Lost Season and Season 3 and 2 Finale Questions

Lost Season 3 starts Oct 4rth 2006, goes for 7 episodes, takes a break comes back in Jan 2007 for 18 more shows.

First off, I have no idea where to start, but would like to say I Knew Henry Gale was in charge!!!

Here is the noteable things that happened and then the questions left:

Libby meets desmond in the Coffee shop and gives him her boat. Too much of a coincidence. Libby is part of the experiment and was purposely planted in teh coffee shop by Penelope’s dad to get desmond on the boat. her dad knew he wanted to sail around the world so it was all a trap

The big piles of tubes with all the notebooks, force me to believe that they were an experiment as well and someone was watching all of them. If everyone would have communicated openly with everyone else then they could figure out a lot from that big pile of notebooks.

Calvin keeps referring to the incident, which was?
Kelvin/Calvin was the guy who made Sayid torture his commander
Zeke is actually Tom
The black ladies name is B or something like that.
The name of the boat dock was Pala Ferry
Compass bearing 3.2.5 is the way to be “rescued”
they let Hurley go tell the Losties what happend and to not come to this side of the island
Sayid, Jin and Sun, sailed around the island.
the Others Dharma Door was a fake.

What happened to Desmond, Ecko and Locke?
Locke Admitted he was wrong, but was he really wrong?”
What was that bird who flew at Hurley?
Did the bird really say “Elizabeth”?
What’s up with the big foot statue with 4 toes?
Did Calvin really have a partner that killed himself? (If so it will be in the notebooks?
Why is the Snowman Joke so significant?
How did Calvin’s partner know what the map should look like? and why did he start painting it?
What does the key do?
Why are the Others using fake names?
Anyone find anything good on HansoCareers.com?
What does “Rescued” mean when henry says Walt and Micheal will be “rescued” at compass bearing 3.2.5?

The plane was apparently brought down by the electromagnetic field which protects the island from being found by the outside world, which makes me assume it is a hidden experiment. The Losties were purposely selected to be in the experiment and although they make it seem like the Losties plane crash was an accident, its not.

Penelope is looking for Desmond and knows something about the experiements and her dad is the man running them all. He is in the window of all the Hanso commercials. His connection to everyone else im not sure yet. Penelope hired the Brazillians in the snow to find Desmond. Like she said earlier “Money can find anyone”.

Desmond was pushed to the edge with penelope’s letter to see how he’d react. Locke was tested, Ecko was tested, etc etc. More evidence that it is an experiment

I’m sure i’ll add more, but please add your thoughts!

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  1. have any of you guys notice that this show is driving us all creazy, can’t wait to see the whole series!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have a theorie about whats happning in this show. My idea confirms and is based on the original entry by Evan.

    First: Id like to say that this show makes absolutely no sense,unless everyone in the show is being drugged with LSD and/or is being seriousely manipulated by Hypnosis and mind tricks.

    But to be honest: the writers had no idea where to go with the story and kept on making it all up as they went along, which makes sense with all the coflicting messages.

    So, the theorie: Evan posted that its all an experiment which penelope’s father is in charge of or involved in. I agree.

    I know you don’t like reading long messages so I will not explain myself to keep it short. By watching the show, you can always guess which angle Im coming from.

    Its one big experiment. The magnetic field in the hatch is artificial. The black snake hovering creature is drug induced.Ecko is not afraid because he does not see what the hobbit does. Also, Ecko is fanatically religious which means he’s an idiot.

    Everyone has some sort of hallucination: Naturally its impossible, we dont live in fairy tale land: so either mind manipulation or drugs or both.

    In case you have noticed, everyone is different from each other and of course as an experiment its interesting to see such people react with each other.

    Yet everyone seems to have something in common: this was designed through years of planning and set ups so that some rich freaks could have the time of their lives watching people freak out at coincidence and believing they are experiencing something supernatural.

    Imagine if you can convince 40 people alone on an island that "magic" if you will, exists. Heck, I’d find it interesting!

    So my summary: The inhabitants are being toyed with for the amusement of others: The ultimate reality show. —–

    The four people have been summoned by the "others" to further toy with their minds.

    Think about it: Magical appearances, weird dreams, statues with 4 toes, an island with no escape, a hatch with a secret purpose,, etc etc etc. The lottery numbers "happen" to be the code for the computer. Need I really go on?

    I guarantee this will be the end of the show: It was all a big fat amusement park for rich people.

    Any other theorie would suggest the supernatural in a natural world = Impossible.

    I personally like the show: I cant explain why…

    Anyway: Hope you enjoyed my post. Have fun with the continuation of the series. I will.

  3. Being one of the biggest hit shows to date, and certainly one of the most expensive ones, I’m sure the directors wouldn’t dare to do anything extravagant such as future scenes of evolution, magic, massive LSD doping or some other Trueman show crap. Get real people. If they did do that they’d get strung up on trees by a mob of pimply and very annoyed teens. There are two options for a show of this calliber to end. One is that everything is revealed as one big test, future thing, moving island or insert your own fav crackpot theory, or secondly, and this is the one im going for is, it’s going to simply run out into the sand. We aren’t going to find out if Walts dog is a robot, nor will we find out if the statue does have 4 toes. Frankly who really cares when you realise that the directors can easily call it off with an excuse of one of the toes erroding away. Clearly the island is ment to be full of mystery. If it wouldn’t be, none of us would continue watching. Yes all the characters are very interlaced, to the point we can start speculating to no end how all this fate crap is really tied in. For those who don’t know the meaning of "Dharma" I’m not sure i do myself, here is a nice rip from dictionary.com
    Hinduism & Buddhism..
    The principle or law that orders the universe.
    Individual conduct in conformity with this principle.
    The essential function or nature of a thing.
    Hinduism.. Individual obligation with respect to caste, social custom, civil law, and sacred law.
    with such a wild spectrum of meaning it does leave everything open ended.
    However note this for sure:
    we Will not find out all we want about the island, most questions will NOt be answered.
    Secondly the others are most likely part of the Dharma project, each carrying on there own little experiments, in parapsycology, physics, biology etc as stated on the induction videos. Members of these Other teams are most likely similar to the Losties, they might have accumulated there over time, and each "team" carries out there own experiments, much like Locke did for a while.
    Other than this what ever you guess at, you’re probably wrong.

  4. Heres my thoughts that I have put together from watching the entire video from hansoexposed.com…..

    First the numbers: We were told thay are related to the Valenzetti Equation. This means the numbers are more than likely a countdown. It very well could the countdown that the Valenzetti Equation defines.

    either :
    4 years, 8 months, 15 days, 16 hours, 23 minutes, 42 seconds
    which means the event has already happened and pressing the "button" continues to delay this catostorphe, or…

    42 years, 23 months, 16 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes, 4 seconds
    which means the event is yet to come, and the possibility that pressing the "button" might in fact stop the event from happening at all…

    Every 108 minutes? 42+23+16+15+8+4 = 108

    From what we know from the video on hansoexposed.com, Mittelwerk was showing a video to "new" recreuits with a copyright date of 1975. (five years prior to the other Orientation videos weve seen on the Island) This could be the origional video, so lets focus on THAT date, k?

    Here is the link to the video from HansoExposed.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5NOlTNFMn4
    link to video explaining ALL the Hatch meanings on the island : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87iY776hcsA
    and finally, the most important video, the one that mentions each of the numbers in it, and also explains the magnitisim theory : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtN69EjGGaQ

    I have to get to work right now, but lets hear what other people think ya? I’ll continue my explanation on my break.


  5. This is very off topic, but when Libby was in the coffee shop with Desmond she said her Husband David died. Does anyone think that maybe David is the same Dave that Hurley was "best freinds" with in the same mental institution that she was in??

  6. Why, when inside all the metal objects were caving in and flying towards the source of the electromagnet, was the key that Desmond used not attracted? He held it very delicately, with two fingers. It was made of metal! Someone explain to me why the key was totally unaffected by the magnet please.

  7. What happened to Walt’s dog? Is heshe the superman, how saves eveyone? But seriously, what’s up with the dog?


  8. Sorry, I correct my post… What happened to Walt’s dog? Is he/she the superman, who saves eveyone? But seriously, what’s up with the dog?


  9. Hi everyone! It has taken me ages to read all of your comments. Here is a thing I would like to add:

    what’s up with the sentence "I’ll see you in another life"? I noticed that it is said in the 2season by Des and Dave (Hurleys buddy). Des says it to everyboby he meets. It reminded me of a movie I watched a couple of years ago, Vanilla Skye, where the girl played by Penelope Cruz tells Tom Cruise near the end "I’ll see you in another life, when we are both cats". Well, by point is that that film was about a life extension program. Do you think that this can be one of the experiments being conducted on the island?
    Also check out the names: Cruise’s character was named David, Desmond’s middle name is David and Hurley’s friend is also named David…
    I love this show. Bye!

  10. theories theories theories.. thats alll they are.we are lost just like the losties trying to figure shit out… it is worth it though ill talk to you oct,5

  11. I think the world is coming to an end. They are put there to reinhabit the earth when it all goes kapoot! Thats why there is an invisible sheild around the island, to protect it from the meteor storm that will destroy everything… or maybe the sun explodes.

  12. does any one kno what date lost season 3 premiers in new zealand
    ive read more than half of all these theories and some just outrage me like cloning haha your dreamin lock, eco, and desmond live i kno that. if you watch closely there are moer than 100 clues but every one makes up bull how about you write it all down then link it all together than u can start sayin whats goin to happen its easier i done it and im pritty sure i got it figured out along with hearing what acctually hearing whats happining and i got 2 things rong so re watch the series 1 and 2 at least 3 times each and write every thing down that could mean summin … which should fill 10 full pages of writing then link it all toegther

  13. What about the bodies in the caves in "The House of the rising sun." And thier marbles. I think that in "White Rabbit" when Jack carries on seeing his dad maybe the monster uploaded him. I read some other theories that say that the monster is uploading them so that the monster can turn into them. Freaky huh!

  14. Firstly, I’d like to say kudos to all for brain cracking ideas! And the others who offered comic relief with ludicrous suggestions :)All in all it was a lovely read.

    Right, RichJust t:
    Good observation on the metal key. But I don’t think that it would have been a very effective fail safe key if it was made up of some material that was not condusive for the purpose. I mean what would have been the point of being fail safe if it was going to be sucked into the electromagnetic source.

    Some general comments:

    1. Maybe the Others were possibly the ones in the hatches and they found out that they were being used and decided to break out. That could explain how they knew where the Pala dock or pier was.

    2. We saw a ship that was way inside the island, could this be the ship that Danielle Russo came from? She and her team I mean. But she has been on that island for a very very long time as compared to the Losties. I would have gone insane if I were here

    3. How was locke able to predict the weather? I mean it was not timed. Boone could not do the same

    4. I think that the plane crash was staged. All the most important people survived. So that was a good and interesting theory!

    5. I just don’t see how a 2 propeller jet plane can fly from Nigeria and land there. It just seems far fetched and I hope that there is an explanation for this!

    Right, can’t wait for the next season to begin, which already has in the US and UK. But not in these parts yet (malaysia)

    Have fun all!!

  15. Believe it or not, I did take the time to read this incredible list of theories about Lost. Some very interesting ideas, and I particularly appreciated the 3 or 4 posters who are able to use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation.

    In any case, I’m sorry to say I think all of you have it wrong. It’s been obvious to me since the middle of Season 1 just exactly what is going on here.

    The Others are clearly the descendants of the Minnow shipwreck survivors, Gilligan, the Skipper, Mr. and Mrs. Howell, Ginger, the Professor and Mary Ann. It’s a known fact that these castaways were never rescued, and their efforts to be rescued became ever more wacky with each passing episode. I don’t think it takes a big stretch of the imagination to see how they might have progressed from making movies about their shipwreck to building underground hatches and powerful magnetic fields, particularly given the Professor’s impressive scientific capabilities. Penelope’s family was probably close to the Howell’s, and she has never given up on learning their fate. There are obviously many remaining mysteries about this island, such as the fact that is known to be only 3 hours by boat from Honolulu, yet these castaways have remained there for decades.

    As for the numbers: 4 (there were FOUR seasons of Gilligan’s Island), 8 (every episode had EIGHT people on the island, the 7 castaways, plus a guest star, except of course for the episode in which an entire band, the Mosquitoes, came to visit), 15 (the number of words in the first stanza of the Gilligan’s Island Theme "Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip"), 16 (the number of syllables in the same stanza), 23 (the number of different things the castaways made out of bamboo) and 42 (the youngest you can be and still remember when this show first aired). Coincidence? I don’t THINK so!

  16. if u dont want to kno how season 3 ends dont read any further

    jack dies in battle for the others they r rescued by a helicopter and we learn that all this was a dream because they r in comas and the reason people died was because they woke up

  17. Ok Lost Is really Addictiveee….:P
    I think in the past the island had something to do with the army & medical etc.
    I think that it’s all one big experiment and that they are all connected (obviously) and fate has a lot to do with it.
    I think Penny’s dad has a lot to do with it, maybe that he owns dharma and worked with Juliettes ex husband, but im not sure :S thats another way they could be connected….
    Confused T.t.m!

  18. I think the reason Shannon kept seeing Walt was because he could tell she was going to die (he’s special remember?) and he was warning her.
    He was practically leading shannon towards death, as he popped up 2 minutes before she got shot, the others in the trees were whispering ana lucia over and over again, and he ran toward ana lucia, making shannon follow.
    Then she got shot.
    By Ana Lucia.
    And the whispers stopped.

    Weird or What?!

  19. we havent seen sawyer getting on the plane or in the airport yet in flashbacks, we dont know why he was on the plane we havent even seen him ON the plane :S
    i def. dont think hes an other but i must admit its a bit fishy..:S

  20. Sawyer was actually on the plane near the front with Sayid. I remember him saying in season 1 that he saw Sayid on the plane sitting very calm with another foreign man next to him that didnt make it. This is why Sawyer didnt trust Sayid at first and thought he caused the plane to crash.

  21. does anyone know about the season 2
    finale?and i dont know about the
    reason of the plane crash please reply.
    if you know about this please e-mail
    me at nadiah_zati@hotmail.com
    i would really appriciate it…

  22. Hi, thanks Scott for answering that question 🙂
    I love the full claire-charlie story and OH MY GOD claire is jacks sister!
    this show keeps getting better and better 😛

  23. wat episode r us up 2??
    alot of people arent watching lost anymore cuz they think that theyre not telling u anything
    i found a website that has the scripts af all the new episodes and i found some secrets

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