NightmareinBlue’s Lost Questions

O.K. People, here it goes:
Let’s get serious andanalize what we know for a fact, before e start asking the really important questions and try to form a theory.

There are of course many elements, relations and little bits of data to scrutinize and slowly put into to place like a puzzle. But it is my honest opinion that there are 4 elements wich are the most important and if understood fully and pieced together with each other can really provide us the key to the secret of lost:

– Dharma iniciative;
– The Numbers;
– The Others;
– The Island’s “supernatural” Phenomena (i.e. black smoke, electromagnetism, monsters, bears, the bird, etc.);

If the whole thing is part of some kind of a psicho/sociological experiment, how can we explain for example the black smoke that roams the place or better yet the numbers sequence that keeps popping up related to events, people, the computer code that is suposedly saving the world?

Are the Others some kind of “left over” from the Dharma Iniciative? If so what are they doing there? Why do they take the Children? (oh, and by the way contrary to what i saw in another post, the others have actually killed people: in the first night the “other Losties” spendt on the other side of the island and the guy who’s name i can’t remember that Ana Lucia had traped in the hole).
Is there really a infection that justify’s the quarantine? if so why haven’t we ever seen anybody get sick? If not why do they gave the vaccine to Claire’s baby when they took her? What’s their relation (if any) with the numbers and the island’s phenomena? Why do the Others use fake beards indigent clothes and false names?

If everybody was brought to the island purpousfully, how to explain the intrincated relations between them and the Numbers?

In order to discover the secret we must conjugate the various sides of the question: the supernatural, the psichological or sociological, the mathematical and the relations (not only between the “losties” but also between them and the Others.

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  1. I think everyone is putting way too much into their theories. One question I read: Why were Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurly on the "Others" list? They all have something in common. They all four killed someone before they ended up on the Island.

    Sun’s baby was immaculately conceived. That’s has already been aluded to in the show.

    And my theory to why they ALL ended up there together. They all are being tested and forces to BELIEVE! Remember all the flashbacks. And their messed up lives. The show talks about fate and destiny every single episode.

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