoiler i’ve read says a lot of things will happen around this guy. But they dont say what team he plays for.

    I’m just betting he is more complex than US or Other

  8. EV,
    The use the map to explain the ladder in the bunker thing via saying

    "Multiple escape conduits blocked after incident"

    I cant post to PEC while at work for some cookie IE reason. But atleast I can post on the blog :beatup:

  9. Maybe in the hatch used for monitering known as the pearl there are switches to change the envionment of the swan to see how they react. Becuase in the seaon finale when Desmond set off the switch the voice didnt come on, the doors just shut.

  10. How come in the first episode of season one, in the very beginning… Jack was waking up from the middle of the Jungle? Why did he start out in the middle of the jungle and then started to run to the beach where everyone else was when the plane first crashed. Makes me what to speculate the Jack is similar to that guy (one of the others that Ana Lucia killed) on the otherside of the island of the other half of the plane. Perhaps Jack is an other, perhaps he was brainwashed and thinks he thinks he was on the plane. But then that wouldn’t explain how he ties in with all of the other survivors before the plane crashed. So why was Jack in the middle of the Jungle laying on the floor when the plane first crashed?

  11. A couple questions :

    1. When Sayid,Jack & Locke left to go after Michael & told Kate to stay behind to push the button, Kate followed them & was captured…..Several hours elapsed because they left at daylight & it was dark when the others "lit up the torches" & they had to travel same distance to return. Was this a mistake by the writers or another explanation I missed???

    2. Did Walt’s imagination make the Polar Bears appear. He had the incident with the bird at his Mom’ house & they said he was special. He was reading a comic book that had a Polar Bear in it.

  12. i belive that jack is jacob cause jack is the leader of the survivers off the plane so he is jacob the leader of the island.

  13. I finally saw the 3rd season finale… i know jacks ‘flash backs’ were ‘present time’ or they could be more illusions. but i want to know why when jack was drunk in the hospital arguing with the new doctor, jack told the doctor to get his dad to show his dad drinks too. Uhhhhhh, jacks dad is dead, so what the hell is going on. Oh, and who’s funeral was that? I think it was suppose to be Ben’s, but thats just me.

  14. What? Jack isn’t an other ! Well.. I certainly hope not 0.o No no who are we kiddng he’s innocent !

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