A New Lost Theory 3 Groups

I have a theory:

I think there is 3 parties on the island. The others, Dharma folks and the losties. The others where on the dharma observe project but found stuff out that made them stand up against the Dharma folks. Dharma project still have the losties in the project and the others took their leaders away to get better/stronger for a rise against the dharma folks.

Libby looks like she could be a agent that recruit people for the Dharma project.

The other losties left at camp+Hugo are still in the project and the others don’t want the Dharma folks to end the project. Well the others have contact with the outside because the boat uses fuel and the used advance methods of catching them.

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  1. I recon young Libby was at it! she deffo worked for Dharma in some capacity…. Handler Recruiter whatever.

  2. Libby is definitely in on it. She gave Desmoond the boat that took him to the island. And low and behold it brought him back again when he tried to do a runner.

    The Boat is maybe following a beacon on the island? Same reason the plane was flying over there when it crashed.

    But WTF is the black rock all about? Are the others descendents of the original crew which is why they refer to it as their island. Bit like Pitcairn only smaller 😉 I

  3. i think hurly was not supposed to get on the plane or be in any of this just think about it
    1. his car runs out of gas
    2.he’s in the wrong queue
    3.he has to buy an extra seat
    4. he gets sent to the back
    reasons why this explains my theory further
    1.he’s the onlyone who hasent got hurt
    2.when he was captured by the others they let him go!!!!!!! THE END

  4. I dont understand. Are you saying that some of the people that landed on the island work for dharma? Also do you have an idea if lost is going to put a story about libby’s life in the institution, even though she is dead?

  5. Tayler,

    This is possible, as we have seen the stewardess talking to Jack while he is in the cell the Sawyer use to be in. She says they are watching. I think the plane was flown off course and crashed on purpose.

  6. my theory is that dharma had made two
    groups. one are the others,2 the suvivors
    of the plan. i think they made this two groups for a simple reason.the others that they lived on the island for their whole live and the survivors of the plan that they live their live in the world that we know.
    the dharma plan was that they make this 2 gruopsto see the difference betwen people who
    lived in evil(that fight each other)(survivors of the plan) and (the others)people who live peacefully between them
    so they can see how can they save the world from destruction. what do you think about my theory????????

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