Lost Season and Season 3 and 2 Finale Questions

Lost Season 3 starts Oct 4rth 2006, goes for 7 episodes, takes a break comes back in Jan 2007 for 18 more shows.

First off, I have no idea where to start, but would like to say I Knew Henry Gale was in charge!!!

Here is the noteable things that happened and then the questions left:

Libby meets desmond in the Coffee shop and gives him her boat. Too much of a coincidence. Libby is part of the experiment and was purposely planted in teh coffee shop by Penelope’s dad to get desmond on the boat. her dad knew he wanted to sail around the world so it was all a trap

The big piles of tubes with all the notebooks, force me to believe that they were an experiment as well and someone was watching all of them. If everyone would have communicated openly with everyone else then they could figure out a lot from that big pile of notebooks.

Calvin keeps referring to the incident, which was?
Kelvin/Calvin was the guy who made Sayid torture his commander
Zeke is actually Tom
The black ladies name is B or something like that.
The name of the boat dock was Pala Ferry
Compass bearing 3.2.5 is the way to be “rescued”
they let Hurley go tell the Losties what happend and to not come to this side of the island
Sayid, Jin and Sun, sailed around the island.
the Others Dharma Door was a fake.

What happened to Desmond, Ecko and Locke?
Locke Admitted he was wrong, but was he really wrong?”
What was that bird who flew at Hurley?
Did the bird really say “Elizabeth”?
What’s up with the big foot statue with 4 toes?
Did Calvin really have a partner that killed himself? (If so it will be in the notebooks?
Why is the Snowman Joke so significant?
How did Calvin’s partner know what the map should look like? and why did he start painting it?
What does the key do?
Why are the Others using fake names?
Anyone find anything good on HansoCareers.com?
What does “Rescued” mean when henry says Walt and Micheal will be “rescued” at compass bearing 3.2.5?

The plane was apparently brought down by the electromagnetic field which protects the island from being found by the outside world, which makes me assume it is a hidden experiment. The Losties were purposely selected to be in the experiment and although they make it seem like the Losties plane crash was an accident, its not.

Penelope is looking for Desmond and knows something about the experiements and her dad is the man running them all. He is in the window of all the Hanso commercials. His connection to everyone else im not sure yet. Penelope hired the Brazillians in the snow to find Desmond. Like she said earlier “Money can find anyone”.

Desmond was pushed to the edge with penelope’s letter to see how he’d react. Locke was tested, Ecko was tested, etc etc. More evidence that it is an experiment

I’m sure i’ll add more, but please add your thoughts!

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  1. Interesting fact this is. There were two people called John lock and Russo were actually real people who wrote about social contracts. Its probably another mislead put in delibratly by J.J.Abrahams, but you never know it might have some relevance and I thought we agreed ages ago to stop talking about purgatory, why are people still doing it.

  2. Well i got my sources from http://lost.cubit.net/ but im not 100% sure they are correct. What’s this about Purgatory? Please tell me someone hasn’t drilled into your heads that the Losites are in Purgatory.. I mean cmon guys get real ffs. Does anyone know what date in October Lost season 3 is coming out? And is October same release date for Europe too?

    I like the theory about the others, being scientists that work for Dharma initiative. There is also said to be another set of others on the island but i dunno about that i haven’t seen em. We really need to read into the others and what they know, for a start they know all the losties names. More interestingly, they know Sawyer as James Ford. No one really knows Sawyer as James Ford so the others have access to the losties private stuff i assume. They also know what people are like, and i cant remember who said that they let Hurley go because they knew he would blab to everyone and not keep it a secret to keep the Losties calm or w/e. Ideas please.

  3. Whats this about the colossus statue on Atlantis? Do you have any sources to back you up? I think its just a mislead and was put there for Dharma because me thinks Dharma is doing a Psychological test of all the losties, unaware of them being watched.

  4. ok… what walt is saying when he appears is… "lost you guys are all lost."
    also…hello when that b woman talked to michael she said have you ever noticed that walt can appear in another place at the same time. so walt on the boat with his dad is not walt its walt appearing to be there cuz the others made him but then michael is going to look round and he is going to dissappear.

  5. Some people seem to have some interesting comments. I must say that when Jack, Sawyer and Sayed swam out to the yacht, it looked like the set from the end scene of The Truman Show- I don’t think there’s a link but it was some very poor special effects (maybe a money saving venture!). I don’t think there is any relation to ‘The Others’ movie, Superman or The Village or Heaven/Hell theory- but these have given me a few laughs for the last hour! And some good reading.

    I love all the number stuff and the mathematics behind it all. Here are my comments so far; Sorry but this is going to be a long one!

    1. The Portuguese/ Brazillian men i agree are probably at one of the poles for better reception (once again as some else has already pointed out it does not correlate to Antarctica just becasue of the polar bears as they are in the north pole only!). Yes i believe they were hired by Penny to find Desmond. I am sure her dad, Mr Widmore is running the island’s medical/ psychological experiments and is using Magnetic forces to hide the island or keep people from leaving?!- hense why Penny has those guys searching for Magnetic activity- in the season 2 finale on the computer screen when the red light flashes, it says something about electromagnecic pulse detected. She was trying to locate the island where she knew Desmond was (also the man’s bit about "missing it again" i think refers to when Desmond, before the crash, let the clock run down when he was following his partner and got back to the hatch after the countdown had finished- which meant an electrical pulse had already been emitted, they must have missed that one or not got a lock on the location) i also think all the people on the plane were hand chosen to be part of the experiment. It explains many of the coincidences (penny knows some of what has been going on).
    2. Yes i agree Libby was involved in recruiting people- (maybe after getting Desmond involved, she went to the island too, as a worker for Widmore but go used in the experiment as well) which meant she had already been on the island and involved in the Dharma project when we see her in the mental institute- like the guy who gave Hurley the lotto numbers- i think he had been on the island too. Maybe that’s where they all return to after the Widmore people are finished with them on the island. would be good to look back at the episode that showed the people in the institute and look for other familiar faces
    3. There must be something to the contamination theory as the other plane survivors (where Anna Lucia starts off) were all getting sick and dying, maybe a vaccine was in Jack’s group’s food on the plane (long shot i know!)or maybe only one part of the island is contaminated?! [speculation]
    4. not sure about the miraculous healings but certainly not spiritual. maybe Rose’s cancer healing is from the magnectic field (like those dodgy magnetic blankets they sell on late night TV! ha ha) No seriously, i think there healing has to do with the vaccines being used in the experiments
    5. I totally agree with the comments about the stations watching each other and feeling as though they are the most important
    6. The others work for Dharma/ Widmore and some are scientists/ ex navy seal types/ psychologists and dress up to look like they’ve been there living in bad conditions (like the fake huts etc) but really live in a hatch/ building somewhere else on the island- or beneath it- like the Thunderbirds! ha ha?! some of them look like they maybe were once other losties and then became others-like Danielle’s daughter and like they are obviously trying to do with Kate, Jack and Sawyer- must say i think there is more to it than just sending Hurley back to be the messenger- he seems more important to the story line.
    7. no i don’t think the island moves and i don’t think it is in the Bermuda triangle
    Anyway, they are my thoughts this was a great season of Lost can’t wait til October for the next installment

  6. you asked what was the big 4 toed statue was so I think I have the answer.

    It looks to me like a budda statue foot. The plane the Losties were on crashed about 6 hours in to the flight and if you are on a plane from sydney to LA you would just about crash over India if it was 6 hours in. I think the country India has lots of Budda statue things but I dont know why it has 4 toes. Maybey it just fell of with all that changing weather because it’s allways sunny one minute and then the next thing you know it’s tipping down with rain in the jungle. So another reason for having 4 toes could be, that when the statue was built it was supposed to be a replica of someone the people of india worshiped and maybe the person they worshiped had 4 toes in stead of 5 on one foot because we don’t actually see the other foot, we only see the one. Thanks for reading ***jess***

  7. I think the others have access to get out of the island and come back whenever they want to. They have to have a small plane or someone else is bringing things to them as we were able to assume in previous episode. Otherwise, where do you think "the others" eat, sleep, get the Dharma shots, take showers, get dress with fake beards, bring all those dozens of cans of goodies to eat for the losties. We know that their is another hatch for sure but, they have to have some kind of transportation going on.

  8. Walt – I think that maybe Walt can also see what happens in the future, that is why he tried to warn Shannon. I dont think that it is Walt on the boat because he has the same expression as the one that he had when he warned Shannon. But I do think that was the real Walt at the fake camp.
    I think that Locke, Desmond and Mr Ecko will be safe because Charlie was in or near the hatch when Desmond turned the key.
    I agree with Foul I dont think that it is Jack in the arctic.
    Libby – that would be a feat and a half if she managed to dig herself out of the grave they put her in, but also noticed her breathing hehe

  9. answering to -Anonymous, at 6/12/2006 10:37 PM

    that is a really good question, but see it that way, what if it WAS fate that desmond left the hatch and all of dat happend!!??
    Since we know Desmonds appearence on the island was most probably no coincidence, kelvin would try to take hes boat, years will pass with no answers for desmond, he gets fed up and follows kelvin, and BANG, there is the plane, with all of them ppl.
    But i don’t think that it was desmonds fault, he just thinks so, but as far as we know, the plane was flying wrong before anything happened. I mean thing about it. Why this plane with them exact ppl in it? Why at this exact time?


  10. I dont think Walt can see the future, i think Walt can be places he wants to be and i think that "the others" made him go to shannon and lead her to that specific place, so that ana lucia will shoot her.
    It was all an experience, to test walts abilities.
    And that was, why shannon was brought there. Just to be a victim of an experiment. Maybe Walt maybe wanted to warn Shannon, that she is in danger, but she would keep on following. And then, the moment shannon was near ana lucia and the rest, the whispering started, to frighten them and make ana lucia use the gun.


  11. right there is alot of posts here and to be honest, i havent read them all, so apologies if these have been posted. I was just gonna put some theories up in the air and see what you lot think?

    the swan hatch and its electromagnitic qualities provide a ‘cloak’ for radar and detection, by people pressing the button it maintains the cloaking.

    des, locke and eko must be alive, i dont think they can afford to loose locke and eko

    the co-ordinates given by the fake henry to Michael, lead micheal to where the others are on a civilised island. When fake henry said they would be rescued he didnt say by whom!! possibly the others as i cant see them letting walt go so easily.

    I belive that the island was underwater previously, kinda like an atlantis, this still explains how the black rock came to be where it is. possibly a tsunami 30 odd years ago helped it up

    The foot statue cannot be bhudda as if you see any figurines or idols of bhudda he is always sitting.

    In the two films we see thay say ‘namaste’ at the end of them, which means hello and goodbye or welcome in hindi. hindus believe in reincarnation this may be a factor to where jacks dad is, or possibly cloning.

    lets face it this is a big science experiment, I think the others want to take key players out of the equation and see how the others survive/make decsions, manage without leadership and the criminal aspect.

  12. Ok, the whispers are a device used to control animals. Maybe by the others, or maybe by the "other others". Anyway, whenever you hear the whispers, an animal appears out of nowhere.

    The "other others" are in charge and we haven’t seen them yet. Call them Big Brother. They deal with all the physically impossible stuff like:

    Locke’s ability to walk
    Rose’s cure
    Hurley’s lottery numbers
    All the coincidences
    The black smoke thing

    They also either control the others, or are fighting the others, I can’t work that out.

    Whoever they are or it is, they have technologies far superior to anything that will be available for hundreds or thousands of years, and I suspect that they were there for thousands of years before Dharma. Also this entity cannot just be physical like "radiation", because it seems to have a conscience. So this leaves two options:

    1. aliens
    2. some spiritual thing like god, or "the island"

    The experiment theory is an obvious one, and clearly there has been some experimentation on that island as evidenced by all the stuff in the hatches. But this doesn’t explain the paranormal stuff, so there must be more going on. Maybe an experiment within an experiment within an experiment.

    Big Brother (who is really clever, and pretty much omnipotent) occasionally drags some people to the island, and has been doing it for thousands of years.

    Screw it, I haven’t got a clue, actually.

  13. Anonymous, at 6/16/2006 8:46 PM

    Why do you think there are two sets of
    "others"? Is this because Henry said they are the good ones? I strongly believe there is only one set of "others"

    And Raj I totally agree with you about the others wanted to take key players out of the equation and see how the others survive/make decsions, manage without leadership.

  14. answering the comment -Anonymous, at 6/15/2006 11:15 PM

    How can u be so sure that Shannon’s death was an accident.
    Nothing going on on this island is an accident.
    I mean u were even saying, u agree that walt wanted to warn shannon.
    But shannon would have never been in this situation and shot, if it wasnt for walt, so it was no accident, it was defenetly somelse.


  15. There has been a lot of talk about Libby being a recruiter for dharma, now i’m not saying whoever is saying this is wrong but she hasn’t met everyone on the island. So what if her and Jacks dad are recruiters as Jacks dad did meet ana lucia, sawyer my guess is he wanted revenge on Jack so thats why he accepted the job from dharma. Therefore he might of composed a corpse or played dead and payed off the guy in the morgue so Jack i’d and thought he was dead. So he might be alive and there was a fake body in the coffin which fell out or he fell out of it and ran off to the others or some other dharma folks or he died in the crash.

    Also I heard that they killed off Shannon as she was out of contract and wouldn’t sign a new one unless she got more money, and they didn’t want to give her more.

  16. I believe that the black rock ship, has alot more to do with the story in season 3, i also know more characters will be introduced i mean of course, otherwise more will just continue to die, these other characters i am refering to, i think are slaves escaped from the black rock ship, no-one seemed to pick up on the fact that it was a slave ship. also we only have ruseau’s (sorry about spelling) word she is not a "slave" escaped from the Black Rock.

  17. see when the hatch door falls from the sky, this is off a different hatch as we see eko open this door and its isn’t closed as he is clearly in a rush and the explosion from the dynamite just rushes out to the open hatch, also desmond is dead becuase the shutdown will have collasped the hatch inward on the magnet, The producers don’t care about unanswered questions, they’ll just kill it off. My thery is that penolpe is looking for desmond after her father set up an experiment, a survival race for the ultimate male for his daughter and she inisted desmond go on the island and when it seemed all the other males were gone off the island he bloew up the plane etc etc

  18. To set some things striaght that might get this moving in a better direction..

    sawyer did not shot zeke/tom and the one that grazed him came from the jungle shot by one of the others..

    Charlie working for dharma is not a totally valid option we have to assume the flashbacks are absolutely true or its useless then anything can be true or false with no way to tell anything what is going on. from that charlie is unlikely to be working for dharama the others or be anything else but an ex addict rocker because of the storyline of the background.

    to the uneducated jerk that had pop his mouth earlier there are only three magnetic metals and the ones listed by the guy you pissed at are right nickel iron and cobalt there are metals made from these by mixing them with other nonmagnetic elements that exhibit magnetic properties but that is only because of the inclusion of one of the three mentioned above (such as steel – made from iron so its magnetic). also on this point the frying pan and the washer and dryer shouldnt have been dragged in both are most likely made of aluminum and plastic iron frying pans usually dont look like that…. also a magnetic feild of that power might kill by removing the iron from our bodys but dental fillings and most surgical grade metal are nonferrous (or ceramic) for excatly that reason.

    Once agian so that maybe after 50 times people will figure it if they even read these instead of just posting more crap IT IS NOT PURGATORY. the event can all be explianed scientificly on that note walt is not magical but maybe Psychic that would possibly explian some of his actions. and the losties as people are calling them have no connection to dharma except in the strange way everyone seems to be connected this "strange Connection" is mathmatically proven that even small time math teachers and profs dont bother with it there just arent enough people in the world to make it that much of a coincedence not that the writers dont have something else going on with that its just not proof enough of something weird.

    The plane flying from sydney to la would never pass over part india its going the wrong direction and most countries it passed over would be muslim or christian. and nearly all small islands.

    note on the other others in the episode that ecko and jin run after micheal they hide in the bushes and see feet go by one noteable set has a teddy bear this is where the secondset of others is coming from Im not saying there are or not but we havent seen anyhting similar agian..

    hope to see some good ideas soon

  19. OK, check this:

    message signed namaste saying
    "hackers took down site"

    Job apps for positions that sound a lot like candidates for the "others"

    Each job posting has the following letters in grey (as opposed to black for all the other letters) jobs and letters are in this order:

    Personal Assistant

    N S

    organ courier

    L U T

    Art Therapist/Psychologist

    M I E

    Simian Veterinarian

    M A

    Anger Management Director

    Y A

  20. Hey guys, i didn’t read all of the posts, but i have my theory about the series. The Lost will be rescued by Penelope. Before of this, strange things will happen… Probably, every dead men (who died recently), will live again, due to the healing power of this huge electromagnetic detornation (Don’t forget that Jack’s Father has been seen in the junggle, in the 1st season, and his coffin was empty, with out the body neardy…). The island is a place that alien had found it first, thousand of years ago (The huge foot with the 3 toes)… Now, they have maden a deal with american govermant, and strange experimants take place there. Dharma Corporation, is only a big lie. It is fake. A mask. These scientist have a lot of strength and no feelings (probably, they are not humans… THEY ARE ALIENS). They try to make an hybridium (that’s why they need children). They will catch again Michael and Wuolt. Locke,Desmonde and Eko didn’t die of course. Sayint, Jin, Locke, Eko and Desmond will go to rescue Jack, Keyt and Soyer. These 3, will be fine and will make a deal (i don’t know what kind) with the others… Certainly, will find out, how they were sellected, why, why they didn’t die in the crash of the plane… And the best! I believe that will be answered the enygma about the excistance of GOD! Then the rescue aircraft will arrive but it will be crashed due to the magnetism… The 3rd season will end, and the 4rth will come to save our friends… This is my opinion.

  21. Walt – he’s pyschic, hes the one responsable for the polar bears (see the cartoon book in first season).

    All references to the ‘illness’ have proved fake, therefore the french chick is a prime ‘player’ in manipulating the cast – the whole thing is a black ops experiment, I think 90% of what we see is subdifudge, by the time they go to find the others they will be gone again.

    The Darhma initiative is all fake, the guy the aussie killed who brought him into the hatch was involved, anyone else notice more than 1 person carried him into the hatch.

    I dont think the plane crashed at all, all the characters are too interlinked before they got on the plane, if anything its a psy-ops experiment to see how people deal with subdifudge, probably as much an experiement on us as the cast.

  22. To Every1!!

    I think u should all smoke a bit of weed B4 watchin lost!! im from england n when i watch it i notice so many more things!! and no im not imagining them cuz iv watched them all over n over….. I still have no idea whats goin on so why dont yall jus watch it it find out that way surely thats easier. i think the next season will be the best yet and will answer most questions from 1 and 2 anyway i think the french bird has alot to do with it but hwo knows hey?!

  23. I was wodering a few thing,
    1. Where is the black blob/smoke in the jungle coming from, who is creating this to attack people
    (but not Mr Eko?)

    2. what about the whispering they keep hearing what is that about, who’s doing that?

    3. When Walts dad was captured by the others and the lady (Dee) was asking him all those question about walt like when did he start walking ect, She asked has walt ever been in 2 places at once? it crossed my mind that it might not be walt that sailed of with his dad if he can do this. They might of known this and used it to get Henry back.
    4. what are the experiments for are they doing this for a reason. Which also makes me thing if Walts ‘the one’ why did they let him go so easy they said he is special.

    I think that Henry has someone above him, some one controlling him. The next season better start explaining whats going on!!!!!

  24. First or all
    There is not any kind of mystical power or godlike force on the island, there is all manipulated by a technology too advanced to its time.
    Dharma initiative was created in 1970 by a lot of free scientist around the world, whit the dream of a multifunctional utopian advanced society.
    There are 6 research installation on the island they each studies one of the following sciences.
    Magnetism and
    Utopian Society (I dont know how to spell very good, sorry)
    U can confirmate this by seeing the orientation episode; season 2 episode 3.
    I believe that there is one more installation (hatch) that is the one that regulates all the others.
    The fact that they might use the one experiment to run others doesnt means that the original is a fake.
    It is obvious that the first hatch studies magnetism, the hatch that is found in the question mark is the one that studies psychology.
    About the other hatches im not sure, but I believe that the one where was Claire just before giving birth is the one that studies utopian society.
    There is one that has not been seen yet that studies zoology that explains the rare animals found on the island (polar bears, horses, and giant birds).
    If you see carefully the map that is painted on the blast door there is an installation that is kind of erased I believe that is the door of the fake village that leads nowhere.
    Another observation that I have not seen is that the father of the miracle girl that eco was investigating on the episode of the question mark is the same psychic guy that recommends Claire to keep her baby on the fist season. Thats tells me that nothing is an accident and all the people that crashed on the island are there because of an enormous plot that has been made by the dharma initiative.
    Another thing that keeps my attention and I have not seen in the commentaries; is that in the second orientation film the doctor says after the 3 weeks of your experiment you must to go to the pala ferry for reorientation. If you pay attention the pier on the final episode it have a big sign that says pala ferry you can see this when Henry gale is talking whit Michael.
    I also have observed that if what Henry gale said is true; the only way to get to the island or of the island is by a magnetic anomaly caused by the swan installation, then its have been various anomalies because there are several objects that was not supposed to be there: 1 starting with obviously the plane of pacific airlines where must of the main characters where, 2 the plane of the ecos brother, 3 the balloon of the real Henry Gale, and the boat of 4 Desmond.
    That where my observations than you for your time. Answer me what do you think please 🙂

  25. Whats up whats up, i have the ultimate secret to the ending of lost, not of just season 3, but the whole thing. My friend is the son of one of the producers of Lost and he told me what is going to happen in season 3, 4, and 5. the series ends at 5 they know exactly what there doing so all this talk about them making it up along the way is bull. ok now lets start with the others. The others were hired as paid actors by Stephane, the girl who loves desmund, father. Their only perpose is to bring in different survivors from the crash into a phyciatric study and the crash survivors. The plane crash was fixed in, because Dharma neaded real survivors of the crash. The animals were all brought there for study, and were left after the project was terminated. The black smoke is the inner image of past experiences of each of the survivors, that is why eko saw things from his past when he looked into it. i think they got that from the matric. In the 3rd season it goes into the phyciatric tests on Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. It gives flashbacks of the others and how they became part of Dharama initiative. Libby is found out to be an assistant of stephanes father, i forgot his name, and she being killed was an accident. She was picked up right after being in the phyciatric hospital. the third season ends with jack kate and sawyer all escpaing the project and going back to the other survivors. there are no main people, three other guys and two girls one is half chinese. it talks about some of their pasts whcih is interesting becasue they are connected to desmund in a strange way. i really dont want to tell you everything today so i will wait till tommorrow to tell you the meaning of the numbers, and the events in the 4th season where micheal gets a sad consience and tries to save the survivors with help.

  26. It took me ages but i’ve just read aaaallllll your posts and it was realy enjoyable. Giving me a lot of material to think about! Has anyone noticed that in the episode in season 1, about Kate’s past, when , at the beginning of the episode,she has a blond wig and changes her license plate in front of a motel, you can see Ethan Rome coming out of the motel. So far, only the losties could be seen meeting (or not) in flashbacks, no Others. Dont know what to do with that though, any idea?
    Sorry for my english, writing from France!

  27. To Jos Pal

    You are right, I went back and saw it, the pier on the final episode it have a big sign that says pala ferry. So do you think,
    "the Others" transported Calvin/kelven to one of the Hatches for more training or something like that, or this was done way before Calvin/kelven was even there?

    About the installation that is kind of erased I don’t believe that is the door of the fake village, base of what I seeing on the map, the the installation that is kind of erased is no where close to water.

    Do you have any ideas about the numbers?

  28. Does anybody else agrees with me that there is more than one hidden video camera on the Swam Hatch? We know for sure that there is one as we saw Locke and Eko looking at it when they found one of the other hatches, but it has to be more than just one hidden camera as Michael was clearly set up by "the others" when he was by the computer at the hatch, I believe that "the others" where watching and they saw Michael coming by the computer, if you remember carefully, the computer start having some kind of chat message, this has never happen before or after Michaels it was clearly a set up, there is no way that "the others" would have know that Michael was going to be standing by the computer right at that same time or day. Another time that the hidden cameras might has being watch was when Lock was left alone with Henry and the speaker started to make some noises and saying something, I think locke was tested to see what he would have done with Henry if he would trust him in a situation like this or not.

    And last but not least how do "the others" knew that Henry was still alive, did they just assumed that the losties where not going to kill him? or they actually knew it because they can see them?

    Does anybody remember any other situation when "the others" might have being watching and they actually made something happen?

  29. yeah i think u right wit dat if been thinkin the exact same thing
    but right now i couldnt think of any other situations with the others doin somthing.
    But since u mention the chat thing with michael, i have to say dat this part was very bad acted, i mean have u seen michaels reaction?? there was nothin, if i was in dat position i would start screamin tellin the guys dat sombodis chatn with me and wouldnt act dat calm the way michael did.

  30. Hello everyone,
    First – I really enjoyed reading everything (except the possible spoiler…). There are some very interesting posts.

    I would like to remind some interesting bits which I didn’t see here, and post me thoughts.

    1. The healing powers also affected Jin – he was sterile before (or was it sun?).
    2. When lock was crushed under the doors, He asked henry to push the buttons. Henry told him he didn’t push it and that nothing happened… It seems that Henry lied, as we now know what happens when the button isnt pushed. So, Is this button trully important? Henry thought it was when he pushed it. Maybe he’s playing with lock though.
    3. In the asylum with Hurtly – There is a picture of an island on the wall. Maybe a mislead, maybe clue to the conspiracy.
    4. In the first season Roussue said that the others come with the black smoke. If you remember there was a black smoke, but nothing came and grabbed all the losties. It got me thinking that the black smoke stated that the other group of losties was targeted.
    5. Claire was supposed to be killed after her son was taken out. Is he important?

    My bits of theories:
    1. When walt say that the "others" are faking – I think waht he meant is that there is some other force in the island: The "true" others. and that Henry and Co. Are pretending to be the others for the losties.

    2. My basic theory before the second season, was that the others are keeping something contained (in the hatch). This force brought the losties down to help it get free, and the black smoke guardian+others were trying to keep the losties from that force. It doesn’t hold too much ground now, but I liked this theory anyway :).

    — I hope that this is something more than an experiment, and I think of something in the line of that this was an experiment once, but the scientists found something on this island which wasn’t expected, hence all the abandoned stations.

    Hope you like,

  31. I am very sorry guys but the last 3 theories 6/30, 7/01, 7/02, of the show are nuts. I agree with the 7/02 1,2 & 5 thoughts.

    No purgatory, a virtual game with the 70 something people flying in the airplane and the same time? I doubt it . Remember that the show suppose to have a scientific explanation for everything, they said (The Producers)

    I wonder how many of the losties were leaving in the same city before they got in the same airplane. Jack and Shannon where living in the same city as we see jack waking by Shannon at the hospital when she goes to see her dying dad. And so was Desmond living in the same city as jack and Ethan too. Libby and Hugo. Does anybody remember any other losties living in the same city, I can’t remember very well right now.

  32. I think the guy that plays Soyer is SOOOOOOOO!
    H.O.T hot.
    I hope him and kate get together, and Jack disappears because he gets on my nerves.Also what gave him the right to boss the others around who does he think he is.

  33. What is up with that whole Walt thing how come he appears sokeing wet.I don’t see why he can’t be dry.
    I think it’s the others casting some wierd spell. Also how can it be Walt typing because for one thing where did he find a computer and why would the others let him on it.

    Think about it.

  34. I Definatly think that The French Chick is one of the ‘others’ becuase she is the one who caught henry in the net, and would the supposed leader of the whole island be foolish enopugh to falll for one of her traps, which are so basic. She also went and told sahied that he was one of the ‘others’, Why would the french lady not try to get information out of henry in order to help to find her daughter.! It was a trap set up for henry to infiltrate the losties. Also the others already had micheal so it could of been planned that henry would of be caught and then they would use micheal to free after enough time for information to be gatherd is up. Maybe the french chick has a deal with losties that if she helps them she can get her daughter back, like the deal which was offered to micheal. What do you think?

  35. QUOTE "michael and jake get "rescued" by sayid when their boat starts to sink."

    Who the F**k is JAKE????

  36. Hi everyone, i dont know what to think of the 2 season, its good i have to admit, but theres to much happening, and its unfair to leave us like this, i cant think in a theorie, theres to much posibilities. If you sit and think for a moment, we dont know anything yet, they give us more and more and more faqs, but can we really connect all the clues, NO!! we cant.
    Every time i start trying to come up with an answer to all this, i start freking out lol, its to much information and like i said before hundreds of posibilities, so i hope the 3 season will start with some answers, or my head its going to explode.
    Michael and walt will not escape, or be rescued, its to easy, the hatch didnt explode, and our 3 friends are alive, they cant kill all the crew in 5 episodes, i dont hace a clue about dharma, desmond, penelope and her dad, but i agrree that it is a experiment a very nasty one, and i think the others are very very nuts peopple, that have been in those experiments, and they ended mad.
    But we cant be sure of anything LOL, i hope the 3 season come up soon, if anyone knows the date pls post it, i cant wait!!!

  37. look everyone, there is only one group of others. before henry choked ana lucia he said:’goodwin said you could change’meaning that goodwin(the spy in the tailies camp)thought ana lucia could still be a ‘good one’ meaning they are from the same camp. In claire’s flashback ethan is talking to zeik/tom meaning they’re connected and zeik was on the pier with henry and bee/ms.clu meaning they’re linked. which means that all of the others we’ve seen already are connected. unless there is a completely different group of others we’ve never seenn before but theres no evidence to suggest that.

  38. Yes i agree, theres only one group of others, and i dont agree with the ppl, that begins with theories that are aliens in the island and stuff like that, i dont think the story its going that way LOL

  39. The boat the other used to kidnap walt from the raft i think its the same one they give michael in the last episode, why the others will give the boat,

    They have more boats?
    They know the boat will come back?
    Theres another island with more others?

    I think the others are pretty cleaver, so michael will not be rescued in the literal meaning of the word, maybe he will be received in the others comunity, but i dont think its the end to michael and walt.

  40. da 3rd season is about the others and how they got on the island. the statue is from the civiliastion that once inhabiated the island. did any1 watch the 1st dharma tape and recongnise any1 from it?
    my theory is the island is a new ride in disney land

  41. i think walt is hung like a bull thats y the others kept him so long so miss clue cud get her daily wack of meat in the ass

  42. i hav sources that tell me everyhing and the last episode will end wif a message coming up on the screen saying programme cannot be broadcasted and it will show u jacks dad sitting on a chair watching it on tv and he`ll say dam.

  43. the island is 15 miles from africa and is owned by mohat mogahndy and he uses it 4 his hunting ground and paintball fites

  44. responding to post July 4 – Steven

    I agreed with the idea that Henry was trap in the net on purpose, to live with the losties and see them at close and mess with their heads. Yes, he knew that Michael was coming to the rescue. Henry is something else, to get to all that trouble and almost lost his life, but this is what the "game" is all about; risk, hope, faith, instincts, trust, courage. What would you do in a situation like this being in a island for so many days and have to survive and have hope that you will be rescue or try to make the best of it under the circumstances.
    I don’t think the French lady is on it (one of the others") but everything is possible, I guess.
    Walt did not have access to the computers, it was a set up.

  45. Episode 24: Did anyone notice the sign on the dock? "Pala Ferry" Pala is a town in Indonesia. If the plane was heading from Australia to America they would have been heading north east but Indonesia is north west of Australia which suggests that either the pilot knew he was heading in the wrong direction or there really is a magnetic force at work here.

  46. Just read through most entries (my eyes started to hurt after a while) but in the debate in whether the french woman is an "other"or not, i seem to remember that when she gave the baby back after making the fire with the black smoke(i think the first season)i couldve sworn that behind her you could see a quickly moving object, like in horror movies when they give you a hint that the villain is there. Did someone already mention that or am i way off base?

  47. Episode 14 2. season 40.08 min
    Soldier with picture asking Sayid about wife and children. That’s Kate on the picture and that is her father. You can see that in episode 9
    So in the same truck we have her father and Calvin not mentionig Sayid
    I wouldn’t be suprised if we find out that Jacks dad was military doctor before.
    Nobody cares about cable comeing out of the sea (Sayid found it in 1. season before he was captured by French chick)
    Also she said that she changed original broadcasted message in "dark area" near Black Rock. They have never try to find that place.
    I think that Walt have or will have abilitie to go back in time but in reverse mode (time will go in other direction for him)
    He will see Shannon get shot and after that (in his direction of time) he will say "They’re coming, and they’re close" but she won’t understand him because it’s backwards

  48. They were heading wrong direction for at least 2 hours, dats wat ,i think cindy says in "the other 48 days".As far as i can remember they wanted to Notlanden because of some problems. so dat was no magnetic force and actually i dont think desmond is responsible for the crash. I was no coincidence either. Wateva it was which made the plane crash we’re about 2 find out soon i hope.

  49. I just managed to get away from J.J. Abrams long enough to tell you all that ‘the numbers’ simply add up to 108 (count down time) Duh.

  50. Do you remember the shark who was hunting Soyer? He had a Dharma Symbol on his tail! I saw a photo on the net where "alex" from the others, when she trying to help Kate to stand up, she had thre fingers on her hand!? Was a photomodaz or not? (i cant remember where i found it…)

  51. Some how i think this show has to do more then just earthly experiments. take the black cloud for example…. that was really wicked. I mean maybe the sounds of the dinosours are fake, but the black cloud that came face to face with ecko was real. has anyone seen the movie dark city, where humans get kidnapped by aliens and placed on a space ship and the humans live in a city inside the ship? … Remember Desmond said that "is like we are living in a snow globe"?

  52. i would like to say that i think that dam dog vincent has a part to play in something!i mean its just to much of a coincidence that he keeps popping up out of no where and when he does slink off again something happens,i.e he turned up at suns garden wanders off again seconds later ,and then sun gets attacked we no it was charlie but why else would you go to the trouble of casting a dog 4 a show like that if he’s not there for a reason?another example he wouldnt get on the raft,then the raft gets set on fire by the others!and wen people r off on mercy missions and the camera goes to a view of them as though someones watching them its always the dog in bushes or behind something!like ive said before its to easy to belive he’s just an innocent dog! (sorry if anyones said all this before)and sorry for bad spelling.plz will someone agree with me i just want to hear wot u think b4 i go mad!

  53. i read an interview with one of the creators.

    he said in season3:you find out exactly who the others are

    desmond becomes a regular cas member

    two survivors realise they are brother and sister

    who and what dharma are/did

    the reason they haven’t been rescued

  54. Did anyone notice in Jins flashback, when he goes round to deliver a message for Suns father that the kid in the house is watching Hurley on the news.

    Also when Kate goes to visit her father when she is on the run, Sahid is on the television in the backround.

    And when Shannon gets shot, the whispers that Anna lucia can hear are Sahid shouting Shannons name, before she has been shot!!

    Has anyone heard a theory about an underwater Dharma station, read that its supposedly where the shark has come from??

  55. jus read da whole ov dis page n boi mi eyez r burnin.lol…how many seasons r dere ov lost 2 b xact?

  56. Are you sure it is Sayid on the TV? They just showed that episode last week again and I was looking for clues but didn’t really look at the TVs.

    The Dharma station has to be under water or at least underground it is the only way to be unseem. And now that you mention this, it makes a lot of sense why did the Trainer video said to meet at the pala ferry for further trainning, right there at the middle of nothing, nothing but water. Water, water, I wonder if this is the reason why Walt is always wet when he appairs to the losties. This might be some kind of clue of where he has being (was) Maybe this is it.

  57. I read an interview that the dharma logo on the sharks tail was just a joke that some people that work on the show put on in post production and that it doesnt have to do with the story

  58. to the underwater dharma station, iv read also about it, and the line they find coming out of the sea is linked to it,but no idea how reliable this is..also i read that they are another set of people aparently lookin out for sawyer, any1 heard that 1?? any ideaswhats it about?? jay

  59. no one that was ON flight 815 works for dharma or the others or the hanso foundation. danielle was not a slave on the black rock beacuse she is french, slave trade was african, also she has been on the island for 16 years the black rock looks a lot older. the plane crash was an accident because no one on the plane has n e thin to do with the crash.

  60. daniels daughter(cant remeber her name lol) si with the otheres? if so why hasnt she tryd to find her mum??dose she even know her mums there?? as for walt not being the real walt who left with michel,i thnk it is. every time we have seen walt in the jungle ect, hes been 1-wet(very wet!) lol and secondly talking backwards,every othere time we have seen him we know hes there, so i think he is there but when he is in 2 places at once mayb for some reason when he speaks it comes out backwards?? what u think?? jay

  61. so just out of wonder dose any1 know for certian if john ecko survie as iv read the ekos leaving the lost crew. i think there still alot more left about the hatchs and about the centre of the island,also any1 have any idea why charlie was so carm after u wht seems to b the swam exploding(imploding??) plz help me out guys!! jay

  62. The black smoke theories are a little out there. If the smoke gets rid of people who might be a danger to the "experiment", then why did the black smoke kill the pilot in the pilot of the series? He was on the show for all of 5 minutes said maybe 8 or 10 lines, and BAM! He’s smoked meat (no pun intended). Two people, Locke and Eko, have faced the smoke and lived. Others were taken, and they lived. The only person that I know of that was killed by the smoke was the pilot. I highly doubt the smoke creature is a guard. To leave you with a question: If Lost is a prison and you leave when you have changed, why was Walt, an 11-year-old, still on the island after three weeks? The Tailies lost their kids either the second night.

  63. Hello shakespiarens… Anyone seen Freckles round here?

    let me know ok? you all Quijotes are just lost as we are.

  64. just a simple question concerning the time travel theory i dont remember what the name of the episode is but the one where hurly and sied listen to music, he says somthing about the music being from another time…and about the smoke i have lost in my ipod and in 23 psalm when the camra angle is in the smoke i thought i saw a face at twords the right of the monster…so i rewond it and kept pressing pause and play…and what do u know…pictures of christian incidents (i.e. jesus’s crusification and so on) so if this cloning thing is accurate dose this smoke monster collect dna and information about a person to make a clone?

  65. pictures of christian incidents (i.e. jesus’s crusification, cloning ?

    Are you watching another show?

    There is not cloning on the show and it wasn’t jesus’s crusification, it was Eckos lives (The church we saw when he was a kid, The Pastor he killed to save his brother for being taken away, the Virgen Mary, a woman’s face, don’t know who she was, and a couple of other things, I can’t remember right now.

  66. regard to the black smoke. Thing is no1 actual see the black smoke kill the pilot, coz in the scene u see him get draged up and then the next u see of him is him dead in the trees.coz it hasnt killed any1 bseide him, has it??

  67. I’ve read all of the above, but I’ve got a different take on whats going on. I must admit I’ve only seen about 70% of the episodes and I’ve only watch each episode only once. So I’m working mostly from memory. I’m without doubt wrong, but what the hell…..

    What I’m thinking is that the experiment began prior to the losties arriving on the Island. I don’t think it is a random event that the losties all caught the same plane. They all seem to have prior connections to at least one other lostie. Also, every character has a link to either a doctor or the military. So I’m thinking its some kind of government military experiment dealing with creating illusions/delusions.

    To carry out such an experiment you would need to know that it would work on different kinds of people. I think that is why the losties have so many different ethnic characters and age groups. Initially the experiments were conducted to assess the suitability of their candidates, which are the flash backs. I’m thinking that many of their past experiences were illusions/delusions. The flash backs seem to only deal with small groups of people involved in the illusions/delusions .

    I think Dharma needed the island to be able to conduct their experiments on a larger scale in a place away from authorities. As their more advanced experiments may result in the death of their subjects. I’m thinking the overall aim of the experiment is to develop a technology that can create a believable illusion/delusion that a whole community will follow without question. Much like the way the American people follow George Bush Jr.

    I’m thinking for my previous statements to be true, the plane crash must have been staged. Deliberately crashing a plane couldn’t guarantee that there would be survivors. So I’m thinking that the wreckage was placed on the beach and then the first group illusion/delusion occurred. So I’m also thinking that some of the survivors are actually Dharma insiders, spies. One or two of the main losties, would need to be Dharma insiders.

    The smoke creatures are also a creations of the group illusion/delusion as they don’t actually hurt anyone. Some people stare them down not because they don’t believe, but because they overcome their fears. I’m thinking if you believe something is real maybe it could kill you, maybe that’s why the pilot died. The black horse and other characters/things that seem to just appear may also be something like that.

    I’m also thinking that Walt is also a illusion. I’m thinking that he is the first physical illusion that everyone believes is real. I’m thinking this because the others asked about Walt appearing in two places at once. I think they are still fine tuning their group hypnoses technology. So Walt may appear in two places at the one time. He apparently appears spontaneously so I’m thinking he is just a programmable illusion. Walt is also very useful as a tool, who wouldn’t want to save a child.

    Many people believe that magnets can heal illnesses like arthritis and sleeping disorders so I’m thinking that the End of the world machine may have more than one function. I’m thinking healing/hypnoses technology, but in also has a negative attribute in the form of interfering with the earths magnetic field.

    My guesses on what will happen next series are:

    1.People may fall sick because the machine is now destroyed.
    2.Charlie will become a Dad. I remember how he told Sawyer that Sun must never know he was involved in her abduction. I think he did a little more than just hitting Sun on the head with a rock. He also seems to be infatuated with the idea of being father figure.

    I’m without doubt wrong.. but it’s my delusion

  68. I think sawyer, the doc and kate are going to have a threesome, and the others will join in as a massive orgy

  69. ^nope and thats kinda why people thing his dad is in on the whole thing.. seems kinda obvious tho so im not sure if it’ll hold up

  70. Guys, losties will never be rescued! Don’t you know why? Because if the got rescued, then they will have to face the judgement of their sins on the island (killing people etc). The island has to do with experiment and The others too. Losties were chosen by heir fate to crashed on this island and to survive. The hole scenario has to do with fate (i think). I believe that they were "chosen" by the Chaos theory (i.e. butterfly effect). The island is real (it can be explained by the Einstein’s theories).

    P.S.1 : Dont forget that Jack’s dad wasnt found nowhere (is he living from the moment that the plane crasjed or not?)

    P.S.2 : Locke is walking again

    P.S.3 : The black lady is fine

  71. I’m not sure if Locke and Ecko survive, however, I did read that Desmond is returing as a regular cast member. So I’m thinking if he survives, then of course Locke and Ecko survive. Regarding Michael and Walt…I believe that we haven’t seen the last of them. However, I also read that the actor who playes Michael will return but only as a Special Guest (which means he’ll only make an appearance a couple times). That being said, we probably won’t find out what exactly happened to Michael and Walt until either the end of the season, or next season.

  72. Here is my theory. lost is based on the works of god! their is no other way to prove it. Dor example in the episode that eko is confronted by the black smoke, if you pause the frame of the smoke you can see a figure of the virgin mary and jesus on the cross. Fact.

    And another thing has anyone seen the american commander that forced sayid to torture his commander was the same man that was with desmond when he entered the hatch.

    any comments ..Joe-momma@hotmail.com

  73. In the season 2 finale did anyone else hear what the whispering was saying. I listened closely and heard the names "Elizabeth" and "Ana". Does anyone have any ideas??

  74. Why "the illness" doesnt heart noone? Was it only an experimant on Rousso’s team or is it for real?

  75. The flashbacks ARE NOT REAL! before the crash people volentereed to tak part in a scientific experiment and were given implanted memories of people who had troubled lives. This explains why locke CAN NOW walk. He has always been able to walk but has the memory of someone who was paralised. Also, this is why Rose is free of cancer, as she NEVEr had it, she only had a memory of someone with cancer.

    This is also why everyone seems to be linked to each other as the scientists have done this to make people believe this was fate or that the island is ‘magical’

    This is also why the numbers appear everywhwere in the flashbacks.

    Put it this way, we have NEVER seen the story from anyone elses point of view apart from the losties.

    They were each taken to the island and woken up with a new back story and as a new person.

    A plane was planted there and they were cut and injured to make there memory of a plane crash believable.

    This is why and how the others ‘the scientists behind it all’ know the losties names as they are thre ones who creatored the memories of people.

    Rescue has not come as people in the outside world no that these people are taking part in this experiment and know they are safe.

    This is why no one can escape from the island as this would mean they will escape with the false memory and the scientists wont be able to change them back to the person they are.

    The others only take children as they need extra drugs to continue the memory.

  76. I was at the lost presentation at comic con and they said that directly translated the hyrogliphics meant underworld.

  77. Lost is a great show and i have really enjoyed reading all the theories, and comments from everyone, fantastic, cant wait for the next season.

  78. i wanna know why the shark in the beginning had a dharma tattoo on its fin…that has to mean something and the fact that everyone is overlooking it is upsetting

  79. hey i don’t know if anyone else thought of this and if they did im sorry i wasted your time but the relation between the 108 minute cycle is the numbers:
    4+8+15+16+23+42 = 108

    probably the first thing you all thought of but im just venturing my idea . . .

    i think we need to go back and look at the numbers they have so many different connotations its not funny . . .

  80. you know the part i never understood was when walt comes out of the trees and starts hissing some kind of freaky mumbo jumbo and saeeds girl gets shot – then in the end he seems to be fine when his dad "rescues him".

    Another part was when the big lads girlfreind (when she comes to get the pillow) gets shot by walts dad – then fatboy starts hallucinating that the island is not real – and that him and his girlfreind are stuck in some sort of mental institution – talk about weird or what?

  81. the "freaky" mumbo jumbo that Walt was speaking in was actually "Don’t push the button, the button is bad" or something like that played backwards

  82. anyone reckon there is another hatch to do with animals??? eg the polar bear, horse, boars
    and dont forget its a tv show, they will do whatever they can to get u 2 watch the show, but it is so great and addictive 🙂

  83. I think this whole movie is the dream of someone…sort of mulholland drive style…or like the japanese movies…they gave some indications from hurley’s talks…i feel like hurley is in a hospital, this whole thing, all characters are in his mind…

  84. Why didnt charly give important to the fact that Mr Ecko, Locke, and desmond never came back to the beach when the Hutch was "blow up", and he take it like a joke when claire ask for they???

  85. The swan is the hatch with the losties,
    The arrow hatch was with the "back of the plane" – people,
    The staff is the hatch where claire was taken,
    The pearl-hatch was with the surveillance monitors.

    now using :

    There is a hatch called "the flame" which we haven’t seen yet, and also an unknown hatch (C3 or C4). If for example C3 is the pearl, then C4 is the one that has not been discovered yet, or the opposite.

  86. GOTTA LOVE LOST… anyway:

    I find it very strange that alot of things can be picked up from what random people say in the episode and a tiny thing might explain where the hell they are!

    the whole antartica thing definately has summit to do with it, in the 23rd episode ‘Desmond’ is havin a pissed hissy fit about how he sailed away and eventually ended up back here and makes the random comment of "WE ARE STOOK IN A BLOODY SNOW GLOBE" which for isntace could be filled with an item and a bunch of snow *hint hint*.

    and at the end of the episode 4 you slowly go through the glass of the submarine (or boat, whatever it is) it sorta looks like were peerin through a snow globe…

    but i could just be thinking FAR TO outside the box and drawing conclusions from anywhere – WHO KNOWS

    oh yeah and i think walt is not really on the boat at the end, hes just doin that crazy "magical appearing act" so he can make sure his dad goes back home to saftey. hmmmmmmm

    and when that big black smoke thing is looking at Eko, you will see it randomly flashes. If you pause your video on a flash you can see tiny pictures and memories in the flash of eko or his family or his memories etc…
    thought id tell ya.

    these are just my thoughts, go easy on me!

  87. Everything that can be said its being said. If you read all the comments for the last two months. Can’t wait for the show to start again.

  88. I noticed today: Harold Perrineaun did 5 years deal with lost, so I think michael can’t escape from the island. ;P And I saw somewhere that Harold needed to learn how to swim for the season 3 so Michaels boat will bloww up or something .

    ( I think my english sux hope u unterstand xD)

  89. i believe that the person in the window of the tape is infact pennelopies father but in the begining of the series i thought it looked aufly alot like the fellow who played lokes "fake" father. now i came to an ultimate cunclusion that penelopies father is also lokes fake father and has other connections to the other members but not sure yet. this would explain why lokes fake father is rich.im sorry if anyone else wrote a comment like this yet becazuse i realy didnt have time to read all of them. also werent those two guys at the end of season finale 2 in some kind of arctic area. well what if they were part of the experiment on the same island but didnt know it yet. it sounds weird but there WAS a POLAR BEAR on the tropical island. what if they could change the whether or something like that, i mean there was alot of other wierd stuff.anyway i think lost is deffinately one of the best shows ive ever seen and hope it goes long, write back if any of yous gots any ot6her stuff u know cya.

  90. it took me 2 hours to read all comments!thank you all for blowing my mind! can’t wait s3!and you know what-i must watch all the episodes again! see you all when s3 begin!

  91. What of the boar which was apparently the reincarnation of the man Sawyer killed…. and the horse, I suppose that was supposed to be Kates stepfather reincarnated or something? Remember when Locke told Sawyer and Kate the story about his sister who died and came back as a dog or some messed up crap like that? I did not notice anyone bringing this topic up….a very bizzare aspect.

  92. It [dharma] is, so to speak, the essential nature of a being, comprising the sum of its particular qualities or characteristics, and determining, by virtue of the tendencies or dispositions it implies, the manner in which this being will conduct itself, either in a general way or in relation to each particular circumstance. The same idea may be applied, not only to a single being, but also to an organized collectivity, to a species, to all the beings included in a cosmic cycle or state of existence, or even to the whole order of the Universe; it then, at one level or another, signifies conformity with the essential nature of beings.

    Yama, the lord of death, is also known as Dharma.

    According to Dr.Pandurang Vaman Kane, the word "Dharma" acquired a sense of "the privileges, duties and obligations of a man, his standard of conduct as a member of the Aryan community, as a member of the caste and as a person in a particular state of life."

    Other uses include dharma, normally spelled with a small "d" (to differentiate), which refers to a phenomenon or constituent factor of human experience.

    Weakened magnetic field can change the chemistry of the atmosphere.

    "It is generally accepted that during a reversal, the geomagnetic field decreases to about 10 percent of its full polarity value," says Brad Clement, a researcher at Florida International University. After the field has weakened, the directions undergo a nearly 180 change, and then the field strengthens in the opposite direction. However, scientists remain uncertain about how long this process takes. Researchers have reported periods ranging from 1000 to 28,000 years. "Figuring out what happens as the field reverses polarity is difficult because reversals are rapid events, at least on geologic time scales,"

    Just a few notes to try and explain the un-explainable

  93. Desmonds old partner calvin tells des that, his partner rizinski ( starter of the invisable map ) put a shot gun in his mouth while he was asleep if this really did happen it would be written in the notebooks and as hurley is going bak to the losties camp he might will proberly take them to the note books fot new infomation

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