More Users Lost Questions

There are a few things everyone seems to have forgotten about.

Firstly, end of season 1 – the thing that drags locke down and makes the weird noise.

Secondly, What are the voices in the trees?

And in the second season what is that black clould thing that floats in front of echo?

Whats the crack with walt when he was talking to Shanon?

Why have all the stations been abandoned?

Whats in the other stations on the map?

My theory is the island is a place beween heaven and hell for the lost people to be tested. Echo knows this i think. The button tests their faith.

One thought on “More Users Lost Questions”

  1. Rather basic theory! I mean the ‘Limbo’ idea between heaven and hell sort of works on some levels but in depth it doesn’t!

    Desmond for example, Back in the stadium when he first meets Jack, when he leaves he says "See you in another life brother" – And says the same thing to Locke before he turns the key.

    But then you have to consider the fact that Penelopie, Desmond’s GF, finds him using the Antarctica station. Therefore, if the outside world can see them there’s no way it can be Limbo… Right?

    (P.s. My first post, Horrah! =))

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